Commit 8d544b48 authored by Philippe Gerum's avatar Philippe Gerum
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evl/timer: remove timer priority logic

Prioritization of timers in timer queues dates back to the Dark Ages
of Xenomai 2.x, when multiple time bases would co-exist in the core,
some of which representing date values as a count of periodic ticks.
In such a case, multiple timers might elapse on the very same tick,
hence the need for prioritizing them.

With a single time base indexing timers on absolute date values, which
are expressed as a 64bit monotonic count of nanoseconds, the
likelihood of observing identical trigger dates is very low.

Furthermore, the formerly defined priorities where assigned as

1) high priority to the per-thread periodic and resource timers
2) medium priority to the user-defined timers
3) low priority to the in-band tick emulation timer

It turns out that forcibly prioritizing 1) over 2) is at least
debatable, if not questionable: resource timers have no high priority
at all, they merely tick on the (unlikely) timeout condition. On the
other hand, user-defined timers may well deal with high priority
events only some EVL driver code may know about.

Finally, handling 3) is a fast operation on top of Dovetail, which is
already deferred internally whenever the timer management core detects
that some oob activity is running/pending.

So we may remove the logic handling the timer priority, only relying
on the trigger date for dispatching. This should save precious cycles
in the hot path without any actual downside.
Signed-off-by: default avatarPhilippe Gerum <>
parent 79374527
......@@ -63,15 +63,9 @@ enum evl_tmode {
/* Timer priorities */
#define EVL_TIMER_LOPRIO (-999999999)
#define EVL_TIMER_HIPRIO 999999999
struct evl_tnode {
struct rb_node rb;
ktime_t date;
int prio;
struct evl_tqueue {
......@@ -232,12 +226,6 @@ ktime_t evl_get_timer_next_date(struct evl_timer *timer)
timer->pexpect_ticks * ktime_to_ns(timer->interval));
static inline
void evl_set_timer_priority(struct evl_timer *timer, int prio)
timer->node.prio = prio;
void __evl_init_timer(struct evl_timer *timer,
struct evl_clock *clock,
void (*handler)(struct evl_timer *timer),
......@@ -176,17 +176,14 @@ static void init_rq(struct evl_rq *rq, int cpu)
evl_init_timer_on_rq(&rq->inband_timer, &evl_mono_clock, NULL,
evl_set_timer_priority(&rq->inband_timer, EVL_TIMER_LOPRIO);
evl_set_timer_name(&rq->inband_timer, rq->proxy_timer_name);
evl_init_timer_on_rq(&rq->rrbtimer, &evl_mono_clock, roundrobin_handler,
evl_set_timer_name(&rq->rrbtimer, rq->rrb_timer_name);
evl_set_timer_priority(&rq->rrbtimer, EVL_TIMER_LOPRIO);
evl_init_timer_on_rq(&rq->wdtimer, &evl_mono_clock, watchdog_handler,
evl_set_timer_name(&rq->wdtimer, "[watchdog]");
evl_set_timer_priority(&rq->wdtimer, EVL_TIMER_LOPRIO);
evl_set_current_account(rq, &rq->root_thread.stat.account);
......@@ -237,11 +237,9 @@ int evl_init_thread(struct evl_thread *thread,
evl_init_timer_on_rq(&thread->rtimer, &evl_mono_clock, timeout_handler,
rq, gravity);
evl_set_timer_name(&thread->rtimer, thread->name);
evl_set_timer_priority(&thread->rtimer, EVL_TIMER_HIPRIO);
evl_init_timer_on_rq(&thread->ptimer, &evl_mono_clock, periodic_handler,
rq, gravity);
evl_set_timer_name(&thread->ptimer, thread->name);
evl_set_timer_priority(&thread->ptimer, EVL_TIMER_HIPRIO);
thread->base_class = NULL; /* evl_set_thread_policy() sets it. */
ret = evl_init_rq_thread(thread);
......@@ -297,7 +297,6 @@ void __evl_init_timer(struct evl_timer *timer,
timer->clock = clock;
evl_tdate(timer) = EVL_INFINITE;
evl_set_timer_priority(timer, EVL_TIMER_STDPRIO);
timer->status = EVL_TIMER_DEQUEUED|(flags & EVL_TIMER_INIT_MASK);
timer->handler = handler;
timer->interval = EVL_INFINITE;
......@@ -460,13 +459,13 @@ static __always_inline
bool date_is_earlier(struct evl_tnode *left,
struct evl_tnode *right)
return left->date < right->date
|| (left->date == right->date && left->prio > right->prio);
return left->date < right->date;
void evl_insert_tnode(struct evl_tqueue *tq, struct evl_tnode *node)
struct rb_node **new = &tq->root.rb_node, *parent = NULL;
struct evl_tnode *i;
if (!tq->head)
tq->head = node;
......@@ -475,8 +474,7 @@ void evl_insert_tnode(struct evl_tqueue *tq, struct evl_tnode *node)
new = &parent->rb_left;
tq->head = node;
} else while (*new) {
struct evl_tnode *i = container_of(*new, struct evl_tnode, rb);
i = container_of(*new, struct evl_tnode, rb);
parent = *new;
if (date_is_earlier(node, i))
new = &((*new)->rb_left);
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