Bug fixes, CC3200 port, improved inline assembler

py core:
- big-int bug fixes
- support for floats in struct module
- vstr no longer null-terminates buff by default
- properly handle CR/LF in triple-quoted string
- list.sort now has O(log(N)) stack usage
- parse big-int/float constants directly in parser
- allow to subclass native buffer objects
- reduce stack size of VM by 8 bytes on stmhal, 16 on x86
- add ldrex, strex, push, pop, sdiv, udiv, clz, rbit to inline assembler
- make inline assembler report line numbers on error

- uzlib: raw deflate decoding support

unix port:
- add "coverage" makefile target for coverage testing

stmhal port:
- bug fixes in ADCAll object
- bug fix in timer.deinit

esp8266 port:
- add esp module
- add connect, disconnect, status functions

cc3200 port:
- new port to the CC3200 launchxl board
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