Commit d35f102c authored by Michael Welling's avatar Michael Welling
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Revert to Atmel's latest version of the ADC driver

Should be retested on all AT91 products.
Signed-off-by: default avatarMichael Welling <>
parent 4c270bbf
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......@@ -7,10 +7,23 @@
#ifndef _AT91_ADC_H_
#define _AT91_ADC_H_
enum atmel_adc_ts_type {
* struct at91_adc_reg_desc - Various informations relative to registers
* @channel_base: Base offset for the channel data registers
* @drdy_mask: Mask of the DRDY field in the relevant registers
(Interruptions registers mostly)
* @status_register: Offset of the Interrupt Status Register
* @trigger_register: Offset of the Trigger setup register
* @mr_prescal_mask: Mask of the PRESCAL field in the adc MR register
* @mr_startup_mask: Mask of the STARTUP field in the adc MR register
struct at91_adc_reg_desc {
u8 channel_base;
u32 drdy_mask;
u8 status_register;
u8 trigger_register;
u32 mr_prescal_mask;
u32 mr_startup_mask;
......@@ -29,21 +42,23 @@ struct at91_adc_trigger {
* struct at91_adc_data - platform data for ADC driver
* @channels_used: channels in use on the board as a bitmask
* @num_channels: global number of channels available on the board
* @registers: Registers definition on the board
* @startup_time: startup time of the ADC in microseconds
* @trigger_list: Triggers available in the ADC
* @trigger_number: Number of triggers available in the ADC
* @use_external_triggers: does the board has external triggers availables
* @vref: Reference voltage for the ADC in millivolts
* @touchscreen_type: If a touchscreen is connected, its type (4 or 5 wires)
struct at91_adc_data {
unsigned long channels_used;
u8 num_channels;
struct at91_adc_reg_desc *registers;
u8 startup_time;
struct at91_adc_trigger *trigger_list;
u8 trigger_number;
bool use_external_triggers;
u16 vref;
enum atmel_adc_ts_type touchscreen_type;
extern void __init at91_add_device_adc(struct at91_adc_data *data);
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