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EMAC Micropython Helper Scripts
These scripts are useful while developing on the REPL or for repetetive tasks within a larger script.
This script is mostly intended to be used from the REPL to verify the contents of files.
### Usage
Just pass the file name, as a string, to the `cat` function.
### Example
>>> from cat import cat
>>> cat('filename.txt')
This is what is in the file.
This script houses the `tar_extract` function, which is intented to be used with the []( and []( modules to make archive extraction easier. The `tar_extract` function will create a directory (if necessary) and extract the files to that (or the current) directory.
### Usage
import os
import extract
"""Contains the cat functuion"""
def cat(file_name):
"""Prints the contents of a file to the screen"""
with open(file_name, 'r') as file_descriptor:
"""This module houses helper functions for extracting archive files"""
import os
# and can be obtained
# from
import shutil
import utarfile
# This function, and by extension the module, is only intended to
# be used on a tar archive, without any compression. The tar file should be
# saved to non-volatile memory, as a file. Use os.chdir(directory) to move to
# the desired destination for the extracted files, before extracting.
def tar_extract(file_name):
"""This function extracts an uncompressed tar file into the directory name
it was archived from"""
tar = utarfile.TarFile(file_name)
for i in tar:
if i.type == utarfile.DIRTYPE:
if != './':
sub_file = tar.extractfile(i)
with open(, "wb") as dest:
shutil.copyfileobj(sub_file, dest)
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