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Add timer that updates the read attributes at 2Hz. One has the value of SW1,...

Add timer that updates the read attributes at 2Hz. One has the value of SW1, the other has a RNG value.
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import pyb
import network
import micropython
class BleChat:
def __init__(self, name): = name
self.local_name = None
self.local_mac = None
self.write_handle = None
self.read_sw_handle = None
self.read_rand_handle = None = network.RS911XBT(pyb.SPI(2), pyb.Pin("I0"), pyb.Pin("E3"), pyb.Pin("E4")) = network.RS9116()
self.lcd = pyb.LCD()
self.led = pyb.LED(1)
self.tim = pyb.Timer(4)
self._set_attr = self._set_attr_method
def _timer_setup(self):
def _timer_callback(self, tim):
micropython.schedule(self._set_attr, 0)
def _set_attr_method(self, _):, "Pressed" if pyb.Switch(1).value() else "Not Pressed"), "{}".format(pyb.rng()))
def _radio_setup(self):
handle =
# write_attr_index = rs.add_attribute(handle, 0x1aa2, rs.ATT_PROPERTY_WRITE)
# read_attr_index = rs.add_attribute(handle, 0x2bb1, rs.ATT_PROPERTY_NOTIFY | rs.ATT_PROPERTY_READ), 0x1aa2,, 0x2bb1, |
self.write_handle =, 0x1aa2,
self.read_sw_handle =, 0x2bb1, |
self.read_rand_handle =, 0x3cc4,
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