Feature additions to core, unix and stmhal; general improvements.

py core:
- implement +, +=, .extend for bytarray and array objs
- add mem_info, qstr_info to micropython module
- bytes/bytearray/array can be init'd by buffer protocol objs
- optimised lexer by exposing lexer type; gives ROM savings
- add sys.print_exception
- allow builtins to be overridden
- fixed all semantic issues with range optimisation
- compiler gives proper SyntaxError exceptions for bad global/nonlocal
- reduce VM exception stack size by 1 machine word per exception
- make bytes objs work with more str methods
- refactor and make mp_bytecode_print and friends more useful
- start transition to guarded includes
- lots of code cleanup
- some ROM savings

- add ubinascii module, with hexlify

unix port:
- add _os.unlink, _os.system functions
- 64-bit clean in ffi module
- time module renamed to utime

stmhal port:
- add USB_VCP.setinterrupt method, to disable CTRL-C
- make pyb.[u]delay work when irqs are disabled
- overhaul of internal network driver interface
- bug fixes to CC3K and WIZNET5K network drivers
- use DMA for SPI transfers (only if irqs enabled)
- allow SPI.init to specify prescaler directly
- enhance pyb.freq to configure bus frequencies
- add more math functions (acosh, asinh, atanh, tan)
- add execfile function
- upgrade to latest FatFs driver (now in lib/)
- add ability to mount custom block device

esp8266 port:
- put more rodata in irom section
- add README.md

- basic docs for uhashlib, ubinascii, ure, uzlib
- links to LCD and AMP skin schematics
- general improvements
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