New mip package manager, compressed type structs and Pico W support

This release of MicroPython introduces a new lightweight package manager
called mip, which uses a custom protocol to query and install packages that
is optimised for embedded systems.  It is intended to take over the role of
upip and supports installing packages from micropython-lib as well as any
URL.  Mip can be run directly on a device (with network connectivity) or
via mpremote.  As part of this, all pure-Python drivers have been moved
from the micropython repository to the micropython-lib repository, making
it easier to install the packages needed for a given project.

In the MicroPython runtime, core/built-in types have been compressed by
only including in the C-level type struct as many slots for C function
pointers as is needed for a given type (instead of storing NULL pointers
for unused slots).  This resulted in a reduction of code size of many
kilobytes for all ports (eg around 1200 for bare-arm) with a very minimal
loss in performance.  Any third-party C extensions will need to be updated
to work with this change.  See commits
662b9761b37b054f08fe2f7c00d0fce3a418d0b0 and
3ac8b5851e5f4dade465d52b91ed2ccc17851263 for details.

The MicroPython VM/runtime has also seen many improvements and bug fixes,
including: addition of hex/fromhex methods to bytes/memoryview/bytearray,
dictionary union (PEP 584), support for __float__ and __complex__
functions, support for __dict__ on module objects and UTF-8 validation of
all strings.  Whole number floats are now formatted exactly, and there have
been other accuracy improvements to parsing and formatting of floats.
A sub-version has been introduced for .mpy files which is used only when a
.mpy file includes native code, allowing the native ABI to change while
retaining backwards compatibility with pure bytecode .mpy files.
There is now an option to have the GC heap split across more than one pool
of memory, although this is not yet in use by the ports.  And root pointer
registration has been simplified with the new MP_REGISTER_ROOT_POINTER

In the network module, the keyword arguments to scan(), connect() and
config() have been renamed to be more consistent across ports and drivers.
The changed argument names are: "essid" changed to "ssid", "auth" or
"authmode" changed to "security", and "password" changed to "key".  The old
keyword arguments are still supported so this change is backwards
compatible.  The functions network.hostname() and have
also been added and provide a standard interface across ports to set the
global networking configuration for all interfaces and interface types.  In
particular, setting the hostname is now supported for all CYW43xx-based
boards (pyboard-D, Arduino Portenta, Pico W, and others).

The mbedtls (SSL library) settings have also been unified across ports that
use this library and enable elliptic curve DH and DSA cryptography enabled
so that devices can connect to more websites.  The cert_reqs and cadata
arguments have also been implemented.  Sockets now support leaving
multicast groups.  WebREPL will now run the page from the device, allowing
WebREPL resources to load from a HTTPS site.

The bluetooth module has a minor breaking change for
IRQ_GATTC_CHARACTERISTIC_RESULT: def_handle has been replaced with
end_handle.  This is not expected to affect most programs as def_handle is
unlikely to be used.  See commit cacc96d98c2a70dc7e5194331ea70746c39746ec.

The uasyncio module now supports stream read(-1), handles gather with no
awaitables, and adds a clear() method to ThreadSafeFlag.  The framebuf
module adds ellipse and polygon drawing methods, and a fill argument to
rect() for consistency with those new methods.

A new port has been added, the "embed" port, which is a port of MicroPython
that targets the C language and outputs a set of self-contained .c and .h
files for embedding into a wider project.  An example is provided to show
how this works.

The esp8266 port has reverse-special-methods enabled on the GENERIC board,
uart.flush() and uart.txdone() added, real open drain output enabled on
pins driven by PWM, and adds the ability to set TX power for the WLAN

The esp32 port now uses synchronous BLE events which allows support for BLE
pairing and bonding.  The LAN driver adds support for LAN8710, KSZ8081,
configuration of ETH ref_clk pin, and support for SPI-based Ethernet chips.
UART now supports setting timeout_char and implements uart.flush() and
uart.txdone().  New boards include ESP32S3 with octal SPIRAM, Olimex PoE
boards and a generic board for unicore chips.  There have also been many
bug fixes, in particular for newer MCU versions such as S2, S3 and C3.

The mimxrt port has seen a lot of clean up of the code, support for
MIMXRT1176 MCUs and the MIMXRT1170_EVK board, a soft-timer implementation
of machine.Timer, addition of machine.bootloader(), as well as uart.flush()
and uart.txdone().

On the nrf port, machine.UART and machine.PWM have been improved to match
other ports (the PWM change is a breaking change), and machine.I2C now
supports the freq argument.  New boards include the Arduino Nano 33 BLE
sense board and the Seeed XIAO NRF52840 Sense.

The rp2 port sees the integration of the CYW43xx WiFi driver which is used
in the new Pico W board, a board similar to the Pico but with WiFi support.
Other new boards include W5500_EVB_PICO, WEACTSTUDIO and the nullbits Bit-C
PRO board.  Support has been added for named pins, including Pin.board and
Pin.cpu attributes, consistent with other ports that support this feature.
The machine.lightsleep() function has been implemented, along with SSL
certificate time validation, and more accurate formulas are used to
determine PWM frequency and duty.  The GC heap available to MicroPython
programs has been increased to use the maximum available free RAM, adding
about 20k to the user heap.  There have also been important bug fixes to
threading and concurrency when using both cores.

The samd port has been significantly extended to include: named pins with
a pins.csv file, and Pin.board and Pin.cpu attributes; ADC, PWM, DAC,
SoftSPI, SoftI2C, SPI, I2C and RTC classes added to the machine module;
pin.irq() method and OPEN_DRAIN mode for pins; freq, disable_irq,
enable_irq, idle, lightsleep and time_pulse_us functions added to the
machine module.  Floating point support has been added for SAMD21 devices,
and the math module enabled for SAMD51.  A board definition for Sparkfun
Think Plus has been added.

The stm32 port sees support added for STM32L1xx MCUs, STM32H723, USB on
STM32G0xx and mboot support for STM32G0xx.  The existing CYW43xx WiFi
driver has been replaced with the open-source version of cyw43-driver and
this has been integrated with all existing boards with CYW43xx chips.
Support for the CC3000 WiFi driver has been removed, and the Wiznet driver
integration has been reworked to use the generic one shared with other
ports (and also uses lib/wiznet5k instead of the old drivers/wiznet5k).
Hardware I2C implementation has been added for STM32L1xx and STM32L4xx,
support added for Arduino 1200bps touch to enter the bootloader (only on
Arduino boards), mbedtls (SSL) certificate time validation added, and
link-time-optimisation (LTO) enabled by default on boards with small flash
size.  New board definitions include: LEGO Hub No. 7, NUCLEO-L152RE,
NUCLEO-F756ZG, NUCLEO-H723ZG, Arduino Nicla Vision and Arduino Giga H7.
Arduino boards also now include a range of frozen libraries including

For the unix and windows ports, build outputs (including executables) are
now kept inside the $(BUILD) directory associated with the build.  As part
of this the variant suffix has been removed from the executable name.  For
example, what was micropython-coverage is now build-coverage/micropython,
and the standard variant is build-standard/micropython.  Furthermore, the
dev variant has been removed and its features enabled instead on the
standard variant, which now enables the same feature set as a typical
bare-metal board, making it more convenient to use for development.  The
remaining variants are: minimal, standard, nanbox, coverage.  The SSL
implementation for this port has switched from axtls to mbedtls, again to
match most bare-metal ports.

The javascript port has been renamed to the webassembly port, and adds
support for VFS and VfsPosix using Emscripten's POSIX filesystem layer.
The way stdout printing works has also changed to dispatch via a custom
event called "micropython-print".

The zephyr port upgraded Zephyr to v3.1.0, added custom configuration for
bbc_microbit_v2, and enabled finalisers.

The change in code size since the previous release for various ports is
(absolute and percentage change in the text section):

       bare-arm:   -1124  -1.934%
    minimal x86:   -4322  -2.967%
       unix x64: +264181 +50.533% standard
          stm32:   -3592  -0.906% PYBV10
         cc3200:   -1832  -0.990%
        esp8266:   -2284  -0.327% GENERIC
          esp32:   +9659  +0.632% GENERIC
            nrf:     -84  -0.045% pca10040
            rp2:  +13096  +4.291% PICO
           samd: +127776 +90.488% ADAFRUIT_ITSYBITSY_M4_EXPRESS

The changes that dominate these numbers are:
- bare-arm, minimal, stm32, cc3200, esp8266: reduced size due to compressed
  type structs
- unix: switching axtls for mbedtls, merging in dev configuration options
  and features
- esp32: new Ethernet drivers and some additional machine module
- nrf: compressed type struct and machine module improvements
- rp2: additional mbedtls features and ciphers
- samd: many new features, and machine module classes and functions

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release:
Alex Riesen, Andrew Leech, Andrew Scheller, Angus Gratton, Antonello
Margottini, Antonin ENFRUN, Ayke van Laethem, Blake Felt, brave ulysses,
Brian Cooke, Brian Pugh, Carlosgg, Chris Overgaauw, Chris Swan, Chris
Waggoner, chrismas9, Christian Clauss, Christian Walther, Clayton Cronk,
cpottle9, Dale Weber, Damiano Mazzella, Damien George, Damien Tournoud, Dan
Ellis, Daniel Jour, David (Pololu), David Grayson, David Lechner, David
Peake, David Yang, Dorukyum, Efi Weiss, enriquezgarc, Felix Dörre, Florian
Weimer, glenn20, hoihu, Howard Lovatt, iabdalkader, Ian Davies,
IcedRooibos, Ihor Nehrutsa, Jacob Siverskog, Jan Hrudka, Jan Willeke, Jared
Hancock, Jatty_, Jay Greco, Jeff Epler, Jeremy Rand, Jim Mussared, Jonas
Scharpf, Jos Verlinde, Juan Francisco Cantero Hurtado, Koen De
Vleeschauwer, Kyuchumimo, Lars Haulin, Laurens Valk, LiaoJingyi_winY7kp,
Luiz Brandao, ma-lalonde, manobendro, Maripo GODA, Mark Grosen, Martin
Milata, Mat Booth, Matt Trentini, Maureen Helm, Michael Bentley, Michael
Mogenson, MrJake222, Nathan Hendler, Ned Konz, Nicholas H.Tollervey, Oliver
Joos, omogenot, Patrick, Patrick Joy, Paul Grayson, Paul Warren, Pepijn de
Vos, Peter Harper, Peter Hinch, PGE, Phil Howard, Philip Peitsch, Philipp
Ebensberger, pmendham, Rayane Chatrieux, Red_M, Rob Knegjens, robert-hh,
Sebastian Romero, Simon Arlott, Sky, Stewart C. Russell, Stig Bjørlykke,
stijn, Stuart Langridge, Takeo Takahashi, Thorsten von Eicken, Tim Gates,
Tobias Thyrrestrup, Tomasz 'CeDeROM' CEDRO, Tomofumi Inoue, TPReal,
Trammell hudson, Wind-stormger, yn386, Yonatan Goldschmidt, 小权一句两句.

The work done in this release was funded in part through GitHub Sponsors,
by George Robotics, and by Planet Innovation.

What follows is a detailed list of changes, generated from the git commit
history, and organised into sections.

Main components

- fix paths to mpy-cross and micropython binaries
- remove MICROPY_PY_IO_FILEIO config option
- update all files to use new features
- simplify buffer protocol to just a "get buffer" callback
- standardise mp_obj_type_t initialisation
- make all mp_obj_type_t defs use MP_DEFINE_CONST_OBJ_TYPE
- fix #if inside MP_DEFINE_CONST_OBJ_TYPE for msvc
- remove unnecessary locals_dict cast
- use += rather than = everywhere for CFLAGS/LDFLAGS/LIBS
- keep msvc build output in build/ directories
- fix Python comparison to None and True, and use "not in"
- use micropython-lib unconditionally in manifests
- replace upip with mip everywhere
- update Python formatting to black "2023 stable style"
- update copyright year range to include 2023

py core:
- vm: change comparison for finally handler search from > to >=
- emit: remove logic to detect last-emit-was-return-value
- emit: suppress unreachable bytecode/native code that follows jump
- objcell: make cell get/set funcs static-inline to reduce code size
- parsenum: support parsing complex numbers of the form "a+bj"
- parsenum: fix parsing of complex "j" and also "nanj", "infj"
- parsenum: optimise when building with complex disabled
- objclosure: forward function attributes for closures
- objfun: support function attributes on native functions
- builtin: remove unnecessary module declarations
- builtinhelp: don't show help for an MP_MODULE_ATTR_DELEGATION_ENTRY
- mkrules.cmake: improve printing of git-submodules error
- scheduler: de-inline and fix race with pending exception / scheduler
- vm: document internal SELECTIVE_EXC_IP option
- emitnative: fix STORE_ATTR viper code-gen when value is not a pyobj
- vm: remove check for ip being NULL when handling StopIteration
- vm: in YIELD_FROM opcode, expand helper macros and remove them
- vm: consistently indent #if guards to match the code they surround
- objnamedtuple: fix segfault with empty namedtuple
- obj: add static safety checks to mp_obj_is_type()
- obj: add debug-only runtime checks to mp_obj_is_type()
- make_root_pointers: add MP_REGISTER_ROOT_POINTER parser/generator
- mpstate: drop MICROPY_PORT_ROOT_POINTERS from mp_state_vm_t
- persistentcode: use MP_REGISTER_ROOT_POINTER()
- scheduler: use MP_REGISTER_ROOT_POINTER()
- misc: fix msvc compilation with compressed error messages
- qstr: make mp_decompress_rom_string decl and def the same
- gc: allow the GC heap to be split over multiple memory areas
- gc: reduce code size when MICROPY_GC_SPLIT_HEAP is disabled
- obj: add support for __float__ and __complex__ functions
- obj: make mp_obj_get_complex_maybe call mp_obj_get_float_maybe first
- compile: support large integers in inline-asm data directive
- modio: remove FileIO and TextIOWrapper from io module
- formatfloat: format all whole-number floats exactly
- builtinimport: remove duplicate static function argument
- use micropython-lib from submodule by default
- runtime: fix crash in star arg unpacking
- mpprint: fix formatting typo with mp_print_ext_t struct name
- objstr: reformat str access macros to make them readable
- keep all build artefacts inside $(BUILD) directory
- allow building assembly source in natmods
- nlrpowerpc: fix generation of ppc64 code on ppc32 build
- qstr: change qstr hash type from mp_uint_t to size_t
- objstr: consolidate methods for str/bytes/bytearray/array
- objstr: add hex/fromhex to bytes/memoryview/bytearray
- objstr: remove str function object declarations from header file
- mkrules: use abspath to find directory for mpy-cross dependency
- parsenum: ensure that trailing zeros lead to identical results
- formatfloat: use pow(10, e) instead of pos/neg_pow lookup tables
- dynruntime: add mp_obj_is_true
- clean up formatting of union definitions
- builtinimport: allow overriding of mp_builtin___import__
- objstr: split mp_obj_str_from_vstr into bytes/str versions
- objstr: always ensure mp_obj_str_from_vstr is unicode-safe
- objstr: optimise mp_obj_new_str_from_vstr for known-safe strings
- objstr: always validate utf-8 for mp_obj_new_str
- persistentcode: clarify ValueError when native emitter disabled
- objpolyiter: add a new polyiter type with finaliser support
- mpconfig: add LFS1/LFS2 options to match FAT/posix
- mpconfig: make feature levels available to mpconfigport.h
- mpconfig: add "everything" features from unix coverage
- objpolyiter: fix comment about finaliser method
- add link to build troubleshooting on failure
- obj: add macro to declare ROM mp_obj_type_t instances
- obj: add "full" and "empty" non-variable-length mp_obj_type_t
- obj: add accessors for type slots and use everywhere
- obj: add slot-index mp_obj_type_t representation
- obj: remove basic mp_obj_type_t sparse representation
- objtype: optimise slot RAM usage for instance types
- objnamedtuple: optimise slot RAM usage for namedtuple
- obj: merge getiter and iternext mp_obj_type_t slots
- obj: convert make_new into a mp_obj_type_t slot
- obj: optimise code size and performance for make_new as a slot
- persistentcode: introduce .mpy sub-version
- objmodule: add support for __dict__
- runtime: add mp_raise_OSError_with_filename helper function
- include filename in errors from loading/saving files via "open"
- parse: allow const types other than int to optimise as true/false
- objstr: don't treat bytes as unicode in str.count
- make CPP definition explicit for consistency
- objstr: add a helper to set mp_obj_str_t data
- modsys: add support for sys.executable
- make user-C-module handling self-contained in
- misc: remove use of bitfield from vstr_t
- obj: verify floating point type is correct for repr C
- persistentcode: only emit sub-version if generated code has native
- obj: add comments explaining the slot index scheme
- makeversionhdr: fall back to py/mpconfig.h instead of docs/
- builtinimport: fix crash handling "weak link" module names
- objarray: detect bytearray(str) without an encoding
- emitnative: ensure load_subscr does not clobber existing REG_ARG_2
- nlrmips: add native NLR support for MIPS architecture
- allow running outside of repo
- objdict: implement dictionary union (PEP 584)
- bc: fix checking for duplicate **kwargs
- modmicropython: make module optional
- mpconfig: include micropython module in core features
- remove the word "yet" from exception messages
- pass in address to compiled module instead of returning it
- gc: avoid valgrind false positives
- gc: ensure a gap of one byte after the ATB
- gc: fix debug printing of GC layout
- obj: remove unused MP_DEFINE_CONST_OBJ_FULL_TYPE macro
- emitnative: initialise locals as Python object type for native code
- map: clear value when re-using slot with ordered dictionaries
- gc: increase the address length in gc_dump_alloc_table()
- objarray: raise error on out-of-bound memoryview slice start
- lexer: wrap in parenthesis all f-string arguments passed to format
- add parenthesis to default impl of MP_OBJ_TO_PTR, MP_OBJ_FROM_PTR
- objint_mpz: catch and reject @ and @= operating on big integers
- mkrules: support mpy-tool-flags in cmake frozen code generation
- mkrules.cmake: force build mpversion.h and frozen_content.c
- modmath: fix two-argument math function domain check
- emitnative: explicitly compare comparison ops in binary_op emitter
- optionally get git tag and git hash from env vars
- compile: fix scope of assignment expression target in comprehensions
- gc: make gc_dump_info/gc_dump_alloc_table take a printer as argument
- mpconfig: provide config option for internal printf printer
- builtinimport: fix unix port build with external imports disabled
- always add micro to version string even if it's 0
- obj: add MP_NOINLINE to mp_obj_malloc_helper
- mpstate: add mp_thread_is_main_thread() helper macro
- scheduler: implement VM abort flag and mp_sched_vm_abort()
- obj: fix spelling of staticmethod
- fix handling GreenHills C/C++ preprocessor output

- network_cyw43: rename WLAN keyword args to ssid/security/key
- network_ninaw10: rename WLAN connect argument from essid to ssid
- modlwip: clean up inclusion of modlwip in build process
- extmod.cmake: only include modbtree in build if it's enabled
- separate out extmod file list from to
- modbtree: use buffer protocol for keys/values
- uasyncio: attempt to write immediately in Stream.write method
- uasyncio: implement stream read(-1) to read all data up to EOF
- vfs: prevent uninitialized variable warning for path_out
- network_cyw43: support new cyw43-driver
- modnetwork: include cyw43-driver header if it's enabled
- network_cyw43: add "security" config option to get/set auth mode
- modnetwork: use MP_REGISTER_ROOT_POINTER()
- uos_dupterm: use MP_REGISTER_ROOT_POINTER()
- modbluetooth: use MP_REGISTER_ROOT_POINTER()
- always use custom mbedtls error message code
- modussl_mbedtls: implement cert_reqs and cadata arguments
- btstack: fix descriptor discovery handle range and events
- network_ninaw10: move ninaw10 root pointer registrations here
- modbluetooth: add support for running sync irq on system thread
- webrepl: allow the page to run from the device (over HTTP)
- uasyncio: handle gather with no awaitables
- ntptime: factor out ntptime module from esp8266 port
- modussl_mbedtls: set a more sensible default debug log level
- network_cyw43: add hostname config option
- network_wiznet5k: register NIC when the lwIP stack is used
- network_wiznet5k: drop obsolete argument count check
- network_wiznet5k: deinit the NIC before (re-)initialisation
- network_wiznet5k: schedule clearing of interrupt flags
- network_wiznet5k: rearrange the function wiznet5k_poll()
- network_wiznet5k: extract SPI transfer function dynamically
- uasyncio: add clear method to ThreadSafeFlag
- uasyncio: rename internal _flag to state, to save a qstr
- modlwip: add support for leaving multicast groups
- vfs_posix_file: remove unused MICROPY_VFS_POSIX_FILE
- modframebuf: optimise argument handling
- modframebuf: add fill argument to rect()
- modframebuf: add ellipse drawing method
- modframebuf: add polygon drawing methods
- modframebuf: improve poly-fill boundary pixels
- network_wiznet5k: use the configured DNS address if available
- machine_i2c: call MICROPY_PY_EVENT_HOOK during i2c.scan()
- modure: convert byte offsets to unicode indices when necessary
- modbluetooth: fix descriptor registration with empty tuple
- modbluetooth: replace def_handle with end_handle in char IRQ
- vfs: add finaliser to ilistdir to close directory handle
- vfs_posix_file: implement finaliser for files
- modbluetooth: change data_len type from size_t to uint16_t
- modbluetooth: do GATTC reassembly in protected uPy context
- modbluetooth: run BLE IRQ callback in protected NLR context
- make handle GIT_SUBMODULES
- make self-contained
- utime_mphal: make ticks_add check for overflow of delta
- btstack: update BTstack bindings to work with latest BTstack
- mbedtls: add common configuration file, and use it in all ports
- mbedtls: enable elliptic curve DH and DSA cryptography
- mbedtls: remove MBEDTLS_ECP_DP_CURVE25519_ENABLED config
- mbedtls: remove brainpool curves from config
- machine_timer: move stm32's implementation of machine.Timer here
- vfs_posix: include errno.h and unistd.h headers
- extmod.cmake: allow overriding the default MBEDTLS_CONFIG_FILE
- modlwip: use actual errno in exception for error in listen
- set default mbedtls config file in extmod Makefile
- btstack: allow the BTstack config to be overridden by a board
- add and reorganise compilation guards and includes
- extmod.cmake: add MICROPY_PY_BTREE compiler definition
- moduplatform: remove _M_IX86 test for xtensa
- moduplatform: fix MSVC x86_64 check
- modframebuf: fix crash in FrameBuffer scrolling beyond extents
- uasyncio: fix syntax of generator functions
- modnetwork: use a type protocol to implement NIC functions
- modussl_mbedtls: fix support for ioctl(MP_STREAM_POLL)
- network_cyw43: fix handling of networks with open security
- axtls-include: add back needed header files for building axTLS
- utime_mphal: fix comment re delta range check in time_ticks_add
- modbtree: move system includes within MICROPY_PY_BTREE guard
- modnetwork: add network.hostname() and
- modnetwork: allow more extensive port-specific customisation
- network_cyw43: use CYW43_CHANNEL_NONE for default arg in connect
- vfs_posix: do not filter '..*' in ilistdir when filtering '..'
- network_ninaw10: check socket types when creating new sockets
- network_cyw43: fix setting hostname using config() method
- network_cyw43: add support to get STA RSSI using status() method
- network_ninaw10: add missing raw socket type to socket()
- btstack: switch to use hci_dump_init instead of hci_dump_open
- modbluetooth: merge gatts_notify/indicate implementation
- btstack: fix indicate/notify queuing
- btstack: include value handle in client read/write events
- btstack: fix MTU handling
- btstack: add support for CCCD to allow client subscriptions
- nimble: fix flags for descriptor registration
- modbluetooth: make all HCI transports trace in the same format
- btstack/modbluetooth_btstack: add default services

- runtime/tinyusb_helpers: add TinyUSB helper functions
- netutils/dhcpserver: match default DNS to server IP
- readline: use MP_REGISTER_ROOT_POINTER()
- runtime/pyexec: use MP_REGISTER_ROOT_POINTER()
- runtime/softtimer: move softtimer.[ch] to shared/runtime
- runtime/softtimer: remove obsolete #include statement
- runtime/sys_stdio_mphal: make func static and remove some TODOs
- runtime/gchelper_native: fix pointer cast on x86_64
- netutils: add "py/obj.h" header include
- tinyusb: create common TinyUSB code for reuse by ports
- tinyusb: further refactor static USB device implementation
- tinyusb: fix CDC bNumInterfaces value
- runtime: use mp_printf consistently, instead of printf
- runtime/gchelper: drop cpu directive from ARM asm helpers
- runtime/softtimer: use consistently the same clock source
- runtime/softtimer: fix ticks range when computing ticks diff
- tinyusb: allow max USB descriptor string to be configured
- runtime/pyexec: don't allow Ctrl+C to interrupt frozen boot code
- tinyusb: revert setting of CFG_TUD_CDC_EP_BUFSIZE to 256

- hts221: add HTS221 humidity sensor driver
- lsm9ds1: add LSM9DS1 IMU driver
- lps22h: add LPS22HB/HH pressure sensor driver
- lps22h: use machine.idle for power saving
- ninaw10/nina_wifi_bsp: use MP_REGISTER_ROOT_POINTER()
- fix a few typos in comments
- cyw43: allow configuring the netif/mDNS hostname
- sdcard: add delay in init_card_v1 to make timeout work
- wiznet5k: remove old Wiznet driver
- cc3000: remove CC3000 WiFi driver files
- display: don't include tests by default
- remove drivers that are now in micropython-lib
- ninaw10: connect to WiFi asynchronously
- bus: detect QSPI transfer errors and pass up to spiflash driver
- bus: change QSPI read_cmd signature to return an error code
- ninaw10: implement machine.Pin external pin controls
- cyw43: use board-defined BLE UART secondary baudrate
- cyw43: use a different baudrate for BT firmware download
- ninaw10: fix machine_pin GPIO read
- cyw43: include CYW43 config file
- ninaw10: add missing external pins 34 and 39
- ninaw10: fix ESP32 input-only pins

- Makefile: respect existing CFLAGS and LDFLAGS
- remove .gitignore file
- include alloca.h for NetBSD
- mpy_cross: add Python wrapper for mpy-cross
- mpy_cross: fix default path to mpy-cross binary
- mpy_cross: add a way to query the mpy version
- mpy_cross: add list of architectures to `__all__`
- mpy_cross: add docstrings to public methods
- main: don't set a default native architecture
- main: add MSVC-compatible architecture checks
- force forward slashes in paths
- main: fix return type of mp_import_stat

- cyw43-driver: add new submodule for CYW43xx WiFi driver
- pico-sdk: update to version 1.4.0
- cyw43-driver: update cyw43-driver to fix ap_auth mode setting
- tinyusb: update to the most recent master
- cyw43-driver: update driver to latest version
- micropython-lib: add micropython-lib as a submodule
- lwip: update lwIP to v2.1.3, tag STABLE-2_1_3_RELEASE
- micropython-lib: update to latest version with manifest changes
- micropython-lib: update submodule to latest
- stm32lib: update library to get L1 v1.10.3, and some other fixes
- micropython-lib: update submodule to latest
- btstack: update to v1.5.3
- micropython-lib: update submodule to latest
- libm: use __asm__ instead of asm
- btstack: update to v1.5.4
- cyw43-driver: update driver to latest version
- re1.5: reduce code size when checking for named class char
- re1.5: add support for named classes in class sets
- micropython-lib: update submodule to latest
- cyw43-driver: update driver to latest version
- pico-sdk: update to version 1.5.0
- cyw43-driver: update driver to latest version v0.9.0
- micropython-lib: update submodule to latest
- stm32lib: update library to get H7 v1.11.0
- cyw43-driver: update driver to latest version v1.0.0
- micropython-lib: update submodule to latest

Support components

- update to use new WLAN argument names for ssid/security/key
- library/pyb.Timer: document `brk` argument and its constants
- library: remove unnecessary "pyb." prefix on class names
- set LaTeX engine to XeLaTeX for PDF generation
- library/machine: add note on interrupts being critical to system
- library/uasyncio: consistently use "uasyncio" instead of "asyncio"
- library/bluetooth: add link to aioble
- library/neopixel: add note that neopixel is included in rp2 builds
- library/time: provide more info about which epoch is used
- library/pyb.Pin: fix out-of-context paragraphs, and AF_PP typo
- library/pyb.Pin: add Pin.ALT constant
- library/pyb.Timer: document how to use BKIN pin with example
- update links for Arm GCC toolchain
- library/rp2: fix pull_thresh docs to use pull instead of push
- esp32: fix string quoting consistency in SDCard mount example
- update CPython differences and improve the look of table layouts
- esp32: update UART quickref on input-only pins
- library/machine.UART: add notes about UART init and deinit
- library: fix nested rst styles not rendering
- library/micropython: fix spelling of compiler
- templates/topindex.html: update forum link
- library/machine.I2C: add a note about I2C pull-up resistors
- library/machine.UART: add docs for uart.flush() and uart.txdone()
- renesas-ra: add pin drive keyword argument description
- Makefile: enable parallel compilation for Sphinx
- templates/layout.html: indicate latest vs release docs
- samd: add documentation for the samd port
- library/machine: add machine.memX to docs with brief example
- samd/pinout: fix the pin numbering for the default assignments
- develop: fix mp_compile snippet to match latest code
- renesas-ra: correct the internal file system size of EK-RA6M2
- library/array: add docs for dunder methods
- library/pyb.CAN: update the recv example to take a 5-tuple
- library/uasyncio: describe restriction on ThreadSafeFlag
- library/framebuf: clarify docs for blit regarding palette
- library/struct: fix buffer argument description
- library/struct: embed format tables
- library/neopixel: update GitHub URL for link
- differences: update Python 3.9 status
- differences: add Python 3.10 page
- rp2: make LED have exactly 50% duty cycle in PIO 1Hz example
- library/rp2.StateMachine: expand put() documentation
- library/socket: use correct sockaddr variable name
- esp32/quickref: add docs for the LAN interface constructor
- library/machine.Timer: add freq argument to machine.Timer
- reference/constrained: add missing heap-dump symbols to mem_info()
- zephyr/quickref: fix zsensor module usage examples
- library/network: update docs for, network.hostname
- update copyright year range to include 2023

- embedding: remove obsolete axtls build target
- usercmodule: add example of a native C class
- embedding: rework example to use ports/embed
- rp2: add comment that examples using IO25 don't work on Pico W
- bluetooth: fix check for _conn_handle being None
- usercmodule/cexample: use mp_obj_malloc()
- bluetooth/ remove service tuple

- extmod: add heap-lock test for stream writing
- basics: add tests for __name__ and __globals__ attrs on closures
- perf_bench: add some configurations for N=32, M=10
- add an explanation of
- fix run-perfbench parsing "no matching params" case
- micropython: add test for builtin execfile() function
- extmod/ussl_basic: make test run on axtls and mbedtls
- cpydiff: fix formatting of code snippet to use double quotes
- provide better default MPYCROSS value for Windows
- extmod/ubinascii: add tests for bytes.hex etc
- update path to unix micropython executable
- unicode: add test for invalid utf-8 file contents
- renesas-ra: update pin test to support all boards
- extmod/ force SKIP on stackless
- frozen: move frozentest.mpy from ports/ to tests/
- run-multitests: extend usage information
- run-multitests: make paths more deterministic
- allow 'special' tests to output "SKIP" on a single line
- extmod: add test for sleep_ms value that overflows ticks
- run-perfbench: support --heapsize argument and pass to executable
- basics: add exp file for builtin_str_hex test
- use host arch for mpy-cross for target=unix
- misc: add test for cexample module
- misc/cexample_module: test class presence
- misc/cexample_class: fix timing sensitivity
- extmod/framebuf_scroll: add tests for FrameBuffer scrolling
- unix/mod_os: add test for os module
- extmod/ure_namedclass: add tests for named classes in class sets
- float: skip new complex tests if complex unavailable
- extmod: get DecompIO test running on low-memory targets
- extmod: skip vfs tests if target doesn't have enough memory
- micropython: split viper_misc test into two files
- float: add domain checks for log and also -inf
- float: make output of math function tests more readable
- add ability to test instance over reboot
- multi_bluetooth: add bluetooth multi-test for deepsleep
- support outputting test metrics
- multi_bluetooth: use multitest.output_metric in BLE perf tests
- extmod/ use 512-byte erase block size
- multi_bluetooth: use time.sleep_ms instead of time.sleep
- multi_bluetooth/ble_mtu: split peripheral/central-initiated
- multi_bluetooth/ble_subscribe: use end_handle in desc discovery
- multi_bluetooth: add test for descriptors
- multi_bluetooth/ add write-no-response
- multi_bluetooth: use multitest.broadcast instead of sleep

- add mimxrt and renesas-ra to list of available ports
- drop ppa requirement for code formatting CI
- add verbose option to filesystem_command
- mpremote: don't be verbose when using cat command
- autobuild: add nrf port to autobuild scripts
- initialise submodules for more ports
- force mpy-cross build for samd and teensy
- update path to unix micropython executable
- mpremote: allow + terminator for fs commands
- add "touch" filesystem command
- mpremote: add "edit" command
- split the stm32 builds for wiznet5k and cc3k
- mpremote: print a nicer error when a filesystem command fails
- remove implicit fs_put if source starts with ./
- add fs_cp function for direct device-to-device copy
- mpremote: print nicer errors for unsupported 'cp -r' arguments
- add library for working with manifests
- update to use mpy_cross module
- allow include of directory path
- allow require() to specify unix packages
- allow manifests to set metadata
- autobuild: use distinct directory for building stm32 variants
- force the repo version of the mpy_cross package
- support Windows pathname separators
- add `author` kwarg to metadata()
- replace recursive glob with os.walk
- mpremote: simplify dispatch of commands
- mpremote: use argparse for command line parsing
- mpremote: add `mpremote mip install` to install packages
- handle unsupported fs command
- add note about uncrustify versions
- add pre-commit support
- mpremote: fix argument handling for follow and add help strings
- mpremote: bump version to 0.4.0
- ignore comment lines in commit messages
- add additional help for subject line issues
- mpremote: handle FileNotFound exceptions in listdir
- mpremote: make RemoteFile objects iterable
- fix printing of mpy_cross.CrossCompileError
- use os.path.join and os.path.isdir
- remove unused script
- add ARDUINO_NANO_RP2040_CONNECT to rp2 CI build
- remove one build from zephyr CI to speed it up
- don't print python2 version
- mpremote: allow EDITOR environment variable to work on Windows
- mpremote: only auto connect to serial device with USB VID/PID
- autobuild: create .uf2 file for seeed_xiao_nrf52
- fix Python 2 compatibility
- add parse kwarg to eval
- add fs_{listdir,readfile,writefile,stat}
- set DTR on Windows to avoid ESPxx hard reset
- initialize line_info_top
- install pkg-config for macos builds
- add unix, stm32 and rp2 ports to code size check
- mpremote: use hatch to build mpremote package
- use '/' exclusively when dealing with paths
- fix joining of path in filesystem_command
- fix ESPxx boards hanging in bootloader after reset
- add support for publishing packages to PyPI
- mpremote: add ctrl-x as additonal mpremote disconnect shortcut

- ISSUE_TEMPLATE: make minor improvements to placeholder text
- ISSUE_TEMPLATE: replace forum with Discussions
- workflows: print test failures for webassembly workflow
- workflows: bump actions/checkout to v3
- add dependabot to update GitHub Actions
- workflows: bump codecov/codecov-action from 1 to 3
- workflows: bump actions/setup-python from 1 or 2 to 4
- workflows: run unix port workflow if mpy-cross changes
- workflows: use ubuntu-20.04 when python2 is required
- workflows: run mpy-format CI when tests and examples change
- workflows: comment on code size change instead of failing CI
- workflows: fix code size comment workflow for non-PR
- workflows: cancel when branch is updated
- workflows: update existing comments for code_size_comment
- workflows/code_size: print code size change
- workflows: add "shared/**" to list of paths that trigger CI
- workflows: add workflow to build mpremote wheel
- workflows: bump actions/setup-python from 1 to 4
- workflows: bump actions/checkout from 2 to 3
- workflows: bump actions/upload-artifact from 2 to 3

The ports

all ports:
- adapt mimxrt, nrf and rp2 ports to work with latest TinyUSB
- fix a few typos in comments
- remove unused mp_type_{fileio/textio} macros in mpconfigport.h
- always include debug information in the ELF
- always append to GIT_SUBMODULES
- use micropython-lib version of drivers in manifests
- make generated pin.c handling more consistent across ports
- make all network-capable boards use bundle-networking
- make BOARD default from BOARD_DIR in Makefile's
- rename remaining "Micro Python" to "MicroPython"
- fix MCU tags in Arduino board.json files
- implement simple write polling for stdout

bare-arm port: no changes specific to this component/port

cc3200 port:
- mpconfigport: remove mp_const_user_interrupt
- fix various array-based compiler warnings
- mods/pybuart: implement uart.flush() and uart.txdone()
- remove unused NIC type customisation

embed port:
- add new "embed" port which builds a simple C package
- fix arguments to mp_raw_code_load_mem

esp8266 port:
- modnetwork: rename WLAN keyword args to ssid/security/key
- mpconfigport: switch to ROM feature level configuration
- mpconfigport: disable MICROPY_PY_UTIMEQ
- rename WLAN dhcp_hostname config to hostname
- boards: enable reverse-special-methods on GENERIC board
- modnetwork: add support for WLAN.config(protocol=XX) option
- README: update build instructions to match
- machine_uart: implement uart.flush() and uart.txdone()
- modmachine: move dht_readinto() to the machine module
- machine_pwm: enable real open drain output on pin driven by PWM
- machine_pin: disable open drain when pin becomes input/output
- modnetwork: add ability to set tx power for WLAN interface
- README: remove notice about port being "experimental"
- use extmod/modnetwork.c instead of port-specific version

esp32 port:
- network_wlan: rename WLAN keyword args to ssid/security/key
- machine_uart: implement the functionality of timeout_char arg
- boards: increase 512 bytes limit on ULP programs to 2040
- modesp32: add wake_on_ulp() so ULP can wake CPU from deepsleep
- network_wlan: don't raise exception when scan returns no results
- rename WLAN dhcp_hostname config to hostname
- modmachine: fix machine.freq to allow maximum 160MHz on ESP32-C3
- mpconfigport: enable BLE synchronous events and pairing/bonding
- Makefile: force micropython-lib as a required submodule
- network_wlan: use esp_wifi_set/get_channel to config wifi channel
- network_wlan: add support to set/get the wifi protocol
- modnetwork: add network.MODE_LR constant
- machine_uart: change sendbreak time to be at least 15 bit times
- machine_timer: support all init arguments in Timer constructor
- boards: merge manifest_release modules into standard manifest
- machine_sdcard: free SPI bus when deiniting SD card
- machine_uart: implement uart.flush() and uart.txdone()
- mphalport: fix calculation of large sleep by using 64-bit arith
- Makefile: add link to build troubleshooting on failure
- modsocket: use mp_obj_is_integer to test port type
- machine_pwm: don't use LEDC_USE_REF_TICK on ESP32-C3 variants
- machine_i2s: add I2S finaliser which calls deinit()
- machine_hw_spi: use auto DMA channel on S2, S3, C3 chips
- rename machine I2C and SPI types consistently across ports
- machine_i2c: fix clocks and timeouts for ESP32-C3, ESP32-S3
- machine_pin: fix size of machine_pin_irq_handler array
- machine_pwm: verify PWM is active when config methods are called
- add 32MiB partition table templates
- usb: add a timeout to usb_tx_strn()
- modmachine: move dht_readinto() to the machine module
- boards/GENERIC_S3_SPIRAM: enable BLE support
- boards/GENERIC_S3_SPIRAM: enable BLE
- machine_timer: fix ESP32C3 timer period doubling
- machine_touchpad: fix TouchPad for ESP32S2, ESP32S3
- main: don't call usocket_events_deinit if unavailable
- usb: cleanup connection detection
- boards/GENERIC_S3_SPIRAM_OCT: add ESP32S3 board with Octal SPIRAM
- network_lan: add support for LAN8710 PHY
- network_lan: support configuration of ETH ref_clk pin
- network_lan: add support for SPI-based ethernet chips
- network_lan: fix setting MAC address of ethernet devices
- network_lan: fix compilation on IDF lower than v4.4
- machine_sdcard: change dma_channel to SPI_DMA_CH_AUTO for ESP32S3
- boards: add board definition for Olimex ESP32 PoE boards
- boards/GENERIC_UNICORE: add board definition for unicore chips
- network_lan: add support for Ethernet PHY KSZ8081
- add a small delay before leaving
- boards/OLIMEX_ESP32_POE: remove id from and update board.json
- Makefile: allow specifying BOARD_DIR on make command line
- use extmod/modnetwork.c instead of port-specific version
- machine_pin: use const for size of machine_pin_irq_handler array
- esp32_rmt: fix looping behaviour for RMT on ESP32-S3

mimxrt port:
- Makefile: refactor Makefile and divide it into sections
- Makefile: modify handling of SDRAM option
- Makefile: modify handling of SDCARD option
- Makefile: rework board flash type handling
- Makefile: rework floating point config
- Makefile: fix some minor formatting inconsistencies
- boards: remove conditional assignment of flash type/size
- machine_uart: implement uart.flush() and uart.txdone()
- machine_uart: drop a few commented lines about TX ring buffer
- format the firmware image to match the new teensy loader
- machine_spi: allow a setting of -1 for cs in the constructor
- machine_uart: set the UART ioctl write poll flag properly
- machine_uart: fix a bug in UART.write()
- Makefile: split up SRC_C variables
- machine_pin: add the Pin.toggle() method
- fix CPU freeze when calling __WFE() in MICROPY_EVENT_POLL_HOOK
- machine_timer: use soft-timer implementation for machine.Timer
- machine_timer: use extmod version of machine.Timer
- mphalport: add a timeout to mp_hal_stdout_tx_strn()
- modmachine: move dht_readinto() to the machine module
- add support for MIMXRT1176 MCUs, and MIMXRT1170_EVK board
- README: add build and flashing instructions
- usb: change macro name MICROPY_HW_USB_STR_MANUF
- network: rename the argument clock_mode to ref_clk_mode
- Makefile: set MPY_CROSS_FLAGS
- mpconfigport: remove config options that are set by default
- machine_rtc: set the microsecond value to 0
- sdcard: fix an error when writing large blocks
- sdcard: remove obsolete code already excluded by preprocessor
- set MICROPY_GC_STACK_ENTRY_TYPE to uint32_t for large RAM
- Makefile: move the FROZEN_MANIFEST setting after board config
- enable ROM text compression
- pendsv: add MICROPY_BOARD_PENDSV_ENTRIES for board customisation
- pendsv: clean up PendSV code
- Makefile: fix internal flash configuration and build
- boards/MIMXRT1064_EVK: fix board config to use internal flash
- mpconfigport: allow configuring different network interfaces
- modmachine: implement machine.bootloader()
- fix the build for boards without ROM API

minimal port:
- Makefile: avoid terminal reset, use BUILD variable
- Makefile: set linker to $(CC)
- increase heap size for Linux builds

nrf port:
- main: add startup and early-init board hook macros
- modmachine: add machine.bootloader() and make it customisable
- enable optional support for Arduino 1200bps touch
- Makefile: drop unused MPY_CROSS and MPY_TOOL variables
- boards/arduino_nano_33_ble: add Arduino Nano 33 BLE sense board
- modmachine: add machine.idle() function
- mpconfigport: remove obsolete module declarations
- drivers/bluetooth: handle PHY_UPDATE messages, used in Bluetooth 5
- drivers/usb: probe for interrupt char in USB CDC task
- drivers/usb: add a tud_cdc_rx_cb() callback to check interrupt char
- mpconfigport: call tud_task() in MICROPY_EVENT_POLL_HOOK
- drivers/usb: fix reading of a single USB CDC character
- boards/arduino_nano_33_ble_sense: update deploy instructions
- main: call usb_cdc_init() before executing and
- modules/ubluepy: use mp_obj_str_get_data to extract str data
- don't enable debug info by default if LTO is on
- modules/machine/uart: implement uart.flush() and uart.txdone()
- Makefile: split up SRC_C variables
- rename machine I2C, PWM, SPI, UART types consistently across ports
- boards/seeed_xiao_nrf52: add defn for Seeed XIAO NRF52840 Sense
- mpconfigport: enable seeding of the PRNG by the hardware RNG
- Makefile: add support for BOSSAC flasher
- boards/arduino_nano_33_ble_sense: add support for REV-2 chipset
- modules/machine/pwm: add paramter checks and error messages
- modules/machine/pwm: use extmod/machine_pwm.c for PWM module
- modules/machine/soft_pwm: add PWM for nrf51x boards using soft PWM
- modules/machine/pwm: support using all 4 channels of a PWM module
- modules/machine/uart: add timeout keyword options and "any" method
- nrfx_config: use the UARTE definitions and drivers for the NRF52xx
- modules/machine: use a dedicated function for machine.idle()
- modules/machine: support the freq=n argument for machine.I2C
- modules/machine/pwm: fix resource conflict, and change id to device
- nrfx_config: use UARTE for nrf52xxx devices
- modules/machine/uart: prevent UART lock-up after a receive error

pic16bit port:
- pic16bit_mphal: use MP_REGISTER_ROOT_POINTER()

powerpc port: no changes specific to this component/port

qemu-arm port: no changes specific to this component/port

renesas-ra port:
- modmachine: allow boards to provide custom bootloader code
- machine_i2c: remove unnecessary start/stop dummy functions
- mpconfigport: drop pyb_hid_report_desc root pointer
- softtimer: switch to use softtimer code from shared/runtime
- machine_pin: support drive keyword and fix GPIO setting
- rename machine SPI type consistently across ports
- machine_timer: use extmod version of machine.Timer
- boards: update linker script to detect code flash overflow
- disable debugging option for RA4 to reduce code size
- change file system size to 64KB for RA6M1
- add the UART methods uart.txdone() and uart.flush()

rp2 port:
- modmachine: allow boards to provide custom bootloader code
- boards/ARDUINO_NANO_RP2040_CONNECT: enable Arduino 1200bps touch
- modmachine: implement lightsleep() with optional sleep period
- mpthreadport: ensure core1 doesn't hold gc lock in deinit
- mbedtls: enable some more mbedtls options
- lwip_inc: enable lwIP status callback
- rp2_flash: add asserts for size of flash filesystem partition
- mpnetworkport: convert network task scheduling to use PendSV IRQ
- integrate CYW43xx WiFi driver
- boards/PICO_W: add new Pico W board, an RP2040 with WiFi
- boards/GARATRONIC_PYBSTICK26_RP2040: change pico-sdk board name
- main: set default AP auth mode to WPA2_AES_PSK
- mpconfigport: factor core event handling to EVENT_POLL_HOOK_FAST
- Makefile: regenerate cmake if generated Makefile missing
- CMakeLists: give error if required submodules are missing
- CMakeLists: don't override cyw43-driver unless necessary
- boards/ARDUINO_NANO_RP2040_CONNECT: add urequests module
- run USB stack task exclusively from core 0
- make atomic sections suspend the other core (if active)
- mpconfigport: make networking options consistent across boards
- mphalport: fix missing storage_read_blocks symbol in debug build
- CMakeLists: use armv6m mpy-cross arch for rp2
- mpbthciport: remove mp_bthci_uart from set of root pointers
- cyw43_configport: set CYW43_EVENT_POLL_HOOK value
- cyw43_configport: set CYW43_WIFI_NVRAM_INCLUDE_FILE value
- rp2_pio: fix StateMachine.restart when PIO program is shared
- cyw43_configport: add event hook into cyw43_delay_ms
- Makefile: always use cmake to discover submodules
- mbedtls: enable certificate validity time validation
- machine_spi: add mp_hal_get_spi_obj helper function
- boards/W5500_EVB_PICO: add new board definition for W5500_EVB_PICO
- mark gc_heap NOLOAD for faster boot
- correctly determine path to arm-none-eabi-size
- machine_wdt: check for the maximum timeout value of watchdog
- machine_uart: implement uart.flush() and uart.txdone()
- mbedtls: fix missing time.h include
- rp2_flash: add start/len support to rp2.Flash() constructor
- boards: set PICO_BOARD correctly for each board
- machine_spi: use pico-sdk's default pins for SPI
- machine_i2c: use pico-sdk's default pins for I2C
- boards: remove all I2C,SPI pin defs that already match pico-sdk
- Makefile: add link to build troubleshooting on failure
- Makefile: add support for BOARD_VARIANTS
- boards/WEACTSTUDIO: add WEACTSTUDIO with multiple variants
- fatfs_port: fix the modification date of files
- rename machine I2C type consistently across ports
- mphalport: add a timeout to mp_hal_stdout_tx_strn()
- cyw43_configport: make sure only core0 executes a __WFI()
- modmachine: move dht_readinto() to the machine module
- allow enabling USB device without enabling USB-CDC
- boards/ARDUINO_NANO_RP2040: add more modules and enable MD5 hash
- fix lightsleep to work with interrupts and cyw43 driver
- machine_pwm: use more accurate formulas for freq and duty_u16
- machine_pwm: fix overflows with freq > 268 MHz
- mphalport: change order of pin operations to prevent glitches
- rp2_flash: call MICROPY_EVENT_POLL_HOOK_FAST after reading flash
- machine_pin: refactor the machine.Pin class for external GPIO
- machine_pin: add support for named pins and alternate functions
- boards: add pin CSV files to board definitions
- fix crash in a pin.irq handler
- main: use mp_printf in nlr_jump_fail
- machine_pin: fix configuring OPEN_DRAIN with initial value
- boards/NULLBITS_BIT_C_PRO: add Bit-C PRO board
- rp2_pio: track use of PIO resources and free them on soft reset
- boards/ARDUINO_NANO_RP2040_CONNECT: use default aioble
- mpconfigport: enable os.dupterm and hashlib.sha1 on all boards
- cyw43_configport: specify the chipset firmware include file
- Makefile: allow specifying BOARD_DIR on make command line
- pendsv: add MICROPY_BOARD_PENDSV_ENTRIES for board customisation
- boards/ARDUINO_NANO_RP2040_CONNECT: include "time" in manifest
- boards/ARDUINO_NANO_RP2040_CONNECT: add more external pins
- boards/ARDUINO_NANO_RP2040_CONNECT: include "senml" in manifest
- modrp2: support reading the BOOTSEL button on the Pico board
- modrp2: disable other core, shorten delay to 8us in bootsel_button
- allocate GC heap from unused RAM
- allow disabling USB via MICROPY_HW_ENABLE_USBDEV config
- machine_uart: fix setting of UART LCR parameters
- machine_i2c: add timeout parameter for machine.I2C()
- memmap_mp.ld: allow a board to reserve memory for the C heap

samd port:
- mpconfigport: enable MICROPY_ENABLE_FINALISER when VFS is used
- remove the existing provisional support for REPL on UART
- boards: replace pins.c and pins.h by pins.csv
- boards: move mcu-specific settings into a mpconfig_samdXX.h file
- Makefile: alphabetically sort the source code files in Makefile
- clock_config: set up the clock configuration
- modmachine: allow changing the CPU freq with machine.freq(f)
- mphalport: add pin open-drain funcs, and improve delay and ticks
- samd_isr: extend systick_ms to 64 bit
- machine_pin: add OPEN_DRAIN mode for pins
- machine_pin: allow specifying a pin or LED by its name as a string
- modmachine: enable SoftSPI and SoftI2C
- boards: create pin_af_table.c from pin_af_table_SAMDxx.csv files
- pin_af: add the pin af table and its helper functions
- machine_adc: add the machine.ADC class
- machine_pwm: add the machine.PWM class
- samd_isr: rework the interrupt tables
- machine_pin: add pin.irq() to the machine.Pin class
- modmachine: add disable_irq(), enable_irq() and idle() to machine
- machine_uart: add the machine.UART class
- machine_spi: add the machine.SPI class
- machine_i2c: add the machine.I2C class
- moduos: add uos.dupterm()
- moduos: add uos.urandom() for SAMD51
- main: use the common execution mode of and
- mpconfigport: enable a few more MicroPython features
- samd_isr: change the way a Sercom ISR is registered and called
- machine_timer: add machine.Timer based on the shared soft-timer
- machine_wdt: add the machine.WDT class
- modsamd: add pininfo() function to the samd module
- machine_led: optimise size of the machine.LED class
- machine_dac: add the machine.DAC class
- modmachine: add machine.time_pulse_us
- mcu: factor out MCU policy for SAMD21 and SAMD51
- mphalport: add a mp_hal_ticks_ms_64() function
- modutime: enable time.time() based on systick_ms()
- machine_uart: support buffered TX for UART
- boards: add missing/lost board config and pin definitions
- mphalport: use CYCCNT for SAMD51's mp_hal_ticks_cpu()
- machine_bitstream: add the machine.bitstream() function
- mpconfigport: restructure to use ROM feature levels
- clock_config: split clock_config.c to separate SAMD21/SAMD51 files
- clock_config: add HW_DFLL_USB_SYNC and HW_MCU_OSC32KULP extensions
- pin_af: simplify the pin-af-table handling
- samd_flash: remove obsolete printf's and return values instead
- Makefile: fix a dependency problem with "make -j"
- mphalport: fix USB endpoint handling ignoring Ctrl-C
- change the symbol names for the peripheral clocks
- mcu: add floating point suport for SAMD21 devices
- mcu: enable the math module on SAMD51
- boards: move the flash filesystem definitions to the linker files
- boards: use the same linker file for all SAMD51x19 variants
- main: initialize readline on start up
- mcu: use lf2s for SAMD51 and lfs1 for SAMD21
- machine_pin: change the printing of Pin and LED objects
- Makefile: split up SRC_C variables
- rename machine I2C type consistently across ports
- clock_config: extend the range of machine.freq()
- clock_config: support changing machine.freq() for SAMD21
- modmachine: add machine.reset_cause()
- boards/SPARKFUN_SAMD51_THING_PLUS: add board files for Thing Plus
- modmachine: add machine.dht_readinto and enable on SAMD51
- mcu/samd51: enable onewire support for SAMD51
- mcu/samd51: enable FAT support for SAMD51
- modmachine: implement machine.lightsleep()
- modmachine: get the bootloader magic address from the lib
- clock_config: document the #defines use in init_clocks()
- machine_uart: implement uart.txdone() and uart.flush()
- mcu: make some settings in mpconfigmcu.h conditional
- machine_rtc: add the machine.RTC class
- clock_config: extend the SAMD51 us-counter to 60 bit
- boards/SEEED_WIO_TERMINAL: declare more pins for SEEED WIO board
- machine_pin: change the pin handling and naming/numbering
- make ADC, DAC, PWM, SPI objects consistent in how they print out
- modmachine: replace the LED class by the Signal class
- boards: rework the pins.csv files
- machine_pwm: serialize fast update of PWM settings
- machine_uart: use a finaliser to tidy up UART on soft reset
- machine_spi: implement spi.deinit() and simplify sercom_deinit_all
- machine_spi: register SerCom objects as root pointers
- modmachine: add machine.softreset()
- machine_timer: use extmod version of machine.Timer
- mcu/samd51: use an additional for SAMD51 boards
- README: update README to reflect recent changes to the port
- boards/SEEED_WIO_TERMINAL: enable using the 32kHz crystal
- mphalport: add a timeout to mp_hal_stdout_tx_strn()
- move MCU-specific CFLAGS to
- Makefile: set MPY_CROSS_FLAGS
- mpconfigport: support MICROPY_HW_SOFTSPI_MIN_DELAY
- mpconfigport: use __WFE() in MICROPY_EVENT_POLL_HOOK
- avoid under-/overflow in I2C and SPI baudrate calculations
- machine_uart: fix IRQ flag setting and clearing
- machine_uart: simplify machine_uart_any() and machine_uart_read()
- machine_uart: check the UART TX pin assignment
- machine_uart: fix uart.deinit() and save some RAM
- add a vref=num option to the ADC and DAC constructor
- support entering bootloader via USB CDC 1200bps touch
- boards/SEEED_XIAO: rename to SEEED_XIAO_SAMD21
- add Pin.board and Pin.cpu classes to Pin
- boards: clean up comments and some pins in pins.csv files
- mcu: rework the comments in clock_config.c
- mcu: use the FDPLL96M clock for the SAMD21 CPU
- mcu: implement a hardware seed for the SAMD21 random module
- mcu: set the SAMD21 us-counter to 2 MHz for better resolution
- moduos: add uos.urandom() using the phase-jitter rng
- pendsv: add MICROPY_BOARD_PENDSV_ENTRIES for board customisation
- always provide the machine.RTC class

stm32 port:
- modmachine: allow boards to provide custom bootloader code
- modmachine: factor out mboot enter code to a function
- boards/stm32f091xc.ld: allocate space for a small filesystem
- boards/NUCLEO_F091RC: enable LFS1 filesystem
- Makefile: set CSUPEROPT to -Os for F0 and G0 MCUs to save space
- usbd_cdc_interface: add support for Arduino 1200bps touch
- usb: expose USB HID device instance via usbd_hid_get()
- use a separate symbol name for the bootloader state pointer
- Makefile: enable link-time-optimisation via LTO=1 make option
- boards: enable LTO by default on boards with smaller flash size
- Makefile: fix setting of define that enables WIZNET5K driver
- mboot: remove redundant code in mboot_state_change function
- boardctrl: allow boards to override fatal-error handler
- sdram: include boardctrl.h for fatal-error handler
- Makefile: workaround LTO linker order bug in binutils <2.35
- softtimer: switch to use softtimer code from shared/runtime
- boards/LEGO_HUB_NO6: fix typo in README
- boards/LEGO_HUB_NO6: use named pins
- boards/LEGO_HUB_NO6/appupdate: detect filesystem size at runtime
- boards/LEGO_HUB_NO6/spiflash: pick command type at runtime
- boards/LEGO_HUB_NO6/cc2564: make timer configurable
- boards/LEGO_HUB_NO7: add LEGO Hub No. 7 board definition
- boards/NUCLEO_WB55: add error handling to firmware update scripts
- don't enable debug info by default if LTO is on
- switch Wiznet to use lib/wiznet5k and extmod/network_wiznet5k
- add definitions required for lwIP version of Wiznet NIC
- mphalport: add mp_hal_get_spi_obj() helper function
- sdram: enable MPU for unaligned access on H7 MCUs
- boards: increase mboot region to 32k for WB55 boards
- move board variant config to
- boardctrl: use HAL_Delay instead of mp_hal_delay_ms
- remove support for CC3000 WiFi driver
- machine_uart: implement uart.flush() and uart.txdone()
- boards/LEGO_HUB_NO6: update manifest to new format
- boards: only freeze LCD160CR driver in PYB board firmware
- adc: make ADCAll.read_channel reject invalid channels
- pyb_i2c: fix pyb.I2C to work with dma=True on F4 MCUs
- timer: fix use of timer channel callback() method on L4 MCUs
- boards: add alternate function list for STM32F446RE
- boards/PYB: fix handling of BOARD_VARIANT selection
- support TypeDef's with a single char prefix
- add support for STM32L1 MCUs
- boards/NUCLEO_L152RE: add NUCLEO-L152RE board support
- rename machine I2C and SPI types consistently across ports
- boards/ARDUINO_PORTENTA_H7: revert to single-precision float
- mbedtls: enable mbedtls certificate time validation
- Makefile: allow overriding the default MBEDTLS_CONFIG_FILE
- boards/ARDUINO_PORTENTA_H7: add custom mbedtls config
- modmachine: move dht_readinto() to the machine module
- spi: downgrade SPIHandle definitions to static
- boards/ARDUINO_PORTENTA_H7: add more modules, I2C1 and SE pin
- usbd_desc: support USB strings on CDC interface descriptors
- Makefile: set MPY_CROSS_FLAGS based on MCU type
- pyb_i2c: fix failing pyb.I2C(dma=True) after receiving 1 byte
- i2c: fix I2C frequency calc so it doesn't exceed requested rate
- adc: fix reading internal ADC channels on L4 MCUs
- adc: fix ADCAll.read_core_temp() on L4 MCUs
- i2c: add hardware I2C implementation for STM32L1
- i2c: add hardware I2C implementation for STM32L4
- mboot: make all mboot sectors erase/write protected
- boards: add missing LPUART macros for H7 HAL
- boards/NUCLEO_F429ZI: enable I2C1 and I2C2 with default pins
- powerctrl: improve standby mode entry code for H7 MCUs
- boards/NUCLEO_F756ZG: add board definition for NUCLEO-F756ZG
- powerctrl: fix build on STM32G0xx and STM32H7Bx MCUs
- boards: consolidate linker snippets to reduce duplication
- Makefile: leave DFU mode after download when using dfu-util
- boards/NUCLEO_H743ZI2: refer to NUCLEO_H743ZI for frozen manifest
- boards/STM32F769DISC: fix building with USE_QSPI_XIP=1
- boards/ARDUINO_PORTENTA_H7: fix macro value check for QSPI
- boards/ARDUINO_PORTENTA_H7: use default aioble
- Makefile: clean up nested if-else to chained if-else-if
- update to use the open-source lib version of cyw43-driver
- boards: update linker scripts now that big_const is gone
- add a default implementation of
- cyw43_configport: fix build for boards without an RF switch
- boards/PYBD_SF2: set CYW43 Bluetooth fimrware download baudrate
- cyw43_configport: allow boards to override default resource files
- boards/ARDUINO_PORTENTA_H7: update board config files
- Makefile: include HAL HSEM driver on H747 MCUs
- boards/ARDUINO_NICLA_VISION: add support for Arduino Nicla Vision
- boards/ARDUINO_GIGA: add support for Arduino Giga H7 board
- cyw43_configport: add cyw43_sdio_enable_high_speed_4bit function
- powerctrl: add sleep RCC semaphore management for WB55 MCUs
- powerctrl: disable WB55 BLE before entering deepsleep
- powerctrlboot: provide custom SystemInit for WB55
- powerctrl: don't compile WB helpers on WL MCUs
- boards: include "senml" in manifest for ARDUINO boards
- remove commented-out printf's and debugging code
- main: use mp_printf instead of printf for MPY start-up messages
- i2c: return error code and raise exception if I2C init fails
- spi: return error code and raise exception if SPI init fails
- modmachine: make print using mp_printf
- extint: make ExtInt.regs print using mp_printf
- pin: make pin_find debug output use mp_printf
- pybthread: make pyb_thread_dump take a printer as its argument
- boards/NUCLEO_H743ZI2: fix MCU tag in board.json file
- mphalport: update HAL version to 1.11.0 to match stm32lib
- add support for STM32H723 MCUs
- boards: add ld and af.csv for H723
- boards/NUCLEO_H723ZG: add new H723 board
- add support for USB on G0 MCUs
- mboot: add support for G0 MCUs
- boards/NUCLEO_G0B1RE: add config for USB and mboot
- boards/ARDUINO_NICLA_VISION: fix incorrect bootloader PID
- flash: fix get_bank function for STM32H750
- cyw43_configport: provide cyw43_hal_pin_config_irq_falling func

teensy port:
- mpconfigport: drop unused root pointers
- teensy_hal: use MP_REGISTER_ROOT_POINTER()

unix port:
- variants: move setting of MICROPY_PY_USELECT to port config file
- variants: enable remaining options on dev,coverage from ROM extra
- variants/coverage: change config to use ROM level everything
- variants/dev: allow all config options to be overridden
- moduos: include errno.h
- main: restore tty settings on nlr_jump_fail()
- alloc: use MP_REGISTER_ROOT_POINTER() for mmap_region_head
- mpconfigport: make MICROPY_EVENT_POLL_HOOK call usleep directly
- mbedtls: add custom config for mbedtls
- mpconfigport: switch ussl from axtls to mbedtls
- Makefile: only include axtls in GIT_SUBMODULES list when enabled
- Makefile: only checkout libffi submodule when used
- mpconfigport: allow overriding MICROPY_EVENT_POLL_HOOK
- enable MICROPY_GC_SPLIT_HEAP on coverage build
- unix_mphal: allow overriding hal time functions
- variants: remove variant suffix from executable filename
- modjni: add missing const qualifier
- remove .gitignore file
- modusocket: support proto and flags arguments to getaddrinfo
- include alloca.h for NetBSD
- mpconfigport: enable MICROPY_ENABLE_FINALISER when VFS is used
- variants: remove freedos and fast variants
- refactor mpconfigport.h and mpconfigvariant.h
- refactor
- variants/coverage: add test for manifest freeze_mpy()
- enable sys.executable
- Makefile: don't use _MOD variable names
- modffi: move header includes inside MICROPY_PY_FFI guard
- variants: change mip package to mip-cmdline
- coverage: add extra GC coverage test for ATB gap byte
- moduos: implement 2-arg version of os.getenv()
- Makefile: disable building the shared library of libffi
- main: free pathbuf when there's an error opening a file

webassembly port:
- Makefile: remove obsolete disable of array-bounds warning
- rename this port from 'javascript' to 'webassembly'
- add support for VFS and enable VFS_POSIX
- use Date's now() instead of getTime()
- change "stack" argument to "heapsize"
- support piping in a program on stdin
- dispatch micropython-print via document not mp_js_stdout
- README: update README to describe new stdout behaviour
- Makefile: change compiler optimisation from O3 to Os
- library: make use of CustomEvent detail property
- library: extract and send data to print as UInt8Array

windows port:
- provide a definition for MP_ALWAYSINLINE
- msvc: support compressed ROM text for error messages
- Makefile: update test dependency on $(PROG)
- make project file read-only for IDE
- .gitignore: simplify by removing build artefacts
- msvc: remove variant suffix from executable filename
- msvc: make mpy-cross independent of micropython variant
- msvc: fix qstr generation dependency
- msvc: fix module freezing

zephyr port:
- update include paths to use the zephyr namespace
- upgrade to Zephyr v3.1.0
- machine_uart: use mp_obj_str_get_str to get device name
- boards: add config for bbc_microbit_v2
- mpconfigport: enable MICROPY_ENABLE_FINALISER when VFS is used
- rename machine I2C and SPI types consistently across ports
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