U-module renaming, deflate module, IDF 5, board variants and Pico-W BLE

This release of MicroPython sees the renaming of built-in modules to remove
the u-prefix, a new deflate module with optional compression support, the
introduction of board variants, switching of the esp32 port to use IDF 5
together with improved heap management, support for BLE on RPi Pico W
boards, and STM32H5xx support.  The project is also now using codespell and
ruff to improve code quality.  New boards added in this release are:
ARDUINO_NANO_ESP32 and UM_NANOS3 (esp32 port), ADAFRUIT_METRO_M7 (mimxrt
port), ARDUINO_PORTENTA_C33 and VK_RA6M5 (renesas-ra port),
(stm32 port).

The renaming of built-in modules to remove the u-prefix -- for example
utime becomes time, uasyncio becomes asyncio -- is done to improve
compatibility with CPython and eliminate confusion about whether to import
the u-version or the non-u-version of the name.  Now, one should just
always import the non-u-version and no longer think about u-naming.  The
only remaining module with a u-prefix is uctypes because it is not
compatible with the CPython ctypes modules.  The following modules are
still available via their u-names for backwards compatibility: array,
asyncio, binascii, bluetooth, collections, cryptolib, errno, hashlib,
heapq, io, json, machine, os, platform, random, re, select, socket, ssl,
struct, time, websocket.  These modules (except for asyncio) are also
extensible and can be overridden by a file with the same name, eg time.py.
To force the import of a built-in, one must first clear (and subsequently
restore) sys.path; the ability to write to the sys.path attribute has also
been implemented in this release.  For further information see the
discussion at https://github.com/micropython/micropython/issues/9018.

Furthermore, importing itself has been tweaked and optimised, and importing
of built-ins no longer touch the filesystem, which makes a typical built-in
import take ~0.15ms rather than 3-5ms.  For modules that fail to import,
they are now removed from sys.modules, allowing the import to be attempted
again.  This required adding "NLR jump callbacks" to efficiently run some
code if an exception is raised.

Additional improvements to the core runtime include support for conversion
specifiers in f-strings (e.g. !r), speeding up of incremental GC cycles by
tracking the last used block, addition of a new MICROPY_GC_SPLIT_HEAP_AUTO
"auto grow heap" mode and support for pad bytes in struct format.  The
documentation, examples and test have also seen general improvements and

For the extended modules, the zlib C module has been removed and replaced
with a new MicroPython-specific deflate module and DeflateIO class that is
optimised to provide efficient streaming compression and decompression.
The zlib (and gzip) modules are now implemented in pure Python on top of
the deflate module.  The timeq module has been removed, it existed only for
a previous version of (u)asyncio and is no longer used.  In the ssl
module, SSLContext has been added to be more compatible with CPython.  The
select module now supports using system/POSIX poll when possible and the
unix port now uses this implementation instead of its own one.  That means
the unix port can now select/poll on custom Python objects that implement
the appropriate ioctl.  The socket module now supports SO_BROADCAST, and
sys.std*.buffer objects now exist on unix.  There is also a new esp-hosted
network driver for external ESP32-based network coprocessors.

mpy-cross now allows reading source files from stdin and writing compiled
code to stdout.

The esp8266 and esp32 ports add support for the Espressif ESP-NOW protocol,
and the ability to set/get the power saving mode of the WLAN hardware.  The
esp8266 port adds board-variant support, combining all boards into a single
ESP8266_GENERIC with FLASH_512K, FLASH_1M and OTA variants.

The esp32 port has now switched exclusively to ESP-IDF 5, and all existing
components have been updated to work with this new IDF (except
esp32.hall_sensor() which has been removed).  The FSM ULP has been enabled
for S2 and S3 chips, sockets now support SO_BINDTODEVICE, and board-named
pins and the Pin.board dict have been implemented.  The MicroPython heap
has been reworked on this port to support the large variety of memory
configurations: it now starts at 64kbytes and automatically grows as
needed, with new segments allocated from the IDF heap.  This means that
boards with SPIRAM have much faster GC collection times if only a small
amount of RAM is used, all available RAM can be used if needed, and the IDF
has access to enough RAM for things like SSL sockets.  For more information
see https://github.com/micropython/micropython/pull/12141.  The esp32 port
has also had its generic boards consolidated and renamed to ESP32_GENERIC,
ESP32_GENERIC_C3, ESP32_GENERIC_S2 and ESP32_GENERIC_S3, and some now have
variants such as SPIRAM.

The mimxrt port has fixes and improvements to PWM and Pin.irq, as well as
support for UART hardware flow control and UART.deinit.  It has also seen
integration of WiFi via the CYW43 driver, and Bluetooth via NimBLE.  The
mbedTLS bindings have enabled time validation of certificates.

The renesas-ra port has changed board names to match the product name,
updated to use FSP v4.4.0, added support for: RA6M5 MCUs, machine PWM, DAC,
RNG and SDCard classes, TinyUSB, Bluetooth via NimBLE, networking via lwIP,
and mbedTLS.

Bluetooth support has also been added to the rp2 port for the Pico W board.
And the RPi boards have been renamed from PICO to RPI_PICO, and PICO_W to
RPI_PICO_W.  Lightsleep has been fixed on this port so it works while WiFi
is powered off, and time.time_ns() now has microsecond resolution.

The samd port sees the addition of SPI and QSPI flash drivers to support
filesystems on external flash.

The stm32 port add support for STM32H5xx MCUs, basic support for the
OCTOSPI peripheral, and USB support for STM32L1xx MCUs.  New functions have
been added to the stm module to support the sub-GHz radio on STM32WL55.

In micropython-lib, an extensive LoRa module has been added along with
drivers for SX126x and SX127x chipsets, and the STM32WL55.  This module
supports both synchronous and asynchronous (asyncio) mode.  Also, as part
of the u-module renaming, urequests has been renamed to requests (but for
backwards compatibility "import urequests" still works for now).

The change in code size since the previous release for various ports is
(absolute and percentage change in the text section):

       bare-arm:    +192  +0.340%
    minimal x86:    +310  +0.169%
       unix x64:   +4784  +0.610%
          stm32:    -524  -0.134%
         cc3200:    +280  +0.154%
        esp8266:   +8016  +1.151%
          esp32: +112133  +7.293%
         mimxrt:   +3624  +1.015%
     renesas-ra:   -2184  -0.348%
            nrf:    +616  +0.332%
            rp2:   +1920  +0.595%
           samd:   -7904  -2.953%

The changes that dominate these numbers are:
- bare-arm, minimal, cc3200, nrf: NLR jump callbacks and support for
  extensible modules
- unix: update of mbedTLS to v2.28.1, support for polling Python objects in
  select module
- stm32: removal of the timeq module
- esp8266: addition of the espnow module
- esp32: switching to ESP-IDF 5
- mimxrt: UART features, time validation of SSL certificates
- renesas-ra: move to FSP v4.4.0, remove timeq module
- rp2: machine.PWM enhancements
- samd: drop support for VfsLfs1

Performance is effectively unchanged since the previous release.

Note that this is the last release to use the current versioning scheme for
nightly/unstable builds, whereby a build between releases is versioned as
v1.20.0-<num>-g<hash> (following the release of v1.20.0).  Moving forward,
nightly builds will now be called preview builds and be versioned with the
next release number.  For example, if the last release was v1.21.0 then
preview releases will be of the form v1.22.0-preview.<num>.g<hash>.  For
discussion see https://github.com/micropython/micropython/issues/12127.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release:
Adam Green, Alexander Wilde, algonell, Andrew Leech, Andy Piper, Angus
Gratton, Armin Brauns, brave ulysses, Brett Cannon, Brian 'redbeard'
Harrington, Carlosgg, Chris Wilson, Christian Clauss, Damien George, Damien
Tournoud, Daniël van de Giessen, David Grayson, David Lechner, David Yang,
dotnfc, Duncan Lowther, Elecia White, elibdev, Elvis Pfutzenreuter, Felix
Dörre, Francis Dela Cruz, Glenn Moloney, glenn20, iabdalkader, Ihor
Nehrutsa, Jared Hancock, Jim Lipsey, Jim Mussared, Jon Nordby, Jonas
Scharpf, Jos Verlinde, Kwabena W. Agyeman, Luca Burelli, marble, Mark
Grosen, mbedNoobNinja, mcskatkat, Mingjie Shen, Mirko Vogt, Nicholas H.
Tollervey, Oliver Joos, Ondrej Wisniewski, patrick, Peter Harper, Phil
Howard, Philipp Ebensberger, Rene Straub, robert-hh, Sebastian Romero, Seon
Rozenblum, stephanelsmith, stijn, Takeo Takahashi, Thomas, Tobias
Thyrrestrup, UnexpectedMaker, Victor Rajewski, vsfos, Wang Xuancong, Wanlin
Wang, Wilko Nienhaus, Wind-stormger, Yaroslav Halchenko, Yilin Sun, Yuuki

The work done in this release was funded in part through GitHub Sponsors,
and in part by George Robotics, Planet Innovation, Espressif, Arduino, LEGO
Education and OpenMV.

What follows is a detailed list of changes, generated from the git commit
history, and organised into sections.

Main components

- fix spelling mistakes based on codespell check
- fix strings with backslash by using raw string literals
- fix various Python coding inconsistencies found by ruff
- fix cases of Python variable assigned but never used
- rename MP_QSTR_umodule to MP_QSTR_module everywhere
- rename mp_umodule*, mp_module_umodule* to remove the "u" prefix
- rename mod_umodule*, ^umodule* to remove the "u" prefix
- rename UMODULE to MODULE in preprocessor/Makefile vars
- rename *umodule*.h to remove the "u" prefix
- rename *umodule*.c to remove the "u" prefix
- use MP_REGISTER_EXTENSIBLE_MODULE for overrideable built-ins
- replace all uses of umodule in Python code
- remove the zlib module
- remove query-variants make target
- add missing imports for micropython.const
- add Black configuration section to pyproject.toml
- add ruff to pre-commit
- CODECONVENTIONS: require that commits be signed-off by the author

py core:
- ringbuf: implement put_bytes/get_bytes functions
- parse: fix build when COMP_CONST_FOLDING=0 and COMP_MODULE_CONST=1
- compile: remove over-eager optimisation of tuples as if condition
- stackctrl: add gcc pragmas to ignore dangling-pointer warning
- gc: make improvements to MICROPY_GC_HOOK_LOOP
- obj: remove mp_generic_unary_op()
- objslice: ensure slice is not hashable
- objdict: fix __hash__ for dict_view types
- objarray: disallow memoryview addition
- objstr: return unsupported binop instead of raising TypeError
- runtime: if inplace binop fails then try corresponding normal binop
- obj: accept user types in mp_obj_get_int_maybe
- objint: allow int() to parse anything with the buffer protocol
- builtinimport: handle empty sys.path correctly
- builtinimport: optimise sub-package loading
- builtinimport: allow builtin modules to be packages
- objmodule: don't use sys.modules to track a builtin __init__
- nlrsetjmp: use MP_NLR_JUMP_HEAD macro to simplify code
- nlr: remove commented-out debugging code
- nlr: implement jump callbacks
- use nlr jump callbacks to optimise compile/execute functions
- builtinimport: remove partially-loaded modules from sys.modules
- builtinimport: remove weak links
- makemoduledefs.py: add a way to register extensible built-in modules
- objmodule: add a table of built-in modules with delegation
- objmodule: workaround for MSVC with no module delegation
- mpconfig: enable module delegation if sys needs it
- modsys: allow sys.path to be assigned to
- mkrules.mk: automatically configure frozen options when manifest set
- parsenum: fix typo in #endif comment
- nlraarch64: fix dangerous use of input register
- makemoduledefs.py: fix declaring multiple module delegations
- makemoduledefs.py: automatically declare delegation attr functions
- lexer: allow conversion specifiers in f-strings (e.g. !r)
- mkrules.mk: allow $(AFLAGS) to set flags to $(AS)
- compile: fix async for's stack handling of iterator expression
- builtinimport: fix built-in imports when external import is disabled
- stream: add mp_stream___exit___obj that calls mp_stream_close
- runtime: always initialise sched_state in mp_init
- mpconfig: add MICROPY_PY_PLATFORM, enabled at extra features level
- gc: speed up incremental GC cycles by tracking the last used block
- gc: apply some code formatting cleanup
- gc: add new MICROPY_GC_SPLIT_HEAP_AUTO "auto grow heap" mode
- profile: remove the requirement to disable MICROPY_COMP_CONST
- mpconfig: enable SSL finalizers if finalizers are enabled
- objstr: fix `str % {}` edge case
- modstruct: support pad bytes in struct format
- dynruntime.h: implement MP_OBJ_NEW_QSTR
- modthread: return thread id from start_new_thread()
- malloc: fix DEBUG_print() args in m_realloc_maybe
- runtime: add helpers to call a general function on nlr jump callback
- parse: always free lexer even if an exception is raised
- persistentcode: always close reader even if an exception is raised
- gc: add "max new split" value in result of gc.mem_free()
- nlrx64: mark nlr_push() as naked function when possible
- mkrules.mk: don't strip binary if STRIP variable is unset
- change ifdef DEBUG_PRINT to if DEBUG_PRINT
- lexer: add missing initialisation for fstring_args_idx

- utime_mphal: provide a general mktime function
- modutime: provide a generic time module
- machine_pwm: remove PWM_INIT and PWM_DUTY_U16_NS config options
- network_cyw43: add power management constants
- vfs_lfsx: fix offset used before range check
- extmod.mk: suppress deprecated-non-prototype warning
- moduos: move os.sync() into extmod/moduos.c
- modtimeq: remove timeq module
- btstack: add cmake support for BTstack
- btstack: fix marking of static addresses in set_random_address
- asyncio: rename uasyncio to asyncio
- asyncio/uasyncio.py: add backwards-compatible uasyncio alias
- modbinascii: fix buffer length error
- update to support mbedtls 3.x
- modplatform: set MICROPY_PLATFORM_ARCH on riscv platforms
- modbtree: undefine queue macros before including berkeley-db
- modssl: add SSLContext class
- moddeflate: add deflate module providing the DeflateIO class
- modssl_mbedtls: reference SSLContext from SSLSocket
- vfs_posix_file: add poll support for missing ERR,HUP,NVAL values
- modselect: abstract out a poll_set_t struct and functions
- modselect: factor low-level polling code into common function
- modselect: add optimisation to use system poll when possible
- modselect: remove undocumented support for flags arg to poll
- modssl_mbedtls: reject ioctls that are not supported
- modssl_mbedtls: fix ioctl of a socket in closed/error state
- modselect: properly track number of poll objects that are fd's
- modssl_mbedtls: clear sock member if error creating SSLSocket
- moddeflate: change default window size
- vfs_posix_file: fix flush handling on macOS
- vfs_posix_file: implement sys.std*.buffer objects
- modlwip: add support for SO_BROADCAST socket option
- modsocket: add support for SO_BROADCAST socket option
- modssl_mbedtls: call func psa_crypto_init if PSA is used
- modssl_mbedtls: ignore err ERR_SSL_RECEIVED_NEW_SESSION_TICKET
- modlwip: fix setting of IP option SOF_BROADCAST
- network_esp_hosted: add ESP-Hosted networking interface
- modssl_axtls: only close underlying socket once if it was used
- asyncio/event.py: fix ThreadSafeFlag.ioctl return
- btstack/btstack_hci_uart: trigger a poll after UART data is sent
- asyncio/stream.py: fix cancellation handling of start_server
- modnetwork: increase max hostname length to 32
- modnetwork: forward if.config(hostname) to network.hostname
- vfs_posix_file: fix flush handling in msvc builds

- upytesthelper: fix spelling of "default"
- libc/printf: fix stdout destination for putchar and puts
- tinyusb: avoid symbol clash on targets with external TinyUSB
- tinyusb: support HS endpoint sizes
- netutils/dhcpserver: reply on correct netif

- cyw43: make the CYW43 Bluetooth HCI driver more portable
- esp-hosted: add host driver for ESP-Hosted firmware
- ninaw10/nina_bt_hci: make some minor fixes to HCI driver
- esp-hosted: fix pin IRQ
- esp-hosted: fix MTU size
- esp-hosted: add support for WiFI LED activity indicator

- allow specifying source files starting with -
- allow reading from stdin and writing to stdout
- when reading from stdin, write output to stdout
- allow specifying stdin as input without --
- fix source file name in file-not-found error

- mbedtls_errors: update error list for current version of mbedtls
- mbedtls: update to mbedtls v2.28.1
- mbedtls_errors: add esp32-specific mbedtls error file
- mbedtls_errors: update patch and error list for new mbedtls
- mbedtls: update to mbedtls v2.28.3
- fsp: update FSP for renesas-ra to the latest version v4.4.0
- cyw43-driver: update driver to latest version v1.0.1
- btstack: update to v1.5.6.2
- pico-sdk: update to version 1.5.1
- stm32lib: update library for H5 v1.0.0
- oofatfs: fix speculative read in create_name
- uzlib: add memory-efficient, streaming LZ77 compression support
- uzlib/lz77: always use separate history buffer
- uzlib/defl_static: implement some code size improvements
- uzlib: clean up tinf -> uzlib rename
- uzlib: combine zlib/gzip header parsing to allow auto-detect
- uzlib/tinflate: implement more compact lookup tables
- uzlib/defl_static: optimize zlib_start/finish_block
- uzlib: add a source_read_data var to pass to source_read_cb
- tinyusb: update to the most recent master
- protobuf-c: add protobuf-c library
- cyw43-driver: update driver to latest version v1.0.2
- micropython-lib: update submodule to latest

Support components

- reference: remove double 'are' in glossary
- update the PWM examples based on recent API improvements
- samd: make use of pin names more consistent in examples
- reference/mpyfiles: add release info on v6.1
- library/espnow: update espnow docs for WLAN.config(pm=x) options
- develop/porting: add missing code to example main.c and Makefile
- reference/speed_python: remove 4-arg limit for viper
- mimxrt: add the pin-out for the Adafruit Metro M7 board
- samd: add the pin-out for the Adafruit Metro M4 Airlift board
- library/index: update built-in extension docs
- reference/packages: add GitHub repo to package example dependency
- reference/mpremote.rst: extend the mpremote guide
- library/index: update docs after umodule rename
- rename uasyncio to asyncio
- esp32: update esp32 docs based on IDF v5 changes
- library/ssl: add documentation for SSLContext
- esp32/quickref: add LAN example for WT32-ETH01 version 1.4
- library/deflate: add docs for deflate.DeflateIO
- develop/gettingstarted: clarify submodule initialization
- develop/gettingstarted: update ARM package list
- library/neopixel: change link to a micropython-lib reference
- library/platform: add docs for the platform library
- library/network: clarify network.hostname() behaviour
- esp32/tutorial: add example for pin access via registers
- library/esp32: update ESP32 idf_heap_info docs to match behaviour
- library/gc: clarify mem_alloc and mem_free only for Python heap
- conf.py: add sphinxcontrib.jquery to extensions
- add requirements.txt file with dependencies for Sphinx
- change remaining "urequests" references to "requests"

- usercmodule: add a sub-package example
- natmod: rename umodule to module
- hwapi: rename uasyncio to asyncio
- natmod/deflate: add deflate as a dynamic native module
- mark asm, pio, etc. as noqa: F821 (undefined-name)
- hwapi: add missing import for 96Boards Carbon example
- bluetooth: raise ValueError when advertising data is too large
- bluetooth: link to aioble in BLE examples
- natmod: add features4 as a class definition example
- unix/machine_bios.py: fix typo

- run-tests.py: ensure correct cwd for mpy tests
- basics: add more tests for hashing of various types
- basics: remove __index__ and __inv__ from special methods tests
- import/builtin_ext.py: add test for built-in module override
- import/import_pkg9.py: add test for subpackage attribute
- replace umodule with module everywhere
- run-multitests.py: don't allow imports from the cwd
- run-perfbench.py: don't allow imports from the cwd
- run-natmodtests.py: don't allow imports from the cwd
- float: test domain errors for more combos of args to math funcs
- rename uasyncio to asyncio
- extmod/uctypes_array_assign_le: fix buffer
- extmod/framebuf: fix buffer size issues
- extmod: add tests for ssl.SSLContext
- extmod: add test for passing cadata into ssl.wrap_socket()
- extmod: add deflate.DeflateIO tests
- extmod: add coverage tests for select module
- extmod: skip select/socket tests if they can't create UDP socket
- extmod/select_poll_eintr.py: improve robustness of test
- misc/sys_settrace_features.py: fix to run on newer CPython
- unix/mod_os: make os.system() test work on windows
- run-tests.py: capture output of stderr when running on CPython
- multi_net: increase asyncio tests timeouts
- stress/bytecode_limit.py: reverse order of cases
- float/float_format_ints.py: put power-of-10 test in separate file
- extmod/deflate_decompress.py: skip test when not enough memory
- extmod/ssl_cadata.py: skip test on axtls
- float/math_domain.py: tweak test to also pass with obj-repr-C
- extmod/vfs_fat_finaliser.py: tweak test so files are collected
- README: document ./run-internalbench.py
- run-internalbench.py: remove old CPython reference
- multi_net/ssl_cert_rsa.py: update test certificate
- extmod/asyncio_threadsafeflag.py: update for unix select

- pyboard.py: rename ProcessPtyToTerminal member "ser" to "serial"
- mpremote: remove unused import of serial
- pyboard.py: import serial.tools.list_ports
- pyboard.py: import errno to fix undefined name in PyboardError
- manifestfile.py: fix license capturing
- mpremote: add repl option to escape non-printable characters
- pydfu.py: use getattr to retrieve getargspec function
- mpremote: add `sleep` command
- mpremote: allow terminator for shortcut commands
- mpremote: add `rtc` commands to get and set the RTC
- mpremote: handle `cp` without destination
- mpremote: detach mpremote from pyboard.py
- mpremote: fix use of stdout_write_bytes function
- mpremote: fix exec_ -> exec in commands.py
- autobuild: update auto-build code to build esp32 port with IDF v5
- autobuild: add support for application .bin files for esp32
- mpy-tool.py: use isinstance() for type checking
- codeformat.py: skip formatting ESP-IDF managed components
- codeformat.py: use pyproject.toml for black config
- mpremote: make soft-reset count as an action
- autobuild: automatically build all variants for each board
- mpy_ld.py: pre-declare some local variables to appease linter
- mpy-tool.py: ignore linter failure in Python 2 compatibility code
- mpy_ld.py: support more complex rodata sections
- metrics.py: fix nrf and rp2 board names after renaming
- autobuild: include .bin firmware in renesas-ra build output
- autobuild/build-downloads.py: verify standard features
- mpremote: add support for rfc2217, serial over TCP
- metrics.py: fix esp32 and esp8266 board names after renaming
- change remaining "urequests" references to "requests"

- ci.sh: build both SAMD21 and SAMD51 boards as part of samd CI
- ci.sh: add functions to check code spelling using codespell
- ci.sh: add mimxrt and samd ports to code size build
- ci.sh: build PICO_W board as part of rp2 CI
- ci.sh: add a H5 board to stm32 CI build
- ci.sh: add ARDUINO_PORTENTA_C33 to RA CI build
- workflows: fetch full history for mpremote workflow
- workflows: add spell check to code formatting workflow
- workflows: add GitHub Action to lint Python code with ruff
- workflows: force use of Ubuntu-20.04 for unix 32-bit builds
- workflows: update esp32 CI to use IDF v5.0
- workflows: bump actions/checkout from 3 to 4

The ports

all ports:
- use extmod version of mktime instead of port-specific one
- remove os.sync() implementation from stm32 and renesas-ra
- enable os.sync() for esp32, esp8266, rp2, mimxrt, samd51
- standardise docs link in help text
- in machine_i2s.c, rename uasyncio to asyncio
- simplify board feature tags in board.json
- */boards/*/board.json: remove "id" field
- restrict board.json to standard features
- rename Arduino board LED pins to be consistent

bare-arm port: no changes specific to this component/port

cc3200 port:
- mods/modutime: use extmod version of time module
- tools: fix exception raised on process failure
- Makefile: build firmware.zip

embed port: no changes specific to this component/port

esp8266 port:
- modutime: use extmod version of time module
- add support for the Espressif ESP-NOW protocol
- machine_pwm: implement duty_u16() and duty_ns() for consistency
- add support to set/get power saving mode of WLAN
- change network.WLAN from a function to a type
- allow Ctrl-C to interrupt the corrupt-fs while loop
- machine_pin: accept an integer argument to mp_obj_get_pin_obj
- add board variant support
- boards/ESP8266_GENERIC: add image filename
- boards: make sure modespnow.o is placed in irom0
- boards/ESP8266_GENERIC: remove urllib from the 2MiB manifest

esp32 port:
- modutime: use extmod version of time module
- add support for the Espressif ESP-NOW protocol
- add support to set/get power saving mode of WLAN
- change network.WLAN from a function to a type
- boards: add some missing board configs for two UM boards
- esp32_ulp: enable FSM ULP for S2 and S3 chips
- uart: use xtal as UART clock source on S3 and C3
- modespnow: change name of buffer size config option to "rxbuf"
- esp32_ulp: fix ULP (FSM) support for S2 and S3
- allow Ctrl-C to interrupt the corrupt-fs while loop
- switch from UART driver to UART HAL
- ppp_set_auth: add pppapi_set_auth from ESP-IDF
- modesp32: remove esp32.hall_sensor function
- update port to support IDF v5.0.2
- in recv_cb, get espnow rssi from recv_info->rx_ctrl
- network_wlan: wait for WIFI_EVENT_STA_START after activating
- Makefile: provide more IDF shortcuts
- boards: change SDK config parameters from deprecated to new ones
- modules/inisetup.py: format partition as FAT if its label is ffat
- machine_uart: always select a source_clk value in UART config
- re-enable mDNS after move to IDF v5.0.2
- boards/GENERIC_OTA: enable silent checks to reduce firmware size
- network_wlan: wait for STA/AP START/STOP event in wlan.active
- machine_timer: switch from legacy driver to timer HAL
- machine_pin: add a pin-find func and use it in machine_pin_get_id
- use always machine_pin_get_id for getting a Pin id
- add support for board-named pins and the Pin.board dict
- collect properties from IDF-managed components as well
- modmachine: add generic machine.bootloader()
- usb: add custom TinyUSB callback support
- boards/ARDUINO_NANO_ESP32: add support for Arduino Nano ESP32
- CMakeLists: enable multiple extra component directories in build
- boards/ARDUINO_NANO_ESP32: fix deploy instructions
- main: remove unused mbedtls debug function
- machine_wdt: allow feeding WDT from threads
- machine_hw_spi: fix access of SPI(2)
- machine_hw_spi: remove unnecessary duplicate SPI pin defaults
- machine_hw_spi: remove SPI host renaming for C3 and S3 variants
- machine_hw_spi: check for valid SPI id in constructor, not init
- boards: remove references to the IDF version in board.md files
- README: specify that only IDF v5.0.2 is supported
- allow malloc() to allocate from SPIRAM
- enable automatic Python heap growth
- gccollect: make level arg volatile to force recursive function
- Makefile: implement `make submodules` to match other ports
- boards/GENERIC_C3: merge with GENERIC_C3_USB
- boards/GENERIC_S2: merge with ESP32_S2_WROVER
- boards/GENERIC_S3: merge with GENERIC_S3_{SPIRAM,SPIRAM_OCT}
- partitions.csv: rename to partitions-4MiB.csv
- use uppercase variant names
- Makefile: append board variant to BUILD
- rename GENERIC* boards to ESP32_GENERIC*
- boards/ESP32_GENERIC_C3: enable UART REPL
- modsocket: add support for SO_BROADCAST socket option
- modnetwork: add support for SO_BINDTODEVICE socket option
- support JTAG console, free up UART
- machine_uart: release GIL for blocking reads
- boards: add pins.csv to UM boards and other minor changes
- boards/UM_NANOS3: add new UM NanoS3 board
- network_ppp: block after deleting task
- boards/ARDUINO_NANO_ESP32: clarify recovery instructions
- boards/UM_FEATHERS3: fix I2C pins in pins.csv
- skip validation of image on boot from deepsleep
- machine_pin: fix null pointer access in machine_pin_find
- mphalport: add function/line/file info to check_esp_err exception
- fix Partition.writeblocks() partial write corruption
- boards: fix VBAT voltage calculation for UM S3 boards
- boards: add bootloader rollback support for all builds
- main: allow a board to override the MicroPython task stack size
- boards/ARDUINO_NANO_ESP32: use Arduino USB IDs
- boards/manifest.py: freeze aioespnow into firmware by default

mimxrt port:
- modutime: use extmod version of time module
- machine_pwm: start PWM only if freq and duty are set
- flash: separate low level driver code from flash object
- mpconfigport: add back lost uos.urandom()
- add missing UART defintion and remove obsolete config
- machine_spi: ignore transfers with len=0
- machine_pin: perform full configuration in machine_pin_set_mode
- sdcard: fix GCC 13 build error with sdcard_cmd_set_bus_width
- led: add support for up to four LEDs
- boards/ADAFRUIT_METRO_M7: add Adafruit Metro M7 board definition
- machine_pwm: fix freq change, PWM print, and error checks
- Makefile: use a specific fsl_flexspi_nor_boot.c for mimxrt1062
- machine_pin: fix bug when Pin.irq is called without a handler
- hal/pwm_backport: fix 0 and 65536 edge cases of PWM's duty_u16
- machine_uart: add uart.deinit method and machine_uart_deinit_all
- machine_uart: add support for UART hardware flow control
- boards: add support for GPIO control of SNVS pins
- hal: make flash clock frequency configurable
- fix UART RTS/CTS assignments for the OLIMEX and Adafruit boards
- machine_pin: extend pin configuration functions
- sdio: add SDIO driver
- integrate support for WiFi via the CYW43 driver
- integrate Bluetooth support with NimBLE bindings
- irq: move all IRQ related definitions to dedicated header
- machine_uart: fix and complete UART.deinit and uart_deinit_all
- boards: fix use of MICROPY_HW_SDRAM_AVAIL in MIMXRT1176.ld
- machine_uart: support slow baud rates for UART
- machine_uart: add a helper function to change the baudrate
- sdio: move config guard so headers are only included if used
- Makefile: update to work with latest TinyUSB
- mpconfigport: don't override parse chunk alloc
- sdio: add support for the 117x series
- mimxrt_sdram: allow boards to override the default SDRAM config
- Makefile: enable the FSL USDHC for supported MCU series
- remove SDCARD Makefile config option
- mpbthciport: enable flow control for BT HCI UART
- mbedtls: enable certificate validity time validation
- machine_uart: set the UART clock to a fixed 40MHz value
- boards/MIMXRT1176_clock_config: fix comments about UART clocks
- boards: fix naming of SD-card config option
- mpbthciport: allow disabling UART flow control for BLE
- machine_rtc: improve the RTC init at boot

minimal port: no changes specific to this component/port

nrf port:
- modules/utime: use extmod version of time module
- boards: rename all nRF boards to use uppercase

pic16bit port: no changes specific to this component/port

powerpc port:
- mpconfigport: don't override parse chunk alloc

qemu-arm port: no changes specific to this component/port

renesas-ra port:
- change MICROPY_HW_BOARD_NAME definition to product name
- modutime: use extmod version of time module
- update boards and ra directory files to support FSP v4.4.0
- add a macro definition to avoid compile error of FSP v4.4.0
- irq: fix typo in comment about IRQ priorities
- consolidate hal_entry.c code and remove hal_entry() func
- boards/make-pins.py: fix PA/PB pins support
- consolidate all fsp_cfg header files to one location
- support changing baudrate for UART
- add support for RA6M5, and add machine PWM, DAC, SDCard
- boards/VK_RA6M5: add new board definition
- remove duplicate machine module from constants list
- machine_spi: consistently use machine_pin_find to get pin
- boards: remove unreachable code in make-pins.py
- Makefile: generate binary firmware output
- add TinyUSB support
- add Bluetooth support using NimBLE
- add RNG driver
- add networking support using lwIP
- add mbedTLS support
- fsp_cfg: add common FSP config files
- boards/ARDUINO_PORTENTA_C33: add support for Portenta C33
- boards/ARDUINO_PORTENTA_C33: update WiFi config
- tune lwip buffers and timing to improve network performance

rp2 port:
- modutime: use extmod version of time module
- machine_pwm: enable keyword args in constructor and add init method
- machine_pwm: add support for inverting a PWM channel output
- machine_pwm: add duty_x() checks and return 0 if PWM is not started
- make rp2_state_machine_exec accept integers
- CMakeLists: allow relative MICROPY_BOARD_DIR when invoking cmake
- mphalport: only use CYW43 MAC for WLAN0 interface
- CMake: normalize MICROPY_PORT_DIR
- add Bluetooth support via cyw43
- mpbthciport: cancel existing alarms
- boards/PICO_W: enable Bluetooth Low Energy support
- machine_pin: factor out pin-find code from machine_pin_make_new
- use uppercase variant names
- Makefile: append board variant to BUILD
- machine_timer: fix printing of timer period
- mpbthciport: switch to static scheduler nodes
- mpbthciport: fix HCI UART config
- mpconfigport: disable BLE locking when MICROPY_PY_BLUETOOTH enabled
- boards/ARDUINO_NANO_RP2040_CONNECT: use standard HCI UART baudrate
- modmachine: fix lightsleep while wifi is powered off
- msc_disk: allow configuring the USB MSC inquiry response
- README: fix name of RPI_PICO_W board
- CMakeLists: enable debug symbols in all builds
- implement time.time_ns with time_us_64 so it has us resolution

samd port:
- modutime: use extmod version of time module
- machine_pwm: add init() method to PWM and simplify the PWM code
- mpconfigport: drop support for SoftSPI max speed
- boards/MINISAM_M4: update pins.csv for the Mini SAM M4 board
- rearrange the MCU-specific loader files
- boards: add default deploy instructions
- main: fix sercom deinit ordering in soft-reset
- modmachine: add machine.deepsleep as alias of machine.lightsleep
- modmachine: make some machine classes configurable by #defines
- boards/SEEED_WIO_TERMINAL: rename two pins starting with a digit
- mcu: reduce the startup time after hard reset
- machine_uart: add support for UART hardware flow control
- boards/ADAFRUIT_METRO_M4_EXPRESS: add Metro M4 Express Airlift
- boards: rename flash pins consistently for QSPI and SPI
- samd_spiflash: add SPI flash driver and configure it accordingly
- samd_qspiflash: add QSPI flash driver and configure it accordingly
- adapt existing samd.Flash and integrate with (Q)SPI flash in boot
- boards: extend the code size limit for boards with external flash
- set the LFS type in mpconfigmcu.mk instead of mpconfigboard.mk
- Makefile: move the math lib files from mpconfigmcu.mk to Makefile
- Makefile: print memory region usage instead of totals
- mpconfigport: enable DHT and onewire drivers on all MCUs/boards
- mpconfigport: provide the platform module
- modules/_boot.py: add /lib to sys.path
- mpconfigport: don't override parse chunk alloc

stm32 port:
- modutime: use extmod version of time module
- boards/ARDUINO_PORTENTA_H7: enable FDCAN
- boards/stm32h723_af.csv: fix ADC AF definitions
- mboot: fix alignment of packed final buffer
- irq: fix typo in comment about priorities
- usb: fix USB support on STM32G4
- boards/NUCLEO_G474RE: make it easier to enable USB
- adc: add support for STM32L4A6 MCUs
- boards/NUCLEO_L4A6ZG: add new board definition
- help: don't include unavailable features in help()
- help: exclude legacy entries from help, and adjust constant names
- mpconfigboard_common: provide default spidev config
- boards: use default spibdev config where appropriate
- Makefile: pass relevant CPU flags to assembler
- make-stmconst.py: support structs with names ending in _t
- main: start UART REPL as early as possible
- usbd_conf: treat G0 USB periph as MICROPY_HW_USB_IS_MULTI_OTG=0
- machine_adc: handle ADC resolution less than 8 bits on all MCUs
- add initial support for H5 MCUs
- boards: add ld, af.csv and hal_conf_base.h files for H5 MCUs
- octospi: add preliminary support for OCTOSPI peripheral
- boards/STM32H573I_DK: add H5 board definition files
- add USB support for STM32L1 MCUs
- modify RCC->APB2ENR directly instead of HAL API
- modmachine: remove duplicate machine_timer_type declaration
- modmachine: make machine_reset_cause_obj public
- dac: fix dac.write_timed on G4 MCUs to use 32-bit DMA access
- adc: fix ADC clock prescaler for G4 MCUs
- adc: fix pyb.ADCAll.read_core_temp for G4 MCUs
- adc: fix reading internal ADC channels on G4 MCUs
- machine_adc: fix machine.ADC to work on G4 MCUs
- adc: add workaround for ADC errata with G4 MCUs
- adc: fix pyb.ADCAll.read_core_bat on G4 and L4 MCUs
- qspi: allow qspi_write_cmd_data to write cmd with 1 data byte
- mpconfigport: always define MICROPY_SOFT_TIMER_TICKS_MS
- remove duplicate machine module from constants list
- boards/B_L072Z_LRWAN1: add pin definitions for internal SX1262
- boards/B_L072Z_LRWAN1: lower default ROM level to "Core"
- spi: add STM32WL5 SUBGHZ SPI peripheral
- powerctrlboot: support STM32WL system clock from HSE+PLL
- dma: fix DMA completion on WL55 boards
- subghz: add STM32WL55 subghz radio interface to stm module
- modstm: add MICROPY_PY_STM_CONST flag, clear it for STM32WL5
- use uppercase variant names
- Makefile: append board variant to BUILD
- mboot: fix fwupdate by replacing zlib with new deflate module
- uart: fix UART timeout issue with low baudrate on G4 MCUs
- timer: fix deadtime config on Advanced Timer peripherals
- dma: add support for SPI1 DMA on H5 MCU's
- octospi: add support for dual-line SPI interface
- powerctrlboot: allow using PLL3 for USB clock on H5 MCU's
- timer: fix use of TIM8 on H5 MCU's
- uart: add support for UART10 when it's a USART
- powerctrlboot: allow PLL1 Q and R outputs to be enabled on H5
- adc: fix STM32H5 support
- adc: add support for STM32H5 ADC2 inputs
- adc: optimize sampling time for G4, H5, L4 and WB MCUs
- machine_adc: fix and improve STM32H5 support
- dac: add STM32H5 DAC support, with dma_nohal implementation
- boards: move includes to after defines in all hal_conf.h files
- uart: generalise UART source clock calculation for H5 and H7 MCUs
- dma: remove unbalanced )
- usbd_msc_interface: allow configuring the MSC inquiry response
- boards/ARDUINO_GIGA: update board config
- i2c: add support for I2C4 on H7 MCUs

teensy port: no changes specific to this component/port

unix port:
- modutime: use extmod version of time module
- Makefile: allow variants to add QSTR_DEFS
- main: add NLR scope for checking module __path__
- README: fix Markdown link markup
- modsocket: add poll support for missing ERR,HUP,NVAL poll values
- modselect: remove unix-specific implementation of select module
- modjni: fix build errors with type definitions and error strings
- main: fix memory leakage if MICROPY_USE_READLINE is disabled

webassembly port:
- modutime: use extmod version of time module
- make mp_js_do_str asynchronous
- make mp_js_process_char asynchronous
- replace typeof window check with ENVIRONMENT_IS_NODE flag

windows port:
- Makefile: allow variants to add QSTR_DEFS

zephyr port:
- modutime: use extmod version of time module
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