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  • v1.14-emac
    Release v1.14-emac
    MicroPython release v1.14 with more EMAC specific changes. Upgrade RS9116 driver to 2.3.0 release
  • v1.14
    New rp2 port, BLE pairing, bonding and l2cap APIs, and docs on internals
    This release of MicroPython sees the addition of a new "rp2" port for the
    new Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller, a dual-core Cortex-M0+ MCU with
    programmable IO.  This port is built on the pico-sdk and MicroPython sits
    very close to the bare metal.  The programmable IO is supported via the
    @rp2.asm_pio decorator which allows writing inline assembler to be run on
    the PIO state machines.
    The ubluetooth module has seen significant improvements, fixes and
    additions.  BLE events are now synchronous on unix and stm32 so that user
    Python callbacks are called directly from the BLE stack (from NimBLE).
    This helps with the new pairing and bonding API.  There is also a new l2cap
    API for much faster raw data transfer between BLE devices.
    Many new sections have been added to the existing "Developing and building
    MicroPython" chapter to make it all about the internals of MicroPython,
    including details about the MicroPython compiler, and how to port to a new
    system.  This documentation work was done as part of Google's Season of
    Docs 2020.
    The native emitter and inline assembler now fully support ARMv6M, for
    Cortex-M0+ CPUs.  There is also support added for C++ user modules on
    unix, stm32 and esp32.  And reproducible builds can now be achieved by
    setting SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH in the shell build environment.  Qstr
    preprocessing is now done in parallel to speed up building, and there is
    a new tools/ci.sh script with all functionality to run the continuous
    integration tests.
    The machine.I2C and machine.SPI classes have been modified so they no
    longer construct both software- and hardware-based peripheral instances.
    Such construction is now split to explicit soft and non-soft types by the
    introduction of machine.SoftI2C and machine.SoftSPI classes.  See below for
    more information.
    The wait_for function in uasyncio now handles cancellation correctly,
    VfsLfs supports mounting in read-only mode, and the urandom module will
    randomise its seed on import on stm32, esp8266, esp32 and rp2 ports.
    A new raw-paste mode is added to the REPL which includes flow control
    between the device and host, as well as a mechanism where the device pulls
    in data from the host as it parses the input.  This makes pasting code
    faster, more reliable and use less memory.  This feature is supported on
    all ports that have a raw REPL and still supports previous REPL behaviour.
    See the documentation for more detail on this raw-paste mode.
    The stm32 port sees improved rfcore support for WB MCUs, including flash
    locking for writes when BLE is active, and a script for automatic update of
    FUS/WS firmware.  New hooks are added for boards to configure the top level
    behaviour of the system in stm32_main, and there is now support for
    Ethernet on H7 processors.  Mboot now allows signed and encrypted firmware
    Breaking changes in this release are:
    - The "sys" module is renamed to "usys".  Ports that do not enable module
      weak links must replace "import sys" with "import usys as sys".
      See commit 40ad8f1666b265dafc7844d765f45cfae4b6299f
    - machine.I2C and machine.SPI constructors are changed when using
      software-based I2C and SPI.  Code that constructed I2C/SPI peripherals in
      the following way will need to be changed (or else their use will emit a
      warning which will eventually be an error):
        machine.I2C(-1, ...)            ->  machine.SoftI2C(...)
        machine.I2C(scl=scl, sda=sda)   ->  machine.SoftI2C(scl=scl, sda=sda)
        machine.SPI(-1, ...)            ->  machine.SoftSPI(...)
        machine.SPI(sck=sck, mosi=mosi, miso=miso)
                            ->  machine.SoftSPI(sck=sck, mosi=mosi, miso=miso)
      Code which uses machine.I2C and machine.SPI classes to access hardware
      peripherals does not need to change.
      See commits 39d50d129ce428858332523548f0594503d0f45b and
    - In ubluetooth, the BLE.irq() method now has positional only arguments.
      See commit 6a6a5f9e151473bdcc1d14725d680691ff665a82
    - In ubluetooth, arguments passed to the BLE.irq() callback that were
      previously bytes objects are now memoryview objects.
      See commit 81f2162ca0e926c9a4a1787a3863d94d86be0b36
    What follows is a detailed list of changes, generated from the git commit
    history, and organised into sections.
    Main components
    - rename "sys" module to "usys"
    - rename absolute time-based functions to include "epoch"
    py core:
    - objfloat: fix handling of negative float to power of nan
    - fix handling of NaN in certain pow implementations
    - showbc: pass in an mp_print_t struct to all bytecode-print functions
    - parse: pass in an mp_print_t to mp_parse_node_print
    - dynruntime.h: add mp_import_* and mp_load/store_*
    - objstr: make bytes(bytes_obj) return bytes_obj
    - objarray.h: add mp_obj_memoryview_init() helper function
    - makeversionhdr.py: match only git tags which look like versions
    - parse: expose rule-name printing as MICROPY_DEBUG_PARSE_RULE_NAME
    - objdict: add mp_const_empty_dict_obj, use it for mp_const_empty_map
    - objtype: handle __dict__ attribute when type has no locals
    - scope: name and use id_kind_type_t
    - objexcept: compare mp_emergency_exception_buf_size signed
    - use unsigned comparison of chars
    - add explicit initializers for default values
    - vmentrytable: ignore GCC -Woverride-init
    - introduce and use MP_FALLTHROUGH macro
    - makeqstrdefs.py: fix beaviour when scanning non-C preprocessed files
    - makeqstrdefs.py: process C++ files as well
    - mkrules.mk: add target for compiling C++ files
    - makeqstrdefs.py: support preprocessing C++ files for QSTR generation
    - workaround clang error when building misc.h with C++ compiler
    - py.mk: support C++ code for user C modules
    - mpz: do sign extension in mpz_as_bytes for negative values
    - binary: fix sign extension setting wide integer on 32-bit archs
    - mpprint: prevent case fall-through when assert is disabled
    - mpprint: fix length calculation for strings with precision-modifier
    - modmath: simplify handling of positional args to reduce code size
    - mkrules.mk: remove stray vpath and unused -Itmp, add $(Q) for $(AR)
    - objfun: support fun.__globals__ attribute
    - asmthumb: add support for ARMv6M in native emitter
    - emitnative: ensure encoding to load prelude_offset doesn't change sz
    - emitinlinethumb: exclude code using #if when ARMV7M disabled
    - emitnative: support binary ops on ARMv6M without use of ite instr
    - qstr.h: remove QSTR_FROM_STR_STATIC macro
    - gc: fix debug printing of pointer
    - persistentcode: introduce MICROPY_PERSISTENT_CODE_SAVE_FILE option
    - makeversionhdr: honor SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH if present
    - modbluetooth: rename logging macro to be just DEBUG_printf
    - modbluetooth: refactor stack/hci/driver/port bindings
    - nimble: set struct alignment correctly on 64-bit arch
    - nimble: make nimble_malloc work with allocated size
    - nimble: implement NimBLE mutex
    - modbluetooth: implement configuration of address modes
    - modbluetooth: allow using mp_hal_get_mac as a static address
    - btstack: add btstack support for _IRQ_GATTS_READ_REQUEST
    - btstack: detect HCI UART init failure
    - nimble: add timeout for HCI sync on startup
    - modussl_axtls: reduce size of code that makes exception
    - modbluetooth: fix handling of optional data/uuid args
    - modbluetooth: make BLE.irq() method positional only
    - modbluetooth: print UUIDs correctly
    - modbluetooth: implement MTU
    - vfs: fix lookup of entry in root dir so it fails correctly
    - modbluetooth: change module-owned bytes objects to memoryview
    - modure: allow \\ in re.sub replacements
    - machine_i2c: rename type to SoftI2C and add custom print method
    - machine_i2c: remove "id" arg in SoftI2C constructor
    - machine_spi: remove "id" arg in SoftSPI constructor
    - utime_mphal: add generic utime.time_ns() function
    - add explicit initializers for default values
    - disable -Wmissing-field-initializers for lfs2
    - introduce and use MP_FALLTHROUGH macro
    - vfs_lfs: support mounting LFS filesystems in read-only mode
    - modurandom: support urandom.seed() without an argument
    - btstack/btstack.mk: add -Wimplicit-fallthrough=0
    - nimble/nimble.mk: add -Wno-old-style-declaration
    - moductypes: fix storing to (U)INT64 arrays on 32-bit archs
    - machine_mem: only allow integers in machine.memX subscript
    - modbluetooth: make UUID type accessible outside modbluetooth.c
    - modbluetooth: combine gattc-data-available callbacks into one
    - nimble: poll startup directly rather than using NimBLE sem
    - modbluetooth: re-instate optional no-ringbuf modbluetooth
    - nimble: make stm32 and unix NimBLE ports use synchronous events
    - machine_i2c: add init protocol method for generic I2C bindings
    - modbluetooth: add API for L2CAP channels
    - nimble/modbluetooth_nimble: fix build when l2cap unavailable
    - uasyncio: delay calling Loop.call_exception_handler by 1 loop
    - uasyncio: add Task.done() method
    - uasyncio: fix cancellation handling of wait_for
    - nimble: fail read if the characteristic is too big
    - modbluetooth: add _IRQ_CONNECTION_UPDATE event
    - modbluetooth: allow setting char/desc enc/auth options
    - modbluetooth: allow user-specified reason in read request IRQ
    - modbluetooth: add compile-config flag to enable pairing/bonding
    - modbluetooth: add _IRQ_ENCRYPTION_UPDATE event
    - modbluetooth: allow configuration of pairing/bonding parameters
    - modbluetooth: add gap_pair(conn_handle) func to intiate pairing
    - modbluetooth: add support for bonding (key persistence)
    - modbluetooth: simplify synchronous invoke_irq_handler signature
    - modbluetooth: add support for passkey authentication
    - nimble: generate and persist a unique IRK
    - modubinascii: update code, docs for hexlify now CPython has sep
    - vfs: raise OSError(ENODEV) if mounting bdev without a filesystem
    - nimble: reset NimBLE BSS in mp_bluetooth_init
    - nimble: don't assert on save-IRK failure
    - modbluetooth: add ble.hci_cmd(ogf, ocf, req, resp) function
    - vfs: check block 0 and 1 when auto-detecting littlefs
    - modframebuf: change int to unsigned int in format methods args
    - modonewire: use pin_od_high/pin_od_low instead of pin_write
    - nimble: improve the flow control for l2cap recv path
    - libm: reduce size of static two_over_pi array
    - utils/mpirq: add mp_irq_init func, and clean up unused init method
    - utils/pyexec: add MICROPY_BOARD hooks before/after executing code
    - utils/pyexec: add stdin-reader on raw REPL with flow control
    - littlefs: update littlefs2 to v2.3.0
    - littlefs: guard lfs2_mlist_isopen with LFS2_NO_ASSERT
    - stm32lib: update library for WB v1.10.0
    - libhydrogen: add new libhydrogen submodule
    - timeutils: provide simple impl of extra funcs when Epoch is 1970
    - pico-sdk: add new pico-sdk submodule, for the rp2 port
    - utils/pyexec: remove obsolete LCD initialization
    - pico-sdk: update to latest version v1.0.1
    - memory/spiflash: add MICROPY_HW_SPIFLASH_ENABLE_CACHE option
    - enable more warnings
    Support components
    - library/ubluetooth.rst: document BLE address modes
    - library/ubluetooth.rst: clarify position/kw arguments
    - library/ubluetooth.rst: clarify peripheral/central vs server/client
    - library/ubluetooth.rst: add docs for MTU API
    - develop: add notes on prerequisite tools for building native .mpy
    - reference/packages.rst: fix typo, remove duplicate "port"
    - update I2C and SPI docs to add reference to SoftI2C and SoftSPI
    - library/btree.rst: correct method typo: __detitem__ to __delitem__
    - library/machine.rst: correct minor typo: timout to timeout
    - library/machine.Signal.rst: correct typo: usecases to use cases
    - library/machine.Timer.rst: add mention of constructor arguments
    - reference/glossary.rst: fix minor grammar error, An -> A
    - fix reference to QSTR_GEN_CFLAGS Makefile flag
    - develop/cmodules.rst: add link to source code for user C example
    - library/ubluetooth.rst: add docs for L2CAP channels
    - reference/repl.rst: add information about new raw-paste mode
    - library/ubluetooth.rst: add _IRQ_CONNECTION_UDPATE docs
    - library/ubluetooth.rst: update char/desc flags
    - library/ubluetooth.rst: update read request IRQ docs
    - library/ubluetooth.rst: add pairing/bonding config docs
    - library/ubluetooth.rst: add gap_pair() docs
    - library/ubluetooth.rst: add bonding docs
    - library/ubluetooth.rst: add passkey docs
    - develop: add MicroPython Internals chapter
    - fix minor typos in RTC docs, and->an
    - esp8266/quickref: add warning block about NeoPixel timing
    - develop/natmod: fix a small typo, con->can
    - update copyright year range to include 2021
    - bluetooth: update to use positional-only args to irq()
    - add example code for user C modules, both C and C++
    - bluetooth: add bonding/passkey demo
    - rp2: add pio_uart_rx.py example
    - multi_bluetooth: update to new config('mac') behaviour
    - multi_bluetooth: make ble_gap_connect robust against event timing
    - multi_bluetooth: update UUID format in .exp files
    - run-multitests.py: show test/truth diff
    - multi_bluetooth/ble_mtu.py: add multitest for BLE MTU
    - basics: enable == and != special-method tests now that they work
    - basics: add test for MICROPY_PY_ALL_INPLACE_SPECIAL_METHODS ops
    - run-tests: use -BS flags when running CPython
    - thread/stress_schedule.py: assign globals before running test
    - micropython/extreme_exc.py: unlink alloc'd lists earlier in chain
    - run-multitests.py: fix diff order, show changes relative to truth
    - multi_bluetooth: improve reliability of event waiting
    - run-multitests.py: add a -p flag to run permutations of instances
    - multi_bluetooth: change dict index-and-del to pop, to clear event
    - multi_bluetooth: add a test for WB55 concurrent flash access
    - multi_bluetooth: add L2CAP channels multi-test
    - extmod: add vfs_posix.py test for uos.VfsPosix class
    - run-tests: update skipped tests on CI for GitHub Actions
    - multi_bluetooth: add multitests for BLE pairing and bonding
    - misc/sys_settrace_features.py: ignore CPython zipimport traces
    - extmod: add test to try and mount a block device directly
    - misc/sys_settrace: make test output independent of invoked path
    - misc/sys_settrace_features.py: fix running with non-dflt encoding
    - extmod: add test for the precision of utime functions
    - move native for test from pybnative to micropython
    - extmod/utime_time_ns.py: relax bounds on time_ns measurement
    - run-tests: change default Python command used on Windows
    - mpy-tool.py: fix merge of multiple mpy files to POP_TOP correctly
    - write msvc-compatible frozen content
    - upip.py: support explicit port number in host
    - makeqstrdefs.py: run qstr preprocessing in parallel
    - ci.sh: add helper script to run CI tasks
    - pyboard.py: add fast raw-paste mode
    - ci.sh: put echo of CI path in a separate function
    - ci.sh: use pip-install to get latest version of esptool.py
    - ci.sh: pip install pyhy for stm32 builds
    - ci.sh: for code size build, fetch history of master branch only
    - ci.sh: for ci_code_size_setup, update apt to install gcc-multilib
    - mpy-tool.py: list frozen modules in MICROPY_FROZEN_LIST_ITEM
    - verifygitlog.py: add script for verifying commit message format
    - makemanifest.py: add check that freeze path is a directory
    - remove obsolete upip bootstrap script
    - install setuptools for black code formatting
    - update zephyr build to v2.4.0
    - stop using Travis for CI
    - workflows: add workflows for all CI tasks, builds and tests
    - workflows: run unix and qemu-arm workflows when tests change
    - workflows: fix code-size CI workflow
    - workflows: add CI workflow for rp2 port
    - workflows: add workflow to verify commit message format
    - workflows/ports_unix.yml: add job for a reproducible build
    The ports
    all ports:
    - add utime.gmtime() function
    - add SoftI2C and SoftSPI to machine module where appropriate
    - support legacy soft I2C/SPI construction via id=-1 arg
    - use correct in/out endpoint size in TUD_CDC_DESCRIPTOR
    cc3200 port:
    - ftp: add quotes to PWD response and allow FEAT prior to login
    - fix debug build
    esp8266 port:
    - remove release-specific manifest, disable osdebug by default
    - mpconfigport.h: seed the urandom module on import
    - remove "FAT" from warning message in inisetup.py
    - modules/neopixel.py: add timing param to NeoPixel constructor
    esp32 port:
    - pin MicroPython and NimBLE tasks to core 0
    - mpconfigport.h: remove duplicate uhashlib registration
    - boards/sdkconfig.base: set default IDF log level to ERROR
    - modnetwork: re-enable PPP support for IDF-SDK >=v4
    - use path relative to root for netutils/timeutils headers
    - mpconfigport.h: enable MICROPY_PY_DELATTR_SETATTR
    - mpconfigport.h: seed the urandom module on import
    - support building C++ code
    - machine_pin: reset pin if init sets mode
    - remove "FAT" from warning message in inisetup.py
    - modnetwork: synchronize WiFi AUTH_xxx constants with IDF values
    javascript port: no changes specific to this component/port
    mimxrt port:
    - boards: add MIMXRT1064_EVK board
    minimal port: no changes specific to this component/port
    nrf port:
    - main: make mp_builtin_open signature match that in py/builtin.h
    - remove unnecessary includes of mpconfigport.h and its header guard
    - README: describe Pin numbering scheme for nRF52840
    - boards: update memory.ld to include bootloader offsets
    - Makefile: add bootloader specific section
    - Makefile: add support for flashing with nrfutil
    - boards: add linker script for nrf52840 Open Bootloader 1.2.0
    - change selected boards to utilize pre-flashed bootloader
    - README: add use of "make submodules" in alternative build paragraph
    pic16bit port: no changes specific to this component/port
    powerpc port: no changes specific to this component/port
    qemu-arm port: no changes specific to this component/port
    rp2 port:
    - add new port to Raspberry Pi RP2 microcontroller
    - machine_pin: change N_GPIOS to NUM_BANK0_GPIOS for pico-sdk compat
    - memmap_mp.ld: update for latest SDK
    - rp2_pio: add JMP PIN support for PIO
    - modmachine: implement additional functions incl unique_id and idle
    samd port: no changes specific to this component/port
    stm32 port:
    - mpconfigport.h: enable MICROPY_PY_REVERSE_SPECIAL_METHODS
    - uart: allow static IRQ handler registration
    - modbluetooth_hci: use a static mp_irq_obj_t for BT HCI UART IRQ
    - mpbthciport: increase char timeout of BT HCI UART
    - make-stmconst.py: add support for WB55 header files
    - rfcore: update rfcore.c to match how ST examples work
    - boards/USBDONGLE_WB55: add USE_MBOOT support
    - powerctrlboot: acquire HSEM5 on STM32WB during SystemClock_Config
    - rfcore: fix length matching in HCI parser
    - rfcore: refactor some helper funcs, and remove some magic numbers
    - rfcore: enable RX IRQ on BLE IPCC channel for better performance
    - boards/NUCLEO_WB55: add Python helper code for rfcore
    - usb: don't nul pyb_hid_report_desc if MICROPY_HW_USB_HID disabled
    - rtc.h: include py/obj.h to make header self contained
    - servo: fix angle and speed methods to work again with -ve args
    - led: support PWM output without TIM3
    - rfcore: fix FUS layout and size of ipcc_device_info_table_t
    - Makefile: allow boards to extend SRC_C, SRC_O and OBJ variables
    - sdio: don't change any DMA2 settings on H7 MCUs
    - sdcard: fix H7 build when using SDMMC2
    - rfcore: add Python API for basic rfcore operations
    - boards/NUCLEO_WB55: add standalone WB55 FUS/WS firmware updater
    - rfcore: update to support WS=
    - boards/NUCLEO_WB55/rfcore_firmware.py: fix flash unlock
    - boards/NUCLEO_WB55/rfcore_firmware.py: fix bad variable name
    - boards/NUCLEO_WB55/rfcore_firmware.py: increase GET_STATE timeout
    - fix broken build when FAT FS multi-partition is disabled
    - usbd_cdc_interface: check and handle CDC TX wrap-overflow
    - machine_adc: fix ADC auto-calibration to run when ADC not enabled
    - mpconfigport.h: seed the urandom module on import
    - rng: use SysTick+RTC+unique-id to seed pRNG for MCUs without RNG
    - boards: factor out common data/bss/heap/stack linker sections
    - support C++ code and user C modules written in C++
    - main: move update_reset_mode to outside the soft-reset loop
    - add MICROPY_BOARD calls in various places in stm32_main
    - boardctrl: define MICROPY_BOARD_EARLY_INIT alongside others
    - Makefile: make the generation of `firmware.bin` explicit
    - Makefile: allow boards to extend all SRC variables
    - rtc: validate the RTC prescaler on boot and change if incorrect
    - rfcore: make RX IRQ schedule the NimBLE handler
    - flash: implement WB55 flash locking
    - rfcore: don't send HCI ACL cmds while another is pending
    - rfcore: depend on NimBLE only when BLE enabled
    - modmachine: add device and revision ids to machine.info()
    - Makefile: disable text compression in debug builds
    - powerctrl: define RCC_SR_SFTRSTF flag for H747
    - powerctrl: fix STOP mode voltage scaling on H7 REV V devices
    - powerctrl: on H7, re-enable disabled OSCs/PLLs on exit from STOP
    - powerctrl: disable RTC write protection before changing flags
    - powerctrl: set H7 RTC wakeup flags
    - powerctrl: ensure SysTick is disabled on STOP mode entry for H7
    - i2c: factor I2C finding code to i2c_find_peripheral function
    - add support for a board to reserve certain peripherals
    - Makefile: change -O0 to -Og for DEBUG=1 builds
    - boards/stm32h743.ld: enable D2 RAM and add eth-buffer section
    - eth: add support for H7 processors
    - boards/NUCLEO_H743ZI: enable ethernet peripheral
    - mboot: enable LFS2_READONLY for mboot builds with littlefs
    - usb: allocate 128 bytes to CDC data out EPs on non-multi-OTG MCUs
    - pyb_can: add ability to calculate CAN bit timing from baudrate
    - system_stm32: enable DBGMCU in low-power modes for debug builds
    - sdram: add SDRAM enter/leave self-refresh mode functions
    - adc: deselect VBAT after reading to prevent battery drain
    - main: do extended readblocks call when auto-detecting littlefs
    - boards/PYBD_SF2: disable SPIFLASH_ENABLE_CACHE for mboot builds
    - mboot/gzstream: fix lost data decompressing final part of file
    - mboot: add support for signed and encrypted firmware updates
    - boards/NUCLEO_WB55: enable MBOOT with packing mode
    - Makefile: use MBOOT_PACK_KEYS_FILE as depedency of .pack.dfu
    - main: check block 0 and 1 when auto-detecting littlefs
    - mboot: don't auto-detect littlefs block size
    - mboot: add ELEM_TYPE_STATUS element so application can get status
    - mboot: introduce MBOOT_ERRNO_xxx constants and use them
    - mboot/fwupdate.py: refactor update_mpy with support for STATUS
    - main: introduce MICROPY_HW_FLASH_MOUNT_AT_BOOT config option
    - rfcore: fix flow control for IPCC RX IRQ
    - fix minor typos in RTC docs, and->an
    - usbd_cdc_interface: don't wait in usbd_cdc_tx_always if suspended
    - mboot: change debug compiler optimisation from -O0 to -Og
    teensy port:
    - fix build errors and warnings and enable -Werror
    unix port:
    - Makefile: always enable -f*-sections regardless of DEBUG setting
    - implement BLE H4 HCI UART for btstack/nimble
    - implement mp_hal_time_ns using gettimeofday
    - variants: enable MICROPY_DEBUG_PARSE_RULE_NAME on coverage build
    - mpconfigport.h: enable MICROPY_PY_DELATTR_SETATTR
    - enable more warnings
    - support building C++ code
    - Makefile: move coverage.c and coveragecpp.cpp to coverage variant
    - handle pending events/scheduler in MICROPY_EVENT_POLL_HOOK
    - make mp_hal_delay_ms run MICROPY_EVENT_POLL_HOOK
    - modtime: fix time() precision on unix ports with non-double floats
    windows port:
    - msvc: support freezing modules
    - Makefile: support freezing modules
    - show test failures in the Appveyor builds
    - update build instructions in README
    - implement mp_hal_time_ns using gettimeofday
    - msvc: use same default python command as core
    zephyr port:
    - replace zephyr integer types with C99 types
    - const-ify struct device instance pointers
    - update build instructions to v2.4.0
    - replace broken shell_net_iface() with more general shell_exec()
    - guard I2C code with appropriate ifdef config
    - add basic UART functionality to machine module
    - machine_uart: fix arg of machine_uart_ioctl to make it uintptr_t
  • v1.12_R3-emac
    Release v1.12_R3-emac
    Release v1.12 with more EMAC specific changes. Fix LCD and RS9116 issue
  • v1.12_R2-emac
    Release v1.12_R2-emac
    Release v1.12 with more EMAC specific changes. Add support for CutiPy Rev 2
  • v1.13
    New uasyncio module, code formatting, BTstack bindings with unix support
    This release of MicroPython includes a new implementation of the uasyncio
    module which aims to be more compatible with CPython's asyncio module.  The
    main change is to use a Task object for each coroutine, allowing more
    flexibility to queue tasks in various places, eg the main run loop, tasks
    waiting on events, locks or other tasks.  It no longer requires
    pre-allocating a fixed queue size for the main run loop.  A pairing heap is
    used to queue Tasks, and the core is optionally implemented in C.
    Most code in this repository is now auto-formatted using uncrustify for C
    code and Black for Python code.  The tools/codeformat.py script is used to
    apply this formatting.  Options for uncrustify were chosen to match as
    closely as possible the existing C style, but there were nevertheless quite
    a few changes to make the code style consistent.
    BlueKitchen BTstack bindings have been added for the ubluetooth module, as
    an optional alternative to the NimBLE stack.  The unix port can now be
    built with BLE support using these bindings, which works with USB Bluetooth
    adaptors (this feature is enabled by default on the dev and coverage
    Other Bluetooth additions include: new events for service/characteristic/
    descriptor discovery complete; new events for read done and indicate
    acknowledgement; and support for active scanning in BLE.gap_scan().  See
    also below for breaking changes to the ubluetooth BLE API.
    PEP 526 has been implemented which adds new syntax for variable
    annotations, such as "x:int = 1".  PEP 572 has also been implemented, which
    adds the ":=" operator for assignment expressions, such as "if x := 1:...".
    The whole code base now supports compressing error messages (those strings
    used as arguments to exception instances) using a "common word" scheme,
    which can be used to reduce code size.
    Other new features include: support for non-boolean results for equality
    and inequality tests; the addition of the micropython.heap_locked()
    function to test the state of the heap; binary operations for viper uint
    operands in the native emitter; and mtime support on littlefs v2
    filesystems (which can be disabled if needed).
    There has been an important bug fix when importing ARM machine code from
    an .mpy file: the system now correctly tracks the executable memory
    allocated to the machine code so this memory is not reclaimed by the
    garbage collector.
    For testing, a multi-instance test runner has been added (see
    tests/run-multitests.py) which allows running a synchronised test across
    two or more MicroPython targets.  This is currently used for network and
    BLE tests that require communication between multiple devices.
    In the unix port different builds are now organised into build variants,
    analogous to boards on bare-metal.  And PEP 475 has been implemented which
    retries syscalls failing with EINTR.
    The stm32 port sees improved support for STM32WB MCUs, with ADC, SPI and
    DMA support, along with support in mboot for these MCUs.  Mboot also adds
    optional littlefs support.
    The esp8266 port now includes three generic board definitions:
    GENERIC_512K, GENERIC_1M and GENERIC, with the latter for modules with 2M
    or more of flash.  This port also changed the default filesystem to
    littlefs, and no longer supports hard pin IRQs.  See breaking changes below
    for more details.
    The esp32 port now enables Bluetooth support (via NimBLE) on both IDF v3
    and v4 builds.  It also changes the default filesystem from FAT to littlefs
    v2 (but existing devices with FAT filesystems will continue to work without
    There is also a new mimxrt port which targets NXP i.MX RT series CPUs.
    Breaking changes in this release are:
    - async-for no longer await's on the result of __aiter__.  The __aiter__
      method should return an async-iterable object but is not itself
      See commit 37e1b5c891f9964bb6c95228bc2d718511507a69
    - In ubluetooth, the IRQ event constants have all changed value (from a
      bitfield to a sequential integer) and Python code should be updated
      accordingly by replacing the const definitions with the new ones, which
      can be found at
      See also commit e6881f08292d03f089185718c131f543d095089b
    - In ubluetooth, the IRQ data for the _IRQ_SCAN_RESULT event has had the
      "connectable" entry changed to "adv_type".  The existing connectable
      value was a boolean and True now becomes 0x00, False becomes 0x02.
      See commit dd0bc26e65734b8a4fafa3769008e92e2ec6645d
    - For esp8266, the default filesystem has changed from FAT to littlefs v2.
      And the flash layout of the firmware and filesystem has changed to give
      more space to the firmware and frozen bytecode.  When upgrading an
      existing esp8266 device the filesystem will be reformatted so files
      should be backed up first.
      See commit e0905e85a7ad2961aa9192f6130565860e531ad3
    - For esp8266, machine.Pin no longer supports configuring a pin IRQ with
      "hard=True" (because the interrupt handling code is moved to iRAM).
      Existing code using pin IRQs should remove any "hard=True" argument.
      See commit 0bd58a56137bd9124756ed0f57b4213daccfc7d5
    - For the unix port, binaries are renamed to micropython-variant (no longer
      See commit 977b532c8fcd1a9e12844dd4f9cc2d70341013d7
    What follows is a detailed list of changes, generated from the git commit
    history, and organised into sections.
    Main components
    - reformat C and Python source code with tools/codeformat.py
    - convert exceptions to use mp_raise_XXX helpers in remaining places
    - remove spaces between nested paren and inside function arg paren
    - remove spaces inside and around parenthesis
    - fix implicit casts of float/double, and signed comparison
    - use MP_ERROR_TEXT for all error messages
    - clean up error strings to use lowercase and change cannot to can't
    - fix implicit floating point promotion
    - fix implicit conversion from double to float
    - fix implicit floating point to integer conversions
    - enable extra conversion warnings where applicable
    - remove commented-out include statements
    - format code to add space after C++-style comment start
    - factor gchelper code to one place and use it for unix & ARM ports
    - fix auto-enable of MICROPY_GCREGS_SETJMP to select GC behaviour
    - update Python code to conform to latest black formatting
    py core:
    - remove commented-out debug printf's from emitbc and objlist
    - obj.h: remove comments about additional mp_buffer_info_t entries
    - objobject: add object.__setattr__ function
    - objobject: add object.__delattr__ function
    - nlrx86: silence possible warnings about unused nlr argument
    - asmx86: fix stack to be 16-byte aligned for entry and sub-call
    - asmx86: remove unused 5th argument facility
    - runtime: don't allocate iter buf for user-defined types
    - objsingleton: use mp_generic_unary_op for singleton objects
    - introduce MP_ROM_NONE macro for ROM to refer to None object
    - introduce MP_ROM_FALSE/MP_ROM_TRUE for ROM to refer to bool objects
    - objstr: don't use inline GET_STR_DATA_LEN for object-repr D
    - obj.h: use 32-bit shift in MP_OBJ_NEW_QSTR calc for obj-repr D
    - clean up commented-out code and comments about exception hierarchy
    - objslice: add support for indices() method on slice objects
    - objslice: inline fetching of slice paramters in str_subscr()
    - make mp_obj_get_type() return a const ptr to mp_obj_type_t
    - mkenv.mk: move usage of 32-bit flags to py.mk
    - unicode: add unichar_isalnum()
    - runtime: move MICROPY_PORT_INIT_FUNC near the end of mp_init()
    - nativeglue: use mp_const_X instead of &mp_const_X_obj
    - obj.h: redefine qstr object encoding to add immediate obj encoding
    - obj: add MICROPY_OBJ_IMMEDIATE_OBJS option to reduce code size
    - obj: optimise mp_obj_get_type for immediate objs with repr A and C
    - mpconfig.h: define BITS_PER_BYTE only if not already defined
    - objint: add mp_obj_int_get_uint_checked() helper
    - pairheap: add generic implementation of pairing heap data structure
    - gc: don't include or init gc_mutex when GIL is enabled
    - qstr: don't include or init qstr_mutex when GIL is enabled
    - objgenerator: use mp_obj_new_exception_arg1 to make StopIteration
    - objexcept: optimise mp_obj_new_exception[_arg1/_args] functions
    - obj.h: add and use mp_obj_is_bool() helper
    - release GIL during syscalls in reader and writer code
    - emitnative: use NULL for pending exception (not None)
    - emitnative: stop after finding an unwind target
    - mpthread.h: use strong type for mp_thread_set_state() argument
    - objtype: make mp_obj_type_t.flags constants public, moved to obj.h
    - support non-boolean results for equality and inequality tests
    - compile: allow 'return' outside function in minimal builds
    - scheduler: add "raise_exc" argument to mp_handle_pending
    - scheduler: move mp_keyboard_interrupt from lib/utils to py core
    - scheduler: allow a port to specify attrs for mp_keyboard_interrupt
    - scheduler: move clearing of kbd traceback to mp_keyboard_interrupt
    - expand type equality flags to 3 separate ones, fix bool/namedtuple
    - add mp_raise_type helper macro and use it where appropriate
    - add mp_raise_msg_varg helper and use it where appropriate
    - factor out definition of mp_float_union_t to one location
    - objexcept: rename mp_obj_new_exception_msg_varg2 to ..._vlist
    - objtuple: remove code that handles tuple-subclass equality test
    - objtype: allow mp_instance_cast_to_native_base to take native obj
    - dynruntime.h: add implementation of mp_obj_cast_to_native_base
    - objarray: turn on MP_TYPE_FLAG_EQ_CHECKS_OTHER_TYPE for memoryview
    - removing dangling "else" to improve code format consistency
    - bc0.h: shift comment to start of line to improve format consistency
    - builtinimport: adjust if-block order in find_file to clean up #if's
    - malloc: put { on separate line for funcs that have selective sigs
    - un-nest configuration #if/#endif's for selection of complex code
    - parse: add parenthesis around calculated bit-width in struct
    - builtinevex: support passing in a bytearray/buffer to eval/exec
    - objstr: remove duplicate % in error string
    - objstringio: expose tell() on StringIO and BytesIO objects
    - modmicropython: add heap_locked function to test state of heap
    - stream.h: include sys/types.h to get size_t and off_t for POSIX API
    - mpconfig.h: enable MICROPY_MODULE_GETATTR by default
    - pairheap: properly unlink node on pop and delete
    - pairheap: add helper function to initialise a new node
    - use preprocessor to detect error reporting level (terse/detailed)
    - dynruntime.mk: set MICROPY_ENABLE_DYNRUNTIME instead of per module
    - implement "common word" compression scheme for error messages
    - objexcept: allow compression of exception message text
    - parse: remove unnecessary check in const folding for ** operator
    - objexcept: remove optional TimeoutError exception
    - scheduler: fix race in checking scheduler pending state
    - scheduler: add assert that scheduler is locked when unlocking
    - makecompresseddata.py: don't prefix str with mark if not compressed
    - scope: add assert to check that low numbered qstrs do fit in uint8_t
    - always give noop defines when MICROPY_ROM_TEXT_COMPRESSION disabled
    - objarray: fix sign mismatch in comparison
    - objint: do not use fpclassify
    - makecompresseddata.py: make compression deterministic
    - objdict: fix popitem for ordered dicts
    - stream: remove mp_stream_errno and use system errno instead
    - modio: allow uio.IOBase streams to return errno for read/write error
    - scheduler: add option to wrap mp_sched_schedule in arbitrary attr
    - parse: support constant folding of power operator for integers
    - scheduler: convert mp_sched_full and mp_sched_num_pending to macros
    - parse: make mp_parse_node_extract_list return size_t instead of int
    - nativeglue.h: rename "setjmp" entry to "setjmp_" to avoid any clash
    - py.mk: use additional CFLAGS to compile string0.c
    - modmath: work around msvc float bugs in atan2, fmod and modf
    - ringbuf: fix compilation with msvc
    - modsys: use consistent naming pattern for module-level const objects
    - modbuiltins: fix getattr to work with class raising AttributeError
    - dynruntime.h: make mp_obj_str_get_str raise if arg not a str/bytes
    - objtype: add __dict__ attribute for class objects
    - objtype: use mp_obj_dict_copy() for creating obj.__dict__ attribute
    - obj.h: clarify comments about mp_map_t is_fixed and is_ordered
    - compile: convert scope test to SCOPE_IS_COMP_LIKE macro
    - compile: implement PEP 572, assignment expressions with := operator
    - grammar.h: consolidate duplicate sub-rules for :test and =test
    - compile: implement PEP 526, syntax for variable annotations
    - misc.h: add missing semi-colon in mp_float_union_t for big-endian
    - obj.h: add public mp_obj_is_dict_or_ordereddict() helper macro
    - objtype: support passing in an OrderedDict to type() as the locals
    - asm: add funcs/macros to emit machine code for logical-shift-right
    - asm: add condition codes for signed comparisons
    - emitnative: implement binary operations for viper uint operands
    - objcomplex: add mp_obj_get_complex_maybe for use in complex bin-op
    - obj.h: make existing MP_TYPE_FLAG_xxx macros sequential
    - rework mp_convert_member_lookup to properly handle built-ins
    - obj.h: fix mp_seq_replace_slice_no_grow to use memmove not memcpy
    - compile: don't await __aiter__ special method in async-for
    - persistentcode: maintain root ptr list of imported native .mpy code
    - runtime: fix builtin compile() in "single" mode so it prints exprs
    - mphal.h: introduce mp_hal_time_ns and implement on various ports
    - uzlib: explicitly cast ptr-diff-expr to unsigned
    - fix modbluetooth and modwebrepl to build in nanbox mode
    - modbluetooth: fix func prototype, empty args should be (void)
    - vfs_posix: release GIL during system calls
    - modbluetooth: implement config getter for BLE rxbuf size
    - modbluetooth.h: fix typo in comment about registering services
    - modbluetooth_nimble: fix wrong offset used for descriptor flags
    - modframebuf: allow blit source to be a subclass of FrameBuffer
    - modbluetooth_nimble: move nimble specific code, factor nimble.mk
    - modbluetooth: extract out gatts_db functionality from nimble
    - btstack: add empty modbluetooth implementation
    - btstack: implement advertising
    - btstack: implement service registration
    - btstack: implement gatts_db for btstack
    - btstack: implement scan and gatt client, connect and disconnect
    - btstack: implement notifications/indications for GATT clients
    - nimble: clarify active state and check for active in all methods
    - modbluetooth: unify error handling in remaining places
    - modbluetooth: change scan result's "connectable" to "adv_type"
    - nimble: when getting BLE MAC try public address if random fails
    - vfs: factor out vfs mount-and-chdir helper from stm32
    - modlwip: fix polling of UDP socket so it doesn't return HUP
    - modlwip: properly handle non-blocking and timeout on UDP recv
    - vfs_posix_file: lock GIL when writing and allow stdio flush
    - vfs_posix_file: include unistd.h to get STD{IN,OUT,ERR}_FILENO
    - uasyncio: add new implementation of uasyncio module
    - uasyncio: add optional implementation of core uasyncio in C
    - uasyncio: add manifest.py for freezing uasyncio Py files
    - uasyncio: don't create a Loop instance in get_event_loop()
    - uasyncio: implement Loop.stop() to stop the event loop
    - uasyncio: add error message to Lock.release's RuntimeError
    - uasyncio: add StreamReader/StreamWriter as aliases of Stream cls
    - uasyncio: add global exception handling methods
    - modubinascii: make code private and module self-contained
    - btstack: pass through SCAN_RSP events
    - modbluetooth: provide FLAG_WRITE_NO_RESPONSE for characteristics
    - uasyncio: add Loop.new_event_loop method
    - uasyncio: change cannot to can't in error message, and test exp
    - nimble: update to work with NimBLE 1.3
    - modbluetooth: don't hold atomic section during mp_sched_schedule
    - btstack: implement more robust init/deinit sequencing
    - modbluetooth: fix sign compare and unused variable warnings
    - modbtree: retain reference to underlying stream so it's not GC'd
    - vfs_lfsx: fix path handling in uos.stat() to consider cur dir
    - vfs_lfsx: normalize path name in chdir
    - vfs_lfsx: fix rename to respect cur dir for new path
    - modbluetooth: add support for changing the GAP device name
    - nimble: make error code mapping default to MP_EIO
    - vfs_lfsx: fix import_stat so it takes into account current dir
    - vfs: retain previous working directory if chdir fails
    - modbluetooth: make modbluetooth event not a bitfield
    - modbluetooth: add discover complete events for svc/char/desc
    - modbluetooth: allow discovery of svc/char by uuid
    - modbluetooth: implement read done event
    - modbluetooth: ensure status=0 always on success
    - modbluetooth: support bigger characteristic values
    - ure: use single function for match/search/sub
    - uasyncio: add asyncio.wait_for_ms function
    - modbluetooth: register default GATT service and fix esp32 init
    - moductypes: use mp_obj_is_dict_or_ordereddict to simplify code
    - vfs_lfs: fix littlefs bindings to build in nan-box mode
    - nimble: fix attr NULL ptr dereference in ble_gatt_attr_read_cb
    - btstack: schedule notify/indicate/write ops for bg completion
    - modbluetooth: ignore unused self_in in ble_gatts_indicate
    - modbluetooth: fix so it builds in peripheral-only mode
    - modbluetooth: add event for "indicate acknowledgement"
    - modussl: improve exception error messages
    - modussl_mbedtls: integrate shorter error strings
    - uasyncio: add StreamReader.readexactly(n) method
    - vfs_reader: fix mp_reader_new_file to open file in "rb" mode
    - uasyncio: truncate negative sleeps to 0
    - vfs_lfs: add mtime support to littlefs files
    - btstack: implement GAP scan duration_ms parameter
    - modbluetooth: fix race between READ_REQUEST and other IRQs
    - bluetooth: support active scanning in BLE.gap_scan()
    - machine_i2c: fix buffer overrun if 'addrsize' is bigger than 32
    - modlwip: fix error return for TCP recv when not connected
    - vfs: support larger integer range in VFS stat time fields
    - vfs: add option to use 1970 as Epoch
    - utils/pyexec: introduce MICROPY_REPL_INFO, wrap debug prints in it
    - mp-readline: add an assert() to catch buffer overflows
    - mp-readline: add word-based move/delete EMACS key sequences
    - utils: change default value of pyexec_mode_kind to 0 to put in bss
    - utils/pyexec: handle pending exceptions after disabling kbd intrs
    - add BlueKitchen BTstack submodule
    - tinyusb: update to a6b916ba for i.MX support
    - btstack: update to latest master btstack commit
    - littlefs: update littlefs2 to v2.2.0
    - mynewt-nimble: update submodule to NimBLE release 1.3.0
    - btstack: update to c8b9823 for USB HCI reset timeout fix
    - nrfx: upgrade to nrfx v2.0.0
    - utils: lock the scheduler when executing hard callback functions
    - utils/pyexec: add missing MP_ERROR_TEXT when compiler disabled
    - utils: protect all of mpirq.c with MICROPY_ENABLE_SCHEDULER
    - libc: add implementation of strncpy
    - mbedtls_errors: add code to patch mbedtls for shortened error strs
    - stm32lib: update library for H7 v1.6.0 and WB v1.6.0
    - libm_dbl: add round.c source code
    - libc: fix string0's implementation of strncpy
    - timeutils: add helper functions to deal with nanosecs since 1970
    - cyw43: fix to build in nanbox mode
    - cyw43: include stdio.h in files that use printf
    - cyw43: return early from cyw43_wifi_set_up if wifi_on fails
    - nrf24l01: change pipe addrs in test to match Arduino addrs
    - onewire: fix undefined variable errors
    - display/ssd1306.py: change the SET_COM_PIN_CFG setting
    - support SPI/QSPI flash chips over 16MB
    - main: fix stderr_print_strn parameter type
    - main: print uncaught nlr jump to stderr
    Support components
    - more consistent capitalization and use of articles in headings
    - library/machine.I2C.rst: use positional-only arguments syntax
    - library/machine.UART.rst: detail timeout behaviour of read methods
    - README: add short paragraph about using readthedocs
    - library/machine: document machine.soft_reset() function
    - library: add / to indicate positional-only args in library docs
    - library/uos.rst: improve block devices section, and ioctl ret vals
    - esp8266: in TCP tutorial, add HTTP response code and content-type
    - unix: add a new new quickref page for the UNIX port
    - library: fix framebuf monochrome 1-bit modes, swapping HLSB/HMSB
    - develop: detail how to add symbols to mp_fun_table for native mods
    - library: add initial docs for uasyncio module
    - add docs and test for uasyncio custom exc handler methods
    - library: note that uasyncio.wait_for() can raise exception
    - library: document that char_data/notify_data are also references
    - library: note that machine.Pin.irq's hard arg may not be supported
    - library: fix docs for machine.WDT to specify millisecond timeout
    - develop: fix module/source name in Makefile of native example
    - reference: add note about multiple exceptions when heap is locked
    - library: update ubluetooth for new events and discover by uuid
    - fix Sphinx 3.x warnings, and enable warnings-as-errors on build
    - esp8266: add quickref documentation for UART on esp8266
    - library: clarify that the arg to esp.deepsleep is in microseconds
    - esp32: add info about PWM duty cycle range to esp32 quickref
    - library: add gatts_indicate() doc to ubluetooth.rst
    - library: for ubluetooth, add docs for _IRQ_GATTS_INDICATE_DONE
    - library: update documentation of esp32's RMT
    - library: update pyb.SPI init method to add descr about "ti" arg
    - library: update pyb.Timer to add missing args and defaults to init
    - library: update pyb.UART to correct pyboard UART availability
    - esp32: fix machine.Timer quickref to specify HW timers
    - change `\*` to `*` in argument lists
    - accellog.py: shift long comments to their own line
    - bluetooth/ble_temperature_central.py: shorten comment
    - natmod: add .gitignore to ignore generated example .mpy files
    - bluetooth: replace "connectable" parameter with "adv_type"
    - bluetooth: fix incorrect value of BR/EDR flag in advertising
    - bluetooth: fix event code in ble_temperature_central.py
    - bluetooth: in ble_advertising.py, skip appearance if not set
    - bluetooth: add simple UART demo with central and peripheral
    - run-tests: add "--mpy-cross-flags" arg to specify mpy-cross flags
    - extmod: split out VfsFat finaliser tests to separate test file
    - micropython: add test for yield-from while heap is locked
    - run-tests: handle 'CRASH' return by float.py feature test
    - cpydiff: add CPy diff-test for using dict.keys() as a set
    - unix: make unix time test pass on more platforms
    - unix: add coverage test for new mp_obj_int_get_uint_checked func
    - make run-tests help and README be more descriptive of behaviour
    - extmod: add basic machine.Timer test
    - unix: add coverage tests for pairheap data structure
    - unix: add coverage test for mp_obj_new_exception_args
    - unix: add coverage tests for mp_obj_is_type() and variants
    - add boolean-as-integer formatting tests for fixed regression
    - add tests for generator throw and yield-from with exc handlers
    - basics: expand test cases for equality of subclasses
    - cmdline/repl_inspect: add new test for -i option
    - cmdline: add test for MICROPYINSPECT environment variable
    - cpydiff: add os module environ differences
    - move CPy diff test to real test now that subclass equality works
    - basics: move test for "return" outside function to own file
    - unix: add coverage tests for kbd-intr and scheduler
    - run-tests: auto-skip extmod/ticks_diff, extmod/time_ms_us tests
    - basics: add tests for equality between bool and int/float/complex
    - basics: add test for equality between tuple and namedtuple
    - basics: add test for tuple compare with class derived from tuple
    - basics/array1.py: add equality testing for array
    - run-multitests.py: add new test runner for multiple Py instances
    - multi_net: add initial set of multi-instance tests for network
    - multi_bluetooth: add initial tests for bluetooth BLE
    - run-tests: consider all tests as native when emit=native is used
    - run-multitests.py: print test summary and do exit(1) on failure
    - extmod: add uasyncio tests
    - run-tests: skip uasyncio if no async, and skip one test on native
    - make default MICROPYPATH include extmod to find uasyncio
    - multi_net: add uasyncio test for TCP server and client
    - net_inet: add uasyncio internet tests
    - basics/dict_pop.py: remove extra comma in call and fix grammar
    - micropython/heapalloc_fail_set.py: remove extra trailing comma
    - format all Python code with black, except tests in basics subdir
    - float: add new lexer test to test parsing of float without prefix
    - run-tests: add commands to print and clean *.exp,out files
    - extmod: update littlefs test output to match new library version
    - run-tests: make diff tool user configurable
    - float: fix cmath_fun_special for MICROPY_FLOAT_IMPL_FLOAT
    - extmod: add btree test for errors raised by btree DB library
    - run-multitests.py: allow filtering out lines from stdout
    - multi_bluetooth/ble_gap_advertise: fix bytes/str compare warning
    - run-multitests.py: add shortcuts for local Python instances
    - cpydiff: add cpydiff test for __all__ used in imported package
    - thread/thread_stacksize1.py: increase stack size for CPython
    - multi_bluetooth: fix typo printing wrong IRQ type
    - run-multitests.py: add TRACE banner and move TEST output to end
    - run-tests: skip REPL feature checks when running via pyboard.py
    - multi_bluetooth: update to work with new BLE events
    - run-multitests.py: allow passing unique env vars to each instance
    - basics: add tests for assignment operator :=
    - cpydiff: add CPy diff test for assignment expression behaviour
    - basics: add tests for variable annotations
    - basics: split out memoryview slice-assign tests to separate file
    - move .mpy import tests from import/ to micropython/ dir
    - micropython: improve .mpy import tests to run on more targets
    - extmod: add test for uasyncio.sleep of a negative time
    - extmod: make uasyncio_fair test more reliable by adjusting sleeps
    - run-tests: use absolute paths where possible
    - run-tests: make test output directory configurable
    - split out complex reverse-op tests to separate test file
    - extmod: add tests for verifying FAT and littlefs mtime values
    - gen-cpydiff.py: adjust subsections to sentence case
    - add metrics.py script to build and compute port sizes/metrics
    - pydfu.py: clean up syntax, update comments and docstrings
    - pyboard.py: add option --no-follow to detach after sending script
    - pyboard.py: use slice del instead of list.clear() for Py2 compat
    - pyboard.py: change shebang to use python3
    - makemanifest.py: support freezing with empty list of mpy files
    - codeformat.py: add formatter using uncrustify for C, black for Py
    - makemanifest.py: fix build on Windows by adding .exe to mpy-cross
    - metrics.py: use check_call instead of run to error out on error
    - codeformat.py: eliminate need for sizeof fixup
    - pydfu.py: add args for VID/PID & exit with cleaner error handling
    - pydfu.py: display any error strings from device/mboot
    - codeformat.py: include all msvc C code in auto-format
    - pyboard.py: support setting device/baudrate from shell env vars
    - pyboard.py: add -d as an alias for --device
    - metrics.py: add option to diff to error if delta above threshold
    - metrics.py: don't build mpy-cross if not needed by any ports
    - metrics.py: use OrderedDict when reading build log
    - check_code_size.sh: remove unused script
    - codeformat.py: use -q option on uncrustify to make output quiet
    - codeformat.py: add verbose option to pass to uncrustify and black
    - uncrustify.cfg: remove deprecated sp_word_brace option
    - codeformat.py: remove sizeof fixup
    - uncrustify: update config for v0.71.0
    - codeformat.py: include extmod/{btstack,nimble} in code formatting
    - uncrustify: enable more opts to remove space between func and '('
    - makemanifest.py: support freezing a subdirectory recursively
    - pydfu.py: respect longer timeouts requested by DFU device/mboot
    - makemanifest.py: use errno.EEXIST instead of number 17
    - makemanifest.py: print nicely formatted errors from mpy-cross
    - pyboard.py: replace eval() of received data with alternative
    - mpy-tool.py: fix offset of line number info
    - makemanifest.py: use os.makedirs to make path for generated files
    - add new job to build and test unix coverage in 32-bit mode
    - add stm32 build in nanbox mode
    - update travis to specify which unix variant to build
    - add OSX build to CI
    - add CI job to check code formatting
    - build stm32 PYBD_SF6 with BTstack as bluetooth stack
    - run multi_net tests as part of coverage job
    - for unix tests use Makefile target instead of explicit commands
    - print errors out for OSX job
    - exclude some uasyncio tests on OSX
    - use custom PPA to get pre-built uncrustify
    - use grep with --text on qemu-arm output
    - build NUCLEO_L073RZ instead of B_L072Z_LRWAN1 for stm32 job
    - build full unix coverage build on osx job
    - build GENERIC_1M board as part of esp8266 job
    - make OSX build work again by not installing pkgconfig
    - split esp32 ESP-IDF v3 and v4 builds to separate jobs
    - decrease build duration by starting OSX build early
    - finish jobs early after test failure
    - use tools/metrics.py to compute size diff of minimal ports
    - make sure upstream/master exists when computing size-diff check
    - build more boards as part of nrf job
    - run apt commands once, to slightly speed up the CI
    - set build name so it appears in the web interfaces
    - for powerpc job, build both UART variants
    - change nrf pca10056 board to build with soft-device enabled
    - build qemu-arm with MP_ENDIANNESS_BIG=1 to test bigendian build
    - in stm32 job, build mboot for NUCLEO_WB55
    - build mboot for PYBV10 with LFS2 enabled in stm32 job
    - install newer toolchain for nrf job
    - add pca10090 build to nrf job
    - change nrf pca10056 board to build with s140 SoftDevice
    - add zephyr build to CI
    - add GitHub action to build docs
    The ports
    all ports:
    - allow overriding CROSS_COMPILE in a custom makefile
    - modify mp_hal_pin_write macro so it can be used as a function
    - add lib/libm/roundf.c to bare-metal Makefile's
    - enable error text compression for various ports, but not all
    - disable MICROPY_PY_ASSIGN_EXPR in bare-arm and minimal ports
    cc3200 port: no changes specific to this port
    esp8266 port:
    - modules: fix AttributeError in _boot.py if flash not formatted
    - modules/ntptime.py: add comment about configuring NTP host
    - put mp_keyboard_interrupt in IRAM
    - machine_pin: disable ets_loop_iter during hard IRQ handler
    - modmachine: implement machine.soft_reset()
    - README.md: add docker build instructions
    - modnetwork: add support for wlan.ifconfig('dhcp')
    - enable and freeze uasyncio
    - change from FAT to littlefs v2 as default filesystem
    - makeimg.py: print out info about RAM segments when building fw
    - machine_pin: move pin_intr_handler to iRAM, de-support hard IRQ
    - mpconfigport.h: add definitions for BEGIN/END_ATOMIC_SECTION
    - clean up Pin intr handler by moving all code to machine_pin.c
    - boards: move py/pairheap.c code from iRAM to iROM
    - esp_mphal: move most functions in esp_mphal.c from iRAM to iROM
    - uart: move a few functions from iRAM to iROM
    - boards: allow configuring btree/FAT/LFS2 support when building
    - esppwm: fix PWM glitch when setting duty on different channel
    esp32 port:
    - Makefile: assign result of $call to dummy var for older make
    - modmachine: add implementation of machine.soft_reset()
    - enable NimBLE support on all builds (IDF 3.3 and 4.0)
    - modnetwork: add max_clients kw-arg to WLAN.config for AP setting
    - Makefile: reorder includes to build with latest toolchain
    - uart: use core-provided mp_keyboard_interrupt, placed in IRAM
    - modsocket: convert EADDRINUSE error code from lwip return value
    - move to IDF 4.0 release version
    - deinitialize Bluetooth on soft reset
    - README.md: update build instructions for newer toolchain
    - modsocket: handle poll of a closed socket
    - enable and freeze uasyncio
    - README.md: fix typo in venv instructions
    - change from FAT to littlefs v2 as default filesystem
    - espneopixel: use integer arithmetic to compute timing values
    - update to ESP IDF v3.3.2
    - modesp32: add idf_heap_info(capabilities) to esp32 module
    - consolidate check_esp_err functions and add IDF error string
    - improve support for OTA updates
    - partitions: update comments in files regarding offset
    - modsocket: fix getaddrinfo to raise on error
    - machine_sdcard: add "freq" keyword arg to SDCard constructor
    - modmachine: fix machine.reset_cause to use IDF's esp_reset_reason
    - mpthreadport: fix calculation of thread stack size
    - update IDF v4.0 supported hash to v4.0.1
    - esp32_rmt: extend RMT to support carrier feature
    - esp32_rmt: call rmt_driver_install before rmt_config
    - esp32_rmt: properly fix looping behaviour of RMT
    - network_lan: add support for IP101 PHY
    - mphalport: fix mp_hal_time_ns offset
    javascript port: no changes specific to this port
    mimxrt port:
    - add new, minimal port to NXP i.MX RT series CPUs
    - add MIMXRT1010 board
    - add MIMXRT1060_EVK board
    - add initial impl of machine.LED class, and basic pin support
    - tusb_config.h: preliminary fix for TinyUSB HS endpoint overflow
    - boards: enable LED class for MIMXRT1060_EVK board
    - boards: integrate support for MIMXRT1020_EVK board
    - boards: set __heap_size__ to 0 in MIMXRT1011.ld
    minimal port:
    - make build more flexible and work as 64-bit build
    nrf port:
    - main: remove unnecessary repl_info(0) call
    - boards/common.ld: add ENTRY(Reset_Handler) in linker script
    - drivers: use mp_raise_msg where appropriate, and shorten exc msgs
    - drivers/bluetooth: fix variable initialisation error with older gcc
    - remove custom "random" module and use extmod version instead
    - Makefile: don't use -fno-builtin for Cortex-M0 builds
    - mphalport: remove need for "syntax unified" in mp_hal_delay_us
    - update to work with nrfx v2.0.0, to match TinyUSB
    - add openocd as a supported flasher
    - bluetooth: use MP_ERROR_TEXT for all error messages
    - bluetooth/ble_uart: fix implicit declaration of function
    - bluetooth: handle data length update request
    - bluetooth/ble_uart: add mp_hal_stdio_poll function
    - bluetooth/ble_uart: fix random advertisement name
    - bluetooth/ble_uart: swap end character on cooked strings
    - Makefile: disable ROM text compression when compiling for debug
    - add support for time.ticks_xxx functions using RTC1
    - enable nrf tick support on all boards by default
    - boards: add initial support for Actinius Icarus
    - nrfx_config: disable RTC2 for nRF9160 targets
    - boards: enable RTCounter machine module for nrf9160 boards
    - add board definition for nRF52840-MDK-USB-Dongle
    - split mpconfigport.h into multiple files
    - enable more features for all targets
    - Makefile: improve user C modules support
    pic16bit port: no changes specific to this port
    powerpc port:
    - fix Makefile rule when linking
    - set better default compiler
    - uart: choose which UART to use at build time, not runtime
    qemu-arm port:
    - set default board as mps2-an385 to get more flash for tests
    - README: update link to toolchain
    - support building in debug mode with DEBUG=1
    - Makefile: add CFLAGS_EXTRA to CFLAGS
    samd port:
    - fix to build with latest tinyusb
    stm32 port:
    - mbedtls: resize mbedtls output buffer from 16 down to 4 kiB
    - fix to build in nanbox mode
    - add configuration to build in nanbox mode
    - boards/PYBD: change RTC asynch prediv from 1 to 4
    - softtimer: change linear linked list to a pairing heap
    - powerctrl: for F7, allow PLLM!=HSE when setting PLLSAI to 48MHz
    - Makefile: allow a board's .mk file to add things to CFLAGS
    - boards/STM32F769DISC: add config to use external SPI as filesys
    - powerctrl: disable HSI if not needed to save a bit of power
    - powerctrl: enable overdrive on F7 when waking from stop mode
    - boards/stm32f746_af.csv: add ADC alt functions to correct pins
    - sdio: add support for H7 MCUs
    - stm32_it: don't call __HAL_USB_HS_EXTI_CLEAR_FLAG on H7 MCUs
    - powerctrl: improve support for changing system freq on H7 MCUs
    - powerctrl: reenable PLL3 on H7 MCUs when waking from stop mode
    - sdram: expose the result of sdram startup test in stm32_main
    - usbd_conf: allow boards to configure USB HS ULPI NXT/DIR pins
    - usbd_cdc_interface: remove "interrupt_char != -1" check
    - sdram: fix compile issue from unused sdram startup test flag
    - mpconfigport.h: add option to have custom help text
    - modnetwork: remove redundant call to nimble_poll in lwip poll
    - refactor bluetooth stack/hci/driver bindings
    - add bindings for BTstack implementation
    - boards/PYBD: allow building with BTstack (via make command line)
    - refactor Bluetooth HCI RX to be independent of transport layer
    - main: fix bug mounting 3rd SD partition
    - mboot: allow overriding led_init and led_state in board folder
    - mboot: update dfu state/status flags to better match standard
    - mboot: protect against invalid address flash writes
    - mboot: update LED0 state from systick handler
    - mboot: remove unnecessary test for led being 1 in led_state
    - softtimer: initialise pairing-heap node before pushing to heap
    - enable and freeze uasyncio
    - mpconfigport.h: remove unused root pointer for BTstack bindings
    - mpconfigport.h: make most extended modules configurable by board
    - boards: disable pend_throw, uheapq, utimeq on small-flash boards
    - Makefile: add missing ordering dependency on generated headers
    - storage: fix start address of second, internal block device
    - mboot/README: clarify that mboot can access FAT formatted FS only
    - mboot: expose custom DFU USB VID/PID values at makefile level
    - Makefile: rename SRC_LIB to LIB_SRC_C to match other ports
    - main: peform a clean shutdown of btstack on soft reset
    - boards/PYBD_SF2: put BTstack library in external QSPI XIP flash
    - README: reorg DFU flashing instructions with addition for PYBD
    - add support for F412 MCUs
    - boards: add board config for Nucleo-F412ZG development board
    - machine_uart: retain attached-to-repl setting when init'ing UART
    - machine_uart: allow re-init'ing a static UART object
    - modmachine: allow changing AHB and APB bus frequencies on STM32WB
    - adc: add support to pyb.ADC for STM32WB MCUs
    - machine_adc: make setting of ADC1_COMMON->CCR clearer on STM32WB
    - dma: add support for DMA on STM32WB, with SPI settings provided
    - boards/xxx_WB55: enable pyb.ADC and hardware SPI on WB55 boards
    - Makefile: quote libgcc path so spaces are not an issue
    - boards/STM32F769DISC: use macro instead of const for flash size
    - factoryreset: provide empty create-FS function when FAT disabled
    - usb: add support for 2xVCP on L0, L432 and WB MCUs
    - rfcore: leave txpower level as default when initialising rfcore
    - boards/NUCLEO_WB55: add more CPU pins and aliases to SW1/2/3
    - irq: clean up irq.h so it does not depend on core uPy defines
    - powerctrlboot: include irq.h to get definitions of IRQ priorities
    - flash: make flash C-API reusable, and funcs return an error code
    - i2cslave: add support for WB MCUs
    - flash: add flash_is_valid_addr, and extend sectors for 2MB F7
    - mboot: use flash routines from main stm32 code rather than custom
    - mboot: use CMSIS system source code for SystemInit function
    - mboot: add support for using mboot with WB MCUs
    - boards: add build-time option for NUCLEO_WB55 to use mboot
    - mboot: set VTOR on start up to ensure it has the correct value
    - mboot: use additional CFLAGS to compile string0.c
    - mpconfigport.h: enable PY_IO_FILEIO when any VFS is enabled
    - timer: support TIM1 on WB MCUs
    - boards: enable LFS2 on PYBD_SF3 and PYBD_SF6
    - mboot: don't search for firmware on FS, just attempt to open it
    - mboot: decouple stream, filesystem and top-level loading code
    - mboot: add support for littlefs
    - mboot: update README to describe WB and littlefs support
    - i2cslave: pass I2C instance to callbacks to support multi I2Cs
    - usbd_cdc_interface: remove full==size-1 limitation on tx ringbuf
    - timer: properly initialise timer deadtime/brk on WB MCUs
    - mboot: implement DFU mass erase
    - flash: update flash_get_sector_info to return -1 on invalid addr
    - mboot: add DFU logic to respond to DFU_GETSTATE request
    - mboot: remove the use of timeout in DFU_GETSTATUS
    - mboot: disable polling mode by default and use IRQ mode instead
    - fdcan: use the right FIFO to calc element address in can_receive
    - fdcan: use FDCAN_RXFxS_FxFL instead of hard-coded value
    - fdcan: support maximum timeout of HAL_MAX_DELAY in can_receive
    - pyb_can: handle timeout arg for FDCAN in pyb_can_send
    - usbdev: fix calculation of SCSI LUN size with multiple LUNs
    - pin_defs_stm32: fix pin printing to show IN mode correctly
    - powerctrl.h: include stdbool.h to get definition of bool
    teensy port: no changes specific to this port
    unix port:
    - modtime: add utime.mktime function, to complement utime.localtime
    - modos: add uos.rename and uos.rmdir
    - add build variants, analogous to boards on bare-metal
    - add placeholder DEV variant with settrace enabled
    - rename unix binaries to micropython-variant (not _variant)
    - Makefile: reserve CFLAGS_EXTRA/LDFLAGS_EXTRA for external use
    - release GIL during all system calls
    - unix_mphal: add compile check for incompatible GIL+ASYNC_KBD_INTR
    - main: print usage and NLR errors to stderr instead of stdout
    - main: add support for MICROPYINSPECT environment variable
    - main: add #if guard around -v option usage and document -i/-m opts
    - main: add command-line -h option for printing help text
    - modos: implement putenv and unsetenv to complement getenv
    - main: use OS-dependent path separator when searching path
    - Makefile: remove old variant targets that are no longer needed
    - variants/standard: fix role of PREFIX when used to install
    - Makefile: allow to install all variants of the executable
    - mpthreadport: use SIGRTMIN+5 instead of SIGUSR1 for thread-GC
    - mpthreadport: fix Mac build by using SIGUSR1 if SIGRTMIN not avail
    - mphalport.h: fix build when MICROPY_USE_READLINE=0
    - unix_mphal: adjust #if in mp_hal_stdin_rx_chr to improve format
    - file: don't raise OSError(EINVAL) on sys.stdin/out/err.flush()
    - Makefile: detect and pass thru mpy-cross flags when running tests
    - remove custom file implementation to use extmod's VFS POSIX one
    - remove custom definition of MP_PLAT_PRINT_STRN
    - coverage: init all pairheap test nodes before using them
    - enable uasyncio C helper module on coverage build
    - mpthreadport: fix crash when thread stack size <= 8k
    - implement PEP 475 to retry syscalls failing with EINTR
    - mpthreadport: ensure enough thread stack to detect overflow
    - fix behaviour of COPT/NDEBUG for unix variants
    - implement MICROPY_BEGIN/END_ATOMIC_SECTION protection macros
    - Makefile: fix regression using install on non-GNU systems
    - modmachine: add machine.idle(), implemented using sched_yield
    - add support for modbluetooth and BLE using btstack
    - enable modbluetooth on the "dev" and "coverage" variants
    - add btstack to the unix submodules list
    - main: enter REPL when inspect active, even with stdin redirected
    - btstack_usb: allow choosing adaptor via environment variable
    - make manifest selection match other ports
    - enable uasyncio on dev variant
    - variants: enable VFS and all supported filesystems on dev variant
    - make the MICROPY_xxx_ATOMIC_SECTION mutex recursive
    - fatfs_port: implement get_fattime
    - variants: fix fast and freedos variants so they build again
    - modos: support larger integer range in uos.stat fields
    windows port:
    - support word-based move/delete key sequences for REPL
    - windows_mphal: release GIL during system calls
    - improve default search path
    - msvc: fix warnings regarding function declarations
    - remove custom definition of MP_PLAT_PRINT_STRN
    - windows_mphal: fix missing semicolon
    - update genhdr.targets to match makeqstrdefs.py args
    - make appveyor.yml self-contained
    zephyr port:
    - update include paths for Zephyr v2.0
    - replace deprecated time conversion macro
    - remove reference to syscall_macros_h_target
    - implement block device protocol via zephyr disk access api
    - enable virtual file system and uos module
    - enable fatfs
    - implement block device protocol via zephyr flash map api
    - enable littlefs
    - mount a file system during init
    - enable usb mass storage class on mimxrt1050_evk
    - execute main.py file if it exists
    - update machine.Pin class to use new zephyr gpio api
    - use zephyr build system to merge configurations
    - fix and rename stacks_analyze function in zephyr module
    - fix floating point configuration
    - update for refactored zephyr device structures
    - update to new zephyr timeout API
    - convert DT_FLASH_AREA usages to new dts macros
    - increase minimum required cmake version to 3.13.1
    - use cmake find_package to locate zephyr
    - implement machine.Pin.irq() for setting callbacks on pin change
    - make-minimal: disable FAT and LFS2 options to make it build
    - include storage/flash_map.h unconditionally
    - README: update required Zephyr version and mention new features
  • v1.12-emac
    Release v1.12-emac
    Release v1.12 with EMAC specific changes. Add support for MitiPy Rev 1
  • v1.12
    PYBD boards, BLE and littlefs, dynamic native modules, samd and powerpc
    This release sees a reduction in overall bytecode size due to compression
    of the bytecode prelude, saving 7 bytes of bytecode per function for
    roughly 80% of functions.  The bytecode opcode values are also redefined to
    group them based on their argument size and format.  Support is also added
    for the matrix multiplication operator "@" (PEP 465).
    The .mpy file format moved to version 5 to support the new bytecode
    encoding, and added support for relocation of native machine code, along
    with separate rodata and BSS sections.  This allows a MicroPython system to
    import dynamic native modules, .mpy files that are generated from C code.
    Examples of this feature are provided in "examples/natmod/" and
    documentation in "docs/develop/natmod.rst".
    Some code-size saving optimisations were implemented leading to a reduction
    in size of minimal firmware: bare-arm reduced by 584 bytes, minimal x86 by
    5476 bytes (partly due to changed compiler optimisation flags) and minimal
    ARM Thumb 2 by 1440 bytes (all measured with gcc 9.2.0).
    A new mechanism to freeze scripts into firmware is provided - a frozen
    manifest - whereby scripts to freeze are listed in a Python file (eg
    manifest.py).  All ports are updated to use this new feature.
    When weak module links are enabled (via MICROPY_MODULE_WEAK_LINKS) an
    import will now automatically search for the built-in u-variant of a module
    if the non-u-variant fails (eg searches for "ufoo" if "foo" fails), so
    ports no longer provide an explicit list of these.  The unix and windows
    ports now enable this feature.
    A performance benchmarking test suite is added which can be used to compare
    changes in absolute performance when optimising features, as well as
    compare across different ports.  See "tests/run-perfbench.py".
    Bluetooth (BLE only) support is added via the "ubluetooth" module and
    provides the ability to implement the four BLE roles.  The BLE stack is
    used is Mynewt Nimble and it currently runs on PYBD boards, STM32WB55 MCUs
    and ESP32 boards.
    Support for littlefs filesystems is added through the MicroPython VFS
    interface, and it works on the unix, stm32, esp8266 and esp32 ports.
    A new "machine.ADC.read_u16()" method is defined and implemented on stm32,
    esp8266, esp32 and nrf ports, providing a consistent way to read an ADC
    that returns a value in the range 0-65535.  This new method should be
    preferred to the existing "ADC.read()" method.
    The stm32 port sees support for the new PYBD range of pyboards which
    include a fully integrated CYW43xx WiFi/BT chip.  USB is enhanced to
    support VCP+MSC+HID mode and up to 3x simultaneous VCP interfaces.  Support
    is also added for STM32WBxx MCUs including BLE.  There is a new machine.ADC
    class which is compatible with other ports, along with a new machine.Timer
    class that implements a software timer with millisecond resolution and
    number of active timers only limited by RAM.  Support for littlefs is
    available by default via uos.VfsLfs2.  Documentation for using littlefs is
    found in "docs/reference/filesystem.rst".
    The esp8266 port has switched to use per-board configurations and builds,
    as well as the new frozen manifest feature.  It also has optional littlefs
    support (requires a separate build).
    The esp32 port has the following new features: native code generation,
    machine.SDCard, hardware I2C, mDNS queries and responder, esp32.Partition,
    esp32.RMT, BLE (requires IDF v4), and built-in support for VfsLfs2.  It has
    switched to use per-board configurations and builds, and frozen manifests.
    The default SSL output buffer is resized from 16kiB down to 4kiB to save
    There are new, minimal ports to Microchip SAMDxx microcontrollers, and
    the bare metal PowerPC architecture.
    A code-of-conduct based on the PSF's code is added in CODEOFCONDUCT.md.
    The following new Git submodules are added: mbedtls, asf4, tinyusb,
    mynewt-nimble.  And a new third-party library: littlefs.
    A detailed list of changes follows.
    py core:
    - nativeglue: make private glue funs all static, remove commented code
    - nativeglue: remove dependency on mp_fun_table in dyn-compiler mode
    - obj: optimise small-int comparison to 0 in mp_obj_is_true
    - nlrthumb: save and restore VFP registers s16-s21 when CPU has them
    - mkrules.mk: use $(CPP) not $(CC) -E for preprocessor rule
    - persistentcode: fix compilation with load and save both enabled
    - persistentcode: ensure prelude_offset is always initialised
    - asmarm: use __clear_cache on Linux/GCC when creating new asm code
    - nlrthumb: check __thumb2__ instead of __ARM_ARCH_6M__
    - objgenerator: add missing #if guard for PY_GENERATOR_PEND_THROW
    - asmarm: use __builtin___clear_cache instead of __clear_cache
    - makeqstrdata.py: allow using \r\n as a qstr if a port requires it
    - scheduler: rename sched_stack to sched_queue
    - objstringio: guard bytesio_stream_p struct w/ MICROPY_PY_IO_BYTESIO
    - objdict: quote non-string types when used as keys in JSON output
    - builtinimport: populate __file__ when importing frozen or mpy files
    - runtime: allow to override builtins.__import__ with Python func
    - modio: call mp_import_name to do resource stream import
    - allow to pass in read-only buffers to viper and inline-asm funcs
    - showbc: fix off-by-one when showing address of unknown opcode
    - implement new sys.atexit feature
    - objarray: fix amount of free space in array when doing slice assign
    - modmath: implement math.isclose() for non-complex numbers
    - introduce MP_UNREACHABLE macro to annotate unreachable code
    - nlr: use MP_UNREACHABLE at the end of arch-specific nlr_jump funcs
    - compile: improve the line numbering precision for comprehensions
    - emitbc: rewrite switch in load_const_tok to reduce code size
    - emitbc: make all emit_write_bytecode_* funcs take a stack_adj arg
    - objgenerator: move defn of mp_const_GeneratorExit_obj here
    - vm: shorten error message for not-implemented opcode
    - vm: don't add traceback info for exc's propagated through a finally
    - vm: don't add traceback info for exceptions that are re-raised
    - add global default_emit_opt variable to make emit kind persistent
    - compile: improve the line numbering precision for lambdas
    - bc: factor out code to get bytecode line number info into new func
    - profile: add initial implementation of sys.settrace feature
    - integrate sys.settrace feature into the VM and runtime
    - profile: add debugging for sys.settrace feature
    - objtuple: allow compatible subclasses of tuple in mp_obj_tuple_get
    - modstruct: fix struct.unpack with unaligned offset of native type
    - modstruct: fix struct.pack_into with unaligned offset of native type
    - binary: change mp_uint_t to size_t for index, size, align args
    - bc: fix size calculation of UNWIND_JUMP opcode in mp_opcode_format
    - mkenv.mk: add GDB variable
    - vm: factor cached map lookup code to inline function
    - mkrules.mk: add QSTR_GLOBAL_REQUIREMENTS variable for qstr auto-gen
    - persistentcode: enable persistent code saving for Windows ports
    - lexer: reorder operator tokens to match corresponding binary ops
    - parse: use calculation instead of table to convert token to operator
    - compile: use calculation instead of switch to convert token to op
    - add support for matmul operator @ as per PEP 465
    - bc0: order opcodes into groups based on their size and format
    - bc: replace big opcode format table with simple macro
    - introduce and use constants for multi-opcode sizes
    - split RAISE_VARARGS opcode into 3 separate ones
    - nlr.h: factor out constants to specific macros
    - emitnative: factor sizeof/offsetof calculations to macros
    - rename MP_QSTR_NULL to MP_QSTRnull to avoid intern collisions
    - nativeglue: make mp_fun_table fixed size regardless of config
    - persistentcode: bump .mpy version to 5
    - ringbuf: add helpers for put16/get16
    - bc: change mp_code_state_t.exc_sp to exc_sp_idx
    - add n_state to mp_code_state_t struct
    - compress first part of bytecode prelude
    - rework and compress second part of bytecode prelude
    - bc: don't include mp_decode_uint funcs when not needed
    - compile: disallow 'import *' outside module level
    - makeqstrdefs.py: remove unused blacklist
    - vm: fix handling of unwind jump out of active finally
    - runtime: fix PEP479 behaviour throwing StopIteration into yield from
    - emitnative: add support for archs with windowed registers
    - emitnative: add support for using setjmp with native emitter
    - emitnative: add support for archs that cannot read executable data
    - asmxtensa: add support for Xtensa with windowed registers
    - add new Xtensa-Windowed arch for native emitter
    - persistentcode: make .mpy more compact with qstr directly in prelude
    - objtype: add type.__bases__ attribute
    - mkrules.mk: add warning/error for invalid frozen config
    - objstr: size-optimise failure path for mp_obj_str_get_buffer
    - automatically provide weak links from "foo" to "ufoo" module name
    - modarray: rename "array" module to "uarray"
    - runtime: reorder some binary ops so they don't require conditionals
    - stream.h: add MP_STREAM_POLL_NVAL constant
    - nativeglue: remove unused mp_obj_new_cell from mp_fun_table
    - objgenerator: remove globals from mp_obj_gen_instance_t
    - objgenerator: allow pend_throw to an unstarted generator
    - persistentcode: move declarations for .mpy header from .c to .h file
    - modsys: report .mpy version in sys.implementation
    - emitnative: fix typo, REG_PARENT_ARG_RET should be REG_PARENT_RET
    - emitnx86: make mp_f_n_args table match order of mp_fun_kind_t
    - objdict: support ujson.dump() of OrderedDict objects
    - ringbuf: add peek16 method
    - compile: coalesce error message for break/continue outside loop
    - builtinimport: raise exception on empty module name
    - qstr: raise exception in qstr_from_strn if str to intern is too long
    - objstringio: slightly optimize stringio_copy_on_write for code size
    - objenumerate: check for valid args in enumerate constructor
    - persistentcode: add ability to relocate loaded native code
    - nativeglue: add new header file with native function table typedef
    - nativeglue: add funcs/types to native glue table for dynamic runtime
    - persistentcode: make ARM Thumb archs support multiple sub-archs
    - nativeglue: add float new/get functions with both single and double
    - dynruntime: add support for float API to make/get floats
    - dynruntime: implement uint new/get, mp_obj_len and mp_obj_subscr
    - persistentcode: move loading of rodata/bss to before obj/raw-code
    - add network-level class binding to cyw43 driver
    - factor out makefile rules from py.mk to new extmod.mk file
    - extmod.mk: integrate mbedTLS so it is built from source
    - modussl_mbedtls: allow to build with object representation D
    - extmod.mk: include mdns app source in lwIP build
    - uos_dupterm: add mp_uos_dupterm_poll to poll all dupterms
    - moduwebsocket: make close_resp static array const to not use RAM
    - modwebrepl: make prompt/ver static arrays const to not use RAM
    - modwebrepl: add config option to put filebuf[512] on stack/bss
    - modlwip: for TCP send keep trying tcp_write if it returns ERR_MEM
    - modlwip: use mp_sched_schedule to schedule socket callbacks
    - modlwip: implement raw sockets for lwIP
    - modure: make regex dump-code debugging feature optional
    - moducryptolib: use "static" not "STATIC" for inline functions
    - give vars/funcs unique names so STATIC can be set to nothing
    - modujson: support passing bytes/bytearray to json.loads
    - crypto-algorithms: add source to header and populate copyright
    - vfs_posix: include stdio.h for declaration of function 'rename'
    - nimble: add nimble bindings
    - modbluetooth: add low-level Python BLE API
    - modbluetooth_nimble: implement modbluetooth API with Nimble
    - modbluetooth_nimble: use random addr if public isn't available
    - modbluetooth: allow MP_BLUETOOTH_MAX_ATTR_SIZE in board config
    - modbluetooth: allow config of scan interval/window
    - modbluetooth: use us instead of ms for advertising interval
    - modbluetooth: increase maximum connections from 1 to 4
    - modbluetooth: clear gap_advertise payload when data is empty
    - modbluetooth: fix order of params to IRQ_GATTS_WRITE event
    - modbluetooth: improve ringbuf handling
    - modbluetooth: make gap_disconnect not raise when disconnected
    - modbluetooth: in gap_advertise only accept None to stop adv
    - re1.5: support escaping within RE classes
    - modbluetooth: make UUID support the buffer protocol
    - modbluetooth: persist reference to NimBLE service instances
    - modbluetooth_nimble: use `data_alloc` length to truncate writes
    - modbluetooth: rename module to "ubluetooth"
    - factor out block-device struct to make independent of fatfs
    - vfs_blockdev: factor out block device interface code
    - vfs_blockdev: add extended read/write methods
    - add VFS littlefs bindings
    - vfs: rename BP_IOCTL_xxx constants to MP_BLOCKDEV_IOCTL_xxx
    - vfs: add MP_BLOCKDEV_IOCTL_BLOCK_ERASE constant
    - modbluetooth: add gatts_set_buffer
    - vfs_lfs: allow compiling in VfsLfs1 and VfsLfs2 separately
    - modlwip: unconditionally return POLLHUP when polling new socket
    - modlwip: make socket poll return POLLNVAL in case of bad file
    - modlwip: unconditionally return POLLHUP/POLLERR when polling
    - modussl_mbedtls: fix getpeercert to return None if no cert avail
    - modussl_mbedtls: check for invalid key/cert data
    - nimble: remove unneeded nimble_sprintf wrapper function
    - nimble: factor out stm32-specific HCI UART RX/TX code
    - modbtree: make FILEVTABLE const to put it in ROM
    - convert nlr_raise(mp_obj_new_exception_msg(x)) to mp_raise_msg(x)
    - vfs: add autodetect of littlefs filesystem when mounting
    - consolidate FAT FS config to MICROPY_VFS_FAT across all ports
    - modbluetooth: prioritise non-scan-result events
    - modbluetooth: create UUID from bytes and allow comparison ops
    - modbluetooth_nimble: make gap_scan_stop no-op if no scan ongoing
    - modbluetooh_nimble: fix UUID conversion for 16 and 32 bit values
    - modbluetooth: simplify management of pre-allocated event data
    - vfs_lfs: pass flag along to ioctl when init'ing bdev for lfs
    - vfs_lfs: fix bug when passing no args to constructor and mkfs
    - modbluetooth: simplify how BLE IRQ callback is scheduled
    - modbluetooth: remove limit on data coming from gattc data input
    - modbluetooth: add optional 4th arg to gattc_write for write mode
    - modbluetooth: allow setting ringbuf size via BLE.config(rxbuf=)
    - modbtree: use mp_printf instead of printf
    - add dynamic-runtime guards to btree/framebuf/uheapq/ure/uzlib
    - webrepl: move webrepl scripts to common place and use manifest
    - cmsis: upgrade to CMSIS 5.5.1
    - netutils: add DHCP server component
    - add new submodule for mbedtls, currently at v2.17.0
    - utils/sys_stdio_mphal: add support to poll sys.stdin and sys.stdout
    - add asf4 as a submodule
    - add tinyusb as a submodule
    - stm32lib: update library for updated H7xx, new L0xx, new WBxx
    - lwip: update lwIP to v2.1.2, tag STABLE-2_1_2_RELEASE
    - mynewt-nimble: add Apache mynewt nimble as a submodule
    - littlefs: add littlefs v1.7.2 source
    - littlefs: add littlefs v2.1.3 source
    - littlefs: add README describing origin and how to gen lfs1/lfs2
    - libc/string0: add simple implementations of strspn and strcspn
    - add driver for CYW43xx WiFi SoCs
    - memory/spiflash: add support to put SPI flash in sleep mode
    - cyw43: add low-level CYW43xx Bluetooth HCI UART driver
    - onewire/ds18x20.py: add support for DS1822 sensor
    - sdcard: raise exception on timeout of readinto
    - wiznet5k: allow selecting maximum fixed buffer size for MACRAW
    - mpy-tool.py: fix linking qstrs in native code, and multiple files
    - mpy-tool.py: fix linking of qstr objects in native ARM Thumb code
    - add uf2conv.py from Microsoft/uf2 repository
    - pyboard.py: add filesystem commands to ls/cat/cp/rm remote files
    - mpy-tool.py: force native func alignment to halfword/word on ARM
    - mpy-tool.py: add initial support for frozen with settrace
    - mpy-tool.py: fix freezing of non-bytecode funcs with settrace
    - make-frozen.py: allow to run with no directory passed in
    - add mechanism to provide a manifest of frozen files
    - makemanifest.py: eval relative paths w.r.t. current manifest file
    - mpy-tool.py: use "@progbits #" attribute for native xtensa code
    - makemanifest.py: follow symlinks when freezing linked directories
    - makemanifest.py: skip freezing unsupported files with warning
    - makemanifest.py: use sys.executable when invoking Python scripts
    - mpy-tool.py: support qstr linking when freezing Xtensa native mpy
    - mpy-tool.py: add ability to merge multiple .mpy files into one
    - mpy_ld.py: add new mpy_ld.py tool and associated build files
    - mpy-tool.py: raise exception if trying to freeze relocatable mpy
    - pyboard.py: support executing .mpy files directly
    - tinytest-codegen.py: add extra newline and result message
    - rename "bench" tests to "internal_bench" and run-internalbench.py
    - add performance benchmarking test-suite framework
    - perf_bench: add some benchmarks from python-performance
    - perf_bench: add some miscellaneous performance benchmarks
    - perf_bench: add some viper performance benchmarks
    - stress/recursive_iternext.py: increase large depth to 5000
    - run-perfbench.py: add --emit option to select emitter for tests
    - add tests for overriding builtins.__import__
    - misc/sys_atexit: add test for new sys.atexit feature
    - unix: update extra_coverage expected output with new atexit func
    - extmod: split json.loads of bytes/bytearray into separate test
    - split out test for optimisation level and line-no printing
    - add tests for sys.settrace feature
    - basics: add test for matmul operator
    - update tests for changes to opcode ordering
    - micropython: add test for native generators
    - basics: add test for getting name of func with closed over locals
    - basics: add test for throw into yield-from with normal return
    - perf_bench: add bm_fft test
    - run-perfbench.py: show error when truth check fails
    - run-perfbench.py: skip complex tests if target doesn't enable it
    - cpydiff: fix typo in types_bytes_keywords.py doc comments
    - rename "array" module to "uarray"
    - extmod: add littlefs tests
    - extmod: add test for blockdev with standard and extended protocol
    - basics: use str.format instead of % for formatting messages
    - basics/builtin_dir.py: look for "version" in dir(sys)
    - add feature check for bytearray and skip corresponding tests
    - basics: split out specific bytearray tests to separate files
    - basics: use bytes not bytearray when checking user buffer proto
    - add feature check for slice and skip corresponding tests
    - basics: split out specific slice tests to separate files
    - run-tests: add misc list of tests that use slice, to skip them
    - basics: automatically skip tests that use str/bytes modulo-format
    - add feature check for uio module and skip corresponding tests
    - basics: split sys.exit test to separate file so it can be skipped
    - extmod: add test for ussl when passing in key/cert params
    - stress: add test for maximum length limit of qstrs
    - import: add test for importing viper code with additional flags
    - add script to run dynamic-native-module tests
    - add .exp files for basics/parser and import/import_override
    - stress/qstr_limit: tune params to run with stm32 port
    - basics/memoryview_itemsize: make portable to 32- and 64-bit archs
    - extmod/vfs_lfs_error: use small ints in seek error test
    - pyb: refactor pyboard tests to work on PYBv1, PYBLITEv1 and PYBD
    - do not automatically build mpy-cross, rather do it manually
    - main: only accept full emit cmdline options if native enabled
    - make mpconfigport.h compatible with msvc compiler
    - add msvc build of mpy-cross
    - set number of registers in nlr_buf_t based on native arch
    - enable Xtensa-Windowed native emitter
    - support armv7em, armv7emsp, armv7emdp architectures
    - README.md: add notes about -march and -O
    all ports:
    - provide mp_hal_stdio_poll for sys.stdio polling where needed
    - add new make target "submodules" which inits required modules
    minimal port:
    - use soft float for CROSS=1 Cortex-M4 target
    - frozentest: recompile now that mpy version has changed
    - set CSUPEROPT=-Os to get minimal firmware size
    unix port:
    - mpconfigport.mk: update comment about TLS implementations
    - unix_mphal: use CLOCK_MONOTONIC for ticks_ms/us when available
    - enable sys.atexit, triggered after the main script ends
    - main: only accept full emit cmd-line options if native enabled
    - coverage: add coverage tests for ringbuf
    - convert to use FROZEN_MANIFEST to specify frozen code
    - enable module weak links
    - enable uos.VfsLfs1, uos.VfsLfs2 on coverage build
    - modtermios: fix output speed setter in tcsetattr
    windows port:
    - mpconfigport.h: define empty MP_WEAK symbol
    - mpconfigport.h: don't define restrict/inline/alignof for C++
    - msvc: treat compiler warnings as errors
    - Makefile: make use of CFLAGS_EXTRA, LDFLAGS_EXTRA and SRC_MOD
    - msvc: remove unneeded definitions for qstr generation
    - msvc: move build options from .vcxproj to .props files
    - msvc: enable overriding directories used in the build
    - msvc: change the way sources are listed
    - default to binary mode for files
    - enable module weak links
    qemu-arm port:
    - add testing of frozen native modules
    - convert to use FROZEN_MANIFEST to specify frozen code
    - add ldscript dependency in the final firmware.elf target
    - let tinytest.o be built by standard build rules
    - Makefile: allow overriding CROSS_COMPILE from another makefile
    stm32 port:
    - usb: refactor CDC VCP code to enable N CDC interfaces
    - usb: support up to 3 VCP interfaces on USB device peripheral
    - boards/make-pins.py: allow pins.csv to skip or hide board-pin name
    - boards/pllvalues.py: search nested headers for HSx_VALUE defines
    - boards: add board definition files for PYBD -SF2, -SF3, -SF6
    - modpyb: add pyb.country() function to set the country
    - extint: add extint_set() function for internal C access to EXTI
    - mphalport: add support for having MAC in OTP region
    - add low-level SDIO interface for cyw43 driver
    - integrate in the cyw43 driver and network.WLAN class
    - boards/PYBD_SFx: enable CYW43 WLAN driver
    - modnetwork: replace generic netif NIC polling with specific code
    - integrate optional mbedTLS component for ussl module
    - boards/PYBD_SFx: enable ussl module using mbedTLS
    - support optional lwIP mDNS responder
    - lwip_inc: update to enable mDNS, TCP listen backlog, faster DHCP
    - usbd_msc: rework USBD MSC code to support multiple logical units
    - usbd_msc: provide custom irquiry processing by MSC interface
    - usbd_msc: provide Mode Sense response data in MSC interface
    - usb: use ARG_xxx enums to access kw args in pyb_usb_mode
    - usb: add "msc" kw-arg to pyb.usb_mode to select MSC logical units
    - usbd_msc: allow to compile when USB enabled and SD card disabled
    - in link script, define start of stack separately from heap end
    - boards: enable ussl module via mbedtls for boards with network
    - Makefile: print info messages about use of mboot/QSPI flash
    - enter bootloader via a system reset
    - boards/pllvalues.py: support HSx_VALUE defined without uint32_t
    - boards: add stm32??xx_hal_conf_base.h files with common settings
    - boards: rework all stm32??xx_hal_conf.h files to use common code
    - usb: fix regression with auto USB PID value giving PID=0xffff
    - boards: optimise flash and RAM allocation for L4 boards
    - mpu: add helper functions for configuring MPU
    - eth: use MPU helper functions to configure MPU for ETH use
    - sdram: use MPU helper functions to configure MPU for SDRAM use
    - qspi: use MPU to allow access to valid memory-mapped QSPI region
    - qspi: force a reset of the QSPI peripheral when initialising it
    - qspi: handle bus acquisition
    - powerctrl: add hooks for a board to perform actions on sleep/wake
    - boards/PYBD_SFx: put SPI flash to sleep during sleep modes
    - mpconfigport.h: enable useful networking modules if lwIP enabled
    - usb: add support to auto-detect USB interface, either FS or HS
    - usb: add "port" keyword argument to pyb.usb_mode, to select FS/HS
    - spi: factor out code to calculate SPI source frequency
    - extint: simplify bitband support config for different MCUs
    - modmachine: make RTC class available in machine module
    - boards/PYBD_SF2: put mbedtls library code in external QSPI flash
    - update components to work with new H7xx HAL
    - Makefile: remove Wno-attributes for ll_usb HAL file
    - Makefile: use startup_stm32*.s file from stm32lib
    - boards: remove startup_stm32*.s files now they are in stm32lib
    - mpu: include MPU functions when ETH is enabled
    - lwip_inc: define LWIP_NO_CTYPE_H=1 to use lwIP ctype funcs
    - modmachine: disable IRQs before entering bootloader
    - boards/PYBD_SFx: configure EN_3V3 pin as output on boot
    - sdcard: add hook for a board to power on SD/MMC
    - boards/PYBD_SFx: automatically turn on EN_3V3 when powering SD/MMC
    - add initial support for STM32L0xx MCUs
    - boards: add MCU support files for STM32L072
    - mpconfigport.h: make "framebuf" module configurable by a board
    - boards/NUCLEO_L073RZ: add definition files for new board
    - powerctrl: move L0's SystemClock_Config to powerctrlboot.c file
    - powerctrl: move F0's SystemClock_Config to powerctrlboot.c
    - remove SystemInit funcs, use stm32lib versions instead
    - boards/NUCLEO_F446RE: enable DAC
    - add support for STM32L452 MCUs
    - boards/NUCLEO_L452RE: add definition files for new board
    - boards/NUCLEO_F413ZH: remove STARTUP_FILE, it's defined globally
    - mboot: make _estack an array to avoid compiler warnings
    - mboot: remove use of BSRRL/H for H7 MCUs due to stm32lib update
    - mboot: use STARTUP_FILE from stm32lib
    - mboot: update dependencies to enable parallel build with -j
    - boards/B_L072Z_LRWAN1: add definition files for new board
    - gccollect: always use MP_STATE_THREAD(stack_top) to get stack top
    - usb: add config options to disable USB MSC and/or HID
    - usbd_cdc_interface: make CDC TX/RX buffer sizes configurable
    - add support for USB on L0 MCUs
    - powerctrlboot: increase SYSCLK to 32MHz for L0 MCUs
    - mphalport: fix GPIO clock enable for L0 MCUs
    - Makefile: allow a board to disable float support
    - boards/B_L072Z_LRWAN1: enable USB VCP support
    - boards/STM32F769DISC: fix length of FLASH_APP section
    - make-stmconst.py: allow more variation in parens and int-suffix L
    - add initial support for STM32WBxx MCUs
    - boards: add MCU support files for STM32WB55
    - boards/NUCLEO_WB55: add definition files for new board
    - boards/USBDONGLE_WB55: add definition files for new board
    - flashbdev: support internal filesystem on STM32F722/23/32/33
    - boards/stm32f722.ld: provide memory regions for internal FS
    - boards/NUCLEO_F722ZE: add definition files for new board
    - dma: fix re-start of DMA stream by clearing all event flags
    - usbd_hid_interface: rewrite USB HID interface code
    - boards/xxx_WB55: enable USB HID now that it works on WB MCUs
    - usbd_hid_interface: include extra header to build with threading
    - lwip_inc: enable raw socket type
    - mpconfigport.h: enable lwIP raw sockets
    - sdcard: support configuring the SD/MMC bus width to 1 or 4 bits
    - modpyb: support building with PY_PYB_LEGACY on and HW_USB_HID off
    - usbd: introduce MICROPY_HW_USB_IS_MULTI_OTG to simplify USB config
    - usbd: support USB device mode on STM32L432 MCUs
    - boards/NUCLEO_L432KC: add config for USB VCP support
    - usbd: make USB device FIFO sizes dynamically configurable
    - i2c: fix generation of restart condition for hw I2C on F0/F7
    - mphalport: put PYBD specific MAC code in board specific file
    - mboot/Makefile: define "BUILDING_MBOOT" when building mboot
    - boards/PYBD_SF2: exclude certain things when building mboot
    - extint: fix EXTI mapping of PVD and RTC events for H7 MCUs
    - stm32_it: include correct EXTI interrupt handlers for L0 MCUs
    - dma: fix DMA config for L0 MCUs
    - powerctrl: fix machine.bootloader() for L0 MCUs
    - machine_adc: add machine.ADC class
    - machine_adc: improve operation of ADC for H7, L4 and WB MCUs
    - boards/stm32wb55_af.csv: fix ADC pin-channel function mapping
    - mboot: support boards with only two LEDs
    - boards/NUCLEO_L073RZ: fix typo in MCU name
    - boards/MIKROE_CLICKER2_STM32: add MikroElektronika Clicker2 board
    - boards/STM32F769DISC: fix number of SDRAM row bits
    - board/NUCLEO_F746ZG: enable Ethernet periph, lwip and ussl
    - usb: add support for VCP+MSC+HID mode, incl 2xVCP and 3xVCP
    - usb: verify number of used endpoints doesn't exceed maximum
    - lwip_inc: allocate additional MEMP_SYS_TIMEOUT when mDNS enabled
    - lwip_inc: enable LWIP_NETIF_EXT_STATUS_CALLBACK for mDNS
    - machine_adc: fix build for F4 and L4 MCUs that only have ADC1
    - modusocket: fix NULL deref when accept() an unbound socket
    - machine_i2c: add ability to specify I2C(4) by name
    - can: factor CAN driver into low-level and Python bindings
    - add support for FDCAN peripheral, exposed as pyb.CAN
    - boards/NUCLEO_H743ZI: enable FDCAN on this board
    - use mp_printf with MICROPY_ERROR_PRINTER for uncaught exceptions
    - can: guard header file by MICROPY_HW_ENABLE_CAN
    - usbd_cdc_interface: add CTS flow control option for USB VCP
    - support disabling the compiler
    - powerctrlboot: fix clock and PLL selection for HSI48 on F0 MCUs
    - powerctrlboot: add support for HSI at 8MHz on F0 MCUs
    - uart: add RTS/CTS pin configuration support to UART4
    - provide port-specific implementation for Nimble on STM32
    - mpconfigport.h: add modbluetooth module to stm32
    - boards/PYBD: enable BLE for Pyboard D
    - system_stm32: support selection of HSE and LSI on L4 MCUs
    - boards: enable MICROPY_HW_RTC_USE_LSE on L4 boards
    - {adc,machine_adc}: change ADC clock and sampling time for F0 MCUs
    - usbdev: fix compile error if MICROPY_HW_USB_CDC_NUM is set to 2
    - boards/PYBD_SF2: put nimble library in external QSPI XIP flash
    - extract port-specific Nimble implementation
    - mboot: add option to automatically reset when USB is disconnected
    - sdcard: support boards with no SD card detect pin
    - use hardware double sqrt on F7/H7 MCUs
    - boards: add new board ADAFRUIT_F405_EXPRESS
    - convert to use FROZEN_MANIFEST to specify frozen code
    - adc: update ADC driver to work with the new H7 HAL
    - adc: remove unused macro and channel check, and fix spacing
    - adc: use IS_CHANNEL_INTERNAL macro to check for internal channels
    - adc: fix sampling for internal channels on H7 MCUs
    - mpu: save and restore the IRQ state when configuring MPU
    - accel: rename MMA I2C macro constants to make it generic
    - accel: add support for KXTJ3
    - boards: add NADHAT_PYB405 board
    - accel: fix Accel.read() method so it does read a byte
    - powerctrlboot: fix config of systick IRQ priority on F0/L0/WB MCU
    - sdram: fix to use new mpu_config_start/mpu_config_end signature
    - Makefile: only enable hardware sqrt on parts that support it
    - timer: fix Timer.freq() calc so mult doesn't overflow uint32_t
    - add soft timer implementation, using SysTick at 1ms resolution
    - add machine.Timer with soft timer implementation
    - add support for RF coprocessor on WB55 MCUs
    - boards: enable support for bluetooth on WB55 boards
    - mpthreadport: include runtime.h to get defn of mp_raise_msg
    - boards/stm32f405_af.csv: fix typo in ETH_RMII_REF_CLK on PA1
    - nimble_hci_uart.c: prevent scheduler running during CYW-BT wakeup
    - generalise flash mounting code so it supports arbitrary FS
    - storage: make pyb.Flash configurable, and support ext block proto
    - main: auto detect block device used for main filesystem
    - moduos: add VfsLfs1 and VfsLfs2 to uos module, if enabled
    - boards: enable LFS2 on PYBv1.x and PYBD boards
    - storage: change storage_read/write_blocks to return int type
    - storage: make start/len args of pyb.Flash keyword only
    - qstrdefsport.h: remove unused qstrs and make USB ones conditional
    - boards/NUCLEO_L073RZ: skip board-pin names for CPU only pins
    - main: fix auto creation of pyb.Flash on boot with kw-only args
    - mpconfigport.h: use IRQ_PRI_PENDSV to protect bluetooth ringbuf
    - uart: add support for UART4/5 on L0 MCUs
    - boards/xxx_WB55: enable littlefs2 on WB55 boards
    - main: fix SKIPSD file detection so SD card is mounted by default
    - Makefile: enable max buffer size on W5200 NIC when used with lwIP
    - modusocket: handle case of NULL NIC in socket ioctl
    - boards/PYBD_SF2: configure LEDs as inverted, for LED.intensity()
    - boards/NUCLEO_F767ZI: add pins and config for using an SD card
    - boards/NUCLEO_F767ZI: update pins, peripherals and total flash
    - boards/NUCLEO_H743ZI: add extra pins and peripheral definitions
    - timer: add missing TIM 1/15/16/17 IRQ handlers for H7 MCUs
    - boards/PYBD: include webrepl helper scripts in frozen manifest
    esp8266 port:
    - uart: fix invalid ringbuf name when event driven REPL enabled
    - provide custom machine_time_pulse_us that feeds soft WDT
    - mpconfigport.h: enable lwIP raw sockets
    - machine_uart: allow remapping UART TX/RX pins from 1/3 to 15/13
    - put new profile code in iROM
    - machine_adc: rename pyb_adc_* to machine_adc_*
    - machine_adc: add read_u16 method and refactor
    - add per-board configs, following other ports
    - modules/ntptime.py: always close socket, and set day-of-week
    - convert to use FROZEN_MANIFEST to specify frozen code
    - allow building without a manifest
    - boards: add manifest_release.py with files for a release
    - modules/flashbdev.py: support extended block protocol
    - moduos: add optional support for VfsLfs1 and VfsLfs2
    esp32 port:
    - machine_timer: reuse Timer handles, deallocate only on soft-reset
    - add machine.SDCard class using built-in HW SD/MMC controller
    - update to use ESP IDF v3.3-beta3
    - modnetwork: still try to reconnect to WLAN even with AUTH_FAIL
    - Makefile: include all driver/*.c source files in the build
    - network_ppp: add ppp_set_usepeerdns(pcb, 1) when init'ing iface
    - add support for hardware I2C
    - Makefile: fix path expansion for ESPIDF_DRIVER_O
    - Makefile: put OBJ and LIB rule additions in gen_espidf_lib_rule
    - Makefile: simplify include of IDF source by using wildcards
    - pin MicroPython tasks to a specific core
    - Makefile: include CFLAGS_EXTRA in CFLAGS definition
    - network_ppp: add authentication support to the PPP interface
    - add support for mDNS queries and responder
    - modules: on initial setup mount internal flash at root
    - add per-board configs, following other ports
    - add esp32.Partition class to expose partition and OTA funcs
    - add 'config' function to network.LAN, reusing network.WLAN
    - Makefile: fix subst->patsubst in ESPIDF_BOOTLOADER_SUPPORT_O
    - machine_adc: add ADC.read_u16() method
    - update to use ESP IDF v3.3
    - boards/TINYPICO: switch to use QIO and 80MHz for SPI interface
    - add VFS FAT partition to partitions.csv and mount it as the FS
    - add support for ESP32-D2WD with 2MiB internal flash
    - modules/inisetup.py: use bdev.ioctl instead of bdev.SEC_SIZE
    - support building with ESP IDF 4.0-beta1
    - add check to Makefile for pyparsing version
    - add check to Makefile that the toolchain is in PATH
    - main: use both 3.3 and 4.0 config vars to enable SPIRAM
    - Makefile: fix printing of supported git hash
    - enable native emitter
    - implement BLE using Nimble from IDF 4.x
    - boards: enable BLE by default when building with IDF 4.x
    - add 4.x version of IDLE WDT config
    - run NimBLE on the app core
    - convert to use FROZEN_MANIFEST to specify frozen code
    - machine_uart: add ability to invert UART pins
    - boards: split out CPU frequency config, make 160MHz the default
    - machine_hw_spi: fix exception msg when host is already in use
    - Makefile: add correct arch to MPY_CROSS_FLAGS for native code
    - remove unused "esponewire.c" in favour of extmod/modonewire
    - esp32_partition: support extended block protocol
    - moduos: enable uos.VfsLfs2 for littlefs filesystems
    - boards/sdkconfig.base: resize SSL output buffer from 16 to 4kiB
    - rtc: set system microseconds when setting time via RTC.datetime()
    - machine_rtc: make RTC.memory size and availability configurable
    - machine_rtc: reduce memory footprint of user mem functionality
    - boards: enable ULP in base sdk configuration
    - boards/TINYPICO: add tinypico.py, dotstar.py with custom manifest
    - esp32_rmt: add initial support for RMT peripheral
    javascript port:
    - enable support for frozen bytecode via FROZEN_MPY_DIR
    nrf port:
    - led: adjust how board LEDs are defined
    - clean up source by removing tabs, trailing spaces, non-ASCII chars
    - machine/adc: add ADC.read_u16() method
    - add ADC channel mapping to alt function table
    - machine/adc: allow to pass a Pin object in to ADC constructor
    - machine/adc: fix mapping of ADC channel to pin
    - boards/make-pins.py: fix gen of board pins to use correct index
    - Makefile: add support for flashing with a Black Magic Probe
    - boards: add Particle Xenon board configuration (an nRF52840)
    - boards: add board definition for uBlox Nina B1 series BLE modules
    - i2c: add support for TWIM (EasyDMA)
    - temp: move module configuration guard
    - uart: add support for UARTE (EasyDMA)
    - flash: update flash driver to use nrfx_nvmc driver
    - led: expose public API for LED manipulation
    - main: update the way the LED is used on startup
    - add support to activate MICROPY_PY_SYS_STDFILES
    - device: correct SPIM3 IRQ handler entry for nrf52840
    - add tinyusb support for nrf52840
    - boards: add support for pca10059
    - add nrf9160 base support
    - boards: add nrf9160 pca10090 board
    - main: execute boot.py/main.py frozen modules without a file system
    - boards/particle_xenon: enable USB CDC on Particle Xenon board
    powerpc port:
    - add initial port to bare metal PowerPC arch
    samd port:
    - add new port to Microchip SAMDxx microcontrollers
    - make common linker scripts, rename board.mk to mpconfigboard.mk
    - boards: add Adafruit Feather M0 Express board configuration
    - boards: add Mini SAM M4 board configuration
    - add minimum config for Atmel SAMD21-XPLAINED-PRO board
    zephyr port:
    - main: use mp_stack API instead of local pointer for stack top
    - machine: add initial docs for new machine.SDCard class
    - library/framebuf: add missing module reference in example code
    - library/sys: add documentation for sys.atexit function
    - pyboard: update name of mounted volume to match code
    - pyboard: clarify initial files on pyboard and fix up formatting
    - library: document that sys.version_info returns a 3-tuple only
    - pyboard: emphasize the instructions for making a USB mouse
    - reference/speed_python: update that read-only buffers are accepted
    - reference/speed_python: add missing self to var caching example
    - library/pyb.DAC.rst: correct frequency for triangle mode output
    - rename machine.ADC docs to machine.ADCWiPy
    - library: specify new machine.ADC class
    - library/pyb.rst: update docs for pyb.usb_mode() function
    - library/pyb.rst: update pyb.usb_mode() to mention VCP+MSC+HID
    - library/pyb.USB_VCP.rst: add info about id and flow params
    - develop/qstr.rst: add documentation for string interning
    - library/bluetooth: add initial BLE documentation
    - reference/glossary.rst: add new terms and reduce complexity of old
    - library/bluetooth.rst: clarify gap_advertise adv_data behavior
    - library/bluetooth.rst: explain how to increase char buffer size
    - library/bluetooth.rst: fix typo in HR/UART services example
    - esp8266/tutorial: make http_get sample function self contained
    - library: clarify relation between machine and port-specific mods
    - esp8266: add ntptime usage to esp8266 quickref
    - fix spelling in various parts of the docs
    - wipy/tutorial: link Blynk examples to the official library
    - library: rename "array" module to "uarray"
    - library/bluetooth: rename to "ubluetooth"
    - move ubluetooth under "MicroPython-specific libraries"
    - library: add documentation for extended block device protocol
    - library/ubluetooth: add docs for gatts_set_buffer
    - conf.py: fix path to favicon.ico
    - templates/topindex.html: replace usage of deprecated defindex.html
    - library/machine.SDCard.rst: fix various typos
    - library/ubluetooth: fix name and link to FLAG_xxx constants
    - reference: add docs describing use of pyboard.py
    - library: add docs for pyb.Flash class
    - add littlefs docs and a filesystem tutorial
    - reference/filesystem: fix typo in block device code example
    - reference/filesystem: add note and example about using filesystem
    - library/ubluetooth: add note about API being under development
    - library/uos: add notes and links about littlefs failures
    - library/uos.rst: clarify why the extended interface exists
    - esp8266/quickref: add note that machine.RTC is not fully supported
    - reference: add documentation describing use of .mpy files
    - develop: add documentation on how to build native .mpy modules
    - esp32: add quickref and full docs for esp32.RMT class
    - build PYBD_SF2 board as part of the stm32 job
    - selectively fetch git submodules only when needed
    - build esp8266 firmware as part of Travis CI
    - build esp32 firmware as part of Travis CI
    - enable performance benchmark tests on standard unix build
    - add samd port to Travis build
    - build stm32 mboot for PYBD_SF6 as part of CI
    - switch unix stackless build to use clang
    - build an stm32 board with threading enabled to test it with CI
    - add new job to test unix port with sys.settrace enabled
    - add ESP32 build with IDF v4
    - build more stm32 boards to cover all supported MCUs
    - build unix nanbox with PYTHON=python2
    - add BLE submodules to ESP32 IDF4 build
    - add esp8266 GENERIC_512K build to CI
    - use "make submodules" to init required modules for each port
    - add job to build and test unix minimal port
    - add tests for building and importing dynamic native modules
    - build urandom native module in coverage job
    - bluetooth: add basic BLE peripheral examples
    - bluetooth: use UUIDs directly to add services to adv payload
    - bluetooth/ble_uart_peripheral.py: add usage demo
    - embedding: replace symlink of mpconfigport.h with real file
    - bluetooth/ble_uart_peripheral: use append mode for RX char
    - embedding: remove obsolete fatfs files from build
    - bluetooth: add helpers for decoding advertising payloads
    - bluetooth: add example for reading temperature sensor
    - natmod: add btree example
    - natmod: add uheapq example
    - natmod: add uzlib example
    - natmod: add framebuf example
    - natmod: add ure example
    - natmod: add features1 and features2 examples
    - natmod: add urandom native module example
    - network: add testing key/cert to SSL HTTP server example
    - natmod: add very simple features0 example to compute factorial
    - top: add CODEOFCONDUCT.md document based on the PSF code of conduct
    - gitignore: put build-*/ pattern in top-level gitignore file
    - gitattributes: mark *.a files as binary
  • v1.11-emac
    Release v1.11-emac
    Release v1.11 with EMAC specific changes.
  • v1.11
    Improved mpy format with support for native code, and new JavaScript port
    In this release the mpy file format has been moved to version 4 and has
    some significant improvements: mpy file size is reduced on average by about
    35%, loading time of mpy files is reduced by about 40%, and they now have
    support to save native, viper and inline assembler code (or machine code
    generated from any other source).  Size reduction of mpy files was achieved
    by adding a qstr window to reuse past qstrs when encoding them, by packing
    qstrs directly in the bytecode, and by defining a static qstr set.
    Some VM opcodes were also changed to fix a bug when doing a break/continue
    out of a finally block, and to make some simplifications.  In particular
    POP_BLOCK and POP_EXCEPT opcodes were replaced with POP_EXCEPT_JUMP.
    Most uppercase macros have been converted to lowercase to make a more
    consistent C API, including all MP_OBJ_IS_xxx and MP_xxx_SLOT_IS_FILLED
    The default PYTHON makefile variable is now changed from "python" to
    "python3", but Python 2 is still supported via "make PYTHON=python2".
    The mpy-cross compiler supports the new mpy version 4 and has new command
    line options: "-march=<arch>" to select the native emitter, and "--version"
    to print the MicroPython version and the mpy version.  Also mpy-tool.py has
    support for freezing native code.
    A module system for external, user C modules has been implemented and
    documentation for this is available in the new "docs/develop" section.
    A new "javascript" port has been added which targets JavaScript as the
    machine via Emscripten.  This allows to run MicroPython as an application
    within node.js, and to run it within a browser (among other things).
    All bare-metal ports have the following improvements: machine.sleep() is
    now machine.lightsleep(), and both lightsleep() and deepsleep() now take an
    optional argument which is the maximum time to sleep in milliseconds.
    These ports also now allow freezing of boot.py and main.py using the usual
    methods.  And a new I2C method i2c.writevto(addr, vect) is added which can
    be used to write a tuple/list of buffers all at once to an I2C device.
    The stm32 port now has a fully integrated Ethernet MAC driver (see the
    network.LAN class) using lwIP for the TCP/IP stack, and sockets were made
    significantly more robust.  Support for F413 MCUs was added.  There are
    also some minor user-facing changes to this port:
    - machine.UART (and pyb.UART) now defaults to timeout=0 (was 1000ms) which
      gives UARTs a non-blocking behaviour.
    - The USB REPL is now configurable using uos.dupterm, and by default
      pyb.USB_VCP(0) is put on dupterm slot 1 before boot.py is executed.  To
      disable the default REPL use: uos.dupterm(None, 1).
    - pyb.DAC(id) will now only reset the DAC the first time it is called; to
      get the old behaviour pass the bits parameter like: pyb.DAC(id, bits).
    - pyb.DAC.noise() and pyb.DAC.triangle() now output at full scale.
    - The system will not recreate boot.py if it's missing (it will only create
      it if the filesystem is corrupt, or when doing a factory reset).
    For the esp32 port, the build process has been updated to align better with
    the ESP IDF and now uses sdkconfig to configure features.  Dual core mode
    is now enabled by default, SPIRAM is in memory-mapped mode so all of it can
    be used for the MicroPython heap, there is support to change the CPU
    frequency, and the WDT now panics and resets the device if it times out.
    A detailed list of changes follows.
    py core:
    - remove calls to file reader functions when these are disabled
    - add optional support for 2-argument version of built-in next()
    - compile: swap order of pop_block/pop_except in "except as" handler
    - warning: support categories for warnings
    - builtinhelp: only print help re FS modules if external import enabled
    - downcase all MP_OBJ_IS_xxx macros to make a more consistent C API
    - downcase MP_xxx_SLOT_IS_FILLED inline functions
    - mkenv.mk: change default PYTHON variable from "python" to "python3"
    - qstr: evaluate find_qstr only once then pass to Q_GET_HASH macro
    - obj.h: remove obsolete mp_obj_new_fun_viper() declaration
    - objfun: make fun_data arg of mp_obj_new_fun_asm() a const pointer
    - eliminate warnings about unused arguments when debugging disabled
    - compile: fix handling of unwinding BaseException in async with
    - compile: add optimisation to compile OrderedDict inplace
    - objexcept: fix hash of exc str created in mp_obj_new_exception_msg
    - py.mk: update lwip build config to work with latest lwip version
    - fix VM crash with unwinding jump out of a finally block
    - vm: remove currently_in_except_block variable
    - replace POP_BLOCK and POP_EXCEPT opcodes with POP_EXCEPT_JUMP
    - persistentcode: add a qstr window to save mpy files more efficiently
    - persistentcode: pack qstrs directly in bytecode to reduce mpy size
    - persistentcode: define static qstr set to reduce size of mpy files
    - add independent config for debugging sentinel object values
    - emitnative: consolidate where HASCONSTS is set to load-const-obj fun
    - emitnative: provide concentrated points of qstr emit
    - emitnative: adjust accounting of size of const_table
    - emitglue: remove union in mp_raw_code_t to combine bytecode & native
    - add support to save native, viper and asm code to .mpy files
    - persistentcode: bump .mpy version to 4
    - allow registration of modules at their definition
    - implement a module system for external, user C modules
    - update and rework build system for including external C modules
    - move mp_native_type_from_qstr() from emitnative.c to nativeglue.c
    - nativeglue: rename native convert funs to match other native helpers
    - compile: add support to select the native emitter at runtime
    - compile: support multiple inline asm emitters
    - compile: check that arch is set when compiling native, viper or asm
    - runtime: remove long-obsolete MICROPY_FSUSERMOUNT init code
    - scheduler: convert micropythyon.schedule() to a circular buffer
    - nlrthumb: add support for iOS where the C func is _nlr_push_tail
    - makedefs: use io.open with utf-8 encoding when processing source
    - runtime: optimise to not create temp float for int to power negative
    - runtime: fix mp_unpack_ex so seq can't be reclaimed by GC during use
    - mpprint: support printing %ld and %lu formats on 64-bit archs
    - asmthumb: support asm_thumb code running on normal ARM processors
    - native: improve support for bool type in viper functions
    - remove "if (0)" and "if (false)" branches
    - objgenerator: fix handling of None passed as 2nd arg to throw()
    - objgenerator: remove unneeded forward decl and clean up white space
    - misc.h: rename _MP_STRINGIFY to not use leading underscore in ident
    - persistentcode: change "len" type to size_t for mp_obj_str_get_data
    - objarray: add support for memoryview.itemsize attribute
    - objarray: add decode method to bytearray
    - update makefiles to use $(CAT) variable instead of hard coded "cat"
    - update makefiles to use $(TOUCH) instead of hard coded "touch"
    - moduzlib: update to uzlib 2.9.2
    - modlwip: add support for polling UDP sockets for writability
    - moduhashlib: include implementation of sha256 only when required
    - convert legacy uppercase macro names to lowercase
    - moduwebsocket: refactor `websocket` to `uwebsocket`
    - modlwip: change #ifdef to #if for check of MICROPY_PY_LWIP
    - modlwip: fix bug when polling listening socket with backlog=1
    - modlwip: add concurrency protection macros
    - modwebrepl: fix logic to handle a put of file of size 0
    - vfs_fat: update for new oofatfs version
    - modlwip: fix case where concurrency lock isn't released on error
    - moduselect: adjust select_select and poll_register to use size_t
    - vfs_fat: fallback to FAT32 if standard FAT16/SFD format fails
    - modlwip: handle case of connection closing while on accept queue
    - modlwip: handle case of accept callback called with null PCB
    - modlwip: protect socket.accept with lwIP concurrency lock
    - modlwip: free any stored incoming bufs/connections on TCP error
    - modlwip: use correct listening socket object in accept callback
    - modlwip: abort TCP conns that didn't close cleanly in a while
    - modurandom: add init method to seed the Yasmarang generator
    - machine_signal: fix fault when no args are passed to Signal()
    - modussl_mbedtls: support non-blocking handshake
    - modussl_axtls: add non-blocking mode support
    - moducryptolib: add optional AES-CTR support
    - modujson: handle parsing of floats with + in the exponent
    - machine_i2c: change C-level API to allow split I2C transactions
    - machine_i2c: remove need for temporary memory in writemem() call
    - machine_i2c: add i2c.writevto() that can write a vector of bufs
    - modlwip: free any incoming bufs/connections before closing PCB
    - modlwip: register TCP close-timeout callback before closing PCB
    - utils/pyexec: implement paste mode with event driven REPL
    - utils/printf: exclude __GI_vsnprintf alias for gcc 9 and above
    - utils/gchelper_m3: add license header and clean up code
    - utils/gchelper_m3: add gc_helper_get_sp() function
    - utils/gchelper: add gchelper.h header file for assembler functions
    - netutils: add function to print tracing info for Ethernet frames
    - oofatfs: update oofatfs library to R0.13c working branch
    - oofatfs: update ffconf.h config for new oofatfs version
    - oofatfs: update oofatfs library to fix issue with logic not
    - stm32lib: update library to fix F7 MMC capacity calculation
    - utils/pyexec: add pyexec_file_if_exists() helper function
    - utils: make pyexec_file_if_exists run frozen scripts if they exist
    - utils/interrupt_char: invalidate interrupt char at start up
    - stm32lib: update library to fix UART9/10 baudrate on F4 MCUs
    - nrfx: upgrade nrfx to v1.7.1 plus a UART bug fix
    - memory/spiflash: rework wait_sr to fix uninit'd variable 'sr'
    - display/ssd1306.py: change to use new i2c.writevto() method
    - mpy-tool.py: add support for freezing native code
    - upip.py: use "raise arg" instead of no-arg raise form, for native
    - pyboard.py: add missing line from example usage comments
    - mpy-tool.py: adjust use of super() to make it work with Python 2
    - mpy-tool.py: fix init of QStrWindow, and remove unused variable
    - pyboard.py: don't accumulate output data if data_consumer used
    - upip.py: add support for multiple index URLs with custom default
    - basics: add tests for try-except-else and try-except-else-finally
    - run-tests: support running native tests via mpy
    - import: add test for importing x64 native code
    - extmod: add test for FAT filesystem on a very large block device
    - run-tests: ignore exception in process kill when ending repl test
    - micropython: add some tests for failed heap allocation
    - skip tests needing machine module if (u)machine doesn't exist
    - ussl_basic: disable setblocking() calls
    - basics/sys1.py: add test for calling sys.exit() without any args
    - pyb: update UART expected output now that default timeout is 0
    - basics: add coverage tests for memoryview attributes
    - enable building of x64 native .mpy files
    - add "-march=<arch>" option to select native emitter
    - support compiling with MICROPY_PY___FILE__ enabled
    - automatically select ARMV6 arch when running on such a host
    - add --version command line option to print version info
    all ports:
    - change PYB message prefix to MPY
    - convert legacy uppercase macro names to lowercase
    - update to work with new oofatfs version
    - {stm32,esp8266}: set mpy-cross native arch for frozen native code
    - convert to use pyexec_file_if_exists() to execute boot/main.py
    unix port:
    - mpthreadport: add thread deinit code to stop threads on exit
    - mpthreadport: cleanup used memory on thread exit
    - mpthreadport: remove busy wait loop in thread garbage collection
    - modmachine: handle repeated /dev/mem open errors
    - modffi: eliminate unused-argument warning when debugging disabled
    - Makefile: update coverage tests to match those in Travis
    - mpthreadport: use named semaphores on Mac OS X
    - gcollect: make sure stack/regs get captured properly for GC
    - coverage: add test for printing literal % character
    - modusocket: fix use of setsockopt in usocket.settimeout impl
    - modusocket: raise ETIMEDOUT when connect or accept has timeout
    windows port:
    - fix line wrapping behaviour on the REPL
    qemu-arm port:
    - rework to run bare-metal on boards with Cortex-M CPUs
    - use gchelper code to get registers for GC scanning
    stm32 port:
    - implement machine.lightsleep()
    - rtc: check RTCEN=1 when testing if RTC is already running on boot
    - usbdev: add USB config option for board being self powered
    - usbdev: add USB config option for max power drawn by the board
    - main: make board-defined UART REPL use a static object and buffer
    - boards/stm32f429_af.csv: fix typos in UART defs Tx->TX and Rx->RX
    - mboot: add option to autodetect the USB port that DFU uses
    - sdcard: don't use SD clock bypass on F7 MCUs
    - usb: add flow control option for USB VCP data received from host
    - boards/make-pins.py: add basic support for STM32H7 ADC periphs
    - boards/stm32h743_af.csv: add ADC entries to pin capability table
    - adc: add basic support for ADC on a pin on STM32H7 MCUs
    - mboot: use USB HS as main USB device regardless of USB_HS_IN_FS
    - mboot: add support for STM32F769 MCUs
    - mboot: add support for GPIO ports G, H, I and J
    - mboot: allow deploying via deploy-stlink
    - usb: use USB HS as main USB device regardless of USB_HS_IN_FS
    - usbd_conf: fully support USB HS with external PHY
    - modmachine: make bootloader() enter custom loader if it's enabled
    - boards/STM32F769DISC: support the use of USB HS with external PHY
    - boards/STM32F769DISC: configure for use with mboot by default
    - systick: rename sys_tick_XXX functions to systick_XXX
    - systick: make periodic systick callbacks use a cyclic func table
    - pendsv: clean up pendsv IRQ handler and eliminate duplicate code
    - pendsv: add ability to schedule callbacks at pendsv IRQ level
    - systick: provide better compile-time configurability of slots
    - modnetwork: change lwIP polling to be based on background systick
    - move gchelper assembler code to lib/utils for use by other ports
    - gccollect: use gchelper.h header instead of explicit declaration
    - pendsv: fix inline asm constant and prefix with # character
    - mboot/Makefile: support specifying BOARD_DIR for custom board
    - boards/NUCLEO_L476RG: add support for RNG, DAC and CAN1
    - boards/make-pins.py: add cmdline options to support use by mboot
    - mboot/Makefile: generate all pin header files from board pins.csv
    - mboot/mphalport.h: include genhdr/pins.h for access to pin names
    - qspi: use static af functions for pin configuration
    - mboot: add support for loading gzip'd firmware from a filesystem
    - mboot: move some BSS vars to new section that isn't zeroed out
    - mboot: add support script which can program mboot and application
    - modmachine: add ability to pass through user data to mboot
    - mboot: add hook to run board-specific code early on startup
    - boards/stm32f429.ld: increase uPy heap size by 64k for F429 MCU
    - extint: fix ExtInt to work with non-GPIO pins
    - extint: fix RTC Alarm/FS USB EXTI constants for L4
    - make-stmconst.py: improve regex to parse more constants
    - extint: add non-GPIO EXTI IRQ sources for F0
    - extint: remove unused (and incorrect) EXTI defines
    - stm32_it: fix RTC IRQ handler to handle all EXTI IRQs on F0 MCUs
    - sdram: increase GPIO speed for SDRAM interface to "very high"
    - boards/NUCLEO_F767ZI: fix up comments about HCLK computation
    - mphalport: add mp_hal_get_mac() helper function
    - eth: add low-level Ethernet MAC driver
    - network_lan: add high-level network.LAN interface to ETH driver
    - mpconfigport.h: enable lwIP concurrency protection mechanism
    - modnetwork: don't call NIC callback if it's NULL
    - boards/NUCLEO_F767ZI: enable lwIP and Ethernet peripheral
    - boards/STM32F7DISC: enable lwIP and Ethernet peripheral
    - boards/STM32F769DISC: enable lwIP and Ethernet peripheral
    - boards/NUCLEO_F429ZI: enable lwIP and Ethernet peripheral
    - qspi: enable sample shift and disable timeout counter
    - Makefile: allow a board to specify its linker sections for FW
    - boards/STM32F769DISC: use external QSPI flash to store some code
    - use global lwip build config and support building without lwip
    - boards: update to use new build config for lwip component
    - add compile-time option to use HSI as clock source
    - mboot: update to match latest oofatfs version
    - allow to build with threading with the GIL disabled
    - qspi: set pin speed to very-high and allow to config some options
    - usb: allow to override USB strings & VID/PID in app and mboot
    - stm32_it: guard UART7_IRQHandler with check for UART7 define
    - mboot: set USE_MBOOT=1 by default in the Makefile
    - system_stm32: provide default value for HSI calibration
    - mpconfigport.h: remove malloc/free/realloc helper macros
    - boards/STM32L476DISC: enable servo support on STM32L476DISC board
    - Makefile: allow to override CROSS_COMPILE with included Makefile
    - make default USB_VCP stream go through uos.dupterm for main REPL
    - timer: expose the PWM BRK capability of Timer 1 and 8
    - uart: handle correctly the char overrun case of RXNE=0 and ORE=1
    - add support for MMC driver, exposed via pyb.MMCard class
    - moduos: allow to compile again without USB enabled
    - network_wiznet5k: add ability to trace Ethernet TX and RX frames
    - network_wiznet5k: add ability to set the MAC address
    - network_wiznet5k: automatically set MAC if device doesn't have one
    - i2cslave: add support for H7 MCUs
    - usbd_conf: add support for USB HS peripheral on H7 MCUs
    - mboot: add support for H7 MCUs, with H743 flash layout
    - boards/NUCLEO_H743ZI: add config options to support mboot
    - boards/NUCLEO_L432KC: disable complex nos and default frozen mods
    - rtc: add auto-LSE-bypass detection with fallback to LSE then LSI
    - rtc: remove unused LSE detection code
    - rtc: remove non-ASCII mu-character from source code comment
    - timer: correctly initialise extended break settings on F7/H7/L4
    - system_stm32f0: enable PWR clock on startup
    - system_stm32f0: add support for using HSE and PLL as SYSCLK
    - powerctrl: enable EIWUP to ensure RTC wakes device from standby
    - dac: rework DAC driver to use direct register access
    - usbdev: make USB device descriptors at runtime rather than static
    - usb: add USB device mode for VCP+VCP without MSC
    - powerctrl: deselect PLLSAI as 48MHz src before turning off PLLSAI
    - usb: remove mp_hal_set_interrupt_char now that it's reset at boot
    - main: increase default UART REPL rx buffer from 64 to 260 bytes
    - powerctrl: support changing frequency when HSI is clock source
    - flash: fix bug computing page number for L432 page erase
    - add support for F413 MCUs
    - boards: add NUCLEO_F413ZH board configuration
    - machine_uart: change default UART timeout to 0, for non blocking
    - move factory reset files and code to separate source file
    - usbd_cdc_interface: don't retransmit chars if USB is reconnected
    - rtc: allow overriding startup timeouts from mpconfigboard
    - dma: initialise all members of DMA structs for H7 MCUs
    - dma: always reset and configure the H7 DMA peripheral
    - spi: enable SPI IRQs and add IRQHandlers for H7 MCUs
    - irq: fix IRQ_ENABLE_STATS stats config to work on all MCUs
    - boards/NUCLEO_H743ZI: enable SPI3 on this board
    - modmachine: create dedicated asm function to branch to bootloader
    - adc: fix VBAT_DIV to be 4 for STM32F411
    - machine_i2c: update to support new C-level I2C API
    - i2c: make timeout for hardware I2C configurable
    - machine_i2c: simplify ROM initialisation of static HW I2C objects
    - i2c: support setting the I2C TIMINGR value via keyword arg
    - sdcard: add switch break to ensure only correct SD/MMC IRQ is run
    - sdram: update MPU settings to block invalid region, change attrs
    - mboot/README: fix some typos, describe bootloader and fwupdate.py
    - modmachine: in bootloader() disable caches before reset of periphs
    cc3200 port:
    - mods/modussl: fix ca_certs arg validation in mod_ssl_wrap_socket
    - modmachine: rename machine.sleep to machine.lightsleep
    - use common gchelper_m3.s code from lib/utils
    - mpconfigport.h: disable compiler optimisation of OrderedDict
    esp8266 port:
    - modmachine: implement optional time_ms arg to machine.deepsleep
    - modmachine: rename machine.sleep to machine.lightsleep
    - modmachine: implement simple machine.lightsleep function
    - modmachine: in lightsleep, only waiti if wifi is turned off
    - modmachine: call ets_event_poll after waiti in machine.idle
    - modmachine: handle overflow of timer to get longer periods
    - fix ticks_ms to correctly handle wraparound of system counter
    esp32 port:
    - don't put py/scheduler.o in iRAM, it's no longer needed
    - Makefile: put all IDF compenents in .a libs to use IDF ld script
    - update to latest ESP IDF using sdkconfig and new ldgen procedure
    - machine_timer: deinit all active timers on soft reset
    - Makefile: make sure that directory exists for sdkconfig.h
    - boards: use auto xtal freq config instead of default 40MHz
    - modsocket: fix crashes when connect/bind can't resolve given addr
    - modmachine: rename machine.sleep to machine.lightsleep
    - use SPIRAM in mem-map mode so all of it can be used for uPy heap
    - modmachine: add support for changing the CPU frequency
    - modsocket: fix usocket.send to accept anything with buffer proto
    - modsocket: change socket.socket to be socket type rather than fun
    - network_lan: add arg to constructor to set clock mode for ETH PHY
    - modnetwork: catch and report Ethernet events
    - network_lan: make power arg to constructor optional
    - modnetwork: fix wifi.isconnected to return False after disconnect
    - modnetwork: implement RSSI for WiFi STA via WLAN.status('rssi')
    - modnetwork: remove redundant esp_log include
    - Makefile: add some missing IDF source files to bootloader and app
    - mphalport: use ets_delay_us for mp_hal_delay_us_fast
    - machine_pin: make it so None as pull value disables pull up/down
    - machine_pin: add new PULL_HOLD pin pull mode
    - machine_pin: rework pull mode config to fix GPIO hold feature
    - mpthreadport: exit vPortCleanUpTCB early if threading not init'd
    - boards: enable dual core support by default
    - boards/sdkconfig: disable WDT check of idle task on CPU1
    - README: add info about pyparsing and the correct Python version
    - machine_wdt: add timeout arg to select interval, make WDT panic
    - modnetwork: change type to size_t for uses of mp_obj_str_get_data
    - machine_uart: implement UART.deinit() method
    - network_ppp: add a timeout for closing PPP connection
    - machine_touchpad: use HW timer for FSM to enable wake-on-touch
    - modsocket: raise EAGAIN when accept fails in non-blocking mode
    javascript port:
    - add new port targeting JavaScript via Emscripten
    - fix Emscripten async load, and to compile with modern clang
    - library: use Buffer.alloc() since new Buffer() is deprecated
    - pass (error) exit value out from script to process caller
    - Makefile: fix unrepresentable float error by using clamp
    - library: print data as raw bytes to stdout so unicode works
    nrf port:
    - modmachine: rename machine.sleep to machine.lightsleep
    - uart: use formula instead of switch for baudrate calculation
    - uart: remove unused machine.UART() parameters
    - shrink "<peripheral> does not exist" error messages
    - pin: cleanup Pin.__str__ to print relevant information
    - pin: print pull information in Pin.__str__
    - ticker: remove duplicate NRFX_IRQ_PRIORITY_SET
    - timer: fix disabling Timer 1 when using soft PWM
    - readme: update link to nrfjprog download
    - bluetooth: improve advertisment behavior for nrf52 targets
    - bluetooth: resolve compilation warning in ble_drv.c
    - readme: update make flash command when defining board
    - pwm: remove superfluous NULL in machine_hard_pwm_instances
    - bluetooth: add support for SoftDevice s132 version 6.1.1
    - board: migrate all nrf52832 targets to new BLE stack
    - bluetooth: deprecate use of SoftDevice s132 v6.0.0
    - bluetooth: add support for SoftDevice s140 version 6.1.1
    - board: migrate nrf52840 target to new BLE stack
    - bluetooth: deprecate use of SoftDevice s140 v6.0.0
    - readme: add section about LTO
    - Makefile: update to match latest oofatfs version
    - boards: add support for BLYST Nano module based boards
    - change types to size_t for all uses of mp_obj_str_get_data
    - machine/i2c: update to support new C-level I2C API
    - nrfx_glue: adapt to nrfx v.1.7.1
    - uart: change UART driver to be non-blocking and use IRQs
    - mpconfigport.h: enable MICROPY_KBD_EXCEPTION by default
    - uart: make UART print output something, and add write method
    - mphalport: use wfi to save power while waiting at the UART REPL
    zephyr port:
    - modzephyr: revamp stacks_analyze() call
    - modzsensor: rename "TEMP" sensor channel to "DIE_TEMP"
    - prj_minimal.conf: switch to CONFIG_STDOUT_CONSOLE
    - Makefile: proxy ram_report, rom_report targets from Zephyr
    - prj_frdm_k64f.conf: add fxos8700 sensor
    - prj_frdm_kw41z.conf: add new board configuration
    - i2c: add support for hardware i2c
    - CMakeLists.txt: set AR to point to the Zephyr toolchain exe
    - machine_i2c: update to support new C-level I2C API
    - switch back to enabling I2C in board-specific configs
    - machine: change sleep to lightsleep and add timeout arguments
    - convert all cases of machine.sleep to machine.lightsleep
    - ure: fix match.group signature to indicate index param is required
    - uos: document extra requirements on stream objs passed to dupterm
    - pyboard: add link to pyboard v1.1 schematic and layout PDF
    - pyboard: make pyboard v1.1 pinout the default shown in quickref
    - develop: fix typos in C-module example for example_add_ints
    - library/machine.Pin: add PULL_HOLD constant to possible pin pulls
    - esp32: add a note to quickref about use of Pin.PULL_HOLD
    - esp32: add example for pin isolation in combination with deepsleep
    - develop: remove paragraph that was copied in error from other doc
    - cmodules: fix example to globally define MODULE_EXAMPLE_ENABLED
    - cmodules: note the various ways MODULE_EXAMPLE_ENABLED can be set
    - esp8266: add tutorial for APA102 LEDs
    - esp32: correct quickref for ESP32 hardware SPI with non-default IO
    - machine.I2C: add writevto method to write a vector of byte bufs
    - pyboard/quickref: refer to new machine.I2C instead of old pyb.I2C
    - update to use Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial for CI builds
    - enable test for running native code via mpy
  • v1.10
    Vast improvements to native emitter, new nrf port, unified documentation
    In this release there are a wide range of improvements and additions to
    both the core and the ports.  In the core the main improvement was to the
    native emitter to have much more comprehensive support for general Python
    features, such as generators and complex exception handling, and the
    generated machine code is smaller and retains its efficiency.  Elsewhere,
    fuzzy testing was used to find and eliminate some corner-case bugs, user
    classes were optimised when they don't use special accessors, underscores
    in numeric literals are now supported (PEP515), and the uio.IOBase class
    was added to allow user defined streams.
    For the extended modules there is now a VfsPosix filesystem component,
    a new ucryptolib module with AES support, addition of ure.sub() and of
    uhashlib.md5, and the lwIP socket implementation now has working TCP
    listen/accept backlog.
    Compared to the last release the minimal baseline core code size is reduced
    by about 2.2%, down by roughly 1500 bytes for bare-arm port and 3500 bytes
    for minimal x86 port.  Most other ports have increased in size due to the
    addition of new features (eg ucryptolib, ure.sub).
    The stm32 port sees the introduction of a new bootloader -- mboot -- which
    supports DFU upload via USB FS, USB HS, as well as a custom I2C protocol,
    and also support to program external SPI flash.  There is significant
    refactoring of the USB device driver, improved VCP throughput, and support
    for 2x VCP interfaces on the one USB device.  lwIP has been integrated, and
    support added for SDRAM.  Cortex-M0 CPUs are now supported along with
    STM32F0 MCUs.
    For the esp8266 port the heap is increased by 2kbytes, the radio is
    automatically put to sleep if no WLAN interfaces are active, and the UART
    can now be disconnected from the REPL and its RX buffer length configured.
    Upon soft-reset sockets are now cleaned up.
    The esp32 port has added support for external SPI RAM, PPPoS functionality,
    improved performance and stability when using threads, and other general
    bug fixes.
    There is a new nrf port for Nordic MCUs, currently supporting nRF51x and
    nRF52x chips.
    The docs have now been unified so there is just one set of documentation
    covering all ports.  And initial documentation for the esp32 port is added.
    There are two changes at the Python API level that are not backwards with
    previous versions:
    - uos.dupterm now requires that a stream passed to it is derived from
      uio.IOBase (or is a native stream object).
    - The esp32 neopixel driver has had its default timing changed from 400kHz
      to 800kHz; existing code that didn't explicitly specify the "timing"
      parameter in the NeoPixel constructor may need to be updated to specify
      this as "timing=0" to get 400kHz timing.
    A detailed list of changes follows.
    py core:
    - mpconfig.h: be stricter when autodetecting machine endianness
    - mpstate.h: adjust start of root pointer section to exclude non-ptrs
    - nlrx86: use naked attribute on nlr_push for gcc 8.0 and higher
    - vm: adjust #if logic for gil_divisor so braces are balanced
    - objfun: fix variable name in DECODE_CODESTATE_SIZE() macro
    - vm: use enum names instead of magic numbers in multi-opcode dispatch
    - vm: improve performance of opcode dispatch when using switch stmt
    - repl: fix handling of unmatched brackets and unfinished quotes
    - misc.h: add MP_STATIC_ASSERT macro to do static assertions
    - compile: change comment about ITER_BUF_NSLOTS to a static assertion
    - emitbc: avoid undefined behavior calling memset() with NULL 1st arg
    - parsenum: use int instead of mp_int_t for parsing float exponent
    - parsenum: avoid undefined behavior parsing floats with large exponents
    - objfloat: fix undefined shifting behavior in high-quality float hash
    - mpz: avoid undefined behavior at integer overflow in mpz_hash
    - objfloat: fix undefined integer behavior hashing negative zero
    - gc: when GC threshold is hit don't unnecessarily collect twice
    - parsenum: adjust braces so they are balanced
    - modbuiltins: add support for rounding integers
    - objgenerator: save state in old_globals instead of local variable
    - objgenerator: protect against reentering a generator
    - emit: combine fast and deref into one function for load/store/delete
    - emit: combine yield value and yield-from emit funcs into one
    - emit: combine build tuple/list/map emit funcs into one
    - emit: combine name and global into one func for load/store/delete
    - emit: combine load/store/delete subscr into one emit function
    - emit: combine load/store/delete attr into one emit function
    - emit: combine break_loop and continue_loop into one emit function
    - emit: combine import from/name/star into one emit function
    - emit: merge build set/slice into existing build emit function
    - emit: combine setup with/except/finally into one emit function
    - objtype: fix assertion failures in mp_obj_new_type by checking types
    - objtype: fix assertion failures in super_attr by checking type
    - stream: move definition of mp_stream_p_t from obj.h to stream.h
    - reader: allow MICROPY_VFS_POSIX to work with MICROPY_READER_POSIX
    - mpconfig.h: add default MICROPY_VFS_FAT config value
    - obj.h: introduce a "flags" entry in mp_obj_type_t
    - objtype: don't expose mp_obj_instance_attr()
    - objtype: optimise instance get/set/del by skipping special accessors
    - gc: add gc_sweep_all() function to run all remaining finalisers
    - lexer: add support for underscores in numeric literals
    - modio: add uio.IOBase class to allow to define user streams
    - mkrules.mk: regenerate all qstrs when config files change
    - stream: introduce and use efficient mp_get_stream to access stream_p
    - objarray: replace 0x80 with new MP_OBJ_ARRAY_TYPECODE_FLAG_RW macro
    - add checks for stream objects in print() and sys.print_exception()
    - compile: combine break and continue compile functions
    - compile: combine subscript_2 and subscript_3 into one function
    - compile: combine global and nonlocal statement compile functions
    - compile: combine or_test and and_test compile functions
    - compile: combine expr, xor_expr and and_expr into one function
    - compile: handle return/break/continue correctly in async with
    - objgenerator: eliminate need for mp_obj_gen_wrap wrapper instances
    - obj.h: fix broken build for object repr C when float disabled
    - simplify some cases of accessing the map of module and type dict
    - objdict: make mp_obj_dict_get_map an inline function
    - objmodule: make mp_obj_module_get_globals an inline function
    - obj.h: give compile error if using obj repr D with single-prec float
    - malloc: give a compile warning if using finaliser without GC
    - objgenerator: implement __name__ with normal fun attr accessor code
    - emitnative: optimise for iteration asm code for non-debug build
    - runtime: use mp_obj_new_int_from_ll when return int is not small
    - stream: introduce MP_STREAM_GET_FILENO ioctl request
    - objstr: in format error message, use common string with %s for type
    - asmthumb: optimise native code calling runtime glue functions
    - mpconfig.h: introduce MICROPY_DEBUG_PRINTER for debugging output
    - fix compiling with debug enabled and make more use of DEBUG_printf
    - emitnative: factor common code for native jump helper
    - emitnative: fix x86 native zero checks by comparing full word
    - asmx86: use generic emit function to simplify cmp emit function
    - emitnative: fix native locals stack to start at correct location
    - emitnative: simplify handling of exception objects from nlr_buf_t
    - emitnative: allocate space for local stack info as it's needed
    - compile: for dynamic compiler, widen literal 1 to get correct shift
    - py.mk: don't hardcode path to libaxtls.a
    - gc: in gc_alloc, reset n_free var right before search for free mem
    - objarray: allow to build again when bytearray is disabled
    - stream: adjust mp_stream_posix_XXX to take void*, not mp_obj_t
    - emitnative: use small tables to simplify handling of local regs
    - asmxtensa: handle function entry/exit when stack use larger than 127
    - asm*: support assembling code to jump to a register, and get PC+off
    - emitnative: optimise and improve exception handling in native code
    - asmxtensa: fix bug with order of regs in addi encoding
    - asmxtensa: optimise loading local addr and support larger offsets
    - emitnative: fix bug with store of 16 and 32 values in viper ARM mode
    - asmxtensa: use narrow version of add instr to reduce native code size
    - emitnx86: fix number of args passed to mp_setup_code_state, 4 not 5
    - vm: fix handling of finally-return with complex nested finallys
    - emitnative: cancel caught exception once handled to prevent reraise
    - emitnative: add support for return/break/continue in try and with
    - compile: factor code that compiles start/end of exception handler
    - py.mk: build axtls library directly from its source files
    - runtime: fix incorrect test for MICROPY_PORT_DEINIT_FUNC
    - objarray: bytearray: allow 2nd/3rd arg to constructor
    - emitnative: fix try-finally in outer scope, so finally is cancelled
    - fix native functions so they run with their correct globals context
    - optimise call to mp_arg_check_num by compressing fun signature
    - asmx64: fix bug in assembler when creating disp with r13 and 0 offset
    - {asmx86,asmx64}: extend test_r8_with_r8 to accept all 8 lower regs
    - emit: move MP_EMIT_OPT_xxx enums from compile.h to emitglue.h
    - emit: remove need to call set_native_type to set native/viper mode
    - emit: remove need to call set_native_type to set viper return type
    - emit: completely remove set_native_type, arg type is set in compiler
    - compile: merge viper annotation and normal param compilation stages
    - compile: factor code that compiles viper type annotations
    - emitnative: reuse mp_native_type_from_qstr when searching for a cast
    - make viper functions have the same entry signature as native
    - emitnative: support arbitrary number of arguments to viper functions
    - emitnative: use macros instead of raw offsetof for slot locations
    - emitnative: make viper funcs run with their correct globals context
    - asmxtensa: make indirect calls using func table, not raw pointers
    - asmthumb: detect presence of I-cache using CMSIS macro
    - objtype: clarify comment about configuring inplace op methods
    - shorten error messages by using contractions and some rewording
    - objstr: make % (__mod__) formatting operator configurable
    - modbuiltins: make oct/hex work when !MICROPY_PY_BUILTINS_STR_OP_MODULO
    - objgenerator: implement PEP479, StopIteration convs to RuntimeError
    - parsenum: avoid rounding errors with negative powers-of-10
    - modmath: add math.factorial, optimised and non-opt implementations
    - objstr: format: return bytes result for bytes format string
    - fix msvc C++ compiler warnings with MP_OBJ_FUN_MAKE_SIG macro
    - vm: make small optimisation of BUILD_SLICE opcode
    - objfloat: fix abs(-0.0) so it returns 0.0
    - emitnative: place const objs for native code in separate const table
    - asm*: remove ASM_MOV_REG_ALIGNED_IMM emit macro, it's no longer used
    - emitnative: change type of const_table from uintptr_t to mp_uint_t
    - vm: fix case of throwing GeneratorExit type into yield-from
    - runtime: remove nlr protection when calling __next__ in mp_resume
    - objtype: support full object model for get/set/delitem special meths
    - vm: when VM raises exception put exc obj at beginning of func state
    - asmthumb: add wide ldr to handle larger offsets
    - asmthumb: clean up asm_thumb_bl_ind to use new optimised ldr helper
    - asmthumb: extend asm entry/exit to handle stack larger than 508 bytes
    - asmx86: comment out unused asm_x86_nop to prevent compiler warnings
    - asmx64: extend asm_x64_mov_reg_pcrel to accept high registers
    - asmxtensa: use proper calculation for const table offset
    - emitnative: reorder native state on C stack so nlr_buf_t is first
    - emitnative: implement yield and yield-from in native emitter
    - runtime: use mp_import_name to implement tail of mp_import_from
    - runtime: remove comment in mp_import_name about level being 0
    - obj.h: use uint64_t instead of mp_int_t in repr-D MP_OBJ_IS_x macros
    - emitnative: clean up unused macro and forward function declarations
    - asmx64: change stack management to reference locals by rsp not rbp
    - asmx64: change indirect calls to load fun ptr from the native table
    - asmx86: change stack management to reference locals by esp not ebp
    - asmx86: change indirect calls to load fun ptr from the native table
    - emitnative: load native fun table ptr from const table for all archs
    - asmarm: simplify asm_arm_bl_ind to only load via index, not literal
    - asmthumb: remove unused fun_ptr arg from asm_thumb_bl_ind function
    - emitnative: remove unused ptr argument from ASM_CALL_IND macro
    - emitnative: consolidate use of stacked immediate values to one func
    - emitnative: simplify viper mode handling in emit_native_import_name
    - emitnative: push internal None rather than const obj where possible
    - emitnative: put None/False/True in global native const table
    - objtype: remove comment about catching exc from user __getattr__
    - objstr: make str.count() method configurable
    - objmodule: implement PEP 562's __getattr__ for modules
    - py.mk: when building axtls use -Wno-all to prevent all warnings
    - compile: fix case of eager implicit conversion of local to nonlocal
    - compile: remove unneeded variable from global/nonlocal stmt helpers
    - scope: optimise scope_find_or_add_id to not need "added" arg
    - runtime: fix qstr assumptions when handling "import *"
    - unicode: fix check for valid utf8 being stricter about contn chars
    - py.mk: fix broken Gmane URL
    - add option to reduce GC stack integer size to save RAM
    - objboundmeth: support loading generic attrs from the method
    - obj: add support for __int__ special method
    - objexcept: use macros to make offsets in emergency exc buf clearer
    - objexcept: make sure mp_obj_new_exception_msg doesn't copy/format msg
    - objdict: make .fromkeys() method configurable
    - bc: fix calculation of opcode size for opcodes with map caching
    - qstr: put a lower bound on new qstr pool allocation
    - objarray: introduce "memview_offset" alias for "free" field of object
    - gc: adjust gc_alloc() signature to be able to accept multiple flags
    - mpconfig: move MICROPY_VERSION macros to static ones in mpconfig.h
    - runtime: unlock the GIL in mp_deinit function
    - get optional VM stack overflow check compiling and working again
    - fix location of VM returned exception in invalid opcode and comments
    - modio: make iobase_singleton object const so it goes in ROM
    - obj.h: explicitly cast args to uint32_t in MP_OBJ_FUN_MAKE_SIG
    - modlwip: update to work with lwIP v2.0
    - modlwip: set POLLHUP flag for sockets that are new
    - modlwip: allow to compile with MICROPY_PY_LWIP disabled
    - modussl_mbedtls: populate sock member right away in wrap_socket
    - modussl_mbedtls: use mbedtls_entropy_func for CTR-DRBG entropy
    - vfs: use u_rom_obj properly in argument structures
    - vfs_fat: rename FileIO/TextIO types to mp_type_vfs_fat_XXX
    - add VfsPosix filesystem component
    - vfs: add fast path for stating VfsPosix filesystem
    - vfs: introduce a C-level VFS protocol, with fast import_stat
    - moduhashlib: prefix all Python methods and objects with uhashlib
    - moduhashlib: reorder funcs so that they are grouped by hash type
    - moduhashlib: allow to disable the sha256 class
    - moduhashlib: allow using the sha256 implementation of mbedTLS
    - moduhashlib: make function objects STATIC
    - uos_dupterm: use native C stream methods on dupterm object
    - modussl_axtls: fix __del__ to point to mp_stream_close_obj
    - vfs_fat_diskio: factor disk ioctl code to reduce code size
    - update to use new mp_get_stream helper
    - moducryptolib: add ucryptolib module with crypto functions
    - moducryptolib: optionally export MODE_* constants to Python
    - moducryptolib: refactor functions for clean interface with axTLS
    - moducryptolib: add an mbedTLS implementation for this module
    - moducryptolib: prefix all Python methods/objects with ucryptolib
    - moducryptolib: shorten exception messages to reduce code size
    - moducryptolib: don't include arpa/inet.h, it's not needed
    - modure: add match.groups() method, and tests
    - modure: add match.span(), start() and end() methods, and tests
    - modure: add ure.sub() function and method, and tests
    - vfs: support opening a file descriptor (int) with VfsPosix
    - fix to support compiling with object representation D
    - vfs_posix: support ilistdir with no (or empty) argument
    - vfs_posix: use DTTOIF if available to convert type in ilistdir
    - modlwip: deregister all lwIP callbacks when closing a socket
    - modussl: support polling in ussl objects by passing through ioctl
    - modbtree: update to work with new mp_stream_posix_XXX signatures
    - modussl_axtls: use MP_ROM_PTR for objects in allowed args array
    - moduhashlib: add md5 implementation, using axTLS
    - moduhashlib: use newer message digest API for mbedtls >=2.7.0
    - moduhashlib: add md5 implementation using mbedtls
    - moductypes: remove BITFIELD from aggregate types enum
    - moductypes: accept OrderedDict as a structure description
    - modonewire: fix reset timings to match 1-wire specs
    - moductypes: make sizeof() accept "layout" parameter
    - modlwip: implement TCP listen/accept backlog
    - modlwip: fix read-polling of listening socket with a backlog
    - moductypes: implement __int__ for PTR
    - moductypes: add aliases for native C types
    - lwip: update lwIP to v2.0.3, tag STABLE-2_0_3_RELEASE
    - stm32lib: update library to include support for STM32F0 MCUs
    - utils/printf: make DEBUG_printf implementation more accessible
    - utils: fix to support compiling with object representation D
    - utils: expose pyb_set_repl_info function public
    - libm_dbl/tanh: make tanh more efficient and handle large numbers
    - libm/math: make tanhf more efficient and handle large numbers
    - libm/wf_tgamma: fix tgammaf handling of -inf, should return nan
    - libm_dbl: add implementation of copysign() for DEBUG builds
    - stm32lib: update library to fix issue with filling USB TX FIFO
    - libm/math: fix int type in float union, uint64_t should be uint32_t
    - libm/math: add implementation of __signbitf, if needed by a port
    - utils/pyexec: forcefully unlock the heap if locked and REPL active
    - utils: add generic MicroPython IRQ helper functions
    - stm32lib: update library to get F413 BOR defs and fix gcc 8 warning
    - wiznet5k: fix bug with MACRAW socket calculating packet size
    - memory/spiflash: move cache buffer to user-provided config
    - memory/spiflash: rename functions to indicate they use cache
    - memory/spiflash: add functions for direct erase/read/write
    - sdcard: change driver to use new block-device protocol
    - sdcard: fix bug in computing number of sectors on SD Card
    - sdcard: do not release CS during the middle of read operations
    - cc3000: use cc3000_time_t instead of time_t for custom typedef
    - display/lcd160cr.py: in fast_spi, send command before flushing
    - sdcard: in test use os.umount and machine module instead of pyb
    - sdcard: remove debugging print statement in ioctl method
    - dht: allow open-drain-high call to be DHT specific if needed
    - pydfu.py: increase download packet size to full 2048 bytes
    - pydfu.py: add support for multiple memory segments
    - pydfu.py: use getfullargspec instead of getargspec for newer pyusb
    - pydfu.py: workaround stdio flush error on Windows with Python 3.6
    - pydfu.py: improve DFU reset, and auto-detect USB transfer size
    - mpy-tool.py: support freezing of floats in obj representation D
    - mpy-tool.py: put frozen bignum digit data in ROM, not in RAM
    - mpy-tool.py: set sane initial dynamic qstr pool size with frozen mods
    - mpy-tool.py: fix calc of opcode size for opcodes with map caching
    - mpy-tool.py: fix build error when no qstrs present in frozen mpy
    - dfu.py: pad image data to 8 byte alignment to support L476
    - pyboard.py: run exec: command as a string
    - pyboard.py: change base class of PyboardError to Exception
    - pyboard.py: in TelnetToSerial.close replace try/except with if
    - basics/special_methods2: enable some additional tests that work
    - add some tests for bigint hash, float hash and float parsing
    - extmod: add test for importing a script from a user VFS
    - extmod: remove conditional import of uos_vfs, it no longer exists
    - pyb: make i2c and pyb1 pyboard tests run again
    - io: add simple IOBase test
    - extmod: add test for VFS and user-defined filesystem and files
    - unix/extra_coverage: don't test stream objs with NULL write fun
    - extmod/ujson_dump.py: add test for dump to non-stream object
    - extmod: add test for ujson.dump writing to a user IOBase object
    - import: add test for importing invalid .mpy file
    - add tests using "file" argument in print and sys.print_exception
    - extmod/ucryptolib*: add tests for ucryptolib module
    - extmod/ucryptolib*: add into and inplace tests for ucryptolib
    - basics/namedtuple*: import ucollections first
    - move non-filesystem io tests to basics dir with io_ prefix
    - improve feature detection for VFS
    - run-tests: add nrf target
    - run-tests: improve crash reporting when running on remote targets
    - extmod/ujson_dump_iobase.py: return number of bytes written
    - make tests work on targets without float support
    - micropython/viper_cond: add test for large int as bool
    - run-tests: enable bool1.py test with native emitter
    - micropython: add tests for try and with blocks under native/viper
    - basics/set_pop.py: sort set before printing for consistent output
    - basics/int_big_error.py: use bytearray to test for int overflow
    - modify tests that print repr of an exception with 1 arg
    - basics: provide .exp files for generator tests that fail PEP479
    - run-tests: enable native tests for unwinding jumps
    - basics: add more tests for return within try-finally
    - basics: add test cases for context manager raising in enter/exit
    - float/cmath_fun.py: fix truncation of small real part of complex
    - float: test -inf and some larger values for special math funcs
    - remove pyboard.py symlink and instead import from ../tools
    - extmod/uhashlib_md5: add coverage tests for MD5 algorithm
    - float/float_parse.py: add tests for accuracy of small decimals
    - cpydiff: add case for difference in behaviour of bytes.format()
    - micropython: test loading const objs in native and viper funcs
    - basics: split out gen throw tests from yield-from-throw tests
    - run-tests: enabled native tests that pass now that yield works
    - unix/ffi_float: skip if strtof() is not available
    - uselect_poll_basic: add basic test for uselect.poll invariants
    - uctypes_sizeof_od: test for using OrderedDict as struct descriptor
    - basics/class_getattr: remove invalid test for __getattribute__
    - make bytes/str.count() tests skippable
    - extmod/uctypes_sizeof_layout: test for sizeof of different layout
    - import: add .exp file for module_getattr.py to not require Py 3.7
    - cmdline/cmd_showbc.py: fix test to explicitly declare nonlocal
    - extmod: skip uselect test when CPython doesn't have poll()
    - import_long_dyn: test for "import *" of a long dynamic name
    - io: update tests to use uos.remove() instead of uos.unlink()
    - basics/special_methods: add testcases for __int__
    - extmod/uctypes_ptr_le: test int() operation on a pointer field
    - extmod/uctypes_error: add test for unsupported unary op
    - run-tests: make .exp and .out file names unique by prefixing with dir
    - make build independent of extmod directory
    - Makefile: also undefine MICROPY_FORCE_32BIT and CROSS_COMPILE
    minimal port:
    - main: allow to compile without GC enabled
    unix port:
    - support MICROPY_VFS_POSIX and enable it in coverage build
    - moduos_vfs: add missing uos functions from traditional uos module
    - mpconfigport.h: enable MICROPY_PY_UCRYPTOLIB
    - mpconfigport_coverage: enable ure groups, span, start, end and sub
    - modos: convert dir-type to stat-type for file type in ilistdir
    - use MP_STREAM_GET_FILENO to allow uselect to poll general objects
    - Makefile: coverage: Explicitly build "axtls" too
    - Makefile: enable ussl module with nanbox build
    - Makefile: remove building of libaxtls.a which is no longer needed
    - Makefile: build libffi inside $BUILD
    - mpconfigport_coverage.h: enable uhashlib.md5
    - modos: include extmod/vfs.h for MP_S_IFDIR, etc
    - modjni: update .getiter signature to include mp_obj_iter_buf_t*
    - modjni: get building under coverage and nanbox builds
    - mpconfigport.h: enable MICROPY_PY_UHASHLIB_MD5 for uhashlib.md5
    - moduselect: raise OSError(ENOENT) if obj to modify is not in poller
    - modusocket: initial implementation of socket.settimeout()
    - modusocket: finish socket.settimeout() implementation
    - modffi: add support for "q"/"Q" specs (int64_t/uint64_t)
    - Makefile: allow to override/omit pthread lib name
    - modos: rename unlink to remove to be consistent with other ports
    - enable uio.IOBase
    - call gc_sweep_all() when doing a soft reset
    windows port:
    - make printing of debugging info work out of the box
    - msvc: support custom compiler for header generation
    - msvc: implement file/directory type query
    - remove remaining traces of old GNU readline support
    stm32 port:
    - usbd_conf.h: remove unused macros and clean up header file
    - usbd_conf: changes files to unix line endings and apply styling
    - usbdev: convert files to unix line endings
    - usbdev: remove unused RxState variable, and unused struct
    - usbdev: be honest about data not being written to HID endpoint
    - usbd_hid_interface: address possible race condition vs. interrupt
    - i2c: add new hardware I2C driver for F4 MCUs
    - machine_i2c: use new F4 hardware I2C driver for machine.I2C class
    - accel: switch pyb.Accel to use new C-level I2C API
    - modpyb: introduce MICROPY_PY_PYB_LEGACY config option for pyb mod
    - pyb_i2c: put pyb.I2C under MICROPY_PY_PYB_LEGACY setting
    - modpyb: remove unused includes and clean up comments
    - usb: use usbd_cdc_itf_t pointer directly in USB_VCP class
    - usb: combine CDC lower-layer and interface state into one struct
    - usb: combine HID lower-layer and interface state into one struct
    - usb: make CDC endpoint definitions private to core usbdev driver
    - usb: change CDC tx/rx funcs to take CDC state, not usbdev state
    - usb: change HID report funcs to take HID state, not usbdev state
    - usb: add ability to have 2x VCP interfaces on the one USB device
    - usb: initialise cdc variable to prevent compiler warnings
    - enable UART7/8 on F4 series that have these peripherals
    - add support for STM32L496 MCU
    - boards: add board ld and af.csv files for STM32L496 MCU
    - boards: add config files for new board, STM32L496GDISC
    - rtc: don't try to set SubSeconds value on RTC
    - integrate lwIP as implementation of usocket module
    - rng: use Yasmarang for rng_get() if MCU doesn't have HW RNG
    - remove unneeded HTML release notes from usbdev and usbhost dirs
    - add low-level hardware I2C slave driver
    - add new component, the mboot bootloader
    - allow to have no storage support if there are no block devices
    - add support for Cortex-M0 CPUs
    - timer: make timer_get_source_freq more efficient by using regs
    - allow a board to disable MICROPY_VFS_FAT
    - boards: add startup_stm32f0.s for STM32F0 MCUs
    - add support for STM32F0 MCUs
    - boards: add alt-func CSV list and linker script for STM32F091
    - boards: add NUCLEO_F091RC board configuration files
    - README: update to include STM32F0 in list of supported MCUs
    - boards: split combined alt-func labels and fix some other errors
    - boards: ensure USB OTG power is off for NUCLEO_F767ZI
    - flash: increase H7 flash size to full 2MiB
    - modnetwork: don't take netif's down when network is deinited
    - modnetwork: change base entry of NIC object from type to base
    - modnetwork: provide generic implementation of ifconfig method
    - add network driver for Wiznet5k using MACRAW mode and lwIP
    - modnetwork: fix arg indexing in generic ifconfig method
    - mpconfigport.h: enable DELATTR_SETATTR and BUILTINS_NOTIMPLEMENTED
    - mboot: increase USB rx_buf and DFU buf sizes to full 2048 bytes
    - Makefile: rebuild all qstrs when any board configuration changes
    - boards/STM32L476DISC: update SPI flash config for cache change
    - timer: support TIM1 on F0 MCUs
    - i2c: fix num_acks calculation in i2c_write for F0 and F7 MCU's
    - i2cslave: fix ordering of event callbacks in slave IRQ handler
    - mboot: adjust user-reset-mode timeout so it ends with mode=1
    - boards/stm32f091_af.csv: split labels that are multiple funcs
    - boards/NUCLEO_F091RC: add Arduino-named pins and rename CPU pins
    - can: use MP_OBJ_ARRAY_TYPECODE_FLAG_RW where appropriate
    - spi: fix SPI driver so it can send/recv more than 65535 bytes
    - mboot: define constants for reset mode cycling and timeout
    - boards/NUCLEO_F091RC: fix TICK_INT_PRIORITY so it is highest prio
    - qspi: don't require data reads and writes to be a multiple of 4
    - mboot: add support for erase/read/write of external SPI flash
    - boards: add .ld and af.csv files for STM32F722
    - modnetwork: fix query of DNS IP address in ifconfig()
    - mboot: fix bug with invalid memory access of USB state
    - mboot: only compile in code for the USB periph that is being used
    - mboot: always use a flash latency of 1WS to match 48MHz HCLK
    - access dict map directly instead of using helper function
    - support compiling with object representation D
    - fatfs_port: fix bug when MICROPY_HW_ENABLE_RTC not enabled
    - timer: use enum for indexing keyword arg in pyb_timer_init_helper
    - timer: add tick_hz arg to Timer constructor and init method
    - mphalport: make mp_hal_stdin_rx_chr/stdout_tx_strn weakly linked
    - flashbdev: fix bug with L4 block cache, dereferencing block size
    - add method for statically configuring pin alternate function
    - sdcard: use mp_hal_pin_config_alt_static to configure SD card pins
    - sdram: add SDRAM driver from OpenMV project
    - sdram: integrate SDRAM driver into rest of code
    - sdram: on F7 MCUs enable MPU on external SDRAM
    - boards/STM32F429DISC: enable onboard SDRAM
    - sdcard: get SDMMC alt func macro names working with F4,F7,H7 MCUs
    - Makefile: use -Wno-attributes for ll_usb.c HAL source file
    - rtc: get rtc.wakeup working on F0 MCUs
    - modmachine: get machine.sleep working on F0 MCUs
    - extint.h: use correct EXTI lines for RTC interrupts
    - modmachine: get machine.sleep working on L4 MCUs
    - adc: disable VBAT in read channel helper function
    - adc: fix ADC reading on F0 MCUs to only sample a single channel
    - spi: round up prescaler calc to never exceed requested baudrate
    - sdram: allow additional config by a board, and tune MPU settings
    - boards/STM32F429DISC: add burst len and autorefresh to SDRAM cfg
    - boards/STM32F7DISC: enable onboard SDRAM
    - spi: split out pyb.SPI and machine.SPI bindings to their own files
    - spi: add implementation of low-level SPI protocol
    - mboot/main: use correct formula for DFU download address
    - Makefile: allow external BOARD_DIR directory to be specified
    - boards/STM32L476DISC: enable external RTC xtal to get RTC working
    - for MCUs that have PLLSAI allow to set SYSCLK at 2MHz increments
    - dma: pass DMA direction as parameter to dma_init not in cfg struct
    - dma: reinitialise the DMA if the direction changed on the channel
    - sdcard: use only a single DMA stream for both SDIO TX/RX
    - sdcard: move temporary DMA state from BSS to stack
    - spi: be sure to set all SPI config values in SPI proto init
    - change flash IRQ priority from 2 to 6 to prevent preemption
    - flashbdev: protect flash writes from cache flushing and USB MSC
    - sdcard: fully reset SDMMC periph before calling HAL DMA functions
    - dma: get DMA working on F0 MCUs
    - sdram: add support for 32-bit wide data bus and 256MB in MPU cfg
    - boards/STM32F769DISC: add optional support for external SDRAM
    - add support for STM32F765xx MCUs
    - Makefile: include copysign.c in double precision float builds
    - adc: fix ADC calibration scale for L4 MCUs, they use 3.0V
    - adc: increase sample time for internal sensors on L4 MCUs
    - dcmi: add F4/F7/H7 hal files and dma definitions for DCMI periph
    - uart: add support for USART3-8 on F0 MCUs
    - boards/NUCLEO_F091RC: enable USART3-8 with default pins
    - modmachine: re-enable PLLSAI[1] after waking from stop mode
    - powerctrl: move function to set SYSCLK into new powerctrl file
    - powerctrl: fix configuring APB1/APB2 frequency when AHB also set
    - powerctrl: factor code to set RCC PLL and use it in startup
    - powerctrl: factor code that configures PLLSAI on F7 MCUs
    - powerctrl: optimise passing of default values to set_sysclk
    - powerctrl: don't configure clocks if already at desired frequency
    - usbd_conf: allocate enough space in USB HS TX FIFO for CDC packet
    - mpconfigport.h: enable math.factorial, optimised version
    - main: add configuration macros for board to set heap start/end
    - usbd_cdc_interface: handle disconnect IRQ to set VCP disconnected
    - usbd_cdc_interface: refactor USB CDC tx code to not use SOF IRQ
    - spi: fix calculation of SPI clock source on H7 MCUs
    - boards/stm32h743.ld: fix total flash size, should be 2048k
    - system_stm32: introduce configuration defines for PLL3 settings
    - adc: add ADC auto-calibration for L4 MCUs
    - flashbdev: add missing include for irq.h
    - servo: only initialise TIM5 if it is needed, to save power
    - usb: fully deinitialise USB periph when it is deactivated
    - powerctrl: move (deep)sleep funcs from modmachine.c to powerctrl.c
    - powerctrl: disable IRQs during stop mode to allow reconfig on wake
    - boards/STM32F429DISC: enable UART as secondary REPL
    - uart: always show the flow setting when printing a UART object
    - mboot: provide led_state_all function to reduce code size
    - mboot: add support for 4th board LED
    - boards: add configuration for putting mboot on PYBv1.x
    - mboot: add documentation for using mboot on PYBv1.x
    - powerctrl: add support for standby mode on L4 MCUs
    - uart: add rxbuf keyword arg to UART constructor and init method
    - boards: add STM32L432KC chip configuration files
    - add peripheral support for STM32L432
    - boards: add NUCLEO_L432KC board configuration files
    - split out UART Python bindings from uart.c to machine_uart.c
    - uart: factor out code from machine_uart.c that computes baudrate
    - uart: rework uart_get_baudrate so it doesn't need a UART handle
    - uart: factor out code to set RX buffer to function uart_set_rxbuf
    - uart: remove HAL's UART_HandleTypeDef from UART object struct
    - uart: simplify deinit of UART, no need to call HAL
    - uart: for UART init, pass in params directly, not via HAL struct
    - uart: move config of char_width/char_mask to uart.c
    - uart: add ability to have a static built-in UART object
    - extint: use correct EXTI channels on H7 MCUs for RTC events
    - adc: fix calibrated volt/temp readings on H7 by using 16bit scale
    - adc: increase ADC sampling time for internal sources on H7 MCUs
    - adc: support 16-bit ADC configuration on H7 MCUs
    - boards: allow OpenOCD stm_flash procedure to accept single FW img
    - boards/NUCLEO_L432KC: specify L4 OpenOCD config file for this MCU
    - main: add board config option to enable/disable mounting SD card
    - implement UART.irq() method with initial support for RX idle IRQ
    - uart: fix uart_rx_any in case of no buffer to return 0 or 1
    - uart: always enable global UART IRQ handler on init
    - uart: clear overrun error flag after reading RX data register
    - uart: make sure user IRQs are handled even with a keyboard intr
    - modmachine: fix reset_cause to correctly give DEEPSLEEP on L4 MCU
    - sdcard: properly reset SD periph when SDMMC2 is used on H7 MCUs
    - wdt: make singleton WDT object const so it goes in ROM
    - main: make thread and FS state static and exclude when not needed
    - use MICROPY_GC_STACK_ENTRY_TYPE to save some RAM
    - .gitattributes: remove special text handling of stm32 usbdev files
    - enable descriptors
    - enable uio.IOBase
    - enable ure.sub()
    - call gc_sweep_all() when doing a soft reset
    cc3200 port:
    - mods: include stream.h to get definition of mp_stream_p_t
    - mods: access dict map directly instead of using helper func
    - use MICROPY_GC_STACK_ENTRY_TYPE to save some RAM
    esp8266 port:
    - mpconfigport.h: add some weak links to common Python modules
    - modnetwork: return empty str for hostname if STA is inactive
    - modnetwork: raise ValueError when getting invalid WLAN id
    - modmachine: allow I2C and SPI to be configured out of the build
    - change UART(0) to attach to REPL via uos.dupterm interface
    - modules/ntptime.py: remove print of newly-set time
    - mpconfigport.h: enable ucryptolib module for standard build
    - esp8266_common.ld: put mp_keyboard_interrupt in iRAM
    - modesp: run ets_loop_iter before/after doing flash erase/write
    - let machine.WDT trigger the software WDT if obj is not fed
    - Makefile: remove build of libaxtls.a and add back tuned config
    - main: increase heap by 2kb, now that axtls rodata is in ROM
    - remove scanning of GC pointers in native code block
    - ets_alt_task: process idle callback if no other events occurred
    - modnetwork: automatically do radio sleep if no interface active
    - modnetwork: wait for iface to go down before forcing power mgmt
    - machine_uart: add rxbuf keyword arg to UART constructor/init
    - main: activate UART(0) on dupterm for REPL before boot.py runs
    - esp_mphal: provide mp_hal_pin_od_high_dht so DHT works reliably
    - implement high-res timers using new tick_hz argument
    - use MICROPY_GC_STACK_ENTRY_TYPE to save some RAM
    - enable descriptors
    - enable uio.IOBase
    - enable ure.sub()
    - call gc_sweep_all() when doing a soft reset, cleans up sockets
    esp32 port:
    - update to latest ESP IDF version
    - modnetwork: fix STA/AP activate/deactivate for new IDF API
    - Makefile: update to latest ESP IDF version
    - esp32.custom_common.ld: put soc code in iram0
    - silence ESP-IDF log messages when in raw REPL mode
    - Makefile: extract common C & C++ flags for consistent compilation
    - add support for building with external SPI RAM
    - modnetwork: fix isconnected() when using static IP config
    - remove port-specific uhashlib implementation and use common one
    - fatfs_port: implement get_fattime so FAT files have a timestamp
    - update to latest ESP IDF
    - modules: include umqtt library in frozen modules
    - mpconfigport.h: enable ucryptolib module
    - allow to build with uPy floats disabled
    - reduce latency for handling of scheduled Python callbacks
    - modnetwork: add support for bssid parameter in WLAN.connect()
    - implement WLAN.status() return codes
    - modesp32: add raw temperature reading to esp32 module
    - modesp32: use MP_ROM_QSTR and MP_ROM_PTR in const locals dict
    - modnetwork: add network.(W)LAN.ifconfig('dhcp') support
    - update to latest ESP IDF
    - fix int overflow in machine.sleep/deepsleep functions
    - machine_rtc: fix locals dict entry, init qstr points to init meth
    - modesp32: add hall_sensor() function
    - network_ppp: add PPPoS functionality
    - mpthreadport: prevent deadlocks when deleting all threads
    - allocate task TCB and stack from system heap not uPy heap
    - machine_uart: add txbuf/rxbuf keyword args to UART construct/init
    - machine_uart: implement UART.sendbreak() method
    - machine_pwm: support higher PWM freq by auto-scaling timer res
    - machine_pwm: on deinit stop routing PWM signal to the pin
    - modmachine: enable machine.sleep() now that the IDF supports it
    - mphalport: when tx'ing to REPL only release GIL if many chars sent
    - modsocket: for socket read only release GIL if socket would block
    - machine_pin: add Pin.off() and Pin.on() methods
    - Makefile: use system provided math library rather than uPy one
    - modules/neopixel.py: change NeoPixel to different default timings
    - machine_hw_spi: use separate DMA channels for HSPI and VSPI
    - machine_hw_spi: make HW SPI objects statically allocated
    - implement high-res timers using new tick_hz argument
    - enable descriptors
    - enable uio.IOBase
    - enable ure.sub()
    - call gc_sweep_all() when doing a soft reset
    nrf port:
    - add new port to Nordic nRF5x MCUs
    - align help.c builtin help text to use correct type
    - add WT51822-S4AT board
    - use --gc-sections to reduce code size
    - add compile switch to disable VFS
    - enable Link-time optimizations (LTO)
    - boards/arduino_primo: add missing hal_rng config used by random mod
    - implement NVMC HAL
    - disable FAT/VFS by default
    - hal/nvmc: remove pre-compiler error thrown in nvmc.h, if on nrf52
    - hal/hal_nvmc: fix non-SD code
    - boards: update linker scripts
    - add micro:bit filesystem
    - drivers/bluetooth/ble_drv: don't handle non-events
    - modules/uos/microbitfs: make OSError numeric
    - main: run boot.py and main.py on startup
    - use micropython libm to save flash
    - main: add ampy support
    - drivers/bluetooth: start advertising after disconnect
    - update usage of mp_obj_new_str by removing last parameter
    - remove default FROZEN_MPY_DIR
    - option to enable Ctrl-C in NUS console
    - boards/microbit: add copy of microbit display and image files
    - boards/microbit: add copy of microbit font type from microbit-dal
    - boards/microbit: rename display/image files from .cpp to .c ext
    - boards/microbit: update board modules from C++ to C-code
    - boards/microbit: add framework updates to build micro:bit modules
    - boards/microbit: attempt to get working display/images without FP
    - boards/microbit: add modmicrobit.h to expose module init function
    - boards/microbit: include modmicrobit.h in board_modules.h
    - drivers/softpwm: rename init function to softpwm_init0
    - drivers/ticker: rework ticker functions for microbit display/music
    - boards/microbit: update to work with new ticker code
    - modules/music: remove init of softpwm/ticker upon music module load
    - update main.c to init relevant board drivers, if enabled
    - boards/microbit: move microbit target to custom linker script
    - boards/microbit/modules: fix tabbing in modmicrobit.c
    - boards/microbit: add temperature back to microbit module
    - boards/microbit: update docs on top level tick low pri callback
    - change board module header from board_modules.h to boardmodules.h
    - add if-def around inclusion of nrf_sdm.h in main
    - boards/microbit: enable music, display, image, microbit module
    - drivers/bluetooth: reset evt_len to size of static buffer each iter
    - add support for s132 v5.0.0 bluetooth stack (#139)
    - change PYB prefix to MPY
    - only search for frozen files if FROZEN_MPY_DIR is set
    - mpconfigport: reduce GC stack size for nrf51
    - modules/machine/pin: disable pin debug by default
    - boards/common.ld: avoid overflowing the .text region
    - drivers/ble_drv: fixing sd_ble_enable bug for SD s132 v.2.0.1
    - make machine.UART optional
    - fix stack size in ld script and enable MICROPY_STACK_CHECK
    - improve include of boardmodules.mk
    - make LTO configurable via Makefile flag
    - boards/microbit/modules: initialize variable in microbit_sleep
    - replace custom-HAL with nrfx-HAL
    - fix NUS console when using boot.py or main.py
    - Makefile: fix .PHONY target
    - enable -g flag by default
    - make linker scripts more modular
    - remove port member from Pin object
    - modules/machine/pin: add support for IRQ on Pin's
    - modules/machine/spi: sPIM (EasyDMA) backend for nrf52x
    - drivers/bluetooth/ble_drv: increase max transfers in progress
    - gccollect: use the SP register instead of MSP
    - boards: remove unused defines from board config headers
    - boards/wt51822_s4at: fixes after nrfx and Pin IRQ introduction
    - modules/random: rename port config for RNG
    - modules: align method to resolve pin object
    - adc: allow for external use of new and value read function
    - spi: allow for external use of new and transfer function
    - return immediatly from mp_hal_delay_us if 0us is given
    - modules/machine/adc: fix to make adc.c compile for nrf51 targets
    - bluetooth: fixes for s132 v5 BLE stack
    - Makefile: use "standard" GCC -fshort-enums instead of --short-enums
    - Makefile: remove -fstack-usage
    - Makefile: use C11 instead of Gnu99
    - Makefile: refine dead-code elimination parameters
    - modules/machine/adc: don't compare -1 to an unsigned number
    - modules/uos/microbitfs: fix errno defines
    - modules/uos/microbitfs: remove unused uos_mbfs_mount
    - enable micro:bit FS by default
    - boards/feather52: move phony targets to main Makefile
    - modules/machine/spi: move enable-guard to prevent wrong includes
    - nrfx_config: move back nrf52832 to use non-EasyDMA SPI
    - move pyb module to boards module
    - add support for reading output pin state
    - generalize feather52 target
    - bluetooth: add support for s132/s140 v6, remove s132 v2/3/5
    - boards: check for stack/heap size using an assert
    - quick-fix on const objects with open array dimension in objtuples
    - bluetooth: replace BLE REPL (WebBluetooth) URL
    - add explicit make flag for oofatfs
    - compile nlr objects with -fno-lto flag
    - upgrade to nrfx 1.1.0
    - drivers: add license text to ticker.h and softpwm.h
    - use mp_raise_ValueError instead of nlr_raise(...)
    - include $(SRC_MOD) in the build
    - Makefile: make sure dependencies for pins_gen.c are correct
    - properly use (void) instead of () for function definitions
    - boards/microbit: use MICROPY_PY_BUILTINS_FLOAT to detect FP support
    - update nrfjprog links to allow to download any version
    - drivers/flash: fix incorrect page alignment check
    - uos: add mbfs __enter__ and __exit__ handlers
    - enable all PWM, RTC and Timer instances for nrf52840
    - correct index checking of ADC/PWM/RTCounter instances
    - use separate config for each PWM instance
    - uart: remove unused UART.char_width field
    - uart: fix UART.writechar() to write just 1 byte
    - bluetooth: set GAP_ADV_MAX_SIZE to 31 (s132/s140)
    - bluetooth: update BLE stack download script
    pic16bit port:
    - update to compile with latest xc16 v1.35 compiler
    teensy port:
    - add own uart.h to not rely on stm32's version of the file
    zephyr port:
    - README: hint about existence of qemu_x86_nommu
    - main: after builtin testsuite, drop to REPL
    - mpconfigport.h: enable uhashlib and ubinascii modules
    - modzsensor: zephyr sensor subsystem bindings
    - prj_base.conf: enable DHCP and group static IPs together
    - add prj_disco_l475_iot1.conf with sensor drivers
    - Makefile: add kobj_types_h_target to Z_EXPORTS
    - prj_base.conf: remove outdated CONFIG_NET_NBUF_RX_COUNT option
    - prj_qemu_x86.conf: remove outdated CONFIG_RAM_SIZE
    - prj_base.conf: update for net_config subsys refactor
    - CMakeLists: update for latest Zephyr CMake usage refactorings
    - library: add documentation for ucollections.deque
    - ucryptolib: add docs for new ucryptolib module
    - usocket: getaddrinfo: describe af/type/proto optional params
    - usocket: minor fixes to grammar of getaddrinfo
    - uos: make it clear that block device block_num param is an index
    - ure: document sub(), groups(), span(), start() and end()
    - ure: document some more supported regex operators
    - pyboard: for latex build, use smaller quickref jpg, and no gifs
    - library: remove "only" directive from all pyb module docs
    - library/machine.UART: remove conditional docs for wipy port
    - library/machine: remove conditional docs for wake_reason function
    - library/machine: remove conditional docs for rng function
    - library/index: remove all conditionals from library index
    - library/index: add hint about using help('modules') for discovery
    - reference/index: remove conditional for inline asm docs
    - library/machine: remove conditionals in machine class index
    - move WiPy specific Timer class to separate doc file
    - library/machine.I2C.rst: clarify availability of primitive I2C ops
    - library/machine.UART.rst: specify optional txbuf and rxbuf args
    - library/pyb: add deprecation warning for mount and old block proto
    - pyboard: fix to use Sphinx style for internal/external links
    - library/machine.SPI: add note about baudrate imprecision
    - library/network: move specific network classes to their own file
    - library/network: make AbstractNIC methods layout correctly
    - unify all the ports into one set of documentation
    - remove sphinx_selective_exclude, it's no longer used
    - wipy: fix links to network.Server, and markup for boot.py
    - uselect: describe more aspects of poll.register/modify behavior
    - machine.Pin: add note regarding irq handler argument
    - machine.Pin: document "hard" argument of Pin.irq method
    - uio: document StringIO/BytesIO(alloc_size) constructors
    - library/uctypes: add examples and make general updates
    - conf.py: use https for intersphinx link to docs.python.org
    - ure: fully describe supported syntax subset, add example
    - differences: clarify the differences are against Python 3.4
    - add initial docs for esp32 port, including quick-ref and general
    - library: add documentation for esp32 module
    - install explicit version of urllib3 for coveralls
    - use build stages and parallel jobs under Travis CI
    - add nrf port to Travis CI build
    - embedding: add code markup and fix typo in README.md
    - embedding: fix reference to freed memory, lexer src name
    - embedding: fix hard-coded MP_QSTR_ value
    - unix/ffi_example: clean up and update the ffi example
    - update list of ports to include esp32 and nrf
    - remove references to "make axtls", it's no longer needed
    - remove text about selecting different ports in the docs
  • v1.9.4
    Parser size reduced, new Python stack, stm32 improvements, new esp32 port
    This release brings some significant size reductions to the parser, as well
    as removal of unused code and additional tests to improve coverage of the
    core.  A new optional, internal Python stack is introduced for scoped
    allocation and can be used instead of alloca to provide more efficient and
    flexible temporary memory; see MICROPY_ENABLE_PYSTACK.  There have been
    many improvements and internal code refactors of the stm32 port, and the
    port to the Espressif ESP32 SoC has been merged from its development
    Compared to the last release the change in code size is (in bytes, using
    gcc 7.3):
       bare-arm: -1832
    minimal x86: -2608
       unix x64: -5129
    unix nanbox: +1024
          stm32: +2120
         cc3200:  -928
        esp8266:  +336
    The decrease is mainly due to the reduced size of the parser, where the
    table of rule pointers was compressed to a table of offsets.  The increase
    in the stm32 and esp8266 ports is due to additional features, such as more
    colour formats in the framebuf module and the addition of ujson.dump().
    Code coverage (measured by gcov) has improved since the last version
    (v1.9.3 on the left, v1.9.4 on the right):
    py:     15202/15447 = 98.4%  ->  15391/15513 = 99.2%
    extmod:  2227/ 2363 = 94.2%  ->   2291/ 2430 = 94.3%
    Changes and additions seen by the Python user include: improvement of dir()
    and tab-completion to list all available attributes of an object; addition
    of efficient ucollections.deque type with fixed size; better handling and
    polling support of sockets that get into an error state; implementation of
    key and cert keyword arguments in ussl.wrap_socket (for axtls);
    uos.ilistdir now return 4-tuples with the file size in the fourth position.
    Changes at the C level include: removal of "make_qstr_if_not_already"
    argument from mp_obj_new_str; rename of mp_exc_recursion_depth to
    mp_raise_recursion_depth; removal of mp_const_MemoryError_obj; switching
    of stream close operation from method to ioctl; refactoring of how native
    emitter code is compiled with a file per architecture.
    The stm32 port has seen a lot of improvements and additions, as well as
    some significant internal refactoring to better support configuring custom
    boards.  STM32F7 support is improved, USB HS is supported for F723 and
    F733, the CAN class has improvements to handle bus errors, ctrl-C can
    now interrupt running code when the REPL is over UART, and the ADC class
    added the read_timed_multi static method.  Board configuration has seen
    some internal changes, in particular with setting LD_FILES, TEXT0_ADDR,
    and TEXT1_ADDR in mpconfigboard.mk (previously LD_FILE, FLASH_ADDR,
    TEXT_ADDR).  The pin_X and pyb_pin_X identifiers have been changed to be
    pointers to objects rather than objects, and main is renamed to stm32_main.
    A detailed list of changes follows.
    py core:
    - compile: use alloca instead of qstr_build when compiling import name
    - mpconfig: introduce reusable MP_HTOBE32(), etc. macros
    - objtype: mp_obj_new_type: name base types related vars more clearly
    - objnamedtuple: add _asdict function if OrderedDict is supported
    - emitnative: clean up asm macro names so they have dest as first arg
    - mkenv.mk: use $(PYTHON) consistently when calling Python tools
    - objstr: remove "make_qstr_if_not_already" arg from mp_obj_new_str
    - objstr: make mp_obj_new_str_of_type check for existing interned qstr
    - objstr: when constructing str from bytes, check for existing qstr
    - add config option to disable multiple inheritance
    - objnamedtuple: allow to reuse namedtuple basic functionality
    - objfloat: allow float() to parse anything with the buffer protocol
    - modbuiltins: slightly simplify code in builtin round()
    - runtime: simplify handling of containment binary operator
    - opmethods: include the correct header for binary op enums
    - runtime: add MP_BINARY_OP_CONTAINS as reverse of MP_BINARY_OP_IN
    - parsenum: improve parsing of floating point numbers
    - objdict: reuse dict-view key iterator for standard dict iterator
    - annotate func defs with NORETURN when their corresp decls have it
    - qstr: rewrite find_qstr to make manifest that it returns a valid ptr
    - gc: in gc_realloc, convert pointer sanity checks to assertions
    - objgenerator: remove unreachable code for STOP_ITERATION case
    - misc.h: add m_new_obj_var_with_finaliser()
    - mp_call_function_*_protected(): pass-thru return value if possible
    - modbuiltins: use standard arg-parsing helper func for builtin print
    - mpprint: make "%p" format work properly on 64-bit systems
    - mpprint: support "%lx" format on 64-bit systems
    - malloc: allow to use debug logging if !MICROPY_MALLOC_USES_ALLOCATED_SIZE
    - gc: add CLEAR_ON_SWEEP option to debug mis-traced objects
    - emitbc, asmbase: only clear emit labels to -1 when in debug mode
    - asmbase: revert removal of clearing of label offsets for native emit
    - objint_longlong: check for zero division/modulo
    - runtime: when tracing unary/binary ops, output op (method) name
    - gc: factor out a macro to trace GC mark operations
    - gc: in sweep debug output, print pointer as a pointer
    - objfun: factor out macro for decoding codestate size
    - objfun, vm: add comments on codestate allocation in stackless mode
    - objfun: factor out macro for initializing codestate
    - mkrules.mk: add "clean-frozen" target to clean frozen script/modules dir
    - runtime: move mp_exc_recursion_depth to runtime and rename to raise
    - introduce a Python stack for scoped allocation
    - convert all uses of alloca() to use new scoped allocation API
    - runtime: use the Python stack when building *arg and **kwarg state
    - objexcept: use INT_FMT when printing errno value
    - extend nan-boxing config to have 47-bit small integers
    - objtype: implement better support for overriding native's __init__
    - objtype: refactor object's handling of __new__ to not create 2 objs
    - builtinimport: call __init__ for modules imported via a weak link
    - objgenerator: allow to pend an exception for next execution
    - map: don't include ordered-dict mutating code when not needed
    - mpz: fix pow3 function so it handles the case when 3rd arg is 1
    - modio: use correct config macro to enable resource_stream function
    - malloc: remove unneeded code checking m_malloc return value
    - nlrthumb: fix use of naked funcs, must only contain basic asm code
    - nlr: clean up selection and config of NLR implementation
    - nlr: factor out common NLR code to macro and generic funcs in nlr.c
    - parse: split out rule name from rule struct into separate array
    - parse: break rule data into separate act and arg arrays
    - parse: pass rule_id to push_result_rule, instead of passing rule_t*
    - parse: pass rule_id to push_result_token, instead of passing rule_t*
    - parse: remove rule_t struct because it's no longer needed
    - parse: compress rule pointer table to table of offsets
    - parse: update debugging code to compile on 64-bit arch
    - parse: fix macro evaluation by avoiding empty __VA_ARGS__
    - mpz: simplify handling of borrow and quo adjustment in mpn_div
    - mpz: in mpz_as_str_inpl, convert always-false checks to assertions
    - nlr: fix nlr functions for 64bit ports built with gcc on Windows
    - compile: combine compiler-opt of 2 and 3 tuple-to-tuple assignment
    - objtype: check and prevent delete/store on a fixed locals map
    - modbuiltins: for builtin_chr, use uint8_t instead of char for array
    - vm: simplify stack sentinel values for unwind return and jump
    - parsenum: fix parsing of floats that are close to subnormal
    - objfloat: fix case of raising 0 to -infinity
    - unicode: clean up utf8 funcs and provide non-utf8 inline versions
    - modbuiltins: simplify casts from char to byte ptr in builtin ord
    - objrange: implement (in)equality comparison between range objects
    - objexcept: remove long-obsolete mp_const_MemoryError_obj
    - nlrthumb: do not mark nlr_push as not returning anything
    - pystack: use "pystack exhausted" as error msg for out of pystack mem
    - objdict: disallow possible modifications to fixed dicts
    - gc: reduce code size by specialising VERIFY_MARK_AND_PUSH macro
    - gc: rename gc_drain_stack to gc_mark_subtree and pass it first block
    - gc: make GC stack pointer a local variable
    - qstr: add QSTR_TOTAL() macro to get number of qstrs
    - modbuiltins: simplify and generalise dir() by probing qstrs
    - repl: generalise REPL autocomplete to use qstr probing
    - objstr: protect against creating bytes(n) with n negative
    - objmodule: factor common code for calling __init__ on builtin module
    - builtinimport: add compile-time option to disable external imports
    - modmicropython: allow to have stack_use() func without mem_info()
    - objstr: remove unnecessary check for positive splits variable
    - objint: use MP_OBJ_IS_STR_OR_BYTES macro instead of 2 separate ones
    - objdeque: implement ucollections.deque type with fixed size
    - objdeque: protect against negative maxlen in deque constructor
    - objdeque: use m_new0 when allocating items to avoid need to clear
    - py.mk: split list of uPy sources into core and extmod files
    - py.mk: remove .. path component from list of extmod files
    - use "GEN" consistently for describing files generated in the build
    - compile: adjust c_assign_atom_expr() to use return instead of goto
    - asm*.c: remove unnecessary check for num_locals<0 in asm entry func
    - mpz: in mpz_clone, remove unused check for NULL dig
    - mpstate.h: add repl_line state for MICROPY_REPL_EVENT_DRIVEN
    - vm: fix case of handling raised StopIteration within yield from
    - vm: simplify handling of special-case STOP_ITERATION in yield from
    - formatfloat: fix rounding of %f format with edge-case FP values
    - formatfloat: fix case where floats could render with a ":" character
    - formatfloat: fix case where floats could render with negative digits
    - objint: remove unreachable code checking for int type in format func
    - misc.h: remove unused count_lead_ones() inline function
    - obj.h: clean up by removing commented-out inline versions of macros
    - obj.h: move declaration of mp_obj_list_init to objlist.h
    - makeqstrdefs.py: optimise by using compiled re's so it runs faster
    - objexcept: make MP_DEFINE_EXCEPTION public so ports can define excs
    - runtime: check that keys in dicts passed as ** args are strings
    - runtime: be sure that non-intercepted thrown object is an exception
    - vm: don't do unnecessary updates of ip and sp variables
    - vm: optimise handling of stackless mode when pystack is enabled
    - modsys: don't compile getsizeof function if feature is disabled
    - don't include mp_optimise_value or opt_level() if compiler disabled
    - objint: simplify LHS arg type checking in int binary op functions
    - objstr: in find/rfind, don't crash when end < start
    - stream: switch stream close operation from method to ioctl
    - objgenerator: check stack before resuming a generator
    - refactor how native emitter code is compiled with a file per arch
    - nlrthumb: fix Clang support wrt use of "return 0"
    - mperrno: define MP_EWOULDBLOCK as EWOULDBLOCK, not EAGAIN
    - stream: use uPy errno instead of system's for non-blocking check
    - obj.h: fix math.e constant for nan-boxing builds
    - modbuiltins, repl: start qstr probing from after empty qstr
    - runtime: add mp_load_method_protected helper which catches exceptions
    - modbuiltins: make built-in hasattr work properly for user types
    - repl: use mp_load_method_protected to prevent leaking of exceptions
    - modbuiltins: in built-in dir make use of mp_load_method_protected
    - modbuiltins: make built-in dir support the __dir__ special method
    - objdeque: fix sign extension bug when computing len of deque object
    - modussl_axtls: socket_read: Handle EAGAIN
    - moduhashlib: enable SHA1 hashing when using "mbedtls" library
    - vfs_fat: mount FatFS on creation so VFS methods can be used
    - modussl_axtls: implement key and cert kw args to wrap_socket
    - modlwip: commit TCP out data to lower layers if buffer gets full
    - machine_signal: change VLA to use new scoped allocation API
    - modure: convert alloca() to use new scoped allocation API
    - modussl_mbedtls: clean up mbedtls state when error during setup
    - modframebuf: add 2-bit color format (GS2_HMSB)
    - modframebuf: add 8-bit greyscale format (GS8)
    - vfs_fat_file: implement SEEK_CUR for non-zero offset
    - modujson: implement ujson.dump() function
    - vfs_fat: move ilistdir implementation from misc to main file
    - vfs_fat: merge remaining vfs_fat_misc.c code into vfs_fat.c
    - vfs_fat: make fat_vfs_open_obj wrapper public, not its function
    - vfs_fat: remove declaration of mp_builtin_open_obj
    - vfs_fat_diskio: use a C-stack-allocated bytearray for block buf
    - machine_spi: make SPI protocol structure public
    - vfs_fat: add file size as 4th element of uos.ilistdir tuple
    - re1.5: fix compilecode.c compile problem on IAR tool chain
    - modlwip: check if getaddrinfo() constraints are supported or not
    - vfs: delegate import_stat to vfs.stat to allow generic FS import
    - uzlib: fix C-language sequencing error with uzlib_get_byte calls
    - modlwip: in ioctl handle case when socket is in an error state
    - tinytest: move from tools/tinytest
    - upytesthelper: add MicroPython test helper layer on top of tinytest
    - tinytest: clean up test reporting in the presence of stdout output
    - utils/pyexec.h: include py/obj.h because its decls are needed
    - utils/pyexec: update to work with new MICROPY_HW_ENABLE_USB option
    - stm32lib: update library to include support for STM32H7 MCUs
    - stm32lib: update library for fix to H7 SPI strict aliasing error
    - axtls: update, exposes AES functions to implement ECB cipher mode
    - nrf24l01: make driver and test run on pyboard, ESP8266, ESP32
    - display/ssd1306: make SSD1306 class inherit from FrameBuffer
    - sdcard: support old SD cards (<=2GB)
    - sdcard: avoid allocation on the heap
    - sdcard: update doc for ESP8266 to use correct SPI number
    - cc3200: update to work with new stm32 SPI API
    - sdcard: update SD mounting example code for ESP8266
    - bus: add QSPI abstract type with software QSPI implementation
    - memory/spiflash: add support for QSPI interface
    - bus: pull out software SPI implementation to dedicated driver
    - memory/spiflash: change to use low-level SPI object not uPy one
    - mpy-tool.py: implement freezing of Ellipsis const object
    - gen-cpydiff.py: update executable paths to point to new ports dir
    - tinytest-codegen.py: generate code for upytesthelper
    - tinytest-codegen: wrap lines of exclude_tests
    - tinytest-codegen: more excludes after enabling expected output match
    - tinytest-codegen: take --target= option for test set selection
    - pydfu.py: call set_configuration() on fresh USB device object
    - tinytest-codegen: add --stdin switch instead of recently added --target
    - tinytest-codegen: ignore system locale, write output in UTF-8
    - upip: upgrade upip to 1.2.4
    - net_hosted: add test for socket connect() and poll() behaviour
    - basics: add test for containment of a subclass of a native type
    - basics/builtin_range: add test for corner case of range slicing
    - basics/builtin_locals: add test for using locals() in class body
    - cpydiff: add difference-test for second arg of builtin next()
    - cpydiff: fix markup where "`" (xref) was used instead of "``" (code)
    - heapalloc_*: refactor some tests to work in strict stackless mode
    - heapalloc, heapalloc_super: skip in strict stackless mode
    - basics: add test for overriding a native base-class's init method
    - extmod: add test which subclasses framebuf.FrameBuffer
    - cpydiff: update subclassing Exception case and give work-around
    - fix few test for proper "skipped" detection with qemu-arm's tinytest
    - run-tests: add --list-tests switch
    - add tests to improve coverage of py/objtype.c
    - run-tests: fix handling of --list-tests wrt skipped tests
    - run-tests: add composable --include and --exclude options
    - run-tests: don't test for --target=unix with "pyb is None"
    - run-tests: skip running feature checks for --list-tests/--write-exp
    - basics: add more set tests to improve coverage of py/objset.c
    - extmod/uhashlib_sha256: add test for hashing 56 bytes of data
    - float/builtin_float_hash: add test to improve objfloat.c coverage
    - unix: add test for printf with %lx format
    - basics/generator_pend_throw: add test for just-started generator
    - basics/builtin_pow3: add tests for edge cases of pow3
    - add some more tests to improve coverage of py/parse.c
    - extmod: add some uctypes tests to improve coverage of that module
    - basics/memoryerror: add test for out-of-memory using realloc
    - basics: rename remaining tests that are for built-in functions
    - unix: add coverage test for calling mp_obj_new_bytearray
    - automatically skip tests that require eval, exec or frozenset
    - rewrite some tests so they can run without needing eval/exec
    - run-tests: capture any output from a crashed uPy execution
    - basics/deque*: tests for ucollections.deque
    - basics: add tests to improve coverage of py/objdeque.c
    - basics: add test for calling a subclass of a native class
    - stress: add test to create a dict beyond "maximum" rehash size
    - unix: add coverage tests for mpz_set_from_float, mpz_mul_inpl
    - extmod/vfs_fat_fileio1: add test for failing alloc with finaliser
    - extmod/uzlib_decompress: add uzlib tests to improve coverage
    - float: adjust float-parsing tests to pass with only a small error
    - unix: add coverage test for VM executing invalid bytecode
    - basics/gc1: add test which triggers GC threshold
    - extmod/vfs_fat_fileio1: add test for calling file obj finaliser
    - unix: add coverage tests for various GC calls
    - move heap-realloc-while-locked test from C to Python
    - unix: add coverage test for uio.resource_stream from frozen str
    - extmod/time_ms_us: add test for calling ticks_cpu()
    - extmod/time_ms_us: fix ticks tests, ticks_diff args are reversed
    - basics/builtin_enumerate: add test for many pos args to enumerate
    - cpydiff: indent workaround code snippet so it formats correctly
    - pyb: update CAN test to expect that auto_restart is printed
    - pyb/can: update to test pyb.CAN restart, state, info, inplace recv
    - basics/iter1.py: add more tests for walking a user-defined iter
    - basics: add test for use of return within try-except
    - basics/int_big1.py: add test converting str with non-print chars
    - basics: modify int-big tests to prevent constant folding
    - stress: add test to verify the GC can trace nested objects
    - basics/int_big1.py: add test for big int in mp_obj_get_int_maybe
    - basics: add test for subclassing an iterable native type
    - basics: add tests for edge cases of nan-box's 47-bit small int
    - basics/class_super.py: add tests for store/delete of super attr
    - basics/string_compare.py: add test with string that hashes to 0
    - micropython: add set of tests for extreme cases of raising exc's
    - stress/recursive_gen: add test for recursive gen with iter
    - move recursive tests to the tests/stress/ subdir
    - pyb/adc.py: fix test so that it really does test ADC values
    - pyb: add test for pyb.ADCAll class
    - io/bytesio_ext2: remove dependency on specific EINVAL value
    - run-tests: support esp32 as a target for running the test suite
    - cpydiff: remove core_function_unpacking now that it succeeds
    - cpydiff: remove types_str_decodeerror now that it succeeds
    - cpydiff: remove working cases from types_float_rounding
    - cpydiff: remove types_int_tobytesfloat now that it doesn't fail
    - float/float_parse: allow test to run on 32-bit archs
    minimal port:
    - README: update text to better describe what "make run" does
    - Makefile: explicitly include lib/utils/printf.c in build
    - Makefile: only build with core source files
    unix port:
    - moduselect: add .dump() method for debugging
    - mpconfigport: disable uio.resource_stream()
    - add support for using the Python stack
    - Makefile: coverage: allow user to pass CFLAGS_EXTRA
    - mpconfigport.h: allow to override stackless options from commandline
    - mpconfigport_coverage.h: enable MICROPY_PY_IO_RESOURCE_STREAM
    - mpconfigport_coverage: enable range (in)equality comparison
    - coverage: allow coverage tests to pass with debugging disabled
    windows port:
    - mpconfigport: provide off_t definition for MSVC port
    - mpconfigport: enable some features, including the Python stack
    - add Appveyor CI builds for windows mingw port
    qemu-arm port:
    - rework "test" target using upytesthelper
    - test_main: clean up invocation of tinytest_main()
    - test_main: include setjmp.h because it's used by gc_collect
    stm32 port:
    - boards/NUCLEO_F429ZI: incr CPU freq to 168MHz to get USB working
    - boards: add support for NUCLEO-F746ZG evaluation board
    - boards/stm32f767_af.csv: update AF table based on datasheet
    - boards/*_af.csv: make consistent use of JTMS, JTCK, SWDIO, SWCLK
    - add support for using the Python stack
    - usbdev: pass thru correct val for SCSI PreventAllowMediumRemoval
    - use corrected capitalization of HAL_SD_CardStateTypedef
    - allow to build a board without any hardware I2C ports defined
    - uart: add support for 7-bit modes: 7N1 and 7N2
    - uart: support board configs with CTS/RTS on UART6
    - i2c: fix bug with I2C4 initialisation
    - i2c: support more I2C baudrates for F746, and more F7 MCUs
    - spi: if MICROPY_HW_SPIn_MISO undefined, do not claim pin on init
    - modmachine: handle case of no MICROPY_PY_MACHINE_I2C
    - add support for DHT11/DHT22 sensors
    - spi: make SPI DMA wait routine more power efficient by using WFI
    - sdcard: make SD wait routine more power efficient by using WFI
    - usbdev: reduce dependency on py header files
    - usbdev: combine all str descriptor accessor funcs into one func
    - can: support MCUs without a CAN2 peripheral
    - improve support for STM32F722, F723, F732, F733 MCUs
    - modmachine: in freq(), select flash latency value based on freq
    - sdcard: only define IRQ handler if using SDMMC1 peripheral
    - sdcard: use maximum speed SDMMC clock on F7 MCUs
    - usbdev: add support for MSC-only USB device class
    - usb: allow board to select which USBD is used as the main one
    - usbdev: add support for high-speed USB device mode
    - i2c: use macros instead of magic numbers for I2C speed grades
    - spi: add support for a board naming SPI peripherals 4, 5 and 6
    - rng: simplify RNG implementation by accessing raw peripheral regs
    - spi: allow SPI peripheral state to persist across a soft reset
    - i2c: allow I2C peripheral state to persist across a soft reset
    - spi: provide better separation between SPI driver and uPy objs
    - update LCD and network drivers to work with new SPI API
    - spi: accept machine.SPI object in spi_from_mp_obj() function
    - rtc: fix rtc_info flags when LSE fails and falls back to LSI
    - rtc: fix RTC init to use LSI if LSI is already selected on boot
    - rtc: add compile-time option to set RTC source as LSE bypass
    - main: reorder some init calls to put them before soft-reset loop
    - main: remove need for first_soft_reset variable
    - add mpconfigboard_common.h with common/default board settings
    - boards: remove all config options that are set to defaults
    - usbdev: fix USBD setup request handler to use correct recipient
    - update HAL macro and constant names to use newer versions
    - timer: support MCUs that don't have TIM4 and/or TIM5
    - introduce MICROPY_HW_ENABLE_USB and clean up USB config
    - boards: update all boards to work with new USB configuration
    - factor out flash and SPI block-device code to separate files
    - change header include guards from STMHAL to STM32 to match dir
    - add board config option to enable/disable the ADC
    - use "GEN" for describing files generated in the build
    - flash: use FLASH_TYPEPROGRAM_WORD to support newer HALs
    - move MCU-specific cfg from mphalport.h to mpconfigboard_common.h
    - spibdev: update to work with new spiflash driver
    - spibdev: add option to configure SPI block dev to use QSPI flash
    - storage: add option for bdev to supply readblock/writeblocks
    - spibdev: convert to use multiple block read/write interface
    - qspi: add hardware QSPI driver, with memory-map capability
    - i2c: on F4 MCUs report the actual I2C SCL frequency
    - boards/stm32f767_af.csv: add ADC column to pin capability list
    - boards/NUCLEO_F767ZI: update pins list to include 3 extra pins
    - boards: add stm32h743_af.csv file describing H7 GPIO alt funcs
    - boards: add stm32h743.ld linker script
    - boards: add new NUCLEO_H743ZI board configuration files
    - Makefile: add settings to support H7 MCUs
    - flash: add flash support for H7 MCUs
    - system_stm32: add H7 MCU system initialisation
    - mphalport: use GPIO BSRRL/BSRRH registers for H7 MCUs
    - wdt: add WDT support for H7 MCUs
    - uart: add UART support for H7 MCUs
    - timer: add Timer support for H7 MCUs
    - modmachine: support basic H7 MCU features
    - usbd_conf: add USB support for H7 MCUs
    - stm32_it: add support for H7 MCUs
    - dma: add DMA support for H7 MCUs
    - rtc: add RTC support for H7 MCUs
    - extint: add EXTI support for H7 MCUs
    - mpconfigboard_common: add STM32H7 common configuration
    - main: enable D2 SRAM1/2/3 clocks on H7 MCUs
    - boards: add startup_stm32h7.s for H7 series specific startup
    - boards: add startup_stm32f7.s for F7 series specific startup
    - boards: add startup_stm32f4.s for F4 series specific startup
    - boards: add startup_stm32l4.s for L4 series specific startup
    - Makefile: use separate startup file for each MCU series
    - remove startup_stm32.S, now provided in boards/ for each MCU
    - usbd_conf.h: add include of stdint.h to fix compilation issues
    - system_stm32: fix CONFIG_RCC_CR_2ND value to use bitwise or
    - storage: merge all misc block-dev funcs into a single ioctl func
    - storage: make spi_bdev interface take a data pointer as first arg
    - storage: remove all SPI-flash bdev cfg, to be provided per board
    - boards/STM32L476DISC: provide SPI-flash bdev config
    - storage: provide support for a second block device
    - qspi: do an explicit read instead of using memory-mapped mode
    - boards/STM32L476DISC: enable CAN peripheral
    - can: improve can.recv() so it checks for events, eg ctrl-C
    - can: use enums to index keyword arguments, for clarity
    - can: add "auto_restart" option to constructor and init() method
    - can: add CAN.restart() method so controller can leave bus-off
    - can: add CAN.state() method to get the state of the controller
    - can: add CAN.info() method to retrieve error and tx/rx buf info
    - use STM32xx macros instead of MCU_SERIES_xx to select MCU type
    - can: add "list" param to CAN.recv() to receive data inplace
    - dma: enable H7 DMA descriptors
    - i2c: add H7 I2C timing configurations
    - boards/NUCLEO_H743ZI: enable hardware I2C support
    - boards/NUCLEO_H743ZI: disable uSD transceiver
    - Makefile: re-enable strict aliasing optimisation for ST HAL files
    - consolidate include of genhdr/pins.h to single location in pin.h
    - qspi: don't take the address of pin configuration identifiers
    - *bdev.c: eliminate dependency on sys_tick_has_passed
    - boards: allow boards to have finer control over the linker script
    - Makefile: rename FLASH_ADDR/TEXT_ADDR to TEXT0_ADDR/TEXT1_ADDR
    - Makefile: allow a board to config either 1 or 2 firmware sections
    - boards: add common_basic.ld for a board to have a single section
    - boards: add common_bl.ld for boards that need a bootloader
    - system_stm32: set VTOR pointer from TEXT0_ADDR
    - boards/stm32f767.ld: add definition of FLASH_APP
    - boards/stm32h743.ld: remove include of common.ld
    - boards/NUCLEO_H743ZI: update to build with new linker management
    - dma: remove H7 SDMMC DMA descriptors
    - sdcard: add H7 SD card support
    - boards/NUCLEO_H743ZI: enable SD card support
    - change pin_X and pyb_pin_X identifiers to be pointers to objects
    - boards/STM32L476DISC: update to not take the address of pin objs
    - add custom, optimised Reset_Handler code
    - main: rename main to stm32_main and pass through first argument
    - main: only update reset_mode if board doesn't use a bootloader
    - mphalport: use MCU regs to detect if cycle counter is started
    - dac: add support for H7 MCUs
    - boards/NUCLEO_H743ZI: enable DAC peripheral
    - i2c: update HAL macros to use new __HAL_RCC prefix
    - i2c: fully support peripheral I2C4
    - main: guard usb_mode lines in default boot.py by relevant #if
    - adc: fix verification of ADC channel 16 for F411 MCUs
    - adc: add read_timed_multi() static method, with docs and tests
    - adc: optimise read_timed_multi() by caching buffer pointers
    - dac: add buffering argument to constructor and init() method
    - adc: factor code to optimise adc_read_channel and adc_read
    - adc: fix config of EOC selection and Ext-Trig for ADC periph
    - adc: factor common ADC init code into adcx_init_periph()
    - pin: in pin AF object, remove union of periph ptr types
    - can: allow CAN pins to be configured per board
    - stm32_it: add IRQ handler for I2C4
    - allow a board to configure the HSE in bypass mode
    - main: allow a board to configure the label of the flash FS
    - sdcard: implement BP_IOCTL_SEC_COUNT to get size of SD card
    - rng: set RNG clock source for STM32H7
    - boards/NUCLEO_H743ZI: enable RNG for this board
    - uart: allow ctrl-C to issue keyboard intr when REPL is over UART
    - uart: allow ctrl-C to work with UARTs put on REPL via os.dupterm
    - introduce MICROPY_PY_STM config to include or not the stm module
    - dac: support MCUs that don't have TIM4/5 and use new HAL macro
    - rename i2c.c to pyb_i2c.c
    - rename legacy pyb.I2C helper functions to start with pyb_i2c_
    - i2c: add low-level I2C driver for F7 MCUs
    - machine_i2c: provide hardware I2C for machine.I2C on F7 MCUs
    - system_stm32: reconfigure SysTick IRQ priority for L4 MCUs
    - boards/NUCLEO_H743ZI: use priority 0 for SysTick IRQ
    - adc: add support for H7 MCU series
    - boards/NUCLEO_H743ZI: enable ADC peripheral
    - mphalport: add mp_hal_pin_config_speed() to select GPIO speed
    - usbd_conf: use mp_hal_pin_config() instead of HAL_GPIO_Init
    - dac: use mp_hal_pin_config() instead of HAL_GPIO_Init()
    - boards: update pins.csv to include USB pins where needed
    - mphalport: support ADC mode on a pin for L4 MCUs
    - adc: use mp_hal_pin_config() instead of HAL_GPIO_Init()
    - dac: make deinit disable the output buffer on H7 and L4 MCUs
    - dac: implement printing of a DAC object
    - mphalport: optimise the way that GPIO clocks are enabled
    - flash: remove unused src parameter from flash_erase()
    - dma: always deinit/reinit DMA channels on L4 MCUs
    - irq: define IRQ priorities directly as encoded hardware values
    - main: clean up and optimise initial start-up code of the MCU
    - dma: fix duplicate typedef of struct, it's typedef'd in dma.h
    - don't use %lu or %lx for formatting, use just %u or %x
    - Makefile: use -O2 to optimise compilation of lib/libc/string0.c
    - i2c: make sure stop condition is sent after receiving addr nack
    - usb: fix broken pyb.have_cdc() so it works again
    - usb: use correct type for USB HID object
    - README: update to reflect current MCU support
    teensy port:
    - update GPIO speed consts to align with changes in stm32 port
    esp8266 port:
    - etshal.h: make function prototypes compatible with ESP SDK 2.1.0+
    - README: emphasize the need to change default WiFi password
    - README: add section on using upip
    - esp8266_common.ld: put .text of more libs into .irom0.text
    - modules/webrepl_setup: fix first-time enable of WebREPL
    - modnetwork: make sure to intern string passed to .config("param")
    - machine_hspi: after an SPI write wait for last byte to transfer
    - modules: move dht.py driver to drivers/dht directory
    - esppwm: clip negative duty numbers to 0
    - README.md: update build instruction to reflect new ports dir
    - uart: allow to compile with event-driven REPL
    - modnetwork: implement WLAN.status('rssi') for STA interface
    - esppwm: always start timer to avoid glitch from full to nonfull
    - esp_mphal.h: fix I2C glitching by using input mode for od_high
    - modnetwork: allow to get ESSID of AP that STA is connected to
    - disable DEBUG_PRINTERS for 512k build
    - add new port to Espressif ESP32 SoC
    - modnetwork: give better error msgs for AP timeout and not-found
    - modsocket: implement setsockopt(IP_ADD_MEMBERSHIP)
    - mpconfigport.h: add missing uhashlib
    - mphalport.h: make mp_hal_pin_<dir> select gpio on the pad
    - call initialization function on sha1 and sha256
    - implement machine.WDT() class
    - README: update general description of port to add avail features
    - modutime.c: add localtime and mktime functions
    - machine_pwm: always set the channel in the PWM object
    - update to latest ESP IDF
    - modules: symlink in ntptime.py from esp8266/modules
    - modnetwork.c: fix for setting DNS with network.WLAN.ifconfig()
    - mpconfigport.h: enable ussl finaliser
    - implement wired Ethernet via network.LAN()
    - mpconfigport.h: enable websocket module
    - modesp: add osdebug() function to disable or change IDF logging
    - Makefile: support using IDF_PATH as the env var to the IDF source
    - add custom partitions.csv file with uPy specific size
    - machine_hw_spi: fix large HW SPI transfers by splitting them up
    - README: update toolchain setup
    - machine_uart: fix check of UART id so it only allows valid UARTs
    - machine_rtc: add RTC class to machine module with sleep impl
    - modesp32: add new module "esp32" to support extra wake features
    - machine_rtc: move export declaration from .c to common .h file
    - modnetwork: implement dhcp_hostname for WLAN.config()
    - update to the latest ESP IDF
    - main: allocate the uPy heap via malloc instead of on the bss
    - modsocket: allow getaddrinfo() to take up to 6 args
    - modnetwork: implement status('stations') to list STAs in AP mode
    - machine_uart: return None from UART read if no data is available
    - machine_uart: remove UART event queue object
    - README.md: fix typo readme
    - mphalport: use esp_timer_get_time instead of gettimeofday
    - mphalport: improve mp_hal_delay_us so it handles pending events
    - mphalport: improve mp_hal_stdout_tx_XXX functions
    - add support for and enable uos.dupterm()
    - modsocket: add support for registering socket event callbacks
    - mpconfigport: enable webrepl module and socket events
    - modules: add support scripts for WebREPL
    - add support for the esp32's ULP
    - modnetwork: allow to get ESSID of AP that STA is connected to
    - README: add --init to submodule update command
    - modsocket: correctly handle reading from a peer-closed socket
    - use mp_rom_map_elem_t and MP_ROM_xxx macros for const dicts
    - modsocket: check for pending events during blocking socket calls
    zephyr port:
    - README: "make qemu" was replaced with "make run"
    - Makefile: clean: Remove generated prj_*_merged.conf
    - prj_base.conf: force zephyr.bin build output
    - Makefile: convert to new CMake-based Zephyr build system
    - Makefile: make prj_$(BOARD).conf optional, again
    - Makefile: syscall_macros.h generation was moved from CMake to make
    - CMakeLists.txt: update for latest Zephyr buildsys changes
    - CMakeLists.txt: properly separate CFLAGS parts gotten from CMake
    - main: move var declarations to the top of file
    - add support for binary with builtin testsuite
    - prj_base.conf: bump MAIN_STACK_SIZE to let builtin testsuite run
    - Makefile: clean: Clean libmicropython.a too
    - main: remove unused do_str() function
    - esp8266/general: TLS limitations: mention also "ussl" module limitations
    - ure: add flags arg to ure.compile(), mention that ure.DEBUG is optional
    - ure: emphasize not supported features more
    - _thread: add a placeholder docs for _thread module
    - library/network: enhance AbstractNIC.status to take an argument
    - add notes on heap allocation caused by bound method refs
    - uselect: poll: Explicitly specify that no-timeout value is -1
    - uctypes: tweak descriptor reference to hopefully be easier to follow
    - uselect: describe POLLHUP/POLLERR semantics in more details
    - library/utime: fix incorrect example with ticks_diff args order
    - uselect: ipoll: Fix grammar/wording of one-shot flag description
    - glossary: describe the callee-owned tuple concept
    - uerrno: fix xref-vs-code markup
    - glossary: describe "stream" term
    - glossary: describe string interning
    - library: add xrefs to "stream" dictionary entry for many modules
    - glossary: clarify wording for "baremetal"
    - reference/packages: add chapter on distribution packages and deployment
    - packages: add quick "Creating distribution packages" section
    - packages: mpy_bin2res no longer required to create resources
    - conf: reference CPython 3.5 docs
    - packages: use "install_dir/" in examples
    - packages: explicitly recommend usage of setuptools instead of distutils
    - library/index: elaborate uPy libraries intro
    - library/pyb.rst: add note about availability of USB MSC-only mode
    - esp8266: update PWM doc regarding clipping of min/max values
    - esp8266: add a note concerning GPIO16 pull capabilities
    - library/ujson: document dump() and load() functions
    - library/usocket: make xref to uerrno explicitly a module reference
    - library/micropython: describe optimisation levels for opt_level()
    - library/uos: create sections for distinct parts and document uname
    - library/uos: document mount, umount, VfsFat and block devices
    - reference/repl.rst: fix some minor errors in the REPL tutorial
    - library/pyb.ADC: document new features for ADCAll
    - library/pyb.ADC: remove outdated ADCAll code example
    - library: add ussl module to library index for unix port
    - pass -j4 to make to speed up compilation
    - update for qemu-arm's testing moved to Makefile.test
    - build and test strict stackless build
    - add Unix coverage test for script via stdin
  • v1.9.3
    Introduction of ports subdirectory where all ports are moved to
    The main change in this release is the introduction of a "ports/"
    subdirectory at the top-level of the repository, and all of the ports are
    moved here.  In the process the "stmhal" port is renamed to "stm32" to
    better reflect the MCU that it targets.  In addition, the STM32 CMSIS and
    HAL sources are moved to a new submodule called "stm32lib".
    The bytecode has changed in this release, compared to the previous release,
    and as a consequence the .mpy version number has increased to version 3.
    This means that scripts compiled with the previous mpy-cross must be
    recompiled to work with this new version.
    There have also been various enhancements and optimisations, such as:
    check for valid UTF-8 when creating str objects, support for reverse
    special binary operations like __radd__, full domain checking in the math
    module, support for floor-division and modulo in the viper emitter,
    and addition of stack overflow checking when executing a regex.
    The stm32 port sees improved support for F7 MCUs, addition of a new board
    B_L475E_IOT01A based on the STM32L475, and support for the Wiznet W5500
    chipset along with improved socket behaviour.
    A detailed list of changes follows.
    py core:
    - objstr: startswith, endswith: check arg to be a string
    - nlrx86,x64: replace #define of defined() with portable macro usage
    - objtype: handle NotImplemented return from binary special methods
    - objtype: mp_obj_class_lookup: improve debug logging
    - map: remove unused new/free functions
    - make m_malloc_fail() have void return type, since it doesn't return
    - modstruct: in struct.pack, stop converting if there are no args left
    - modstruct: check and prevent buffer-read overflow in struct unpacking
    - modstruct: check and prevent buffer-write overflow in struct packing
    - nlrthumb: get working again on standard Thumb arch (ie not Thumb2)
    - objfloat: fix binary ops with incompatible objects
    - obj: fix comparison of float/complex NaN with itself
    - objtype: implement fallback for instance inplace special methods
    - objtuple: properly implement comparison with incompatible types
    - objstr: add check for valid UTF-8 when making a str from bytes
    - objlist: properly implement comparison with incompatible types
    - runtime0.h: move relational ops to the beginning of mp_binary_op_t
    - runtime0.h: move MP_BINARY_OP_DIVMOD to the end of mp_binary_op_t
    - objtype: make sure mp_binary_op_method_name has full size again
    - runtime0.h: put inplace arith ops in front of normal operations
    - builtinhelp: simplify code slightly by extracting object type
    - runtime: implement dispatch for "reverse op" special methods
    - nlrx86: fix building for Android/x86
    - builtinhelp: change signature of help text var from pointer to array
    - runtime.h: change empty mp_warning macro so var-args are non empty
    - modbuiltins: implement abs() by dispatching to MP_UNARY_OP_ABS
    - {objfloat,objcomplex}: optimise MP_UNARY_OP_ABS by reusing variables
    - mpconfig.h: add note that using computed gotos in VM is not C99
    - objstr: strip: don't strip "\0" by default
    - objexcept: prevent infinite recursion when allocating exceptions
    - stream: remove unnecessary checks for NULL return from vstr_add_len
    - vstr: raise a RuntimeError if fixed vstr buffer overflows
    - vm: use lowercase letter at start of exception message
    - persistentcode: define mp_raw_code_save_file() for any unix target
    - add config option to print warnings/errors to stderr
    - objfloat: support raising a negative number to a fractional power
    - objset: simplify set and frozenset by separating their locals dicts
    - objset: check that RHS of a binary op is a set/frozenset
    - objset: include the failed key in a KeyError raised from set.remove
    - objtype: change type of enum-to-qstr table to uint16_t to save space
    - objstr: make empty bytes object have a null-terminating byte
    - mpprint: only check for null string printing when NDEBUG not defined
    - objtype: clean up unary- and binary-op enum-to-qstr mapping tables
    - persistentcode: bump .mpy version number to version 3
    - bc: update opcode_format_table to match the bytecode
    - modmath: add full checks for math domain errors
    - modmath: convert log2 macro into a function
    - formatfloat: don't print the negative sign of a NaN value
    - formatfloat: use standard isinf, isnan funcs instead of custom ones
    - modbuiltins: use existing utf8_get_char helper in builtin ord func
    - emitnative: implement floor-division and modulo for viper emitter
    - objtype: use CPython compatible method name for sizeof
    - objtype: fit qstrs for special methods in byte type
    - objtype: define all special methods if requested
    - modubinascii: only include uzlib/tinf.h when it's really needed
    - modussl_mbedtls: allow to compile with MBEDTLS_DEBUG_C disabled
    - machine_pinbase: put PinBase singleton in ROM
    - re1.5: upgrade to v0.8.2, adds hook for stack overflow checking
    - modure: add stack overflow checking when executing a regex
    - uos_dupterm: update uos.dupterm() and helper funcs to have index
    - uos_dupterm: swallow any errors from dupterm closing the stream
    - vfs: replace VLA in proxy func with small, static sized array
    - modussl: add finaliser support for ussl objects
    - modussl_mbedtls: allow to compile with unix coverage build
    - add new submodule, stm32lib containing STM32 CMSIS and HAL source
    - embed/abort_: use mp_raise_msg helper function
    - libm: fix tanhf so that it correctly handles +/- infinity args
    - libm: remove implementation of log2f, use MP_NEED_LOG2 instead
    - axtls: update, support for SSL_EAGAIN return code
    - berkeley-db-1.xx: update, allow to override MINCACHE, DEFPSIZE
    - memory/spiflash: change from hard-coded soft SPI to generic SPI
    - display/ssd1306.py: improve performance of graphics methods
    - nrf24l01: make nRF24L01 test script more portable
    - display/ssd1306: implement SSD1306_I2C poweron method
    - display/ssd1306: make poweron() work the same with SSD1306_SPI
    - wiznet5k: improve the performance of socket ops with threading
    - wiznet5k: get low-level W5500 driver working
    - upip: upgrade to 1.2.2
    - pyboard: use repr() when quoting data in error messages
    - pyboard: update docstring for additional device support
    - object_new: better messages, check user __new__() method
    - class_new: add checks for __init__ being called and other improvements
    - class_new: add another testcase for __new__/__init__ interaction
    - class_inplace_op: test for inplace op fallback to normal one
    - run-bench-tests: update locations of executables, now in ports/
    - class_reverse_op: test for reverse arith ops special methods
    - run-tests: skip class_inplace_op for minimal profile
    - run-tests: fix copy-paste mistake in var name
    - cpydiff: add cases for locals() discrepancies
    - extmod: add test for ure regexes leading to infinite recursion
    - extmod: add test for '-' in character class in regex
    - run-tests: close device under test using "finally"
    - net_inet: update tls test to work with CPython and incl new site
    unix port:
    - rename modsocket.c to modusocket.c
    - modusocket: remove #if MICROPY_SOCKET_EXTRA code blocks
    stm32 port:
    - modmachine: make machine.bootloader() work when MPU is enabled
    - modmachine: improve support for sleep/deepsleep on F7 MCUs
    - compute PLL freq table during build instead of at run time
    - modmachine: for F7 MCU, save power by reducing internal volt reg
    - boards/pllvalues.py: make script work with both Python 2 and 3
    - Makefile: use lib/stm32lib instead of local cmsis and hal files
    - remove cmsis and hal files, they are now a submodule
    - Makefile: automatically fetch stm32lib submodule if needed
    - update to new STM Cube HAL library
    - fix clock initialisation of L4 MCUs
    - rename stmhal port directory to stm32
    - remove unused usbd_msc.c file
    - boards: change remaining stm32f4xx_hal_conf.h to unix line ending
    - boards: change linker scripts to use "K" instead of hex byte size
    - boards: fix I2C1 pin mapping on NUCLEO_F401RE/F411RE boards
    - i2c: when scanning for I2C devices only do 1 probe per address
    - modnwwiznet5k: release the GIL on blocking network operations
    - boards: add new board B_L475E_IOT01A based on STM32L475
    - make-stmconst.py: make sure mpz const data lives in ROM
    - timer: make pyb.Timer() instances persistent
    - mpconfigport.h: add configuration for max periphs on L4 series
    - usbdev: make the USBD callback struct const so it can go in ROM
    - usbdev: change static function variable to non-static
    - usbdev: put all CDC state in a struct
    - usbdev: put all HID state in a struct
    - usbdev: simplify CDC tx/rx buffer passing
    - usbdev: simplify HID tx/rx buffer passing
    - usbdev/core: add state parameter to all callback functions
    - usbdev: put all state for the USB device driver in a struct
    - usbdev: simplify pointers to MSC state and block dev operations
    - usbdev: merge all global USB device state into a single struct
    - usbdev: make device descriptor callbacks take a state pointer
    - usbdev: move all the USB device descriptor state into its struct
    - timer: enable ARPE so that timer freq can be changed smoothly
    - modnwwiznet5k: get the IP address of an established socket
    - boards: fix typos in stm32f767_af.csv table
    - usbd_cdc_interface: don't reset CDC output buf on initialisation
    - modnwwiznet5k: implement WIZNET5K.isconnected() method
    - modusocket: make getaddrinfo() work when passed an IP address
    - modusocket: return OSError(-2) if getaddrinfo fails
    - mpconfigport.h: add MICROPY_THREAD_YIELD() macro
    - modnwwiznet5k: add support for W5500 Ethernet chip
    - modnwwiznet5k: increase SPI bus speed to 42MHz
    - modnwwiznet5k: implement stream ioctl for the Wiznet driver
    - mphalport: improve efficiency of mp_hal_stdout_tx_strn_cooked
    - make uos.dupterm() conform to specs by using extmod version
    cc3200 port:
    - enable micropython.kbd_intr() method
    - use standard implementation of keyboard interrupt
    esp8266 port:
    - rename axtls_helpers.c to posix_helpers.c
    - posix_helpers: set ENOMEM on memory alloc failure
    - set DEFPSIZE=1024, MINCACHE=3 for "btree" module
    - esp_mphal: send data in chunks to mp_uos_dupterm_tx_strn
    - modnetwork: add "bssid" keyword arg to WLAN.connect() method
    - modules/webrepl_setup: add info about allowed password length
    zephyr port:
    - Makefile: revamp "test" target after ports were moved to ports/
    - use CONFIG_NET_APP_SETTINGS to setup initial network addresses
    - switch to interrupt-driven pull-style console
    pic16bit port:
    - add definition of SEEK_SET to unistd.h
    - pyboard/tutorial: add "timeout=0" to UART in pass-through example
    - more xrefs to "MicroPython port" in glossary
    - library/network: fix ref to "socket" module (should be "usocket")
    - machine.Signal: improve style/grammar and add usage example
    - library: add description of "index" parameter to uos.dupterm()
    - library/micropython: fix typo in RST formatting
    - library/framebuf.rst: generalise constructor to all colour formats
    - btree: describe page caching policy of the underlying implementation
    - esp8266/tutorial: update neopixel with example of using 4 bbp
    - library/network: clarify usage of "bssid" arg in connect() method
    - pyboard/quickref: add info for Switch, RTC, CAN, Accel classes
    - pyboard/tutorial: update now that yellow LED also supports PWM
    - esp8266/quickref: add quickref info for RTC class
    - library: add missing cross-ref links for classes in pyb module
    - library/network: update docs to state that W5500 is supported
    - uselect: document one-shot polling mode
    - usocket: elaborate descriptions
    - usocket: document inet_ntop(), inet_pton()
    - library/network: add dhcp_hostname parameter
    - reference/isr_rules: minor typo correction
    - ussl: fix module name refs and use "MicroPython port" term
    - esp8266/general: add section on TLS limitations
    - usocket: document that settimeout() isn't supported by all ports
    - ure: add "|" (alternative) to the list of supported operators
    - reference/isr_rules.rst: add tutorial on use of micropython.schedule()
    - use --upgrade when pip is installing cpp-coveralls
    - update build command now that stm32 Wiznet config has changed
    - hwconfig_console: add .on()/.off() methods
    - convert mp_uint_t to mp_unary_op_t/mp_binary_op_t where appropriate
    - convert remaining "mp_uint_t n_args" to "size_t n_args"
    - make new ports/ sub-directory and move all ports there
    - update Makefiles and others to build with new ports/ dir layout
    - remove inclusion of internal py header files
    - use NULL instead of "" when calling mp_raise exception helpers
    - update "Dependencies" section
    - add explicit section on contributing
    - add gcc and arm-none-eabi-newlib to list of required components
    - remove obsolete entries for stmhal/hal, stmhal/cmsis
    - add entries for files that will move to ports/ dir
  • v1.9.2
    Double precision math library and support on pyboard, and improved ussl
    This release brings general improvements and bug fixes to the core and
    various ports, as well as documentation additions, clean-ups and better
    consistency.  And effort has been made to clean up the source code to
    make it more consistent across the core and all ports.
    There is a new tool "mpy_bin2res.py" to convert arbitrary (binary) files
    to Python resources for inclusion in source code (frozen or otherwise).
    The ussl module has seen improvements, including implementation of
    server_hostname (for axtls) and server_side mode (for mbedtls).
    There is now a double-precision float math library and stmhal has support
    to build firmware with software or hardware double-precision.
    A detailed list of changes follows.
    py core:
    - formatfloat: fix number of digits and exponent sign when rounding
    - modthread: raise RuntimeError in release() if lock is not acquired
    - compile: raise SyntaxError if positional args are given after */**
    - objint: support "big" byte-order in int.to_bytes()
    - objint: in to_bytes(), allow length arg to be any int and check sign
    - compile: fix bug with break/continue in else of optimised for-range
    - compile: optimise emitter label indices to save a word of heap
    - builtinimport: remove unreachable code for relative imports
    - objnamedtuple: simplify and remove use of alloca building namedtuple
    - mpprint: remove unreachable check for neg return of mp_format_float
    - binary: add missing "break" statements
    - runtime: mark m_malloc_fail() as NORETURN
    - objstr: remove unnecessary "sign" variable in formatting code
    - vm: make "if" control flow more obvious in YIELD_FROM opcode
    - modmath: check for zero division in log with 2 args
    - makeversionhdr.py: update to parse new release line in docs/conf.py
    - objdict: factorise dict accessor helper to reduce code size
    - change mp_uint_t to size_t in builtins code
    - repl: change mp_uint_t to size_t in repl helpers
    - compile: combine arith and bit-shift ops into 1 compile routine
    - compile: use switch-case to match token and operator
    - objgenerator: allow to hash generators and generator instances
    - gc: refactor assertions in gc_free function
    - vm: make n_state variable local to just set-up part of VM
    - asmx64: support moving a 64-bit immediate to one of top 8 registers
    - modmicropython: cast stack_limit value so it prints correctly
    - builtinevex: add typechecking of globals/locals args to eval/exec
    - py.mk: make berkeley-db C-defs apply only to relevant source files
    - mperrno: allow mperrno.h to be correctly included before other hdrs
    - mpz: make mpz_is_zero() an inline function
    - implement raising a big-int to a negative power
    - mkrules.mk: show frozen modules sizes together with executable size
    - objtuple: allow to use inplace-multiplication operator on tuples
    - objstr: raise an exception for wrong type on RHS of str binary op
    - modsys: initial implementation of sys.getsizeof()
    - binary.c: fix bug when packing big-endian 'Q' values
    - add verbose debug compile-time flag MICROPY_DEBUG_VERBOSE
    - binary: change internal bytearray typecode from 0 to 1
    - objstringio: prevent offset wraparound for io.BytesIO objects
    - objstringio: fix regression with handling SEEK_SET
    - stream: seek: Consistently handle negative offset for SEEK_SET
    - mkrules.mk: use "find -path" when searching for frozen obj files
    - compile: remove unused pn_colon code when compiling func params
    - objcomplex: remove unnecessary assignment of variable
    - formatfloat: don't post-increment variable that won't be used again
    - use "static inline" for funcs that should be inline
    - asmthumb: use existing macro to properly clear the D-cache
    - modussl_axtls: update for axTLS 2.1.3
    - modussl_axtls: implement server_hostname arg to wrap_socket()
    - move modonewire.c from esp8266 to extmod directory
    - modure: if input string is bytes, return bytes results too
    - modubinascii: add check for empty buffer passed to hexlify
    - modussl_axtls: allow to close ssl stream multiple times
    - modussl_mbedtls: support server_side mode
    - modussl_mbedtls: when reading and peer wants to close, return 0
    - modframebuf: fix invalid stride for odd widths in GS4_HMSB fmt
    - modussl_mbedtls: make socket.close() free all TLS resources
    - modframebuf: consistently use "col" as name for colour variables
    - modussl_mbedtls: implement non-blocking SSL sockets
    - machine_signal: fix parsing of invert arg when Pin is first arg
    - modframebuf: use correct initialization for .locals_dict
    - modlwip: implement setsockopt(IP_ADD_MEMBERSHIP)
    - modussl_mbedtls.c: add ussl.getpeercert() method
    - modubinascii: rewrite mod_binascii_a2b_base64
    - modubinascii: don't post-increment variable that won't be used
    - modonewire: rename public module to mp_module_onewire
    - for uos.stat interpret st_size member as an unsigned int
    - use "static inline" for funcs that should be inline
    - axtls: upgrade to axTLS 2.1.3 + MicroPython patchset
    - libm/math: remove implementations of float conversion functions
    - add libm_dbl, a double-precision math library, from musl-1.1.16
    - onewire: move onewire.py, ds18x20.py from esp8266 to drivers
    - onewire: enable pull-up when init'ing the 1-wire pin
    - gen-cpydiff: use case description as 3rd-level heading
    - pyboard: add license header
    - mpy_bin2res: tools to convert binary resources to Python module
    - mpy-tool.py: don't generate const_table if it's empty
    - mpy-tool.py: fix missing argument in dump() function
    - net_inet/test_tls_sites.py: integration test for SSL connections
    - net_inet: add tests for accept and connect in nonblocking mode
    - basics: add tests for for-else statement
    - net_inet: move tests which don't require full Internet to net_hosted
    - connect_nonblock: refactor towards real net_hosted test
    - auto detect floating point capabilites of the target
    - import: add a test for the builtin __import__ function
    - import: update comment now that uPy raises correct exception
    - basics/namedtuple1: add test for creating with pos and kw args
    - unix/extra_coverage: add test for mp_vprintf with bad fmt spec
    - basics: add tests for arithmetic operators precedence
    - cpydiff/modules_deque: elaborate workaround
    - cpydiff/core_class_mro: move under Classes, add workaround
    - cpydiff/core_arguments: move under Functions subsection
    - cpydiff/core_class_supermultiple: same cause as core_class_mro
    - cpydiff: improve wording, add more workarounds
    - cpydiff: add case for str.ljust/rjust
    - rename exec1.py to builtin_exec.py
    - basics/builtin_exec: test various globals/locals args to exec()
    minimal port:
    - Makefile: enable gc-sections to remove unused code
    - remove unused stmhal include from Makefile
    - use size_t for mp_builtin_open argument
    unix port:
    - modtime: replace strftime() with localtime()
    - mpconfigport.mk: update descriptions of readline and TLS options
    - Makefile: disable assertions in the standard unix executable
    - modjni: convert to mp_rom_map_elem_t
    - for uos.stat interpret st_size member as an unsigned int
    stmhal port:
    - mpconfigport.h: remove config of PY_THREAD_GIL to use default
    - make error messages more consistent across peripherals
    - add initial implementation of Pin.irq() method
    - add .value() method to Switch object, to mirror Pin and Signal
    - move pybstdio.c to lib/utils/sys_stdio_mphal.c for common use
    - add "quiet timing" enter/exit functions
    - make available the _onewire module, for low-level bus control
    - modules: provide sym-link to onewire.py driver
    - boards/stm32f405.ld: increase FLASH_TEXT to end of 1MiB flash
    - sdcard: allow a board to customise the SDIO pins
    - add possibility to build with double-precision floating point
    - boards: enable double-prec FP on F76x boards
    - Makefile: use hardware double-prec FP for MCUs that support it
    - Makefile: rename FLOAT_IMPL to MICROPY_FLOAT_IMPL to match C name
    - Makefile: add CFLAGS_EXTRA to CFLAGS so cmdline can add options
    - mpconfigport.h: allow MICROPY_PY_THREAD to be overridden
    - boards: add configuration files for NUCLEO_F429ZI
    - boards/NUCLEO_F429ZI: change USB config from HS to FS peripheral
    - reduce size of ESPRUINO_PICO build so it fits in flash
    - servo: make pyb.Servo(n) map to Pin('Xn') on all MCUs
    - servo: don't compile servo code when it's not enabled
    - use "static inline" for funcs that should be inline
    cc3200 port:
    - modusocket: simplify socket.makefile() function
    - make non-zero socket timeout work with connect/accept/send
    - modusocket: fix connect() when in non-blocking or timeout mode
    - use the name MicroPython consistently in code
    esp8266 port:
    - Makefile: bump axTLS TLS record buffer size to 5K
    - Makefile: allow FROZEN_DIR,FROZEN_MPY_DIR to be overridden
    - Makefile: add LIB_SRC_C variable to qstr auto-extraction list
    - make onewire module and support code usable by other ports
    - modonewire: move low-level 1-wire bus code to modonewire.c
    - modonewire: make timings static and remove onewire.timings func
    - reinstate 1-wire scripts by sym-linking to drivers/onewire/
    - move mp_hal_pin_open_drain from esp_mphal.c to machine_pin.c
    - README: make "Documentation" a top-level section
    - machine_rtc: use correct arithmetic for aligning RTC mem len
    - mpconfigport_512k: use terse error messages to get 512k to fit
    - mpconfigport.h: make socket a weak link
    - modesp: remove unused constants: STA_MODE, etc
    - general: add known issue of WiFi RX buffers overflow
    - use size_t for mp_builtin_open argument
    - fix UART stop bit constants
    zephyr port:
    - Makefile: rework dependencies and "clean" target
    - Makefile: revert prj.conf construction rule to the previous state
    - remove long-obsolete machine_ptr_t typedef's
    - Makefile: explicitly define default target as "all"
    - modusocket: allow to use socketized net_context in upstream
    - modusocket: socket, close: switch to native Zephyr socket calls
    - modusocket: bind, connect, listen, accept: Swtich to native sockets
    - modusocket: send: switch to native sockets
    - modusocket: recv: switch to native sockets
    - modusocket: fully switch to native Zephyr sockets
    - modzephyr: add current_tid() and stacks_analyze() functions
    - prj_base.conf: enable CONFIG_INIT_STACKS
    - modusocket: update struct sockaddr family field name
    - prj_96b_carbon.conf: re-enable networking on Carbon
    - modzephyr: add shell_net_iface() function
    - btree: add hints about opening db file and need to flush db
    - select: rename to uselect, to match the actual module name
    - license: update copyright year
    - esp8266/tutorial/intro: discourage use of 512kb firmwares
    - esp8266/tutorial/intro: Sphinx requires blank lines around literal blocks
    - conf.py: include 3 levels of ToC in latexpdf output
    - gc: mark mem_alloc()/mem_free() as uPy-specific
    - gc: document gc.threshold() function
    - builtins: list builtin exceptions
    - conf.py: set default_role = 'any'
    - lcd160cr: group related constants together and use full sentences
    - ref/speed_python: update and make more hardware-neutral
    - library/gc: fix grammar and improve readability of gc.threshold()
    - move all ports docs to the single ToC
    - topindex.html: remove link to wipy.io, it's no longer available
    - conf.py: add .venv dir to exclude_patterns
    - move topindex.html to templates/ subdir
    - differences/index_template: use consistent heading casing
    - builtins: add AssertionError, SyntaxError, ZeroDivisionError
    - add glossary
    - conf.py: switch to "new" format of intersphinx_mapping
    - conf.py: add file for global replacements definition
    - library: add CPython docs xref to each pertinent module
    - replace.inc: add |see_cpython|, to xref individual symbols from CPython
    - conf.py: set "version" and "release" to the same value
    - *_index: drop "Indices and tables" pseudo-section
    - pyboard: move hardware info into General Info chapter
    - uerrno: document "uerrno" module
    - esp8266/general.rst: fix name of NTP module
    - pyboard: move info about using Windows from topindex to general
    - uzlib: update description of decompress() and mention DecompIO
    - pyboard/tutorial/amp_skin: add example for playing large WAV files
    - library/ubinascii: update base64 docs
    - library/usocket: move socket.error to its own section
    - library/usocket: describe complete information on address formats
    - glossary: elaborate on possible MicroPython port differences
    - glossary: fix typos in micropython-lib paragraph
    - index: rewrite introduction paragraph to avoid confusion
    - use the name MicroPython consistently in documentation
    - consistently link to micropython-lib in glossary
    - make more use of mp_raise_{msg,TypeError,ValueError} helpers
    - unify header guard usage
    - remove trailing spaces, per coding conventions
    - don't include system errno.h when it's not needed
    - use the name MicroPython consistently in comments
    - make use of $(TOP) variable in Makefiles, instead of ".."
    - raise exceptions via mp_raise_XXX
    - make static dicts use mp_rom_map_elem_t type and MP_ROM_xxx macros
    - mention support for bytecode and frozen bytecode
    - improve description of precompiled bytecode; mention mpy-cross
    - clarify MicroPython changes sign-off process
    - start to describe docs conventions
    - describe docs use of markup for None/True/False
    - build STM32F769DISC board instead of F7DISC to test dbl-prec FP
    - pin cpp-coveralls at 0.3.12
  • v1.9.1
    Fixes for stmhal USB mass storage, lwIP bindings and VFS regressions
    This release provides an important fix for the USB mass storage device in
    the stmhal port by implementing the SCSI SYNCHRONIZE_CACHE command, which
    is now require by some Operating Systems.  There are also fixes for the
    lwIP bindings to improve non-blocking sockets and error codes.  The VFS has
    some regressions fixed including the ability to statvfs the root.
    All changes are listed below.
    py core:
    - modbuiltins: add core-provided version of input() function
    - objstr: catch case of negative "maxsplit" arg to str.rsplit()
    - persistentcode: allow to compile with complex numbers disabled
    - objstr: allow to compile with obj-repr D, and unicode disabled
    - modsys: allow to compile with obj-repr D and PY_ATTRTUPLE disabled
    - provide mp_decode_uint_skip() to help reduce stack usage
    - makeqstrdefs.py: make script run correctly with Python 2.6
    - objstringio: if created from immutable object, follow copy on write policy
    - modlwip: connect: for non-blocking mode, return EINPROGRESS
    - modlwip: fix error codes for duplicate calls to connect()
    - modlwip: accept: fix error code for non-blocking mode
    - vfs: allow to statvfs the root directory
    - vfs: allow "buffering" and "encoding" args to VFS's open()
    - modframebuf: fix signed/unsigned comparison pendantic warning
    - libm: use isfinite instead of finitef, for C99 compatibility
    - utils/interrupt_char: remove support for KBD_EXCEPTION disabled
    - basics/string_rsplit: add tests for negative "maxsplit" argument
    - float: convert "sys.exit()" to "raise SystemExit"
    - float/builtin_float_minmax: PEP8 fixes
    - basics: convert "sys.exit()" to "raise SystemExit"
    - convert remaining "sys.exit()" to "raise SystemExit"
    unix port:
    - convert to use core-provided version of built-in import()
    - Makefile: replace references to make with $(MAKE)
    windows port:
    - convert to use core-provided version of built-in import()
    qemu-arm port:
    - Makefile: adjust object-file lists to get correct dependencies
    - enable micropython.mem_*() functions to allow more tests
    stmhal port:
    - boards: enable DAC for NUCLEO_F767ZI board
    - add support for NUCLEO_F446RE board
    - pass USB handler as parameter to allow more than one USB handler
    - usb: use local USB handler variable in Start-of-Frame handler
    - usb: make state for USB device private to top-level USB driver
    - usbdev: for MSC implement SCSI SYNCHRONIZE_CACHE command
    - convert from using stmhal's input() to core provided version
    cc3200 port:
    - convert from using stmhal's input() to core provided version
    teensy port:
    - convert from using stmhal's input() to core provided version
    esp8266 port:
    - Makefile: replace references to make with $(MAKE)
    - Makefile: add clean-modules target
    - convert from using stmhal's input() to core provided version
    zephyr port:
    - modusocket: getaddrinfo: Fix mp_obj_len() usage
    - define MICROPY_PY_SYS_PLATFORM (to "zephyr")
    - machine_pin: use native Zephyr types for Zephyr API calls
    - machine.Pin: remove out_value() method
    - machine.Pin: add on() and off() methods
    - esp8266: consistently replace Pin.high/low methods with .on/off
    - esp8266/quickref: polish Pin.on()/off() examples
    - network: move confusingly-named cc3200 Server class to its reference
    - uos: deconditionalize, remove minor port-specific details
    - uos: move cc3200 port legacy VFS mounting functions to its ref doc
    - machine: sort machine classes in logical order, not alphabetically
    - network: first step to describe standard network class interface
    - embedding: use core-provided KeyboardInterrupt object
  • v1.9
    New VFS subsystem and scheduling framework, and less need for the heap
    This release adds some fundamental new components, allows for more Python
    operations without using the heap and has reduced code size and stack
    Changes in the way iterators are handled allows to iterate without
    allocating on the heap for the types: tuple, list, str, bytes, bytearray,
    array, dict, set, frozenset.  It also allows to call the builtins all, any,
    min max and sum without allocating heap memory for the iterator argument.
    And improvements to the handling of super() means that super().foo() method
    calls are now heap-less.
    A new generic VFS subsystem has been added which allows to mount arbitrary
    filesystems (even written in Python) at the root or at a mount-point within
    the root.  The FatFS driver has been replaced with an object-oriented
    version (oofatfs) which allows a fully customisable filesystem layout.
    A scheduling framework has been implemented in the core which gives the
    ability to schedule callbacks to be called "as soon as possible".  This
    allows ports to implement "soft IRQs" which allow the programmer to
    allocate memory during an interrupt handler, at the cost of some
    performance related to response time of the handler.  The new
    micropython.schedule() function gives access to the scheduler.
    Other improvements to the core include: consts can now be big-nums, for
    example "X = const(1 << 100)"; addition of "help('modules')" to list
    available modules; stack usage reduced for a Python call by 8 bytes on ARM
    Cortex-M architectures; micropython.kbd_intr() function added to disable
    Ctrl-C capture; addition of uio.resource_stream(); mpy-cross is built
    automatically if needed; a helper tool mpy_cross_all.py is added to run
    mpy-cross on an entire project.
    The bytecode has changed in this version so existing .mpy files will need
    recompiling.  There have also been some changes to the C API, most notably
    with mp_uint_t changed to size_t in many places.
    In the extended modules the following main changes have been made: addition
    of machine.Signal class to allow inversion on a Pin; framebuf has new
    formats of the form MONO_xxx; addition of uselect.ipoll() for allocation-
    free polling; addition of uos.ilistdir() for efficient iteration of a
    directory listing; machine.Pin high/low methods are renamed to on/off in
    esp8266 and zephyr (this is a backwards-incompatible change);
    machine.time_pulse_us() function no longer throws exceptions, but returns
    negative values instead.
    For stmhal the pyb.fault_debug() function is added, and default behaviour
    for a hard-fault is now an immediate reset.  There is better support for F7
    MCUs, in particular DMA and SD card support.  A bug has been fixed with the
    USB VCP (USB serial) where it would in rare cases (usually when the host PC
    was under load) would lose characters.  Pyboard now automatically mounts
    all available partitions on the SD card.  Multithreading has been
    implemented and is available via the _thread module, but this feature is
    disabled by default and must be enabled at compile time using the
    MICROPY_THREAD and MICROPY_THREAD_GIL options.  The ability to skip booting
    from SD card is now available by creating an empty file on the flash called
    The cc3200 port has had some backwards incompatible changes, in particular
    with I2C, Pin, UART and uos.  Please see the documentation for the new
    The esp8266 port has had a change in the size of the firmware in order to
    accommodate additional features.  As such the filesystem for this version
    is incompatible with v1.8.7 and a device requires backup and erasure before
    flashing this version.  Soft IRQs are now implemented for Pin and Timer
    callbacks, along with the general improvements described above.
    In the documentation there is now a section describing the differences
    between MicroPython and CPython.  And code coverage is up to 98% across py/
    and extmod/.
    Changes in code size (in bytes) between v1.8.7 and this version are:
       bare-arm: -1104
        minimal: -1324
       unix x64: -1115
    unix nanbox: -11106
         stmhal: +18116
         cc3200: +1032
        esp8266: +3060
    Note that stmhal has increased significantly due to the addition of frozen
    bytecode and the LCD160CR driver.
    A detailed list of changes follows.
    py core:
    - builtinimport: raise ValueError for bad relative import, per CPython
    - builtinimport: remove unreachable code and change obj-import comment
    - runtime: refactor assert(0) to improve coverage
    - runtime: fix handling of throw() when resuming generator
    - objgenerator: when throwing an object, don't make an exc instance
    - objgenerator: don't raise RuntimeError if GeneratorExit ignored
    - parse: refactor code to remove assert(0)'s
    - emitnative: remove assert(0)'s or replace with mp_not_implemented
    - objexcept: replace if-cond and assert(0) with simple assert
    - runtime: refactor default case of switch to remove assert(0)
    - binary: mp_binary_get_size: Raise error on unsupported typecodes
    - formatfloat: remove unreachable code
    - objint_mpz: refactor switch-statement to remove unreachable default
    - mpz: implement mpz_set_from_bytes() as a foundation for int.from_bytes()
    - objint: from_bytes(): implement "byteorder" param and arbitrary precision
    - objint_longlong: add stub for mp_obj_int_from_bytes_impl()
    - add builtin help function to core, with default help msg
    - move weak-link map to objmodule.c, and expose module maps as public
    - builtinhelp: implement help('modules') to list available modules
    - objint: fix left-shift overflow in checking for large int
    - objmodule: move module init/deinit code into runtime functions
    - objstr: optimize string concatenation with empty string
    - showbc: make sure to set the const_table before printing bytecode
    - py.mk: add CFLAGS_MOD flag to set config file for FatFs
    - objstringio: allow to specify initial capacity by passing numeric argument
    - objset: make inplace binary operators actually modify the set
    - objfloat: raise ZeroDivisionError for 0 to negative power
    - objcomplex: correctly handle case of 0j to power of something
    - objset: fix inplace binary ops so frozensets are not modified
    - added optimised support for 3-argument calls to builtin.pow()
    - objstr: give correct behaviour when passing a dict to %-formatting
    - mpconfig.h: move PY_BUILTINS_POW3 config option to diff part of file
    - objstr: convert some instances of mp_uint_t to size_t
    - objcomplex: fix typo in ternary expression
    - asmxtensa.h: explicitly cast args to 32-bits so left-shift is legal
    - map: change mp_uint_t to size_t where appropriate
    - nlr: fix execstack builds for ARM
    - objtype: add __delattr__/__setattr__ configured by MICROPY_PY_DELATTR_SETATTR
    - emitbc: produce correct line number info for large bytecode chunks
    - objtype: replace non-ASCII single-quote char with ASCII version
    - modthread: use system-provided mutexs for _thread locks
    - runtime: convert mp_uint_t to size_t where appropriate
    - mpz: convert mp_uint_t to size_t where appropriate
    - mpz: remove obsolete declaration of mpz_as_str_size
    - mpz: change type of "base" args from mp_uint_t to unsigned int
    - persistentcode: replace mp_uint_t with size_t where appropriate
    - objtuple: convert mp_uint_t to size_t where appropriate
    - objlist: convert mp_uint_t to size_t where appropriate
    - objdict: convert mp_uint_t to size_t where appropriate
    - objset: convert mp_uint_t to size_t where appropriate
    - objstr: convert mp_uint_t to size_t (and use int) where appropriate
    - objarray: convert mp_uint_t to size_t where appropriate
    - objfun: convert mp_uint_t to size_t where appropriate
    - objclosure: convert mp_uint_t to size_t where appropriate
    - objexcept: convert mp_uint_t to size_t where appropriate
    - objint: convert mp_uint_t to size_t where appropriate
    - vm: convert mp_uint_t to size_t where appropriate
    - add iter_buf to getiter type method
    - allow bytecode/native to put iter_buf on stack for simple for loops
    - make FOR_ITER opcode pop 1+4 slots from the stack when finished
    - optimise storage of iterator so it takes only 4 slots on Py stack
    - remove unused "use_stack" argument from for_iter_end emit function
    - runtime: optimise case of identity iterator so it doesn't alloc RAM
    - compile: optimise list/dict/set comprehensions to use stack iter
    - de-optimise some uses of mp_getiter, so they don't use the C stack
    - grammar: group no-compile grammar rules together to shrink tables
    - lexer: don't generate string representation for period or ellipsis
    - persistentcode: bump .mpy version due to change in bytecode
    - lexer: simplify handling of indenting of very first token
    - lexer: move check for keyword to name-tokenising block
    - lexer: use strcmp to make keyword searching more efficient
    - lexer: simplify handling of line-continuation error
    - do adjacent str/bytes literal concatenation in lexer, not compiler
    - lexer: convert mp_uint_t to size_t where appropriate
    - grammar: remove unused rule
    - objlist: for list slice assignment, allow RHS to be a tuple or list
    - moduerrno: make uerrno.errorcode dict configurable
    - moduerrno: make list of errno codes configurable
    - parse: allow parser/compiler consts to be bignums
    - create str/bytes objects in the parser, not the compiler
    - parse: simplify handling of errors by raising them directly
    - runtime: mp_raise_msg(): Accept NULL argument for message
    - objarray: disallow slice-assignment to read-only memoryview
    - map: fix bugs with deletion of elements from OrderedDict
    - move locals/globals dicts to the thread-specific state
    - nlr.h: mark nlr_jump_fail as NORETURN
    - nlrxtensa: convert from assembler to C file with inline asm
    - nlrx64: convert from assembler to C file with inline asm
    - nlrx86: convert from assembler to C file with inline asm
    - py.mk: force nlr files to be compiled with -Os
    - modsys: use MP_SMALL_INT_MAX for sys.maxsize in case of LONGINT_IMPL_NONE
    - runtime.c: remove optimization of '*a,=b', it caused a bug
    - use mp_obj_get_array where sequence may be a tuple or a list
    - nlrx86: add workaround for Zephyr
    - nlrx64: fixes to support Mac OS
    - objint_longlong: implement mp_obj_int_from_bytes_impl()
    - allow lexer to raise exceptions during construction
    - objint: allow to print long-long ints without using the heap
    - emitnative: use assertions and mp_not_implemented correctly
    - emitnative: remove obsolete commented out code
    - mpprint: fix int formatting so "+" is printed for 0-valued integer
    - mkrules.mk: remove special check for "-B" in qstr auto generation
    - objstr: fix eager optimisation of str/bytes addition
    - reduce size of mp_code_state_t structure
    - provide mp_decode_uint_value to help optimise stack usage
    - objstr: use better msg in bad implicit str/bytes conversion exception
    - add micropython.schedule() function and associated runtime code
    - vm: don't release the GIL if the scheduler is locked
    - bc: provide better error message for an unexpected keyword argument
    - use size_t as len argument and return type of mp_get_index
    - sequence: convert mp_uint_t to size_t where appropriate
    - define and use MP_OBJ_ITER_BUF_NSLOTS to get size of stack iter buf
    - lexer: remove obsolete comment, since lexer can now raise exceptions
    - modmath: allow trunc/ceil/floor to return a big int if necessary
    - objint: handle special case of -0 when classifying fp as int
    - modbuiltins: for round() builtin use nearbyint instead of round
    - modbuiltins: allow round() to return a big int if necessary
    - objtype: use size_t where appropriate, instead of mp_uint_t or uint
    - objnamedtuple: use size_t where appropriate, instead of mp_uint_t
    - use mp_locals/mp_globals accessor funcs instead of MP_STATE_CTX
    - remove MP_STATE_CTX, use MP_STATE_THREAD instead (it's an alias)
    - objarray: use mp_obj_str_get_str instead of mp_obj_str_get_data
    - nlrx86: better check for Zephyr (requires 1.7)
    - obj: change mp_uint_t to size_t for mp_obj_get_array_fixed_n len arg
    - vm: fix VM opcode tracing to print correct stack pointer
    - compile: when compiling super(), handle closed-over self variable
    - objmap: convert mp_uint_t to size_t
    - use mp_raise_TypeError/mp_raise_ValueError helpers where possible
    - lexer: simplify and reduce code size for operator tokenising
    - compile: simplify syntax-error messages for illegal assignments
    - shorten a couple of error messages
    - compile: provide terse error message for invalid dict/set literals
    - convert mp_uint_t to size_t for tuple/list accessors
    - change mp_uint_t to size_t for mp_obj_str_get_data len arg
    - objzip: convert mp_uint_t to size_t
    - obj.h: make sequence grow more efficient and support overlapping
    - objstr: use MICROPY_FULL_CHECKS for range checking when constructing bytes
    - add very simple but correct hashing for float and complex numbers
    - objint: consolidate mp_obj_new_int_from_float to one implementation
    - raise a ValueError if range() step is zero
    - objtuple: add support for inplace add (same as normal add)
    - make sure that static emg-exc-buffer is aligned to size of mp_obj_t
    - runtime: when init'ing kbd intr exc, use tuple ptr instead of object
    - objint: extract small int value directly because type is known
    - objint: use unsigned arithmetic when formatting an integer
    - obj: clean up and add comments describing mp_obj_type_t struct
    - optimise types for common case where type has a single parent type
    - objfloat: add implementation of high-quality float hashing
    - nlrsetjmp: add check for failed NLR jump
    - gc: execute finaliser code in a protected environment
    - modmicropython: add micropython.kbd_intr() function
    - reduce str/repr precision of float numbers when floats are 30-bit
    - objtype: mp_obj_new_super doesn't need to be public, so inline it
    - compile: don't do unnecessary check if parse node is a struct
    - compile: extract parse-node kind at start of func for efficiency
    - compile: add COMP_RETURN_IF_EXPR option to enable return-if-else opt
    - compile: don't do unnecessary check if iter parse node is a struct
    - compile: refactor handling of special super() call
    - add LOAD_SUPER_METHOD bytecode to allow heap-free super meth calls
    - mpz: strip trailing zeros from mpz value when set from bytes
    - mpz: in mpn_sub, use existing function to remove trailing zeros
    - cleanup use of global DEBUG preprocessor definition
    - modio: implement uio.resource_stream(package, resource_path)
    - objint: in int.from_bytes, only create big-int if really needed
    - modio: resource_stream: Implement "package" param handling
    - binary: handle storing big-ints to all arrays types
    - lexer: simplify lexer startup by using dummy bytes and next_char()
    - mkrules.mk: add dependency of .mpy files upon mpy-cross
    - lexer: process CR earlier to allow newlines checks on chr1
    - modsys: update conditionals for code referencing sys.stdout
    - objstringio: fix StringIO reads at or beyond EOF
    - sequence: fix boundary errors when slicing with a negative step
    - objrange: fix slicing of range when step of slice is negative
    - mkenv.mk: use $(TOP) instead of ".." to reference tools, mpy-cross
    - vm: fix bug with stackless mode and unwinding of exceptions
    - vm: fix bug with unwind jump popping the iterator from a for loop
    - emitbc: fix bug with BC emitter computing Python stack size
    - mkrules.mk: fix auto-qstr generation when "make -B" is used
    - objstringio: catch mp_uint_t overflow of stream position in write()
    - move BYTES_PER_WORD definition from ports to py/mpconfig.h
    - modframebuf: optimize fill_rect subroutine call
    - modframebuf: clip pixels drawn by line method
    - modframebuf: add GS4_HMSB format
    - vfs_fat: rework so it can optionally use OO version of FatFS
    - rename vfs_fat_file.h to vfs_fat.h
    - add generic VFS sub-system
    - vfs_fat: rework to support new generic VFS sub-system
    - vfs: add ability for VFS sub-system to import using VfsFat
    - modlwip: add socket.readinto() method
    - vfs: expose mp_vfs_mount_t type
    - vfs_fat: use SECSIZE macro to determine FatFs sector size
    - machine_signal: implement "Signal" abstraction for machine module
    - vfs_fat: update to use FF_DIR instead of DIR
    - vfs: expose lookup_path_raw as mp_vfs_lookup_path
    - vfs_fat: remove MICROPY_READER_FATFS component
    - vfs_fat: remove MICROPY_FSUSERMOUNT_ADHOC config option
    - remove MICROPY_FSUSERMOUNT and related files
    - vfs_fat: remove MICROPY_FATFS_OO config option
    - merge old fsusermount.h header into vfs.h and vfs_fat.h
    - vfs_fat: remove unused fatfs_builtin_open function
    - vfs_fat: remove unused function fat_vfs_listdir
    - vfs_reader: fix use of NLR by popping context
    - vfs_fat.c: use explicit include path for timeutils.h
    - machine_pulse: make time_pulse_us() not throw exceptions
    - machine_spi: remove EVENT_POLL_HOOK from soft-SPI transfer func
    - machine_signal: implement Signal .on() and .off() methods
    - vfs: allow to mount a block device, not just a VFS object
    - vfs: raise OSError(EEXIST) on attempt to mkdir a mount point
    - vfs: allow to stat the root directory
    - modlwip: add my copyright
    - modurandom: use mp_raise_ValueError()
    - modutimeq: make scheduling fair (round-robin)
    - modutimeq: add peektime() function (provisional)
    - vfs_fat: remove obsolete and unused str/len members
    - vfs_fat: allow to compile with MICROPY_VFS_FAT disabled
    - vfs: rewrite path lookup algo to support relative paths from root
    - modframebuf: add support for monochrome horizontal format
    - utime_mphal: don't exit/enter the GIL in generic sleep functions
    - modlwip: use mp_obj_str_get_str instead of mp_obj_str_get_data
    - vfs_fat: fix calculation of total blocks in statvfs
    - moduselect: update to use size_t for array accessor
    - update for changes to mp_obj_str_get_data
    - modframebuf: make monochrome bitmap formats start with MONO_
    - machine_signal: support all Pin's arguments to the constructor
    - machine_signal: rename "inverted" arg to "invert", it's shorter
    - moductypes: fix bigint handling for 32-bit ports
    - crypto-algorithms/sha256: remove non-standard memory.h header
    - moduselect: convert to MP_ROM_QSTR and friends
    - moduselect: refactor towards introduction of poll.ipoll()
    - moduselect: implement ipoll() method for alloc-free polling
    - modlwip: getaddrinfo: Allow to accept all 6 standard params
    - modlwip: ioctl POLL: Fix handling of peer closed socket
    - vfs: allow a VFS to be mounted at the root dir
    - vfs: implement mp_vfs_ilistdir()
    - vfs_fat: replace listdir() with implementation of ilistdir()
    - vfs: use MP_S_IFDIR, MP_S_IFREG consts instead of magic numbers
    - vfs_fat_misc: remove dot-dirs filter since FatFS already does it
    - utils: remove old pyhelp helper, replaced with py/builtinhelp.c
    - utils/pyexec: only print help prompt if HELP feature is enabled
    - oofatfs: add OO version of FatFS library
    - fatfs: remove old fatfs library component, it's replaced by oofatfs
    - oofatfs/ffconf.h: allow to configure FS_EXFAT option
    - oofatfs/ffconf.h: add MICROPY_FATFS_NORTC option
    - utils/pyexec: allow to compile when the uPy compiler is disabled
    - utils/pyexec: refactor to put lexer constructors all in one place
    - memzip: make lexer constructor raise exception when file not found
    - utils/pyexec: fix bug with pyexec_file not setting flag for source
    - libm: add implementation of nearbyintf, from musl-1.1.16
    - netutils: update for changes to mp_obj_str_get_data
    - utils/pyexec: update event-driven REPL to match non-event REPL
    - fix some minor spelling mistakes
    - display: add driver and test for uPy LCD160CR display
    - memory: add SPI flash driver, written in C
    - display/lcd160cr: use correct variable in set_power()
    - display/lcd160cr: fix bugs with lcd.get_pixel()
    - display/lcd160cr: fix bug with save_to_flash method
    - display/lcd160cr: add check that JPEG size is less than 65536
    - nrf24l01: update to work on newer ports, using machine, utime
    - display/lcd160cr: fix get_line method and enhance screen_dump
    - display/lcd160cr_test: allow test to take orientation parameter
    - replace deprecated Pin.high()/low() methods with .__call__(1/0)
    - tinytest-codegen.py: blacklist heapalloc_str.py test for qemu-arm
    - upip: update to 1.1.5. Better and more user-friendly error handling
    - add gen-cpydiff.py to generate docs differences
    - gen-cpydiff.py: set the Python import path to find test modules
    - gen-cpydiff.py: configurable CPython and micropython executables
    - tinytest-codegen: update for recent test renaming ("intbig" suffix)
    - pyboard: tighten up Pyboard object closure on errors
    - pyboard: add "exec" and "execpty" pseudo-devices support
    - pyboard: execpty: Use shell=False to workaround some curdir issues
    - pyboard: processPtyToTerminal: Add workaround for PySerial bug
    - pyboard: provide more details when expected reply not received
    - mpy-tool: make work if run from another directory
    - upip: upgrade to 1.1.6, supports commented lines in requirements.txt
    - upip: upgrade to 1.2
    - mpy-tool.py: use MP_ROM_xxx macros to support nanbox builds
    - mpy_cross_all.py: helper tool to run mpy-cross on the entire project
    - mpy-tool.py: fix regression with freezing floats in obj repr C
    - add feature check for "const" keyword and skip related tests
    - update test suite to be compatible with CPython 3.6
    - improve stream.c test coverage
    - import: improve builtinimport.c test coverage
    - improve frozen import test coverage
    - update tests, and add new ones, for recent generator tweaks
    - io: improve test coverage of io.BufferedWriter
    - basics: improve runtime.c test coverage
    - extmod: improve test coverage of ure module
    - float: add test for assigning to attribute of complex number
    - extmod/framebuf1: add test for no-op fill_rect
    - micropython/opt_level: add test for opt_level 3
    - misc/non_compliant: add test for inability to assign func attrs
    - basics: add test for assignment of attribute to bound method
    - add test for int.from_bytes() for arbitrary-precision integer
    - heapalloc_int_from_bytes: test that int.from_bytes() can work w/o alloc
    - add test for builtin help function
    - basics/builtin_help: add test for help('modules')
    - make sure special tests can be skipped as well
    - extmod/framebuf4: add tests for GS4_HMSB framebuf format
    - extmod/framebuf1: fix test for framebuf invalid constructor
    - extmod: add test for ure debug printing when compiling a regex
    - heapalloc_str: test for alloc-free string operations
    - extmod: update vfs_fat tests for new OO FatFs library
    - extmod/vfs_fat: update tests to work with new VFS sub-system
    - extmod/vfs_fat_ramdisk: make it work on pyboard
    - run-tests: skip frozenset tests if set literal syntax is not available
    - basics/zip: make skippable
    - thread: make thread_exc2 runable on baremetal
    - thread: fix stack size test so tests run reliably on baremetal
    - heapalloc_bytesio: test for BytesIO with preallocates space
    - basics/set_binop: add tests for inplace set operations
    - float: add tests for zero to a negative power
    - split tests for 2- and 3-arg pow()
    - basics/string_format_modulo: add more tests for dict formatting
    - pyb: adjust tests so they can run on PYB and PYBLITE
    - misc: add test for line number printing with large bytecode chunk
    - add option to not clear MICROPYPATH when running tests
    - run-tests: allow to skip tests using async/await keywords
    - comprehension1, containment: split set tests to separate files
    - builtin_dir: the most expected thing in sys is exit, test for it
    - basic/[a-f]*: make skippable
    - dict_fromkeys: revert to use reversed() to run in native codegen mode
    - extmod: make tests skippable
    - thread: replace busy waiting loops with a loop that sleeps
    - thread: add stress-test for creating many threads
    - gen_yield_from_close: use range() instead of reversed()
    - basic/: make various tests skippable
    - cmdline: update tests to pass with latest changes to bytecode
    - cmdline/cmd_showbc: update to work with recent changes
    - micropython: add test for iterating with the heap locked
    - micropython/heapalloc_iter: add tests for contains and unpack
    - cmdline: update cmd_parsetree test for changes to grammar order
    - cmdline/cmd_parsetree: update to work with changes to grammar
    - basics/string_join: add more tests for string concatenation
    - heapalloc_exc_raise.py: heap alloc test for raising/catching exc
    - cpydiff: add initial set of tests for uPy-CPython differences
    - cpydiff: add a test for storing iterable to a list slice
    - micropython: add test for consts that are bignums
    - extmod: add test for machine.Signal class
    - basics: add further tests for OrderedDict
    - run-tests: check for big int availability and skip related tests
    - basic: split tests into working with small ints and not working
    - float/complex1: split out intbig test
    - float2int*: suffix with _intbig, don't run on any other int type
    - string_format_modulo2: split off intbig test
    - basics/string_join.py: add test case where argument is not iterable
    - basics/unpack1.py: test if *a, = b copies b when b is a list
    - micropython/: split off intbig tests
    - uctypes_array_assign_native_le: split off intbig part
    - basic: make various tests skippable
    - float: make various tests skippable
    - extmod: add very basic feature test for ussl module
    - extmod: add websocket tests
    - dict_fromkeys: split out skippable part
    - micropython: make uio-using tests skippable
    - micropython/heapalloc_traceback: fix backtrace line # after refactor
    - micropython/opt_level: clarify the expected output for opt_level == 3
    - feature_check/int_big: rework "big int" detection
    - basics/fun_error: split out skippable test
    - extmod: rename websocket test to websocket_basic
    - misc/: make few tests skippable
    - extmod: add a test for core VFS functionality, sans any filesystem
    - extmod/vfs_basic: add more tests for basic VFS functionality
    - extmod: improve re1.5/recursiveloop.c test coverage
    - improve binary.c test coverage
    - basics/struct_micropython: add test for 'S' typecode in ustruct
    - run-tests: re-instate skipping of doubleprec test on pyboard
    - extmod/vfs_basic: unmount all existing devices before doing test
    - extmod: improve tinfgzip.c test coverage
    - micropython/viper_error: add more tests to improve coverage
    - basics/string_format2: adjust comment now that tests succeed
    - basics: add test for string module formatting with int argument
    - basics: move string-modulo-format int tests to dedicated file
    - basics/bytes_add: add tests for optimised bytes addition
    - micropython: add tests for micropython.schedule()
    - heapalloc_str: test no-replacement case for str.replace()
    - float: add tests for math funcs that return ints
    - float: add tests for round() of inf, nan and large number
    - basics: add test for super() when self is closed over
    - basics: add tests for list and bytearray growing using themselves
    - run-tests: be sure to close Pyboard object on completion
    - vfs_fat_fileio.py is too big to be parsed in 16K heap, split in 2
    - extmod/vfs_fat_fileio*: improve skippability
    - float/byte*_construct: skip on missing array module
    - micropython/heapalloc_iter: improve skippability
    - run-tests: introduce generic "minimal" target
    - float: add tests for hashing float and complex numbers
    - run-tests: update names of tests that may need skipping
    - basics: add tests for raising ValueError when range() gets 0 step
    - basics: add test for tuple inplace add
    - extmod/utimeq1: improve coverage of utimeq module
    - run-tests: search feature checks wrt to main script location
    - run-tests: don't post-process CRASH result in any way
    - micropython: add test for micropython.kbd_intr()
    - add tests for calling super and loading a method directly
    - basics: add tests for int.from_bytes when src has trailing zeros
    - cpydiff/core_arguments: fill in cause/workaround
    - cpydiff/core_function_userattr: clarify, fill in cause and workaround
    - cpydiff/core_import_prereg: fill in cause and workaround
    - io/resource_stream: add test for uio.resource_stream()
    - cpydiff/core_import_path: test showing difference in package.__path__
    - cpydiff/core_import_split_ns_pkgs: test for split namespace packages
    - cpydiff/core_function_unpacking: fill in workaround
    - extmod: add more tests for VFS FAT
    - extmod: add some more VFS tests
    - micropython: add test for int.from_bytes with many zero bytes
    - move super-as-local test from cpydiff to basic tests
    - basics: update array test for big-int with lL typecodes
    - basics: add memoryview test for big ints
    - basics/lexer: add lexer tests for input starting with newlines
    - extmod: make some vfs tests fully unmount FSs before running
    - extmod/vfs: update tests to reflect new ilistdir() method
    - basics/lexer: add line continuation tests for lexer
    - extmod/vfs_fat: add test for ilistdir of a non-existent directory
    - extmod/vfs_fat_more: make skippable is uos is not available
    - io/bytesio_ext: test read() after seek() past end of BytesIO object
    - basics/list_slice_3arg: add more tests for negative slicing
    - basics/builtin_range: add tests for negative slicing of range
    - basics: add more tests for unwind jumps from within a try-finally
    - main: move lexer constructor to within NLR handler block
    - fix compiler detection for including windows/fmode.c
    - Makefile: override undefine any inherited variables
    - Makefile: guard "override undefine" by test for make feature
    bare-arm port:
    - main: move lexer constructor to within NLR handler block
    - Makefile: change C standard from gnu99 to c99
    minimal port:
    - update frozentest.mpy file for new .mpy version
    - add ability and description to build without the compiler
    - main: move lexer constructor to within NLR handler block
    - Makefile: change C standard from gnu99 to c99
    - main: make Cortex-M vector table constant
    unix port:
    - coverage: move coverage #if guard back to top of file
    - enable builtin help function in coverage build
    - enable MICROPY_PY_BUILTINS_HELP_MODULES in coverage build
    - switch to OO version of FatFS library
    - get minimal version compiling again
    - change to use new generic VFS sub-system in coverage build
    - fatfs_port: include new oofatfs header
    - mpconfigport.h: remove obsolete MICROPY_FATFS_VOLUMES config
    - modos: remove VfsFat from uos module, it's now in uos_vfs module
    - make stack be non-executable
    - fix freedos port build problems
    - main: properly handle MICROPYPATH starting with ':'
    - moduselect: implement ipoll() method with no-allocation policy
    - modmachine: add Signal class to machine module
    - remove remaining, obsolete traces of GNU readline support
    - moduselect: properly implement ipoll object iteration
    - main: refactor to put lexer constructors all in one place
    - use mp_handle_pending() in time.sleep()
    - coverage: enable scheduler and add tests for it
    - use mp_obj_str_get_str instead of mp_obj_str_get_data
    - convert mp_uint_t to size_t for use of mp_obj_list_get
    - convert mp_uint_t to size_t in alloc.c
    - enabled high-quality float hashing in coverage build
    - remove obsolete MICROPY_FATFS macro
    - main: ignore SIGPIPE signal, instead make EPIPE arrive
    - main: don't allow to specify too small heap size
    - main: implement -m option for packages
    - Makefile: enable frozen bytecode modules dir
    - move upip to frozen bytecode dir
    - Makefile: don't add frozen bytecode to minimal build
    - add ilistdir in uos module
    - use core-provided KeyboardInterrupt exception object
    windows port:
    - .gitignore: ignore VC.db and VC.opendb files from VS2015
    - make msvc project file support any version from VS2013 to VS2017
    - bring mpconfigport.h up-to-date with unix port
    - README: convert to Markdown
    - README: fix some typos and grammar
    - README: add a note about stack usage for msvc
    - use core-provided KeyboardInterrupt exception object
    - msvc: add machine/pin-related sources to build
    - msvc: remove directory with generated files when cleaning
    - msvc: do not define DEBUG for debug builds
    - msvc: rebuild all qstrs when mpconfig headers are modified
    - msvc: workaround parser bug in older MSBuild versions
    qemu-arm port:
    - don't compile tests in "REPL" mode
    - mpconfigport.h: enable MICROPY_PY_BUILTINS_POW3 option
    - enable machine module and associated tests
    - add basic uos module with generic VFS capabilities
    - move lexer constructors to within NLR handler block
    stmhal port:
    - support PortG on STM32L476 and STM32L486
    - fix wrong usage of gcc -print-libgcc-file-name
    - fix USB HID receive not receiving the first packet
    - implement ioctl for USB HID read
    - implement SNAK/CNAK mechanism for USB HID receive
    - convert to use builtin help function
    - enable help('modules') feature
    - add default frozen-bytecode directory and link lcd160cr driver
    - fix examples in openocd configs to include addresses
    - add ability to have filesystem stored on external SPI flash
    - boards/STM32L476DISC: use external SPI flash for filesystem
    - mpconfigport.h: reorganise the config options into groups
    - usbd_msc_storage: use storage functions instead of disk ones
    - convert to use VFS sub-system and new ooFatFs component
    - fix name of automatically created boot.py
    - moduos: remove duplicated chdir
    - use LED constants from PYBv4 onwards
    - set the FatFs partition number when initialising VFS object
    - fix stack pointer initialisation for F411 and F429 boards
    - README: add paragraph about building mpy-cross
    - on boot, mount all available partitions of the SD card
    - main: put /sd directory before /flash in sys.path
    - pin: add C-level pin ioctl method
    - modmachine: add machine.Signal type
    - main: guard init_sdcard_fs with MICROPY_HW_HAS_SDCARD
    - pendsv: fill in comments about what the stack contains
    - initial implementation of multithreading, currently disabled
    - main: use _estack value to initialise stack extents
    - fix build issue when MICROPY_PY_THREAD is disabled
    - mpconfigport.h: enable MICROPY_PY_BUILTINS_POW3 option
    - on HardFault, print stack pointer and do a stack dump
    - add pyb.fault_debug() function, to control hard-fault behaviour
    - use MICROPY_EVENT_POLL_HOOK instead of __WFI where appropriate
    - add ability to skip booting from SD card via /flash/SKIPSD file
    - Makefile: drop use of -mabi=aapcs-linux; link libgcc by default
    - boards: for STM32F411DISC, change I2C pin according to datasheet
    - implement a proper thread scheduler
    - use generic interrupt char code
    - main: remove unnecessary header includes
    - use mp_hal_delay_ms instead of HAL_Delay
    - rename sys_tick ticks/delay functions to corresp. mp_hal ones
    - modpyb: use utime ticks ms/us functions instead of custom ones
    - modnwcc3k: add include for mp_hal_delay_ms
    - mphalport: get ticks_cpu() working on F7 MCUs
    - main: allocate flash's VFS struct on the heap to trace root ptrs
    - enable micropython.schedule()
    - pendsv: disable interrupts during a thread switch
    - irq: shift IRQ priorities of TIM and EXTINT to be above PENDSV
    - pybthread: allow interrupts to work during lock/unlock of mutex
    - systick: make mp_hal_delay_ms release the GIL when sleeping
    - boards: fix alt-func config for PA5 of STM32F767
    - board: fix existing and add more pin defs for NUCLEO_F767ZI
    - spi: clean and/or invalidate D-cache before SPI DMA transfers
    - hal: for F7 MCUs, expose DMA_CalcBaseAndBitshift function
    - dma: fix reinitialisation of DMA on F7 MCUs, following F4
    - update to use size_t for tuple/list accessors
    - update for changes to mp_obj_str_get_data
    - spi: increase SPI transfer timeout, proportional to num bytes
    - support SDMMC alternate functions in pin generation
    - sdcard: add support for SDMMC2 on F7 MCUs
    - boards: update F76x alternate function table to add SDMMC2
    - boards/STM32F769DISC: get SD card working by using SDMMC2
    - boards/STM32F769DISC: fix user switch pin, and document stlink
    - boards: remove F769 alt function table, it's same as for F767
    - dma: don't include SDMMC2 struct if SDMMC2 is not available
    - move L4/F7 I2C timing constants from mpconfigboard.h to i2c.c
    - i2c: clean the cache so that I2C DMA works on F7 MCUs
    - usbd_cdc_interface: increase in-endpoint timeout to 500ms
    - usbd_cdc_interface: change CDC RX to use a circular buffer
    - enable parsing of all Pin constructor args by machine.Signal
    - timer: clear interrupt flag before setting callback
    - convert all module and method tables to use MP_ROM macros
    - modmachine: add machine.UART class, linking to pyb.UART
    - modmachine: remove TODO comment that is now implemented
    - add machine.Pin on/off methods
    - add ilistdir in uos module
    cc3200 port:
    - convert to use builtin help function
    - add implementations of mp_import_stat and builtin_open
    - modusocket: remove deprecated socket.error
    - convert to use new VFS sub-system and new ooFatFs library
    - refactor "ticks" functions to use common extmod implementation
    - move stoupper to ftp.c and define in terms of unichar_toupper
    - use simplelink API instead of emulated BSD API
    - remove util/std.h, can just use stdio.h instead
    - mods/modwlan: remove unused header includes; simplify others
    - mods/modwlan: make multi-threaded a proper compile-time option
    - mods/modwlan: allow antenna diversity to be fully compiled out
    - mods/modwlan: add int casts to silence compiler warnings
    - remove remaining references to std.h
    - move wlan socket glue functions from modwlan to modusocket
    - convert to using uPy internal errno numbers
    - when raising OSError's use MP_Exxx as arg instead of a string
    - enable uerrno module with short, custom list of error codes
    - mods/modusocket: init vars to 0 to silence compiler warnings
    - remove socket.timeout class, use OSError(ETIMEDOUT) instead
    - moduos: remove uos.sep, as it's strictly optional
    - mptask: allocate flash VFS struct on the heap to trace root ptrs
    - mods/modutime: use generic sleep_ms and sleep_us implementations
    - update to use size_t for tuple/list accessors
    - update for changes to mp_obj_str_get_data
    - mods/pybi2c: raise OSError if readfrom_mem fails to write addr
    - modmachine: return frequency value directly, like other ports
    - pybuart: make parity specifications consistent with HW API
    - mods/pybi2c: make machine.I2C constructor/init conform to HW API
    - mods/pybi2c: make readfnom_mem_into/writeto_mem return None
    - mods/pybpin: remove toggle() method
    teensy port:
    - convert to use builtin help function
    - main: remove unnecessary header includes
    - lexerfrozen: make mp_lexer_new_from_file raise an exception
    esp8266 port:
    - convert to use builtin help function
    - factor out common linker code to esp8266_common.ld
    - switch to use OO version of FatFs library
    - change to use new generic VFS sub-system
    - fatfs_port: include new oofatfs header
    - machine_pin: implement pin ioctl protocol
    - modmachine: add Signal class
    - mpconfigport.h: remove obsolete MICROPY_FATFS_VOLUMES config
    - uart: add support for polling uart device
    - moduos: populate release field of uname in case it was GC'd
    - mpconfigport.h: enable help('modules') feature
    - update lexer constructors so they can raise exceptions
    - only execute main.py if in friendly REPL mode
    - enable micropython.schedule() with locking in pin callback
    - change machine.Timer callback to soft callback
    - machine_pin: add "hard" parameter to pin.irq, soft by default
    - machine_pin: make pin.irq arguments positional
    - machine_pin: fix memset size for zeroing of pin_irq_is_hard
    - machine_pin: fix pin.irq() to work when all args are keywords
    - modesp: use mp_obj_str_get_str instead of mp_obj_str_get_data
    - modesp: remove long-obsolete and unused espconn bindings
    - update to use size_t for tuple/list accessors
    - update for changes to mp_obj_str_get_data
    - remove unused entry in port root pointers
    - README: replace reference of alpha status to beta status
    - README: add notice about 512K version
    - change default settings to mount flash at root dir
    - esp8266.ld, esp8266_ota.ld: grow main firmware size by 32KB
    - modesp: flash_user_start: Use value from linker script
    - modules/flashbdev: reserve one sector for native code storage
    - scripts: move drivers/modules to modules/ (frozen bytecode)
    - scripts: move initsetup & port_diag tools to modules/
    - ets_alt_task.c: prevent spurious large increment of ticks_ms()
    - modnetwork: in connect, fix potential buffer overflows
    - machine_uart: add uart.any() method
    - modules: mount filesystem at root when creating for first time
    - mpconfigport.h: remove duplicate link to lwip module
    - rename machine.Pin high/low methods to on/off
    - add ilistdir in uos module
    zephyr port:
    - help: update n_args param type to size_t
    - remove deprecated .mdef file
    - add separate Zephyr config for "minimal" build
    - enable SLIP networking for the default build
    - convert to use builtin help function
    - make sure that correct Zephyr config is used for "minimal" build
    - allow to have per-board Zephyr config fragments
    - prj_frdm_k64f.conf: add, enable Ethernet support
    - Makefile.zephyr: support and default to networked (SLIP) QEMU
    - README: describe many gotchas of networked builds
    - enable IPv6 networking in addition to IPv4
    - add qemu_cortex_m3 config fragment
    - main: don't unconditionally dump stats on each GC
    - README: network startup issues with frdm_k64f resolved
    - modzephyr: add a module for Zephyr-specific things
    - modzephyr: fix typo in identifier
    - make sure that generated prj.conf is updated only on content changes
    - move "minimal" configuration building to a separate wrapper script
    - main: nlr_jump_fail: Fix noreturn warning
    - main: remove unused __fatal_error()
    - main: move lexer constructor to within NLR handler block
    - zephyr_getchar: use native k_sem instead of legacy nano_sem
    - prj_base.conf: disable legacy kernel compatibility
    - prj_base.conf: enable TCP (and UDP explicitly)
    - Makefile: rework to use modern, official build integration
    - Makefile: add workaround (fix?) for broken builds for DTS targets
    - fix NLR segfault in minimal build
    - modusocket: initial version of usocket module for Zephyr
    - integrate modusocket into build
    - modusocket: implement bind() and connect()
    - modusocket: implement send()
    - modusocket: implement recv() for UDP sockets
    - modusocket: implement recv() for TCP sockets
    - prj_base.conf: add config for net_buf logging
    - modusocket: be sure to use MP_OBJ_FROM_PTR
    - modusocket: factor out socket_new() function
    - zephyr_getchar: explicitly yield to other threads on char availability
    - Makefile: add "test" target, runs testsuite in QEMU
    - modusocket: factor out "extended k_fifo API"
    - modusocket: implement listen()
    - modusocket: socket_bind: Don't set recv callback on STREAM sockets
    - modusocket: implement accept()
    - mpconfigport.h: fix build if usocket module is disabled
    - modmachine: add Signal class
    - machine_pin: implement pin protocol for machine.Signal support
    - modusocket: call net_nbuf_print_frags() in recv callback if DEBUG > 1
    - modusocket: strip packet header right in the receive callback
    - modmachine: implement machine.reset()
    - main: configure IPv4 netmask and gateway to allow Internet access
    - add 96b_carbon configuration
    - modusocket: refactor send() into stream write() method
    - modusocket: enable stream write() method
    - modusocket: refactor recv() into stream read() method
    - modusocket: add read/readline/readinto stream methods
    - modusocket: sock_read: Check socket status only at the start of packet
    - modusocket: add dummy makefile() implementation
    - Makefile: add debugserver Zephyr target
    - mpconfigport.h: enable line number information for scripts
    - main: remove superfluous include
    - modusocket: add dummy setsockopt() implementation
    - modusocket: add SOL_SOCKET and SO_REUSEADDR constants
    - prj_qemu_x86.conf: bump RAM size to 320K
    - README: update to require Zephyr 1.8
    - modusocket: wrap pkt_get_info() call
    - modusocket: update for net_pkt refactor
    - modusocket: switch to net_pkt_append() returning length
    - modusocket: if there're no packets in recv_q, cancel waiter
    - modusocket: implement getaddrinfo()
    - modusocket: first step to switch to alternative FIFO processing
    - modusocket: get rid of cur_pkt object member
    - main: check default netif before applying operations to it
    - modusocket: getaddrinfo: Use RAISE_ERRNO for proper error decoding
    - modusocket: getaddrinfo: Raise OSError on resolution timeout, etc
    - modusocket: use DEBUG_PRINT macro name as other modules do
    - rename machine.Pin high/low methods to on/off
    - don't send more than MTU allows
    - modusocket: handle a case when recv_q is empty when EOF is signaled
    pic16bit port:
    - main: make nlr_jump_fail never return
    - main: make mp_lexer_new_from_file raise an exception
    - explicitly mention "await" support, and formatting for keywords
    - add link to docs.micropython.org
    - describe extmod/ dir
    - change Travis & Coveralls badges to not use link references
    - unconditionally run coveralls analysis, even if others failed
    - change an stmhal rule to build PYBV11 instead of default PYBV10
    - add .mpy files to list of binary files
    - remove obsolete lines
    - fix some minor spelling mistakes
    - add documentation for lcd160cr module
    - pyboard/tutorial: add tutorial for LCD160CR
    - library/lcd160cr: fix set_brightness range, should be 0..31
    - machine.Timer: move WiPy adhoc parts to its documentation
    - machine: add explicit note on machine module level and scope
    - usocket: clarify exceptions used
    - usocket: elaborate "Constants" section
    - usocket: clarify description of various methods
    - usocket: dedent Methods section
    - uio: describe differences between uPy an CPy stream hierarchy
    - conf.py: add myself as a copyright holder on the docs
    - uio: typo fixes/lexical improvements
    - pyboard/tutorial/lcd160cr_skin: fix typo, get_touched->get_touch
    - for LCD160CR driver and tutorial, add link to positioning image
    - esp8266/tutorial: specify the baudrate in picocom example command
    - add M-logo as favicon
    - library/pyb.Pin: minor typo fix, B6 should be A0
    - library/machine: make separate TOC for WiPy vs non-WiPy
    - uos: remove mention of uos.sep
    - library/lcd160cr: mention the valid values for set_power() method
    - modify Makefile and indexes to generate cPy-differences pages
    - uhashlib: provide port-neutral description
    - Makefile: define and use PYTHON as the interpreter for CPYDIFF
    - machine: fix formatting of Constants section
    - library/lcd160cr: add note about supported JPEG format/encodings
    - library: add framebuf documentation
    - library/lcd160cr: add link to framebuf page
    - esp8266/tutorial: update since esptool 1.3 added Python 3 support
    - library/framebuf: fix typo in bit-width for MVLSB description
    - library/machine.I2C: fix scan() doc to match implementation
    - library/btree: add btree module docs
    - utime: de-conditionalize description of sleep_ms() and friends
    - uos: de-conditionalize statvfs() description
    - machine.SPI: remove outdated wipy chunk
    - machine.Pin: move wipy-specific details to its own docs
    - machine.Pin: move wipy-specific methods to its docs
    - esp8266/general: start explicit "Known Issues", mentioned RTC inaccuracy
    - library/builtins: int: Add notice on byteorder param for to/from_bytes
    - library/machine.UART: remove some conditionals
    - utime: deconditionalize description of sleep()
    - usocket: deconditionalize
    - uhashlib: deconditionalize
    - esp8266/tutorial/intro: reword section on flash size requirement
    - library/micropython: deconditionalize
    - library/uos: urandom: Generalize description
    - library/ussl: deconditionalize, wipy notes moved to its documentation
    - machine.UART: deconditionalize normal methods
    - machine: move machine.main() misnomer to wipy's known issues
    - library/machine: typo fix in machine_callbacks section
    - library/machine.UART: remove pyboard-specific section
    - wipy/quickref: update reference for change to I2C API
    - wipy/general: add section about specifics of I2C implementation
    - library/machine.I2C: deconditionalise all methods
    - library/machine.*: add cross-reference label to individual classes
    - esp8266/quickref: add links from quickref page to machine classes
    - library/machine.I2C: remove WiPy-specific return values
    - library/machine.SPI: fix formatting of bullet list to stop warning
    - library/uos: add description of uos.ilistdir() function
    - machine.Pin: there's no toggle() method in MicroPython hardware API
    - machine.Signal: add initial draft description of Signal class
    - library/index: add important summary of the intro section as warning
    - change single occurrence of "Micropython" to "MicroPython"
    - library/micropython: document the newer micropython functions
    - library/machine.UART: update and improve uart.any() docs
    - library/machine.Pin: remove .id() method and .board class attr
    - hwapi: use Signal for inverted LED on ESP-12
    - hwapi: consistently use Signal class to define LEDs
    - button_reaction: update for time_pulse_us() no longer raising exc
    - hwapi: add hwconfig_pyboard.py for pyboard
    - hwapi: be sure to import Signal when it's used
    - hwapi/soft_pwm: use Signal on()/off() methods
    - embedding/README: convert to markdown, grammar and clarity fixes
    - embedding: place lexer constructor within NLR handler block
    - hwapi: add config for Zephyr port of 96Boards Carbon
    - hwapi/hwconfig*: use inline Signal() args where possible
    - hwapi/soft_pwm2_uasyncio: update for call_later_ms()
  • v1.8.7
    Support for Xtensa emitter and assembler, and upgraded F4 and F7 STM HAL
    This release adds support for the Xtensa architecture as a target for the
    native emitter, as well as Xtensa inline assembler.  The int.from_bytes
    and int.to_bytes methods now require a second argument (the byte order)
    per CPython (only "little" is supported at this time).  The "readall"
    method has been removed from all stream classes that used it; "read" with
    no arguments should be used instead.  There is now support for importing
    packages from compiled .mpy files.  Test coverage is increased to 96%.
    The generic I2C driver has improvements: configurable clock stretching
    timeout, "stop" argument added to readfrom/writeto methods, "nack"
    argument added to readinto, and write[to] now returns num of ACKs
    received.  The framebuf module now handles 16-bit depth (generic colour
    format) and has hline, vline, rect, line methods.  A new utimeq module is
    added for efficient queue ordering defined by modulo time (to be
    compatible with time.ticks_xxx functions).  The pyboard.py script has been
    modified so that the target board is not reset between scripts or commands
    that are given on a single command line.
    For the stmhal port the STM Cube HAL has been upgraded: Cube F4 HAL to
    v1.13.1 (CMSIS 2.5.1, HAL v1.5.2) and Cube F7 HAL to v1.1.2.  There is a
    more robust pyb.I2C implementation (DMA is now disabled by default, can be
    enabled via an option), and there is an implementation of machine.I2C with
    robust error handling and hardware acceleration on F4 MCUs.  It is now
    recommended to use machine.I2C instead of pyb.I2C.  The UART class is now
    more robust with better handling of errors/timeouts.  There is also more
    accurate VBAT and VREFINT measurements for the ADC.  New boards that are
    supported include: NUCLEO_F767ZI, STM32F769DISC and NUCLEO_L476RG.
    For the esp8266 port select/poll is now supported for sockets using the
    uselect module.  There is support for native and viper emitters, as well
    as an inline assembler (with limited iRAM for storage of native functions,
    or the option to store code to flash).  There is improved software I2C
    with a slight API change: scl/sda pins can be specified as positional only
    when "-1" is passed as the first argument to indicate the use of software
    I2C.  It is recommended to use keyword arguments for scl/sda.  There is
    very early support for over-the-air (OTA) updates using the yaota8266
    A detailed list of changes follows.
    py core:
    - emitnative: fix native import emitter when in viper mode
    - remove readall() method, which is equivalent to read() w/o args
    - objexcept: allow clearing traceback with 'exc.__traceback__ = None'
    - runtime: mp_resume: handle exceptions in Python __next__()
    - mkrules.mk: rework find command so it works on OSX
    - *.mk: replace uses of 'sed' with $(SED)
    - parse: move function to check for const parse node to parse.[ch]
    - parse: make mp_parse_node_new_leaf an inline function
    - parse: add code to fold logical constants in or/and/not operations
    - factor persistent code load/save funcs into persistentcode.[ch]
    - factor out persistent-code reader into separate files
    - lexer: rewrite mp_lexer_new_from_str_len in terms of mp_reader_mem
    - lexer: provide generic mp_lexer_new_from_file based on mp_reader
    - lexer: rewrite mp_lexer_new_from_fd in terms of mp_reader
    - lexer: make lexer use an mp_reader as its source
    - objtype: implement __call__ handling for an instance w/o heap alloc
    - factor out common code from assemblers into asmbase.[ch]
    - stream: move ad-hoc ioctl constants to stream.h and rename them
    - compile: simplify configuration of native emitter
    - emit.h: remove long-obsolete declarations for cpython emitter
    - move arch-specific assembler macros from emitnative to asmXXX.h
    - asmbase: add MP_PLAT_COMMIT_EXEC option for handling exec code
    - asmxtensa: add low-level Xtensa assembler
    - integrate Xtensa assembler into native emitter
    - allow inline-assembler emitter to be generic
    - add inline Xtensa assembler
    - emitinline: embed entire asm struct instead of a pointer to it
    - emitinline: move inline-asm align and data methods to compiler
    - emitinline: move common code for end of final pass to compiler
    - asm: remove need for dummy_data when doing initial assembler passes
    - objint: from_bytes, to_bytes: require byteorder arg, require "little"
    - binary: do zero extension when storing a value larger than word size
    - builtinimport: support importing packages from compiled .mpy files
    - mpz: remove unreachable code in mpn_or_neg functions
    - runtime: zero out fs_user_mount array in mp_init
    - mpconfig.h: enable MICROPY_PY_SYS_EXIT by default
    - add MICROPY_KBD_EXCEPTION config option to provide mp_kbd_exception
    - compile: add an extra pass for Xtensa inline assembler
    - modbuiltins: remove unreachable code
    - objint: rename mp_obj_int_as_float to mp_obj_int_as_float_impl
    - emitglue: refactor to remove assert(0), to improve coverage
    - lexer: remove unreachable code in string tokeniser
    - lexer: remove unnecessary check for EOF in lexer's next_char func
    - lexer: permanently disable the mp_lexer_show_token function
    - parsenum: simplify and generalise decoding of digit values
    - mpz: fix assertion in mpz_set_from_str which checks value of base
    - mpprint: add assertion for, and comment about, valid base values
    - objint: simplify mp_int_format_size and remove unreachable code
    - unicode: comment-out unused function unichar_isprint
    - consistently update signatures of .make_new and .call methods
    - mkrules.mk: add MPY_CROSS_FLAGS option to pass flags to mpy-cross
    - builtinimport: fix bug when importing names from frozen packages
    - machine_i2c: make the clock stretching timeout configurable
    - machine_i2c: raise an error when clock stretching times out
    - machine_i2c: release SDA on bus error
    - machine_i2c: add a C-level I2C-protocol, refactoring soft I2C
    - machine_i2c: add argument to C funcs to control stop generation
    - machine_i2c: rewrite i2c.scan in terms of C-level protocol
    - machine_i2c: rewrite mem xfer funcs in terms of C-level protocol
    - machine_i2c: remove unneeded i2c_write_mem/i2c_read_mem funcs
    - machine_i2c: make C-level functions return -errno on I2C error
    - machine_i2c: add 'nack' argument to i2c.readinto
    - machine_i2c: make i2c.write[to] methods return num of ACKs recvd
    - machine_i2c: add 'stop' argument to i2c readfrom/writeto meths
    - machine_i2c: remove trivial function wrappers
    - machine_i2c: expose soft I2C obj and readfrom/writeto funcs
    - machine_i2c: add hook to constructor to call port-specific code
    - modurandom: allow to build with float disabled
    - modframebuf: make FrameBuffer handle 16bit depth
    - modframebuf: add back legacy FrameBuffer1 "class"
    - modframebuf: optimise fill and fill_rect methods
    - vfs_fat: implement POSIX behaviour of rename, allow to overwrite
    - moduselect: use stream helper function instead of ad-hoc code
    - moduselect: use configurable EVENT_POLL_HOOK instead of WFI
    - modlwip: add ioctl method to socket, with poll implementation
    - vfs_fat_file: allow file obj to respond to ioctl flush request
    - modbtree: add method to sync the database
    - modbtree: rename "sync" method to "flush" for consistency
    - modframebuf: add hline, vline, rect and line methods
    - machine_spi: provide reusable software SPI class
    - modframebuf: make framebuf implement the buffer protocol
    - modframebuf: store underlying buffer object to prevent GC free
    - modutimeq: copy of current moduheapq with timeq support for refactoring
    - modutimeq: refactor into optimized class
    - modutimeq: make time_less_than be actually "less than", not less/eq
    - utils/interrupt_char: use core-provided mp_kbd_exception if enabled
    - display/ssd1306.py: update to use FrameBuffer not FrameBuffer1
    - onewire: enable pull up on data pin
    - onewire/ds18x20: fix negative temperature calc for DS18B20
    - tinytest-codegen: blacklist recently added uheapq_timeq test (qemu-arm)
    - pyboard.py: refactor so target is not reset between scripts/cmd
    - mpy-tool.py: add support for OPT_CACHE_MAP_LOOKUP_IN_BYTECODE
    - micropython: add test for import from within viper function
    - use read() instead of readall()
    - basics: add test for logical constant folding
    - micropython: add test for creating traceback without allocation
    - micropython: move alloc-less traceback test to separate test file
    - extmod: improve ujson coverage
    - basics: improve user class coverage
    - basics: add test for dict.fromkeys where arg is a generator
    - basics: add tests for if-expressions
    - basics: change dict_fromkeys test so it doesn't use generators
    - basics: enable tests for list slice getting with 3rd arg
    - extmod/vfs_fat_fileio: add test for constructor of FileIO type
    - extmod/btree1: exercise btree.flush()
    - extmod/framebuf1: add basics tests for hline, vline, rect, line
    - update for required byteorder arg for int.from_bytes()/to_bytes()
    - extmod: improve moductypes test coverage
    - extmod: improve modframebuf test coverage
    - micropython: get heapalloc_traceback test running on baremetal
    - struct*: make skippable
    - basics: improve mpz test coverage
    - float/builtin_float_round: test round() with second arg
    - basics/builtin_dir: add test for dir() of a type
    - basics: add test for builtin locals()
    - basics/set_pop: improve coverage of set functions
    - run-tests: for REPL tests make sure the REPL is exited at the end
    - basics: improve test coverage for generators
    - import: add a test which uses ... in from-import statement
    - add tests to improve coverage of runtime.c
    - add tests to improve coverage of objarray.c
    - extmod: add test for utimeq module
    - basics/lexer: add a test for newline-escaping within a string
    - add a coverage test for printing the parse-tree
    - utimeq_stable: test for partial stability of utimeq queuing
    - heapalloc_inst_call: test for no alloc for simple object calls
    - basics: add tests for parsing of ints with base 36
    - basics: add tests to improve coverage of binary.c
    - micropython: add test for micropython.stack_use() function
    - extmod: improve ubinascii.c test coverage
    - thread: improve modthread.c test coverage
    - cmdline: improve repl.c autocomplete test coverage
    - unix: improve runtime_utils.c test coverage
    - pyb/uart: update test to match recent change to UART timeout_char
    - run-tests: allow to skip set tests
    - improve warning.c test coverage
    - float: improve formatfloat.c test coverage using Python
    - unix: improve formatfloat.c test coverage using C
    - unix/extra_coverage: add basic tests to import frozen str and mpy
    - types1: split out set type test to set_types
    - array: allow to skip test if "array" is unavailable
    - unix/extra_coverage: add tests for importing frozen packages
    unix port:
    - rename define for unix moduselect to MICROPY_PY_USELECT_POSIX
    - Makefile: update freedos target for change of USELECT config name
    - enable utimeq module
    - main: allow to print the parse tree in coverage build
    - Makefile: make "coverage_test" target mirror Travis test actions
    - moduselect: if file object passed to .register(), return it in .poll()
    - Makefile: split long line for coverage target, easier to modify
    - enable and add basic frozen str and frozen mpy in coverage build
    - Makefile: allow cache-map-lookup optimisation with frozen bytecode
    windows port:
    - enable READER_POSIX to get access to lexer_new_from_file
    stmhal port:
    - dma: de-init the DMA peripheral properly before initialising
    - i2c: add option to I2C to enable/disable use of DMA transfers
    - i2c: reset the I2C peripheral if there was an error on the bus
    - rename mp_hal_pin_set_af to _config_alt, to simplify alt config
    - upgrade to STM32CubeF4 v1.13.0 - CMSIS/Device 2.5.1
    - upgrade to STM32CubeF4 v1.13.0 - HAL v1.5.1
    - apply STM32CubeF4 v1.13.1 patch - upgrade HAL driver to v1.5.2
    - hal/i2c: reapply HAL commit ea040a4 for f4
    - hal/sd: reapply HAL commit 1d7fb82 for f4
    - hal: reapply HAL commit 9db719b for f4
    - hal/rcc: reapply HAL commit c568a2b for f4
    - hal/sd: reapply HAL commit 09de030 for f4
    - boards: configure all F4 boards to work with new HAL
    - make-stmconst.py: fix regex's to work with current CMSIS
    - i2c: handle I2C IRQs
    - dma: precalculate register base and bitshift on handle init
    - dma: mark DMA sate as READY even if HAL_DMA_Init is skipped
    - can: clear FIFO flags in IRQ handler
    - i2c: provide custom IRQ handlers
    - hal: do not include <stdio.h> in HAL headers
    - mphalport.h: use single GPIOx->BSRR register
    - make-stmconst.py: add support for files with invalid utf8 bytes
    - update HALCOMMITS due to change to hal
    - make-stmconst.py: restore Python 2 compatibility
    - update HALCOMMITS due to change to hal
    - moduselect: move to extmod/ for reuse by other ports
    - i2c: use the HAL's I2C IRQ handler for F7 and L4 MCUs
    - updates to get F411 MCUs compiling with latest ST HAL
    - i2c: remove use of legacy I2C_NOSTRETCH_DISABLED option
    - add beginnings of port-specific machine.I2C implementation
    - i2c: add support for I2C4 hardware block on F7 MCUs
    - i2c: expose the pyb_i2c_obj_t struct and some relevant functions
    - machine_i2c: provide HW implementation of I2C peripherals for F4
    - add support for flash storage on STM32F415
    - add back GPIO_BSRRL and GPIO_BSRRH constants to stm module
    - add OpenOCD configuration for STM32L4
    - add address parameters to openocd config files
    - adc: add "mask" selection parameter to pyb.ADCAll constructor
    - adc: provide more accurate measure of VBAT and VREFINT
    - adc: make ADCAll.read_core_temp return accurate float value
    - adc: add ADCAll.read_vref method, returning "3.3v" value
    - adc: add support for F767 MCU
    - adc: make channel "16" always map to the temperature sensor
    - sdcard: clean/invalidate cache before DMA transfers with SD card
    - moduos: implement POSIX behaviour of rename, allow to overwrite
    - adc: use constants from new HAL version
    - refactor UART configuration to use pin objects
    - uart: add support for UART7 and UART8 on F7 MCUs
    - uart: add check that UART id is valid for the given board
    - cmsis: update STM32F7 CMSIS device include files to V1.1.2
    - hal: update ST32CubeF7 HAL files to V1.1.2
    - port of f4 hal commit c568a2b to updated f7 hal
    - port of f4 hal commit 09de030 to updated f7 hal
    - port of f4 hal commit 1d7fb82 to updated f7 hal
    - declare and initialise PrescTables for F7 MCUs
    - boards/STM32F7DISC: define LSE_STARTUP_TIMEOUT
    - hal: update HALCOMMITS due to change in f7 hal files
    - refactor to use extmod implementation of software SPI class
    - cmsis: add CMSIS file stm32f767xx.h, V1.1.2
    - add NUCLEO_F767ZI board, with openocd config for stm32f7
    - cmsis: add CMSIS file stm32f769xx.h, V1.1.2
    - add STM32F769DISC board files
    - move PY_SYS_PLATFORM config from board to general config file
    - mpconfigport: add weak-module links for io, collections, random
    - rename mp_const_vcp_interrupt to mp_kbd_exception
    - usb: always use the mp_kbd_exception object for VCP interrupt
    - use core-provided keyboard exception object
    - led: properly initialise timer handle to zero before using it
    - mphalport.h: explicitly use HAL's GPIO constants for pull modes
    - usrsw: use mp_hal_pin_config function instead of HAL_GPIO_Init
    - led: use mp_hal_pin_config function instead of HAL_GPIO_Init
    - sdcard: use mp_hal_pin_config function instead of HAL_GPIO_Init
    - add support for STM32 Nucleo64 L476RG
    - uart: provide a custom function to transmit over UART
    - uart: increase inter-character timeout by 1ms
    - enable utimeq module
    cc3200 port:
    - tools/smoke.py: change readall() to read()
    - pybspi: remove static mode=SPI.MASTER parameter for latest HW API
    - mods/pybspi: remove SPI.MASTER constant, it's no longer needed
    - update for moduselect moved to extmod/
    - re-add support for UART REPL (MICROPY_STDIO_UART setting)
    - enable UART REPL by default
    - README: (re)add information about accessing REPL on serial
    - make: rename "deploy" target to "deploy-ota"
    - add targets to erase flash, deploy firmware using cc3200tool
    - README: reorganize and update to the current state of affairs
    - modwlan: add network.WLAN.print_ver() diagnostic function
    esp8266 port:
    - enable uselect module
    - move websocket_helper.py from scripts to modules for frozen BC
    - refactor to use extmod implementation of software SPI class
    - mpconfigport_512k: disable framebuf module for 512k build
    - enable native emitter for Xtensa arch
    - enable inline Xtensa assembler
    - add "ota" target to produce firmware binary for use with yaota8266
    - use core-provided keyboard exception object
    - add "erase" target to Makefile, to erase entire flash
    - when doing GC be sure to trace the memory holding native code
    - modesp: flash_user_start(): support configuration with yaota8266
    - force relinking OTA firmware image if built after normal one
    - scripts/inisetup: dump FS starting sector/size on error
    - Makefile: produce OTA firmware as firmware-ota.bin
    - modesp: make check_fw() work with OTA firmware
    - enable utimeq module
    - Makefile: put firmware-ota.bin in build/, for consistency
    - modules/flashbdev: add RESERVED_SECS before the filesystem
    - modules/flashbdev: remove code to patch bootloader flash size
    - modules/flashbdev: remove now-unused function set_bl_flash_size
    - modules/flashbdev: change RESERVED_SECS to 0
    zephyr port:
    - add .gitignore to ignore Zephyr's "outdir" directory
    - zephyr_getchar: update to Zephyr 1.6 unified kernel API
    - switch to Zephyr 1.6 unified kernel API
    - support raw REPL
    - implement soft reset feature
    - main: initialize sys.path and sys.argv
    - use core-provided keyboard exception object
    - uart_core: access console UART directly instead of printk() hack
    - enable slice subscription
    - remove references to readall() and update stream read() docs
    - library/index: elaborate on u-modules
    - library/machine.I2C: refine definitions of I2C methods
    - library/pyb.Accel: add hardware note about pins used by accel
    - library/pyb.UART: added clarification about timeouts
    - library/pyb.UART: moved writechar doc to sit with other writes
    - esp8266/tutorial: update intro to add Getting the firmware section
    - library/machine.I2C: fix I2C constructor docs to match impl
    - esp8266/tutorial: close socket after reading page content
    - esp8266/general: add "Scarcity of runtime resources" section
    - library/esp: document esp.set_native_code_location() function
    - library/esp: remove para and add further warning about flash
    - usocket: clarify that socket timeout raises OSError exception
    - build STM32 F7 and L4 boards under Travis CI
    - include persistent bytecode with floats in coverage tests
    - hwapi: button_led: Add GPIO pin read example
    - hwapi: add soft_pwm example converted to uasyncio
    - http_client: use read() instead of readall()
    - hwapi: add uasyncio example of fading 2 LEDs in parallel
    - hwapi: add example for machine.time_pulse_us()
    - hwapi: add hwconfig for console tracing of LED operations
    - accellog.py: change 1: to /sd/, and update comment about FS
    - hwapi/hwconfig_console: don't alloc memory in value()
  • v1.8.6
    ESP8266 port uses SDK 2.0, has more heap, has support for 512k devices
    This release brings some code size reductions to the core as well as
    more tests and improved coverage which is now at 94.3%.
    The time.ticks_diff(a, b) function has changed: the order of the arguments
    has been swapped so that it behaves like "a - b", and it can now return a
    negative number if "a" came before "b" (modulo the period of the ticks
    For the ESP8266 port the Espressif SDK has been updated to 2.0.0, the
    heap has been increased from 28k to 36k, and there is support for 512k
    devices via "make 512k".  upip is included by default as frozen bytecode.
    The network module now allows access-point reconnection without WiFi
    credentials, and exposes configuration for the station DHCP hostname.  The
    DS18B20 driver now handles negative temperatures, and NeoPixel and APA102
    drivers handle 4 bytes-per-pixel LEDs.
    For the CC3200 port there is now support for loading of precompiled .mpy
    files and threading now works properly with interrupts.
    A detailed list of changes follows.
    py core:
    - py.mk: automatically add frozen.c to source list if FROZEN_DIR is defined
    - be more specific with MP_DECLARE_CONST_FUN_OBJ macros
    - specialise builtin funcs to use separate type for fixed arg count
    - {modbuiltins,obj}: use MP_PYTHON_PRINTER where possible
    - modbuiltins: add builtin "slice", pointing to existing slice type
    - add "delattr" builtin, conditional on MICROPY_CPYTHON_COMPAT
    - sequence: fix reverse slicing of lists
    - fix null pointer dereference in mpz.c, fix missing va_end in warning.c
    - remove asserts that are always true in emitbc.c
    - fix wrong assumption that m_renew will not move if shrinking
    - change config default so m_malloc0 uses memset if GC not enabled
    - add MICROPY_FLOAT_CONST macro for defining float constants
    - move frozen bytecode Makefile rules from ports to common mk files
    - strip leading dirs from frozen mpy files, so any path can be used
    - vfs_fat_file: check fatfs f_sync() and f_close() returns for errors
    - vfs_fat_file: make file.close() a no-op if file already closed
    - utime_mphal: ticks_diff(): switch arg order, return signed value
    - utime_mphal: add MP_THREAD_GIL_EXIT/ENTER warppers for sleep functions
    - utime_mphal: implement ticks_add(), add to all maintained ports
    - utime_mphal: allow ticks functions period be configurable by a port
    - utils/pyhelp.c: use mp_printf() instead of printf()
    - utils/pyexec: add mp_hal_set_interrupt_char() prototype
    - libm: move Thumb-specific sqrtf function to separate file
    - add "from micropython import const" when const is used
    - upgrade upip to 1.1.4: fix error on unix when installing to non-existing
      absolute path
    - pip-micropython: remove deprecated wrapper tool
    - check_code_size.sh: code size validation script for CI
    - replace upip tarball with just source file, to make its inclusion as
      frozen modules in multiple ports less magic
    - extmod/vfs_fat: improve VFS test coverage
    - basics/builtin_slice: add test for "slice" builtin name
    - basics: add test for builtin "delattr"
    - extmod/vfs_fat_fsusermount: improve fsusermount test coverage
    - extmod/vfs_fat_oldproto: test old block device protocol
    - basics/gc1: garbage collector threshold() coverage
    - extmod/uhashlib_sha1: coverage for SHA1 algorithm
    - extmod/uhashlib_sha256: rename sha256.py test
    - btree1: fix out of memory error running on esp8266
    - extmod/ticks_diff: test for new semantics of ticks_diff()
    - extmod/framebuf1: test framebuffer pixel clear, and text function
    minimal port:
    - Makefile: split rule for firmware.bin generation
    unix port:
    - Makefile: remove references to deprecated pip-micropython
    - modtime: use ticks_diff() implementation from extmod/utime_mphal.c
    - mphalport.h: add warning of mp_hal_delay_ms() implementation
    - modtime: switch ticks/sleep_ms/us() to utime_mphal
    - fix symbol references for x86 Mac
    - replace upip tarball with just source file
    windows port:
    - enable utime_mphal following unix, define mp_hal_ticks_*
    - fix utime_mphal compilation for msvc
    - implement mp_hal_ticks_cpu in terms of QueryPerformanceCounter
    qemu-arm port:
    - exclude ticks_diff test for qemu-arm port
    - exclude extmod/vfs_fat_fileio.py test
    - exclude new vfs_fat tests
    - enable software floating point support, and float tests
    stmhal port:
    - modutime: refactor to use extmod's version of ticks_cpu
    - refactor pin usage to use mp_hal_pin API
    - led: refactor LED to use mp_hal_pin_output() init function
    - Makefile: use standard rules for frozen module generation
    - modutime: consistently convert to MP_ROM_QSTR/MP_ROM_PTR
    - enable SD power save (disable CLK on idle)
    cc3200 port:
    - use mp_raise_XXX helper functions to reduce code size
    - mods/pybspi: allow "write" arg of read/readinto to be positional
    - enable loading of precompiled .mpy files
    - fix thread mutex's so threading works with interrupts
    teensy port:
    - update to provide new mp_hal_pin_XXX functions following stmhal
    esp8266 port:
    - Makefile: use latest esptool.py flash size auto-detection
    - esp_init_data: auto-initialize system params with vendor SDK 2.0.0
    - esp8266.ld: move help.o to iROM
    - esp8266.ld: move modmachine.o to iROM
    - esp8266.ld: move main.o to iROM
    - add MP_FASTCODE modifier to put a function to iRAM
    - main: mark nlr_jump_fail() as MP_FASTCODE
    - modules/webrepl: enforce only one concurrent WebREPL connection
    - etshal.h: add few more ESP8266 vendor lib prototypes
    - modesp: add flash_user_start() function
    - add support for building firmware version for 512K modules
    - scripts: make neopixel/apa102 handle 4bpp LEDs with common code
    - modutime: consistently convert to MP_ROM_QSTR/MP_ROM_PTR
    - modnetwork: config(): fix copy-paste error in setting "mac"
    - scripts/port_diag: add descriptions for esf_buf types
    - modnetwork.c: allows AP reconnection without WiFi credentials
    - main: bump heap size to 36K
    - etshal.h: add prototypes for SPIRead/SPIWrite/SPIEraseSector
    - etshal.h: adjust size of MD5_CTX structure
    - modules: fix negative temperature in ds18x20 driver
    - rename "machine" module implementation to use contemporary naming
    - rework webrepl_setup to run over wired REPL
    - espneopixel.c: solve glitching LED issues with cpu at 80MHz
    - include upip as a standard frozen bytecode module
    - update docs for esptool 1.2.1/SDK 2.0 (--flash_size=detect)
    - modnetwork.c: expose configuration for station DHCP hostname
    zephyr port:
    - implement utime module
    - use board/SoC values for startup banner based on Zephyr config
    - initial implementation of machine.Pin
    - zephyr_getchar: update for recent Zephyr refactor of console hooks
    - support time -> utime module "weaklink"
    - README: update for the current featureset, add more info
    - mpconfigport.h: move less important params to the bottom
    - Makefile: allow to adjust heap size from make command line
    - Makefile: update comments to the current state of affairs
    - Makefile: allow to override Zephyr config from make command line
    - Makefile: add minimal port
    - Makefile: add -fomit-frame-pointer to reduce code size
    - mphalport.h: update for new "unified" kernal API (sleep functions)
    - machine.SPI: bring up to date with Hardware API, make vendor-neutral
    - machine.SPI: improve descriptions of xfer methods
    - library/builtins: add docs for delattr and slice
    - library/network: reword intro paragraph
    - library/network: typo fixes, consistent acronym capitalization
    - library/index: update TOCs so builtins sorted before modules
    - utime: document ticks_cpu() in more detail
    - utime: describe new semantics of ticks_diff() (signed ring arithmetics)
    - utime: add docs for ticks_add(), improvements for other ticks_*()
    - esp8266: update for new WebREPL setup procedure
    - */quickref.rst: use new semantics of ticks_diff()
    - library/machine.Pin: update Pin docs to align with new HW API
    - integrate tools/check_code_size.sh
    - minimal: Use CROSS=1, for binary size check
    - http_server_simplistic: add "not suitable for real use" note
    - hwapi: example showing best practices for HW API usage in apps
    - hwapi: add hwconfig for DragonBoard 410c
  • v1.8.5
    New port to Zephyr, upip runs on baremetal, and reduction in code size
    This release adds a new port of MicroPython to run on top of the Zephyr
    real-time operating system.  As part of this there is now basic support for
    using mbedTLS as the ussl module.  The release also brings initial support
    for running the package manager upip on baremetal systems with low heap
    memory (such as esp8266), through a Python module interface.
    Work has been done in this release to clean up the core, removing redundant
    and/or unreachable code, and factoring existing duplicated code patterns.
    This brings a reduction of 828 bytes in code size to the bare-arm port, and
    1368 bytes to the minimal port.  There is also improved coverage through
    the addition of new tests for corner cases.
    The "micropython" module sees the addition of the "const" identity function
    which should be used as "from micropython import const" in scripts that
    want to use the MicroPython constant optimisations in the compile stage.
    There is also the addition of the "opt_level" function to change the
    parser/compiler optimisation level at runtime.
    The behaviour of "sys.exit" (and "raise SystemExit") on baremetal is now
    changed: this function no longer does a soft-reset of the board, rather it
    just stops the running script and drops to the REPL.  In order to do an
    actual soft reset the "machine.soft_reset" function has been added (to the
    stmhal port only, for the time being).
    Following CPython, KeyError exceptions for dictionary lookups now have the
    failed key stored as the argument of the exception instance, accessible as
    exc.args[0].  The "ujson.load" function has also been added, to load JSON
    data from an arbitrary stream.
    The I2C support in the machine module now has clock stretching, the
    addition of the "addrsize" parameter in memory transfer methods, and I2C
    scanning now uses dummy writes instead of dummy reads to make the scanning
    more reliable.
    The CMSIS library has been upgrade to v4.30, and the boards section of
    the stmhal port has been refactored to use a common.ld script.  The stmhal
    port now has a full implementation of the machine.SPI class, with support
    for both hardware SPI peripherals and fast software SPI.  The USB HID
    driver in stmhal has added support to receive USB HID messages from the
    py core:
    - asmthumb: flush D-cache, and invalidate I-cache on STM32F7
    - makeqstrdefs.py: use python 2.6 syntax for set creation
    - objnone: remove unnecessary handling of MP_UNARY_OP_BOOL
    - move frozen modules rules from esp8266 port for reuse across ports
    - combine 3 comprehension emit functions (list/dict/set) into 1
    - combine 3 comprehension opcodes (list/dict/set) into 1
    - vstr: remove vstr.had_error flag and inline basic vstr functions
    - objnone: use mp_generic_unary_op instead of custom one
    - showbc: make printf's go to the platform print stream
    - remove 'name' member from mp_obj_module_t struct
    - builtinimport: fix nanbox build after change to better handle -m modules
    - stream: remove unnecessary check for NULL return from vstr_extend
    - py.mk: suppress some compiler warnings when building berkeley-db
    - shrink mp_arg_t struct by using reduced-size integer members
    - update opcode format table because 3 opcodes were removed, 1 added
    - parse: only replace constants that are standalone identifiers
    - py.mk: add support for building modussl_mbedtls
    - only store the exception instance on Py stack in bytecode try block
    - vm: use MP_OBJ_FROM_PTR to cast a type to an object
    - modmicropython: add micropython.const, alias for identity function
    - objstr: remove unreachable function used only for terse error msgs
    - emitbc: remove/refactor unreachable code, to improve coverage
    - objfun: remove unnecessary check for viper fun with 5 or more args
    - objfun: use if instead of switch to check return value of VM execute
    - objset: use mp_check_self() to check args of set/frozenset methods
    - objset: ensure that use of frozenset.update raises an exception
    - compile: fix async-for/async-with to work with simpler exc on stack
    - scope: use lookup-table to determine a scope's simple name
    - scope: shrink scope_t struct by 1 machine word
    - scope: factor common code to find locals and close over them
    - compile: fix typo when checking for parse-node kind
    - argcheck: simplify if-chain so that the last one is the default
    - objbool: defer bool's unary op implementation to small int
    - objbool: make a slight simplification of bool constructor
    - modstruct: remove unreachable code, and add comment about CPy diff
    - add mp_raise_OSError(errno) helper function
    - objstringio: add readinto() method
    - modmicropython: add micropython.opt_level([value]) function
    - compile: remove unreachable code
    - mpz: in divmod, replace check for rhs!=0 with assert
    - mpz: use assert to verify mpz does not have a fixed digit buffer
    - factor duplicated function to calculate size of formatted int
    - objint: use size_t for arguments that measure bytes/sizes
    - compile: remove debugging code for compiler dispatch
    - lexer: remove unnecessary code, and unreachable code
    - vstr: combine vstr_new_size with vstr_new since they are rarely used
    - objdict: fix optimisation for allocating result in fromkeys
    - objdict: actually provide the key that failed in KeyError exception
    - use mp_raise_msg helper function where appropriate
    - add the module specified by -m to sys.modules as '__main__'
    - modussl_mbedtls: initial implementation of mbedTLS ussl module
    - uctypes: allow full 32-bit address range
    - modubinascii: fix crc32() function on 32-bit platforms
    - modussl_mbedtls: implement key= and cert= args to wrap_socket()
    - modussl_mbedtls: use 2-component include paths
    - machine_i2c: add clock stretching support
    - modussl_mbedtls: add server_hostname param for wrap_socket()
    - uzlib: add tinfgzip.c (gzip header parsing) from upstream
    - moduzlib: DecompIO: Add support for gzip-formatted streams
    - uzlib/: update uzlib to v2.0.3
    - vfs_fat: add fat_vfs_statvfs(), reused from stmhal
    - machine_i2c: add support for the addrsize parameter in mem xfers
    - machine_spi: simplify SPI xfer function to only take one buf len
    - machine_spi: factor out software SPI code from esp8266 to extmod
    - machine_spi: use delay_half, not baudrate, for internal timing
    - machine_spi: add optional support for fast software SPI
    - vfs_fat: use mp_raise_OSError helper function
    - modlwip: use mp_raise_OSError helper function
    - use mp_raise_OSError helper function
    - vfs_fat_file: use MP_Exxx errno constants
    - uzlib: update to upstream v2.1
    - machine_i2c: use writes not reads in i2c.scan()
    - vfs_fat: add file and directory checks for remove and rmdir
    - modujson: implement ujson.load() to load JSON from a stream
    - modujson: fix nanbox build
    - utime_mphal: factor out implementations in terms of mp_hal_* for reuse
    - utime_mphal: sleep_us/ms(): Don't wait on negative argument
    - modussl_mbedtls: add dummy setblocking() method
    - interrupt_char: factor out typical Ctrl+C handling from esp8266 port
    - cmsis: move CMSIS headers to lib/
    - cmsis: remove CMSIS-DSP headers, they are unused
    - cmsis: upgrade CMSIS-CORE to V4.30
    - utils/pyexec: don't treat SystemExit as "forced exit"
    - utils/pyexec: allow behaviour of SystemExit to be configurable
    - dht: use mp_raise_OSError helper function
    - update upip to 0.8, fixes IPv6 support
    - upgrade upip to 1.0, fully self-hosted release (without fallbacks), and
      uses stream gzip decompression (step towards support for limited-heap
      baremetal systems)
    - upgrade upip to 1.1.3, initial support for running on a baremetal,
      low-heap systems (like esp8266), using Python module interface
    - pyb: add test for ExtInt when doing swint while disabled
    - pyb: update exp file for previously updated extint test
    - extmod/urandom: add urandom tests for error cases
    - basics: add errno1 test, to check basics of uerrno module
    - extmod: add test for machine.time_pulse_us()
    - struct1: test "l" specifier to improve coverage
    - array1: add tests for "l", "L" array types to improve coverage
    - get cmdline verbose tests running again
    - run-tests: add --via-mpy option to run test from precompiled code
    - uzlib_decompio_gz: test for DecompIO with gzip bitstream
    - basics: add test case for overflowing Py stack in try-finally
    - micropython: add tests for const names being replaced in parser
    - cmdline/cmd_showbc: fix test now that 1 value is stored on stack
    - extmod/vfs_fat_ramdisk: add test for VFS.statvfs()
    - float: add test for parsing a float from an empty string
    - basics: add test for set.difference_update with arg being itself
    - basics: add further tests for nonlocal scoping and closures
    - import: add test for compiling "import a.b as c"
    - basics: add test constructing a set from a non-trivial expression
    - basics: add test for printing OSError when errno is unknown
    - run-tests: disable cmdline/cmd_showbc test on Windows
    - extmod/btree1: checks for put, seq, string print and unsupported binary op
    - fix expected output of verbose cmdline test
    - extmod/uzlib: test adaptive huffman tree for tinflate coverage
    - improve coverage of struct with test for non-compliant behaviour
    - io/write_ext: add description comment
    - io/bytesio_ext: add test for readinto()
    - micropython: add test for micropython.opt_level() function
    - improve test coverage of py/compile.c
    - extmod/vfs_fat: test coverage for remove() and rmdir()
    - extmod: add test for ujson.load()
    - extmod/vfs_fat: replace asserts with prints and expected outputs
    - micropython: add tests for heap_lock, and emergency exceptions
    - cmdline: improve coverage test for printing bytecode
    - improve coverage of array, range, dict, slice, exc, unicode
    - add test to print full KeyError exc from failed dict lookup
    - run-tests: enable extmod/machine1.py on pyboard
    unix port:
    - fix build for when MICROPY_PY_SOCKET=0
    - modjni: implement subscription for object arrays
    - modjni: add array() top-level function to create Java array
    - modjni: array(): Support creation of object arrays
    - enable btree module for coverage build
    - use mp_raise_OSError helper function
    - use common RAISE_ERRNO macro from mphalport.h
    windows port:
    - enable MICROPY_PY_UERRNO
    qemu-arm port:
    - enable lots of extmods and enable tests for them
    stmhal port:
    - lcd: de-assert chip select after completing SPI transmission
    - {accel,lcd}: use GPIO_{set,clear}_pin
    - extint: force 0 to 1 transition on swint()
    - boards: add pllvalues.py script to compute PLL values for sysclk
    - boards: for OLIMEX_E407, enable UART1 and fix I2C1 mapping
    - use attribute to avoid inlining
    - put common definitions from linker files to common.ld
    - remove STM32CubeF2 HAL files, they are unused/unsupported
    - modmachine: fix clearing of reset-cause flags
    - add virtual com port support for STM32L476DISC
    - remove CMSIS STM32F2xx files, they are unused/unsupported
    - spi: simplify spi_transfer function to take only one buf len arg
    - mphalport: implement mp_hal_pin_{input,output,write}
    - spi: make machine.SPI class conform to correct API
    - mphalport: fix mp_hal_pin_write to use correct pin_mask
    - spi: use software SPI if no periph id given, even if pins given
    - spi: enable use of fast software SPI
    - fix linker map for STM32L476 chips
    - usbdev: add OUT endpoint to HID interface
    - usb: add support to receive USB HID messages from host
    - usb: use correct ClassData structure for HID receive
    - usb: use real packet size (not maximum) in HID receive
    - fix ESPRUINO_PICO by adding ld scripts with correct flash size
    - mphalport: change pin obj type to const pointer, to avoid casts
    - moduos: implement total-number-of-blocks field in statvfs
    - disable network and usocket for ESPRUINO_PICO
    - enable machine.time_pulse_us() function
    - use mp_raise_OSError helper function
    - pybstdio: use size_t instead of mp_uint_t
    - modutime: refactor to use extmod/utime_mphal.c
    - implement machine.soft_reset()
    - enable str.center(), str.[r]partition() and builtin compile()
    cc3200 port:
    - add ssl_version argument to ssl.wrap_socket()
    esp8266 port:
    - Makefile: rename SCRIPTDIR to FROZEN_DIR for consistency with FROZEN_MPY_DIR
    - ets_alt_task: ets_post: Should return 0 on success, !0 - failure
    - esp_mphal: add tentative change to mp_hal_stdin_rx_chr() to wait IRQ
    - extend system microsecond counter to 64-bits; use in ticks_ms
    - add uos.statvfs() to get filesystem status
    - moduos: move stat/statvfs funcs to sit within #if VFS guard
    - modmachine: idle(): Return number of CPU cycles spent idling
    - main: put /lib before / in sys.path
    - modpybrtc.c: implement machine.RTC.alarm_left()
    - make PY_UHASHLIB_SHA1 config depend on PY_USSL and SSL_AXTLS
    - add FLASH_MODE,FLASH_SIZE options for make deploy target
    - use mp_raise_OSError helper function
    - make neopixel support configurable
    - mpconfigport: enable MICROPY_PY_BUILTINS_SLICE_ATTRS
    - enable sys.{stdin,stdout,stderr}.buffer for raw serial access
    - enable importing of precompiled .mpy files
    - enable micropython.alloc_emergency_exception_buf()
    zephyr port:
    - initial Zephyr RTOS port, MicroPython part
    - initial Zephyr RTOS port, Zephyr part
    - add zephyr_getchar module to handle console input
    - switch to microkernel, required for network to work in background
    - automatically derive ARCH
    - support extra make targets
    - Makefile: automatically derive target-specific CFLAGS
    - use recently added "make outputexports" Zephyr target
    - add README
    - enable stack checking and micropython.mem_info()
    - enable frozen modules support
    - main: execute main.py frozen module on boot, if available
    - zephyr_getchar: add support for Ctrl+C handling
    - add Ctrl+C handling
    - implement the help() function
    - add copyright blurbs
    - remove issue-stats badges, the service is no longer available
    - mention _thread module availability in select ports
    - library/pyb.SPI: init(): describe "bits" argument
    - library/machine: update description of disable/enable IRQ funcs
    - uos: add uos.statvfs() documentation
    - wipy: correct deep sleep current figure
    - wipy: small doc fixes
    - reference: add constrained.rst doc
    - abandon mingw32 in favour of mingw-w64
    - run feature and coverage test for precompiled mpy files
    - network/http_client*: use \r\n line-endings in request
  • v1.8.4
    Support for stream decompression in uzlib, and more ESP8266 features
    This release includes some bug fixes, code clean-up, updates to the docs,
    more tests, and various feature additions.  The uzlib module now supports
    efficient stream decompression in the form of the uzlib.DecompIO class.
    Freezing of bytecode now supports floats for the ESP8266 port, as well as
    complex numbers for all ports.  The stmhal port has ADC working on L4
    microcontrollers, fixed initialisation for DAC, and addition of the
    machine.WDT class and machine.reset_cause function.
    For the ESP8266 port Pin(16) now works as an input pin and the hardware
    SPI peripheral is exposed as machine.SPI(1).  The os.umount function is
    implemented and the port supports mounting of externally connected SD
    cards.  The machine.WDT class is added, wlan.scan() is fixed to return all
    access points, and there is support for DS18S20 devices.
    py core:
    - runtime: factor out exception raising helpers
    - runtime: define mp_check_self(pred) helper macro
    - objdict: get rid of asserts (remove/replace with mp_check_self())
    - get rid of assert() in method argument checking functions
    - objtuple: in tuple_cmp_helper, use mp_check_self instead of raising
    - objstr: use mp_raise_{Type,Value}Error instead of mp_raise_msg
    - obj.h: for obj reprs A,B,C use void* explicitly for mp_obj_t typedef
    - mpconfigport.h: remove typedef of machine_ptr_t, it's no longer needed
    - sequence: allow to use bignums as indices in slice objects
    - stream.c: use mp_obj_get_type in mp_get_stream_raise
    - gc: add MICROPY_GC_CONSERVATIVE_CLEAR option to always zero memory
    - compile: don't compile assert statements when optimisations enabled
    - modstruct: use more compact mp_raise_ValueError function
    - emitglue: use more compact mp_raise_ValueError function
    - rename struct mp_code_state to mp_code_state_t
    - mkrules.mk: allow to override name of libmicropython.a
    - mpprint: fail an assertion with unsupported format specifiers
    - makeqstrdata.py: compute the qstr hash from bytes, not characters
    - if str/bytes hash is 0 then explicitly compute it
    - emitglue.c: provide mp_raw_code_load_file for any unix architecture
    - add MICROPY_USE_INTERNAL_PRINTF option, defaults to enabled
    - modwebrepl: set_password(): raise exception for too long password
    - uzlib/: update uzlib to v2.0: new API supporting stream decompression
    - moduzlib: refactor to new stream-compatible uzlib 2.0 API
    - uzlib/: update uzlib to v2.0.1: fixes for pedantic compiler warnings
    - uzlib/: update uzlib to v2.0.2: consistently use stdint types
    - modbtree: do CHECK_ERROR after __bt_seq()
    - modubinascii: implement binascii.crc32
    - modubinascii: make crc32() support configurable
    - modframebuf: fix pixel accessor to return a 1-bit result
    - add machine_spi with generic SPI C-protocol and helper methods
    - modframebuf: fix fill and scroll when height not divisible by 8
    - moduzlib: implement zlib stream decompressor class, DecompIO
    - moduzlib: use mperrno.h for error constants
    - modframebuf: include font from stmhal directory explicitly
    - moduzlib: support wbits arg to DecompIO
    - framebuf: add the xstep!=0 case to scroll() method
    - utils/stdout_helpers: fix function signature to match py/mphal.h
    - berkeley-db-1.xx: update to upstream, fixes MacOSX build
    - utils/pyexec: qstr_pool_info() requires size_t* parameters
    - sdcard: port the SDCard driver to new machine API, with backwards
      compatibility for pyboard
    - mpy-tool.py: support freezing float literals with obj-repr C
    - mpy-tool.py: store qstr config values in global config object
    - mpy-tool.py: compute the hash value for str/bytes objects
    - mpy-tool.py: support freezing of complex numbers
    - rename zlibd_decompress.py -> uzlib_decompress.py
    - basics: add more tuple tests to improve coverage testing
    - basics: add more list tests to improve coverage testing
    - misc/non_compliant: add tests to improve coverage testing
    - basics: add test for break from within try within a for-loop
    - basics: add a test file for overriding special methods
    - basics/special_methods: enable tests for extra special methods
    - uzlib_decompress: actually test raw DEFLATE stream
    - run-tests: disable thread/thread_lock4.py on Travis
    - run-tests: disable thread/stress_heap.py when running on Travis
    - cmdline: add test for -O option to check optimisation value
    - extmod/vfs_fat_ramdisk: add tests for VFS.umount()
    - run-tests: disable thread_gc1.py test on Travis
    - unix/extra_coverage: add test for str/bytes with invalid hash
    - extmod: add test for uzlib.DecompIO
    - extmod: add a test for framebuf module, tested by coverage build
    - extmod/uzlib_decompio: add zlib bitstream testcases
    - extmod/framebuf1: add tests for scrolling in the x-direction
    - run-tests: disable thread/stress_recurse.py test on Travis
    unix port:
    - mpconfigport.h: don't include stdio.h on MacOS
    - when find'ing frozen files don't use extra slash, do follow symlinks
    qemu-arm port:
    stmhal port:
    - boards: update STM32L476 pin defs to include ADC channels
    - adc.c: get ADC working on STM32L4 MCUs
    - fix timer capture/compare interrupt handling for TIM1 and TIM8
    - remove obsolete code for special handling of TIM3 irq settings
    - make ADC channel 16 available on L4 MCUs
    - update pin print to print new constants
    - modusocket: set self->nic to MP_OBJ_NULL after socket close
    - update boot.py files to use VCP instead of CDC
    - spi: factor out SPI transfer code to a single function
    - spi: support new machine SPI methods in legacy SPI object
    - add machine.WDT class
    - set STM32F7DISC CPU Frequency to 216 MHz
    - dac: fix DAC (re-)initialisation by resetting DMA
    - wdt: implement keyword args to WDT constructor
    - modmachine: implement machine.reset_cause() function, and consts
    - machine.POWER_ON is renamed to machine.PWRON_RESET
    - when find'ing frozen files don't use extra slash, do follow symlinks
    cc3200 port:
    - add machine.PWRON_RESET constant (machine.POWER_ON is now deprecated)
    teensy port:
    - fix execution of frozen boot.py and main.py
    esp8266 port:
    - fix reading of pin object for GPIO16; Pin(16) now works as an input
    - PULL_UP is not supported on Pin(16), so raise an exception in this case
    - enable support for all special methods
    - modpybhspi: add a HSPI module for hardware SPI support
    - modmachinespi: add a factory method for SoftSPI/HSPI
    - esp_mphal: no longer disable watchdog on startup
    - modpybrtc: use 64-bit arithmetic when computing alarm expiry
    - hspi: enable duplex operation of hardware SPI
    - modous: add os.umount method to unmount a filesystem
    - modmachinewdt: implement machine.WDT class
    - modules: split onewire.py into OneWire and DS18X20 driver
    - modules/onewire: change onewire.read() to onewire.readinto()
    - modules/ds18x20.py: add support for DS18S20 devices
    - modpybspi: use generic SPI helper methods to implement SPI
    - modpybhspi: simplify HSPI driver by using 1 function for xfers
    - modmachinewdt: add .deinit() method
    - modmachine: add WDT_RESET and SOFT_RESET constants
    - modmachine: don't expose internal SoftSPI and HSPI classes
    - modmachine: simplify SPI class implementation multiplexing
    - espneopixel: disable IRQs during eps.neopixel_write
    - modnetwork: fix wlan.scan() method so it returns all networks
    - modmachine: map PWR_ON_RESET to vendor's REASON_DEFAULT_RST
    - machine.PWR_ON_RESET is renamed to machine.PWRON_RESET
    - when find'ing frozen files don't use extra slash, do follow symlinks
    - esp8266/tutorial/pins: fix typo in commands for pin input mode
    - esp8266/intro: add command to install esptool.py 1.0.1 via pip
    - library/machine.WDT: add note that WDT is only available on WiPy
    - esp8266/quickref: fix and update the SPI docs
    - esp8266: update quickref and tutorial for OneWire/DS18X20 driver
    - pyboard: update USB mouse tutorial to use VCP instead of CDC
    - pyboard: update USB mouse tutorial to use pyb.USB_HID()
    - library: add reference for pyb.usb_mode and pyb.USB_HID
    - pyboard/quickref: add links to pinouts for other pyboard variants
    - pyboard/quickref: add section on "delay and timing" for utime mod
    - esp8266/quickref: add internal links to docs for some modules
    - esp8266/quickref: update information on SPI classes
    - esp8266/quickref: further improvements for SPI subsections
    - library/machine.WDT: add that WDT is available on pyboard
    - reference/isr_rules.rst: two minor additions to docs for using ISR
    - add *.pyc to .gitignore, because Python 2 doesn't use __pycache__
    - build mpy-cross as part of the Travis process
  • v1.8.3
    Many small improvements and additions, with btree support in ESP8266 port
    This release brings various improvements and additions to the core,
    extended modules and the ESP8266 port, as well as enhancements to the docs.
    There is now a "threshold" function in the gc module for the user to
    configure the garbage collector to run earlier than usual, in order to help
    reduce fragmentation of the heap.  The btree module is now available in the
    ESP8266 port, and there is improved WebREPL file transfer: get file is now
    non-blocking (this change requires an update of the client software).
    py core:
    - nlrx64.S: prefix mp_thread_get_state with an underscore on Mac
    - stream: implement 2- and 3-arg write() method as an extension to CPython
    - gc: implement GC running by allocation threshold, user configurable
    - fix nlrthumb.c when DEBUG=1 is defined
    - obj: issue a warning when str and bytes objects are compared
    - mpconfig.h: fix description for MICROPY_PY_STR_BYTES_CMP_WARN
    - objstrunicode: str_index_to_ptr: should handle bytes too
    - objstrunicode: str_index_to_ptr: implement positive indexing properly
    - stream: implement generic flush() method, in terms of C-level ioctl
    - objstringio: add MP_STREAM_FLUSH ioctl and flush() method
    - objstringio: implement MP_STREAM_SEEK ioctl and add seek() method
    - stream: add adapter methods with POSIX-compatible signatures
    - mpconfig.h: add MICROPY_STREAMS_POSIX_API setting
    - py.mk: extra switches to build "embedded" BerkeleyDB BTree lib
    - mkrules.mk: allow to add more items for "clean" target using CLEAN_EXTRA
    - objstr: make .partition()/.rpartition() methods configurable
    - mpconfig.h: define MP_ALWAYSINLINE for reuse
    - modussl: rename to modussl_axtls.c, to allow impl using other SSL libs
    - modussl_axtls: further changes to allow alternative SSL modules
    - modussl_axtls: add dummy setblocking() method
    - vfs_fat: implement rmdir() method (aliases to unlink)
    - modussl_axtls: use mp_stream_close() method
    - modwebrepl: use mp_stream_close() method
    - modbtree: check __bt_open() return value for error
    - modbtree: switch to accepting stream object instead of filename
    - modbtree: implement __contains__ operation
    - modwebrepl: factor out "GET" iteration to write_file_chunk()
    - modwebrepl: make GET_FILE operation non-blocking
    - modbtree: open(): add option kwargs
    - modwebsocket: add readline method
    - modwebsocket: make compatible with non-default object models
    - modwebsocket: use mp_rom_map_elem_t and friends
    - modwebrepl: add GET_VER operation to query MicroPython version
    - axtls: upgrade to axTLS 1.5.4 + MicroPython patchset
    - axtls: update, fixes esp8266 build
    - utils/stdout_helpers: move from minimal/uart_extra.c for reuse
    - embed/abort_: implementation of abort_() function raising uPy exception
    - berkeley-db-1.xx: switch to "embedded" branch
    - berkeley-db-1.xx: update, sets default page size to 4096
    - add test for extended arguments to stream .write() method
    - extmod/machine_pinbase: skip if machine.PinBase is not available
    - bytes_compare: rework test for bytes <-> str comparison
    - extmod/btree1: close database at the end of test
    - unicode_subscr.py: detailed test for subscripting unicode strings
    - run-tests: make "regex'ed .exp" facility available to device tests
    - io/bytesio_ext: test for .seek()/.flush() on BytesIO
    - extmod/btree1: tests against in-memory DB (using io.BytesIO)
    - machine_mem.py: too non-portable, rework as an example for unix port
    - machine1: revamp to work with unix port (which has "umachine")
    - basics: bytes/str.partition/rpartition are now optional
    - fix Makefile to handle gc-sections linker flags on OS X
    - use binary file translation mode for creating mpy files on windows
    - fix mingw and msys2 compilation
    minimal port:
    unix port:
    - mpthreadport: adjust minimum thread stack, and stack limit check
    - cache libaxtls.a in local build dir
    - disable MICROPY_GC_ALLOC_THRESHOLD for minimal build
    - mpconfigport.h: include stdio.h by default
    - file: implement MP_STREAM_FLUSH ioctl
    - file: ioctl(): check that file is open before operations
    - file: fdfile_ioctl(): fix argument to check_fd_is_open()
    - file: use generic stream flush() method
    - enable websocket module
    - moduselect: allow poll.register(), etc. accept fd-like objects
    stmhal port:
    - fix malloc when used with external libraries
    - make SPI NSS pin definition optional
    - fix I2C mappings for STM32F429DISC board
    esp8266 port:
    - select axTLS for SSL implementation, following recent refactor
    - moduos: add rmdir() function
    - cache Xtensa-built libaxtls.a in local build dir
    - dupterm_task_init() should be called before running _boot.py, etc
    - _boot.py: set GC alloc threshold to half of heap size
    - _boot.py: decrease GC alloc threshold to quarter of heap size
    - modpybuart: fix UART parity setting
    - axtls_helpers: remove abort_(), now in lib/embed/
    - mpconfigport.h: include sys/types.h for POSIX types definitions
    - esp_mphal: implement libc's errno
    - enable btree module
    - eagle.rom.addr.v6.ld: add Enable_QMode symbol from SDK 2.0.0
    - make APA102 driver inclusion configurable
    - makeimg.py: store firmware size as last 4 bytes of padding area
    - makeimg.py: append md5 hash to the generated binary
    - modesp: add check_fw() function to check integrity of the firmware
    - scripts/port_diag.py: include esp.check_fw() call
    - flashbdev: reserve extra sysparam sector for SDK 2.0.0 compatibility
    - scripts/inisetup: add commented-out call to esp.osdebug(None)
    - modmachine: implement idle() function
    - esp_mphal.h: add mp_hal_ticks_cpu() for reuse
    - modutime: actually implement ticks_cpu()
    - modmachine: implement dummy sleep() function
    - tutorial/intro: reword para abou -fm dio switch
    - modules/flashbdev: start filesystem at 0x90000
    - esp8266.ld: increase firmware image size to 0x90000 (576K)
    - add DHT to ESP8266 Quick Ref and Tutorial
    - fix some spelling mistakes
    - array: document array module
    - library/index: include array module in ToC
    - esp8266/intro: rename to "Getting started" from "Introduction"
    - esp8266/intro: add troubleshooting section
    - esp8266/quickref: link to installation instructions
    - esp8266/tutorial/intro: add anchor for link from quickeref
    - esp8266/intro: focus on hazards of unearthed power wrt electronics
    - uio: mention seek()/flush() support for io.BytesIO
    - logo/1bit-logo A black & white version of the logo
    - http_server*: update for buffered-like streams (read line by line)
    - embedding: example for embedding MicroPython in an app
    - embedding: add README
    - http_client*: be sure to close socket
    - network: split recv- and read-based HTTP servers
    - enable gcc LTO option for nlrthumb.c