Commit 17bb82b1 authored by Philippe Gerum's avatar Philippe Gerum
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x86: irq_pipeline: make sure no _TIF_WORK is left pending on IRQ exit

The pipelined interrupt entry code must always run the common work
loop before returning to user mode on the in-band stage, including
after the preempted task was demoted from oob to in-band context as a
result of handling the incoming IRQ.

Failing to do so may cause in-band work to be left pending in this
particular case, like _TIF_RETUSER and other _TIF_WORK conditions.

This bug caused the smokey 'gdb' test to fail on x86:

Signed-off-by: default avatarPhilippe Gerum <>
parent a521440f
......@@ -272,11 +272,50 @@ noinstr void arch_pipeline_entry(struct pt_regs *regs, u8 vector)
struct irq_stage_data *prevd;
irqentry_state_t state;
* The tricky one: we distinguish the following cases:
* [1] entry from oob context, either kernel or user code was
* preempted by the IRQ, the in-band (virtual) interrupt state
* is 'undefined' (could be either stalled/unstalled, it is
* not relevant).
* [2] entry from in-band context while the stage is stalled,
* which means that some kernel code was preempted by the IRQ
* since in-band user code cannot run with interrupts
* (virtually) disabled.
* [3] entry from in-band context while the stage is
* unstalled: the common case for IRQ entry. Kernel or user
* code may have been preempted, we handle the event
* identically.
* [1] and [2] are processed almost the same way, except for
* one key aspect: the potential stage demotion of the
* preempted task which originally entered [1] on the oob
* stage, then left it for the in-band stage as a result of
* handling the IRQ (such demotion normally happens during
* handle_irq_pipelined_finish() if required). In this
* particular case, we want to run the common IRQ epilogue
* code before returning to user mode, so that all pending
* in-band work (_TIF_WORK_*) is carried out for the task
* which is about to exit kernel mode.
* If the task runs in-band at the exit point and a user mode
* context was preempted, then case [2] is excluded by
* definition so we know for sure that we just observed a
* stage demotion, therefore we have to run the work loop by
* calling irqentry_exit_to_user_mode().
if (unlikely(running_oob() || irqs_disabled())) {
prevd = handle_irq_pipelined_prepare(regs);
arch_handle_irq(regs, vector, false);
handle_irq_pipelined_finish(prevd, regs);
if (running_inband() && user_mode(regs)) {
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