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    utils: evl-trace: add support for trace groups · 969ec9c1
    Philippe Gerum authored
    It comes in handy to be able to enable a set of related tracepoints
    for specific tracing purposes.
    The -e option can now take an optional parameter specifying a
    pre-defined group of related tracepoints to enable, so far:
    irq = pipeline_entry, pipeline_exit, handler_entry, handler_exit
    timer = tracepoints related to timer event handling with latmus (used in
    chasing latency in the timer handling path)
    evl = all core tracepoints
    all = all tracepoints ftrace knows about
    -eall is identical to -f.
    -E<tracepoint_file> enables the tracepoints mentioned in the
     user-provided <file>.
    -t can be passed to dry-run the enable command, getting the list of
     ftrace settings which would have been set without this option when
     enabling the trace.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarPhilippe Gerum <rpm@xenomai.org>
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